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Bi MMF BBC wife w/ Shower

2022-09-12 01:01:32

My Birthday Sex Fantasy Role Play

It all begins with a look from my sexy beautiful wife Madison as she leans into kiss me
passionately. As the kiss comes to an end, she moves her lips to my ear and whispers...
"Happy Birthday my baby, Tell me you deepest most secret fantasy honey and tonight
for your birthday I will fulfill it for you." (at this point Madison poured her self and Tim a glass of wine)
My heart begins to beat rapidly and my cock begins to swell. I look at her and say, "I
don't want to tell you what it is, it's too embarrassing". Just tell me Tim.
I don’t want to, I’m unsure how you feel about it.
"No, baby you can tell me anything. I have for years been playing sexual games with you already. We used dildos in and out of the shower, we do all sorts of dirty, nasty role plays, we we both play and suck with the toys, I use my fist in between us like a throbbing cock, I have fuck you in the ass for goodness sake. With that being said Let me just say this, I think we both know exactly whats happening when I touch you “there” Tim. Where Jelly? Tim says almost shy with a slight smile. Tim you know exactly what I am talking about. Tim when I touch you In your sweet spot It drives you crazy. When I rub my hands, fist and arms on your lower tummy and slowly down your V we call your sweet spot. Tim your sweet spot is the part of your body that would experience the sensation of penis to penis rubbing. That’s place you love attention and also under your balls when I caress with my strap on. It’s the area that sloshes over your dick and the dildo when they are sword fighting. Your entire lower abdomen area is very sensitive to my touch. We both know when I touch you there, its because we are pretending it is a long shaft of a penis and my fist my a monster head. Even the times we are not doing a game, and you on top, but I’m not going to go and I just lightly tickle you there. I know we are both thinking it. I also know that you know that on occasion, the extremely sexual essence of what’s happening, combined with you directly rubbing on my clit with your actual penis, and talking about, thinking about and pretending my arm is a big long penis and then feeling my arm on my personal areas and pelvic bone, has on more than one occasion, gotten me in the mood when I wasn’t and hungry to ride you with ME on top. I can also say I can always tell when you having certain feelings and desires. Ever so often you act slightly different. Your whole body changes, and feels different, probably because your nervous and embarrassed about these emotions. You don’t have to be. I know you love me, its just sometimes you have a little bit of some gay feelings. I’m ok with it. I have accepted it as part of our sex life. That’s ur fetish, bisexual experiences with me, your wife involved. Your kinky and this is how you express it. I know it only games and dirty talk. But I also know how turned on you get.

Our bedroom activities our just between us, and
anything goes in there, as long as we're together" she replies.
"You won't wanna do it or you'll look at me strange, so I'd rather not say".
"Tim please share it with me, I want our relationship to be open enough for experiencing
our sexual desires. That's very important in a long term healthily relationship. Plus
it's your birthday, anything defiantly goes tonight."
