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Broken Birds, Part 2, Breaking Susan

2022-05-24 00:00:04

Part 2
Breaking Susan

Beth, Rachael and her two daughters Lynne and Susan disappeared the day after Michael and Beth became lovers.

That same day, eight personal injury lawsuits were filed against Beth’s attackers, another against the hospital, another against the college as Beth’s rape was one of many that had been covered up, a divorce petition was filed in the name of Rachael Walsh, slander suits against those who had sullied Michael’s reputation, criminal charges of rape against Rachael’s husband for the rape of both Lynne and Susan and an “accounting” suit against Rachael’s husband for misuse of Rachael’s and the girls’ trusts. All the hidden accounts found by the forensic accountant over the past nine months were frozen.

The investigators had found hidden skeletons on all the families. Each of the attacker families had been thoroughly investigated. Child pornography, incest, statutory rape, theft, spousal abuse, alcohol-fueled accidents, cover-ups. Each family had at least one secret exposed to public scrutiny. All part of Frank’s ingenious plans.

The filings seemed to unlock a cellar of secrets. Over the next several weeks, other victims of the eight attackers filed rape charges. Civil suits followed shortly.

The suits were specific and graphically detailed – exactly the type of salacious news people love. By the time a gag order was issued to prevent public disclosure of the claims, it was too late. The Internet hummed with the claims and speculation. By the evening of the day of the initial filings, each of the families was forced into hiding beneath their manicured walls.

Beth’s revenge was only beginning.

While the criminal cases against Beth’s attackers had languished seemingly with the consent of the judges, the publicity forced them to conduct the cases properly.

The families of the attackers became public pariahs. Children from the families had to leave school as they were taunted, attacked and shunned.

The charges led to state and federal investigations and charges. The President of the college was fired as more and more suits were filed alleging frat house rapes and misconduct with girls as young as 10.

Tim O’Donnell’s security firm provided Michael and Peter with around the clock security. He also had 16 men providing security for Beth, Rachael, Lynne and Susan. Even Michael did not know where they were as he might inadvertently disclose the location by doing something stupid like researching the location on his computer. According to Tim, a contract was out for all four of them. He had not heard of any threat against Michael or Peter, but it was best to be careful.

After about a month, several of the attackers made deals as the spotlight on the case forced the judges to move the cases along.

Thomas Walsh was sentenced to 7 years in prison as he had organized the rape and had ripped Beth’s teeth out. With good behavior he could be out in @5 years. Then his sisters filed additional rape charges against him.

The girl responsible for Beth’s internal damage would never go to trial. She died of an overdose after enduring incredible public scorn and fury.

Three of the other boys got 5 years each, but would not be eligible for parole until after 3 years.

Each time, Michael had approved the deal.

The remaining three could not reach a plea bargain so it went to trial. Michael knew that this was the critical item. If Beth had to come out of hiding, she was vulnerable. As strong as she had seemed the morning he had sent her into hiding, a good defense attorney could destroy her emotionally on the stand. And the three attackers had the best.

Prior to trial, the judge held an evidentiary hearing. The defense vigorously attacked the forensics, sneering at the small town lab, citing the FBI as the leading authority. After tricking the County lab technician into admitting a possible error, the defense lawyer returned to his chair exultant. Now it would require Beth to testify.

Peter had become associate counsel for the case at the request of the prosecution, though. He did not want Beth exposed either.

“Mr. Lawson. You just said you might have accidentally contaminated one sample. Do you believe you contaminated the one sample?” Peter asked.

“No sir.” The technician said firmly.

“How can you be sure?”

“I compared the results with the FBI crime lab in Washington DC. The results are identical.”

“Objection. Hearsay.”


Peter smiled.

“Is there someone here who can talk about the FBI results?”

“Yes sir,” he said firmly, “Mr. Jacobs there.” He pointed to an older man sitting three rows from counsel’s table.

“Objection. We were not given notice.”

Peter smiled. “Your honor, to the contrary. Mr. Jacobs was disclosed as a witness for the defense!” He was holding up the witness list that an over enthusiastic, young defense lawyer had put on the witness list. He had never spoken with Mr. Jacobs, a cardinal error.

“Counsel. I want to see you in chambers.” The judge said firmly as the courtroom buzzed. Peter, the district attorney and four-defense counsel followed the judge into his chambers.