(next section read slowly, pronounce every detail, speak in a nurturing, sensitive, soft voice)
Tim, can I ask you question… Are you having those particular feelings now by chance? Maybe, Tim replies. Yea? Ok, its ok baby, Madison says in a soft nurturing sexual tone. You can have them with me. I’m here for you honey. Your having some gay feelings? Hmm? Is that what your having baby. Yes, Tim says in a whisper. Ok sweet angel, I understand. Its natural. So your having a little gay feeling baby. Almost like Mommy game talking, Madison embraces Tim and holds him and says in that soft sexual voice. You have a couple feelings Tim, hmm? You have a couple feelings Timy, tell momma about your feelings. Tell me all about them. Your gay feelings Timy. Hmm? Hmm? Ok. Ok baby, you can have these feeling. You don’t have to be ashamed. Tell mommy about all the things you feel. Your just having some of those gay feelings you get sometime and you mommy to help it feel better? Hmm? Yea? Your having gay desires. Are you thinking about a nice big, long, juicy penis? Is that what you want for your birthday my sweet boy. Mommy helps it. Mommy cares for all these feelings. My sweet boy come rest your head on my lap, tell me about these urges your having. O yea baby, right there. Rest your head on momma. Yea. Ok. oOoOok. Good boy. Now tell me, are you feeling a little gay Timy? You having those sensations? Yes, Tim says. I am. Your what sweet boy, your what? (says Madison) I’m having some gay feelings and urges. Just a couple mommy. Oh really…Just a couple my boy. Its ok, its ok. MommMmmy helps it. Madison slowly walks her two finger down Tims chest and stomach like a mini person. She tip toes down to the spot. There now, there’s my boys sweet spot? Mommys on your sweet spot, hmm? Is mommy touching the boys sweet spot? Tell me what I’m doing. Your touching my sweet spot. She caress’ his area slowly while (in a whisper) she says things like gay feeling, special urges, you feel the peepee mommy keeps for her boy. She undoes his pants and pulls them down slightly below Tims balls. You like me on on your sweet spot honey , hmm? That’s a good boy, yea. Mommy rubs this little sensitive sweet spot for my Timy. Yes baby, hmm? Ok. Yes. Em hmm. Your having all these gay feelings Timy, your having some urges and need mommy for your sweet spot, hmmm? Tell mommy; I’m having gay urges mommy and I need your help. You need my help yea? Well don’t ya know, I’m good at helping with these urges. She wrappes her hands around his real dick, and begins to caress it as she leans in for a kiss. You need mommy to play with you? Hmm. You momma to play games with you? Yes mommy. I need you to play games with me. And what kind of game are you thinking? Hmm Is mommy putting on her strap-on? You want mommy to poke at you with the toys? You want mommy in sexy lingerie with her tits out and huge freakin cock toy between her legs? Is that what you want? YES MOMMY! (Tim says with excitement) (Maddy gets slight more aggressive) I know my boy wants. Your having gay feelings and sexual urges, you want your mommy to suit up and slap on a bat, and your want the dirtiest fuck of your life, DON’T YOU!!!! YES MOMMY I DO! I want you to act gay and wear a dildo and talk to about ever single of the most dirty words you know. I want you to Whack me with your strap-on cock? I want you to Yell at me! Scream at me. Get mad. Be aggressive. Toss me around and man handle me. Demand things of me. Push me around. Slap me in the face with the toy dicks and your hands. I want you to be more nasty then you have ever been.I want you to humiliate me. Make fun of my little penis. Talk about how small it is and how it doesn’t please you. You need a Man dicks inside you to feel it all the way full. I want to use ur mind for this one, I want you thinking about big dick. I give you permission to mentally cheat on me. I want you rubbing ur clit when u can and when Tyrone is fucking you on our bed. Go there mentally, just imagine for a few minutes what it would be like to have a real big dick. I want you to actually picture penis, a big one…. Ok got it! I want you allow ur self to turned on by it. I want u to picture urself sitting on it. I want you to be so intense u turn yourself on. Or at least the non-gay scene when we get you off by me prending to be the black guy and fucking you in our bed while Tims kept out of the room because u want him all to your self. Your want to ride his long penis and get you an orgasm. I want to put one of the dildos inside of you and watch you on it. I want this to be long, I plan on going a few times, with a short break in between. The game doesn’t stop when I cum. I want to film like a movie, and act like it’s our job. Give me your absolute best for the next hour or two.

Tell me about the game so I know how to play it.
"Ok I'll tell you, but it's a bit dirty... its about our role play game with the masseuse we
normally play. The one where the masseuse and you, get hot and heavy and your husband
walks in after you tell him to stay out of the room so you can have some "private
time" with the masseuse. You are extremely attracted to his big penis filling you, like never before.
With a slight twist. I want him to be a couple massage therapist that takes care of both
of us, if you know what I mean. And He is Black. His name will be Tyron and he has monster big black cock.
"OH, I see" she says with a giggle... "Your fantasy is OUR reality my Timy" I'll pour the
wine as u tell me how it works...
(Set up)
- First enjoy a glass or 2 of wine while setting up the house & the story
- Both showered well (separately)
- Shave Cock and Pussy Very Well
- Do the full Massage set up on floor living room (with couch cushions on floor several
blankets, towels, sheets covering them.
- Warm large white blanket in dryer
- Candles, electric candles, Christmas lights all turned on/lit
- Spray massage table with lavender spray
- Madison wears the One piece black thong thing with O rings BUT underneath the
black full body stocking outfit w/ the open crotch
- Madison wears Strap on with smaller thiner Toy
- Madison wears Pointed black zip heels
- Madison wears New eye mask
- Madison wears bunny tail
- Madison wears cuff links
- Madison wears White furry sweater to covers the surprises under it (silver belt over
- Tim wears leopard man thong
- Turn heat in house to 73 degrees
- Make a fresh batch of fake cum
- Boil 2 sucking toys (warmth/sanitary) (The large one and the purple)
- Squirt Bottle & Bullet cup filled
- "New Age" Music on Pandora (play through the computer)
- Possibly read the story???
Role Prep: (During the game)
- Both of us Play the Masseuse Role
- When the masseuse is talking to both of us it's mostly Madison playing the masseur
- When he is massages Madison, Tim plays the role
- Anything can be added to the game by Madison or Tim while playing any time.
Safeword is: Mistletoe ;)
(Safeword = something hurts or want the game to pause)
Fake Cum Recipe:
2 Cup of flour
3 Cups warm water
(May need more water, eyeball)
- Put some in squirt bottle (Old Dove white bottle)
- The rest in the Bullet Cup
.... And let the games begins:
(Keys sound at the front door)
Honey I'm home. (Tim says)
Hi Tim, welcome home. Heres a glass of wine for my man. I have a nice surprise for
my man tonight! I know we have both been really stressed out recently. So I scheduled
us an at home sexual couples massage. He will help us both loosen up and experience
some new sexual adventures as a couple. He should be here any second. Go jump in
shower and clean urself well. I'll tell u when he's here.
(Tim pretends to come out of shower and wraps a towel around his waste)
Come in here and have some wine with me while we wait Timy. Madison says
(We sit and have a glass or two of wine before we begin)
(All of a sudden there is a Knock at door)
Oh that must be our masseuse. (You say)
Hi come on in, I'm Madison and this is my husband Tim.
Hi Madison, hi Tim. Nice to meet you both. I'm Tyrone, I'll be taking care of you guys today.
Great! We are really excited about it and both need this badly. You can set up right here
in the living room . (You say with a smile of excitement) Can I offer you a glass of wine?
mmm, yes please He says. Thank you Madison. So what are you guys looking for in this
experience? Tyrone asks
Well we are both really stress and could really use the stress relief. Madison replies
That's a typical response. But What i really want to know what you expect sexually?
Well, we have a very active and fulfilling sex life, but it can always get a bit
spicier! Also, Tim has expressed a small amount of interest in this so I wanted to do
give him something that we could share to relax him for his birthday.
Ok great, well I'm all set up here, lets get started. I want you both to please get more
comfortable and remove your clothing for the massage. Tim & Madison as you will be
naked for the massage, I'm going to be wearing this (remove the white fluffy sweater
exposing the O ring one piece / stocking & toy outfit)
I'm going to have you lay down first Madison on the table face down. I'll start by rubbing
your back . He rubs it slowly rubbing oil into your skin softly. Tim come here and lay
next to your wife and I'll switch back and forth between you both.
He starts to rub ur back and sholders a bit and then mine. And slowly begins to work his
hands down to the small of your back. He blows on it and sends a tickle down ur body.