The news of the FBI lab confirming the results was flashed all over the Internet. Regardless of what the judge did, the attackers had been convicted in the court of public opinion.

The recess was lengthy. It was nearly two hours later when Peter appeared and motioned Michael over.

“They’ll take the same deal we gave the others. 5 years. Is that OK with you?” Peter asked.

Michael nodded. Relief flooded him as they took the attackers into custody.

That part, at least was over.

Within a week the civil suits against the attackers and the college had been settled with a very strict secrecy agreement. Beth was rich beyond Michael’s wildest hopes. The families feared Peter in a civil court.

Federal charges of embezzlement were filed against Rachael’s husband less than a week later. He was detained at the intercontinental airport with tickets to a jurisdiction without extradition. He was now in jail.

Somehow he managed to get bail and was released, but was restricted to his Hampton home with an ankle monitor. He knew what awaited him. Michael’s thorough investigation of him and his finances made his fate all too apparent. His own lawyer recommended confession and cooperation. He could put many powerful men in jail. With cooperation, he might serve his prison time in a convenient, medium security Federal facility, followed by anonymity of witness protection.

The night of his release on bail, he sat in his recliner in front of his huge wide screen television, a fresh bottle of 16-year-old scotch on his side table. He wanted to watch his favorite show – Susan’s rape and deflowering. As he poured himself three inches of scotch, he started the video. He opened his robe and began to stroke his naked cock.

The Video

On screen his raven-haired daughter writhed in agony. Her seventeenth birthday present (though a few days late). Family tradition, he thought leering into the screen.

Her beautiful brown eyes had filled with terror. He loved that. Her hair covered a part of her face, but he could see her nostrils flair in desperation. The dental mouth stretching devise (recommended by his friendly doctor) stretched her full lips wide while covering her teeth, preventing her from biting down.

Her hands were tied above her head. He legs to “D” rings that had been secured to the cabin ceiling above her head. David’s son Tom leered into the camera and then slowly tracked the camera over her body, the “before pictures” David had told him to make.

Susan was a beautiful, nubile girl. Her firm “C” cup breasts were topped with small, dark nipples. Her belly was toned from years of swimming. Her small pussy was naked, having just been shaved by her brother. It had delicate inner lips, now almost completely hidden.

She knew Tom had tied her, but there was another man who had helped overpower her. And there were only three people on the yacht! Her father was part of this, so there would be no escape. Her normally compliant and submissive nature seemed to take control. Just do what they want.

Yet her mind screamed, “Help me Mommy!”

Unfortunately, Mommy was nearly two thousand miles away at a board meeting of one of her dead father’s companies. David had arranged a week of obligations for Rachael. He was sure it was enough time to break Susan. He hated when Rachael called her Shoshana! Damn Jews.

Her position, bindings and oral device offered all her vulnerable orifices to use and abuse.

David walked into the cabin. He was fully clothed. He looked down at his daughter and said, “We’re miles from anyone, so calling for help is a waste of time. Tom and I are your masters. We will use you and your holes any way we want. You are our slut. I got you on the depro shot to be sure you will not get pregnant. We don’t want to cause you pain, but you need to understand we demand your compliance.” It was a lie. Both he and Tom intended to cause her excruciating pain, but he wanted to keep that his surprise.

Tom took the warming lubricant from a stand beside the bed on which she was displayed. He squeezed some on his forefinger and ran it slowly across the dry, sealed pussy, bottom to clit. He leaned over his captive to suck first one then the other nipple. They grew, forming little erasers as his hands ran lightly over the supporting mounds.

The warming jell was having its effect when coupled with the tender caresses. Her pussy was beginning to leak lubricant. Tom had already given her a dose of a drug intended for women that had difficulty reaching orgasm.

The Present

Tom pushed pause and the picture froze. His right hand pumped his cock furiously while his left sought a tissue to shoot into. Susan’s look of innocent arousal was just too much for him. He shot his load directly into the tissue.

He went to the bathroom to relieve himself. When he returned to his chair, he poured himself a second drink and pressed, “PLAY”.

The Video

David appeared in front of the camera. He was naked, sporting a seven-inch, rock hard cock. There was no love or mercy in his eyes. Only lust.