Then slowly works down to Madison's ass. He explains that women hold alot of tension
in there ass and he softly runs his hands on ur big round mounds. His caressing gets
stronger as he rubs it and squeezes it. As he does it you let out some soft sexual
He gently swipes the inner part of your cheeks and swipes past your hole. He stays
near ur hole for a few minutes and rubs it very softly without penetrating it. Circling Madisons
hole and patting it with his finger. Then works his way to your inner thigh. At that moment
you let out another moan as your vagina lips moisten and the slickness drips onto
the massage table. Just as you feel yourself getting hotter, he switches to Tim and
starts rubbing his lower back and the top of his ass.
He lathers his hands up more oil and does the same slow, soft movements down Tim's
back and onto his ass. Oil drips down either side of his body and between his legs. He
takes one finger and ever so gently rubs circles around his hole as well just probing his
body a bit. He runs his hand from Tims hole down and around, underneath his body,
following the bone that turns into shaft.
Tyrone then tells us to turn over as he wants to work our fronts. We turn over and he continues
his body work.
He gently massages your neck and says there is an old Swedish massage technique on
the breast I'm going to be using. Right then he takes your breast into his hands and begins
to work the oil into them. Gently squeezing and rubbing. He slides your nipples between
his fingers and the begin to stiffen in pleasure. He pushes them together and
holds them from the sides pushed together. The feeling is driving you crazy and you
start to lick your mouth lips and let a slight moan out in approval of his moves. He tugs
and ur nipples with a strong masculine tug and asks u how ur enjoying the technique.
You say as you open ur eyes and stare into his, "very much so. It's turning me on" He
says its all part of the massage and to free your mind to be as sensual as possible.
He says the best sexual stimulation comes from the right pressure on the right spots
with the right sexual mental thoughts. It's good and healthy for the body to open ur mind
to new realms of pleasure.
He then switched to me and works on my neck, shoulders and chest in the same fashion
he did yours. Except after spend some time on my chest and pecks, he continues to
move down onto my abs & rubs my belly . Then continues further down to my lower
stomach and spends several minutes there. As his hands work the massage oil into my
stomach and the tips of his fingers graze my pubic hair. My cock begins to get hard and
Tyrone smiles as he see what happening. He works his way to the sides of my package.
Where your legs meet ur hips and runs his hands up & down slowly, "accidentally" swiping
the head my stiffing dick a few times. Finally after minutes of teasing he rubs his
palm over my head and up and down my lengthened shaft.
He then explains that he is going to do and old Chinese technique called a Chinese oral
massage. It helps stimulate the throat and tong. "He" (Tim takes our sucking dildo)
says "Madison place your lips around this please." Right then he slides his cock into
your mouth and ur begin to suck it, slow at first then ur pace quickens. Your tongue
swirls on the head and u can feel every inch of his manhood in your small sexy mouth.
He (Madison) then says... Tim please join your wife in the Chinese oral massage and
help her out with this. At this moment I lean over and place my lips next to yours on his
lower shaft while the head is in ur mouth. You say to me I'm hogging him sweetie, here.
You take Tyrones cock and ever so gently, you guide him into my mouth and I hold it in
there not really knowing what to do. Then you say, "now push it in and pull it out Tim.
Good boy, ok in and out, that's it Timy. Nice and softly " And like second nature I begin
to take him in. While i work the top and the head you work on the bottom of the shaft.
Occasionally are lips meet while we play and we look at each other. We both are sharing
and enjoying this blow job. We lick each others tongues and the cock head at the
same time. I stick the suction cup in my mouth and you suck on the front. Our lips meet
in the center of the dildo. Then we switch sides.
Then he says Tim I'll have you sit up a bit please and continue alone. Your throat mussels
seem really tight and I'd like to get it loosened up. I then sit up on my knees while
your standing in front of me with a cock hanging between your legs. You push your pel-
vis forward and stick it in my mouth. I take it in and begin to suck it as I hold the back
part of the shaft. Sliding it in at out of my mouth he (you) start moaning and talking dirty
to me. Things like yea suck that cock, put that dick in your mouth and other nasty dirty
You then grab the other dildo and suck it telling me his cock is the bigger one. You then
start talking REALLY dirty to me. Tell me things like, you like that cock in your mouth.
Suck my dick. Shove my balls in your mouth. You like having a big fat cock in your
mouth. Swirl your tongue over that head.
Tyrone says that's perfect. Now what I want to do next is called the cock on cock massage.
Tim please lay down on your stomach. As I do you lay behind me pushing the
small dildo through my legs rubbing it against my balls and inner thigh from behind. I
lean up a bit and look down to see the head poking through my legs. He then asks me
to flip over and does the same motion but from front to back. You stand up an take off
the stocking outfit and continue with the cock on cock in the one piece. Then take the
one piece off and have only the strap on on and again continue with the cock on cock
massage. Bumping them together with a lightly sword fighting. Teasing each other. Then
in one motion he turns me over. He explains there are many nerve endings and pressure
points inside an ass hole and that he will be using a special tool to pleasure me
there. Right then you places a drop of oil on the cock and slip it right into my ass. It
glides in slowly and slowly you pull it back out. Then a bit faster and u quicken ur pace.
Before long you begin to fuck me in the ass as "Madison" is jerking off my little cock.
You talk dirty: You like it up the ass honey, u like when he fucks u, u like that hard cock
in ur ass and other very naughty things. Then he grabs the handcuffs and cuffs Tims
arms around his back as u continue to fuck him and talk VERY VERY dirty.
(This continues until Tim cums and both take a 15-20 min breather for the next scene.
During breather, we don't really talk or break character. Drink water, use the bathroom,
maybe eat something)
(Tim as Tyrone for next scene)
At this point he says its now time to massage your wife alone. Tim i want you to help
me with your wife by leaving the room. I want Madison to be free to enjoy and open herself
fully to this experience. (You then remove the entire outfit and become totally naked)
Tim please go in the other room and give us sone privacy please.
Tim says I don't want to leave the room.
Madison says Tim Leave the room, I want to be with him alone.
(Tim goes to the bedroom)
Ok Madison, now that your husbands gone I really want to take special care of you.
When's the last time you've had a really good lick on that beautiful pussy I saw earlier?
Smiling and shy she says: It's defiantly been a while. I NEED it so bad!!!
Come sit on my face, And I'll give you that special attention u need. You stand up and
she lays down on the massage table. You walk over to him rocking your hips like a sexy
women ready for a hard fuck. You move to the top of the table and bend you core down
over his face and straddle his face. He sticks his tongue out and gently licks your outer
lips and pubic hair. As sensation of pleasure pulsates through you body, staring in your
crotch and surging through ur body.
He uses his tongue to open ur lips wider and moistens the clit of you pussy and lightly
flicks his tongue once or twice. You moan a little loader. Again, again, again... Harder,
harder, harder. He quickens his pace and licks the length of you pussy. This drives you
crazy and your nipples begin to stiffing and your pussy starts to throb and pulsate. As he
moves and swirls his tongue around inside of you, you start rocking you hips. Slow at
first and then faster and faster until ur grinding and fucking his face, screaming and
moaning louder and louder. You start popping up and down as if ur riding a cock.
(You grab the dildo and suck it as he is eating your pussy)
He moves u so he can lick ur ass hole and cunt. He swirls his wet tongue al around underneath
Finally you can't take it anymore and demand that he fucks you hard. While he is still
laying there you move from straddling his face, straddling down his tan body, rubbing
your wet lips down his toned chests & chiseled abs. You reach down and grab his stick
and guide urself onto his rock hard cock. You jump on his penis and the two of you begin
to fuck like animals. He pumps your pussy in and out running his fat girthy head right
against your clit. You inside lips let out some more sexy wetness and throb on his long
slick rod.