He ran his finger from Susan’s anus to her clit. The lubrication would prevent any problem for what he and Tom had planned. He looked over to his beloved son and said, “We need to keep her juicy or we’ll damage her… and damaged goods cause problems.” Tom nodded. They both thought of her as a piece of flesh.

David looked into the terrified eyes of her daughter.

“One day you will thank me for this.”

She shook her head violently side-to-side, moaning through her distended lips.

He was sliding his cock up and down her vertical slit to ensure he would slip forward without friction.

“Well, if you aren’t going to cooperate, I guess I need to be a bit more persuasive,” he leered at her.

He pushed forward, sinking at least an inch of his naked manhood into her tunnel. She was incredibly tight, fighting the invasion. Her eyes screwed in pain. He pulled back and thrust forward harder, feeling her hymen rupture.” She felt it too! She screamed in pain. A third thrust and a fourth. He felt his balls rest on her asshole.

She writhed in agony, bucking and wriggling her hips, trying to expel the intruder. David felt his cock start to twitch as his orgasm approached.

“That’s it slut, wiggle and make me cum!”

Susan didn’t understand fully as she sought to escape the world of pain centered in her pussy.

David gripped her thighs and plunged his cock into and out of her ravaged labia with abandon.

“I’m CUMMING you little slut. Feel it inside you!”

She felt the invader shoot string after string of cum into her deflowered pussy. Tears of pain, mixed with shame and an overwhelming feeling of being dirty streaked down her face.

The Present

This was David’s favorite moment. The look on Susan’s face sent him into another orgasm. He ejaculated into a tissue.

He poured himself another drink, the bottle now less than half full. He knew from experience that he could cum only once more this night.

He fast-forwarded through Tom’s oral rape. When he again hit “Play”, Tom had finished cumming in her mouth, sperm dribbling out of the corners of her lips. Tom was removing the mouth-stretching device.

The Video

David was anxious to finish Susan’s initiation to her slut hood. And he did not want her screams to be impeded by the device.

His fingers deftly found Susan’s anal opening, covered with a mixture of his sperm, her lubricant and the blood from her ruptured cherry. She winced as she felt his finger on her starfish. In a haze of pain, humiliation and fear, she rocked her head side to side and said, NO” weakly.

David paid no attention. He took a syringe of lubricant and began inserting it into her anus. It would take a few minutes to fully relax her sphincter, so he moved to a cabinet beside the bed and removed two small vials with tubes attached to one end. The tubes attached to a handle that resembled a caulking gun.

David turned to Tom and said, “I think her tits would look better with longer nipples. What do you think?”

Tom’s evil grin said everything his father needed to know.

David took a tube of Vaseline and coated the open ends of the tubes. He then placed the tubes over her flaccid little nipples.

He handed the handle to Tom and grinned wickedly.

David returned to Susan’s upturned ass, his cock fully engorged.

“Please, no more…” she pleaded softly.

The lube had done its job and her anus was slightly open, waiting to be fully penetrated. David placed the head of his dick at her virginal opening and said, “Last cherry, Shoshana.”

With racial hate coursing through him, he thrust forward. Her primal scream of agony filled the cabin as the head and an inch of his cock penetrated.

David nodded to Tom and he squeezed the handle hard sucking the air from inside the narrow tube. The suction painfully pulled her nipples from her aureoles. He squeezed hard again, and her nipples distended at more than an inch. Again!

A continuous scream. She felt split in half! Her breasts were on fire!

And then darkness took her, leaving the men to abuse an unconscious victim.

The Present

David had finished ejaculating for the third time. He let the video continue to play, ensuring one final humiliation of those damn Jews. He sneered at the image of his daughter on the screen.

At least he and Tom had succeeded. She’d become a total slut.

The bottle of scotch was almost empty.

He slowly lifted himself from his chair. He walked on unsteady legs to the table.

Two items were on the table. An antique revolver and a letter from the Department of Corrections.

He had read it over and over.

Tom had been shanked in the prison courtyard. He was dead.

David knew he was next. He held too many secrets of too many powerful men. Witness protection doesn’t work when the people who run the government want you dead.

He picked up the revolver and looked over at the television. The mouth stretcher was back in place and his cock, fresh from her anal rape, was between Susan’s lips.
Smiling, he put the muzzle into his mouth, cocked the hammer and pulled the trigger.