You can feel his length in you and your mind begins to wonder as you picture the vains
of his penis swiping against you. You pop ur booty and swirl his thick stick in and all
over you. He reaches back and grabs your fat ass and places both hands on it as he
guides you up and down on his member. Feeling his large hands feel up your butt, you
say you've never been fucked like this. And you tell him "Don't stop fucking me". oh my
god, yes!!! fuck that pussy. Fuck it.
He reaches up and grabs your tits whiles he's banging you. He squeezes them and jiggles
them together then pulls ur hard stiff nipples into his mouth. He uses his tongue to
stimulate and pleasure ur pink nipples. "You like those tits" you say. You like them Tyrone?
As your riding his cock your huge tits are bouncing up and down, swiping his chest and
face. As your beautiful boobs bounce around he occasionally catches one in his mouth
and sucks ur nipples as the other boob keeps bouncing. You reach down and place your
hand under your breast and begin feeding him your gorgeous pink nipples. "Yea suck
those big tits, you like those titys in ur mouth?" You say
You place your hands on his chest to feel his large bulging pecks. Just then as ur propping
your self up on him, you feel his fat mushroom head slide across ur clit. The sensation
drives you wild, so u try it again. Before you know it your popping your pussy off the
head of his huge cock. And that's when u feel it.
From the depths of your vagina you feel a major orgasam beginning to develop. You
continue to pop your clit on his fat head until all of a sudden, ur vagina contracts and the
warm extacy of your orgasam surges through your whole body. You close your eyes as
habit and think about what's happening to your body and mind and pussy. You let out a
scream, and say FUCK ME!!!!!
(Madison has her orgasam)
As you recover from the most powerful orgasam you ever had. You look up at Tyrone, still
moving slowly on him and say that was the best sex I've ever had. My husbands never
fucked me like that. I loved it!
Have you ever experienced multiple orgasams? Tyrone asks
No, but I'm willing to give it a try. Plus you can't give me pleasure like that and not get
yours. I wanna see that stick cum. Just then he pulls you into an embrace & kisses u.
It's soft at first, then becomes rougher. Your still swirling slowly on his erect penis. You
continue to make out with him, your tongues are going crazy and you bit his bottom lip.
He reaches around to play with your ass. With one hand he squeezes your cheek and
the other hand he starts playing with your ass hole. Your riding him and really enjoying
it, when you hear from the other room...
"Honey, can I come in?"
(Tim goes to bedroom for this dialog and Madison stays in living room pretending and motioning
as if she is riding a cock)
No Not right now Tim.
We just need a little privacy please.
No Timy I need some privacy with Tyrone for a little while.
Then Tyrone says "Tim your wife and I really need some privacy right now"
What are you guys doing in there?
He's just giving me a private massage, that's just for us to see.
But I want to see too.
No Tim u little dick, You cant see. He is pleasuring just me and I want him right now. He
is so much better with his big thick juicy cock. Stop distracting me I was headed towards
a second orgasam.
Well this is my house so guess what I'm coming in...
No Tim not now your distracting me.
(Tim walks in the room)
(He see a scene of his wife's fat white ass bouncing up and down and a big thick black cock that
keeps disappearing inside of her)
What's going on in here?
He's massaging me baby.
Doesn't look like a massage.
Yea it's a penetrative massage for pussys. He really knows what he's doing. "Oh yea
fuck me with that big hard cock - oh yea it's so much bigger then my husbands"
Tyrone says “its ok” as he lifts u up and puts on all fours. You ass is sticking up in the air
and he slides his member back inside of you from behind. He quickens his pace and
you start moaning again. He begins to pound you hard. You ass checks make a smacking
sounds against his legs and lower stomach. Your huge tits bounce forward and
backwards as the hang down underneath you. The cool air cooling your hard nipples.
You can feel his balls smack against your crotch as he pumps in and out of you. Your
screaming fuck me Tyrone, fuck that wet pussy.
She can't take it anymore she trembling. Orgasm is building. Madison is riding this black cock like she's an absolute Pro. Never have heard her scream like this. Never seen her act like this when we had sex. She is moaning at the top of her lungs. Screaming for this man to fuck her harder. Right there in my own bed, my wife of 12 Years was being stuffed right before my eyes with the biggest penis I have ever seen. And she couldn't get enough of it.
Pounded she is getting pounded with every inch of this thick girthy cock
Then you turn to Tim and say “You know what... bring me your little dick over here baby
and I'll put it my mouth while he pounds me.” Tim walks over and puts his little cock in
your face. (the small purple dildo) You take me in your mouth and have the ability to
take the whole cock in your mouth. As you feel the real skin, the flesh and blood, the
warmth of a real cock sitting on your tongue, rubbing the head against the top of your
From behind you can feel your ass smack against Tyrones stomach. His length can really
get in there from the back. I tell Tyrone that I want to switch. I lay down and you get on top
of me and as you slip Tyrone into your mouth. (Large Dildo) You start moving on me and
enjoying teds fullness in your mouth. That's when u felt your 2nd orgasam coming on.
As u slide that dildo in and out of your mouth your body sends a warm orgasam surge
through starting in you vagaina and flowing down you legs and arms.
(Madison Fakes orgasm)
I flip you over and go on top to finish my self. I tell you I'm getting close and your moaning
for me to cum on your tits. We both since me and Tyrone building up for a nut. You
stand up and say to the both of us... I want us all to finish in the shower. I want both of
your cum all over me and we are switching roles for this finish!
You grab our hands and lead us into the bathroom. You turn on the water to get it hot
and smack the suction dick on the shower wall. You turn to me & ask me to put this on.
Siting on the toilet seat is your purple bra and the fake set of tits. As I put on your bra
and fix my tity’s, you are putting on the black lace monokini and strapping up ur cock.
We take the Bullet cup of cum into the steaming shower with us and proceed to talk
REALLY dirty about each other and the cock we are sucking. You pull me close to you
so we can rub our tits together and u rinse it with water and suck the nipples. U then
look at the pussy and put ur lips right up to it and begin to lick and finger it as we both
moan. The cocks begin to sword fight again and and we lean in to the big dick hang
from the wall and begin to really suck it hard and nasty. You talking REALLY dirty to me.
Tell me things like, you like that cock in your mouth. Suck my dick. Shove my balls in
your mouth. Look at our tits rub against each other. You like having a big fat cock in your
mouth. You flip the cock upside-down and say Lick it! You like that cock on your face.
Swirl your tongue over that head. You like how our tits are rubbing against each other
and below that how are cocks are fucking each other. From mouth, to tits, to cocks we
are having a multi-fuck. You like this gay massage Tim, huh? You like all these dicks and this gay
massage I got you? I know you love this gay massage. you love this gay massage.
Yea you love this gay massage don’t you? Do you love this gay massage? SAY IT!
I love this gay massage Tim says.
you love this gay massage and all these dicks don’t you? Yes Madison
Louder Tim – I want to hear it
you love this gay massage and all these dicks don’t you? Yes Madison
you love this gay massage and all these dicks don’t you? Yes Madison
YES YES YES gay massage and dicks and cocks and balls. And cum, hot cum.
Tim I want you to tell me you love this gay massage and you love his dick so much don’t you?
Yes Madison i love his dick so much. Say it again
i love his dick so much Madison. Good boy
i love his cock so much Madison. Yes Tim
i love his big huge sexy dick so much. I always knew you like cock
Yea you love this gay massage don’t you? Do you love all this gay sex shit? SAY IT!
I love this gay and all this gay shit! I love all this gay shit… I love sucking his big black dick.

i love his long dick so much and I absolutely love this gay massage. I like his long penis as well. I never
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