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Brothers Do Love Sisters Part 4

2022-11-13 20:24:10

The next morning after breakfast, I was headed to town to pick up groceries for Mom, when Jenn asked if she could ride along and would I drop her off at the beauty shop while I went shopping. I told her I would be happy to but that she wasn’t going to get any better looking than what she already was. She just laughed at me and told me she at least had to try.

As we cruised toward town, I found a spot alongside the road and pulled over and shut the truck off.

“What are you up to?” Jennifer asked as she looked me in the eye.

“I have a question for you and I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, or to be pissed at me. This idea came up last night when I was with Stephanie, and she wanted me to ask you if it might happen.” I asked as I watched her face.

“What?” Jenn questioned as she gave me the stare.

“Steph and I got talking about sex with dogs” Jenn grabbed my arm and said, “You didn’t tell her about me did you?” She squeezed my arm and stared deep into my eyes.

“No, as a matter of fact, she admitted to me that she had done almost the exact thing that you and Sam had done! She was horny and was jacking off and her dog snuck up and started licking her pussy. She said she couldn’t stop because it felt so fantastic. She said she has never done it again, but I bet I could get her to do it.”

Jennifer looked at me and started to crack a big smile, “She liked it too, didn’t she?”

“Yes, she did and I told her about your escapade and that you thought you might like to try and fuck Sam.”

“You didn’t tell her, you promised!” Jenn cried out.

“Just wait, she was all for it and said that she wanted to be there to watch if it was OK with you and would I ask you about it.” I explained to Jenn. “I told her I would talk to you. You know that if she watches and helps, we can get her to fuck him too. I know she wants it as bad as you do.”

Jennifer let go of my arm and sat back in the seat and I could see by the look on her face that she was really thinking hard about the proposal I had just offered her. She thought a few seconds and then looked at me and said, “I will if she will and you had better be sure she won’t tell anyone, anyone at all!”

“Look sis, you know that she can’t say shit to anybody if she fucks him too. It would be just as bad for her as for you. She is loyal and won’t do anything to hurt either of us, I promise.” I said. “The only one who might blackmail you is me. I may want you to suck me off on a regular basis!” I laughed.

“Fuck you, dickhead, I already do that anyway and you know I will suck your cock anytime!” Jenn giggled.

“Then you have nothing to lose, just a lot of fun to gain!” I smiled at her.

“Tell her we will let her in on the deal when it happens and maybe you better start working on her to go along with fucking that big red cock that Sam has.” Jennifer chuckled.

“Consider it done.” I told her as I started the truck and headed to town.

My dick was getting hard just thinking of what was about to be the craziest thing I had ever been involved with. My mind started swirling with so many thoughts of Jenn and Stephanie fucking our dog, Sam that I found it hard to concentrate on anything else. I was going to have to get this to happen or else I was going to lose what little, sick and twisted mind I had left.

Later that night I called Stephanie and broke the news to her. She literally screamed with pleasure at the news and begged me to get everything together as soon as I could. I explained to her that it might take a while as I needed to get the house free for the weekend. There was no way that this was going down in a motel or out in the barn somewhere. I wanted it to be someplace where everyone was comfortable and we wouldn’t be discovered by somebody that would expose us to the rest of the world. After all, what we were about to do was probably illegal for all I knew! This was going to take some planning.

After working on figuring a way to get Mom and Dad away from the house for an entire weekend, I had come up with a plan. I had done some researching and had found out that a play that our parents had been wanting to see was playing in Las Vegas and with it being just a month and a half from their anniversary, Jennifer and I would get them tickets and a suite on the strip for the entire weekend. It was going to cost me a shitload of money, but this type of opportunity only comes along once in a lifetime.

I sat my sister down one evening and explained my diabolical plan to her. When I finished, she was just sitting there staring at me saying nothing. “Say something” I asked her, “What do you think?”

“You have certainly planned this out carefully,” she replied, “It will be the making of a very interesting weekend, for sure. Do you think the folks will go for it? Oh God, what if they won’t go? Holy shit, this is going to cost a fortune! How the fuck will we pay for this?”

I put my hand over her mouth and stopped her, “I made a lot of money working last year and I saved almost all of it, so I can afford it. Mom has done nothing but talk about this play and how she is dying to see it and you know Dad will take her because if he doesn’t, he can kiss his love making goodbye!” I explained, “You know he would do anything to get her alone in a fancy motel in Vegas for the weekend.”

We discussed where to make their reservations and we made sure we could get some great seats for the play before we booked the room. We got them the honeymoon suite and had some expensive champagne reserved for them. After all, if we were going to be having a marvelous weekend, they should have a memorable weekend too.

My sister was so happy that she took me out behind the barn and gave me a blowjob and then made me fuck her right there where we could have been discovered by Mom or Dad. Jennifer was so fucking turned on that I couldn’t wait for the time to come. It was going to be a long twenty three days until the play opened!

At the dinner table on Sunday, Jennifer and I made the presentation. After we had finished dinner, we all were sitting in the living room having an after dinner cocktail when I looked at my mother and told her, “Mom, Jenn and I wanted to do something special for you and Dad for your upcoming anniversary. We tried to think of something special for the two of you to repay you for all the things you have done for us over the years. We came up with these tickets for the play you have been talking about and we set you and Dad up for the weekend at the Bellagio in Las Vegas in 3 weeks.” I handed her the reservations and the tickets to the play.

For the first time I could ever remember, Deanna Bickford was speechless! She looked at me and I saw a tear leak from the corner of her eye as she moved toward me and hugged me. She reached up and kissed me on the cheek and moved to my sister, Jennifer and hugged and kissed her too. By now she was crying outright and she looked at her husband Bob and exclaimed, “You have raised a couple of pretty damn good children Mr. Bickford. They have turned out to be wonderful people.”

My father opened his arms and welcomed his wife as he commented, “Well it sure wasn’t just me lady, you played the most important role in raising these kids to be who they are. You get all the credit; I just did what I was told.” Our parents hugged and kissed each other and we all sat and had a very good family discussion and spent what we would consider a great memory of our lives. Jenn and I sat next to each other and hugged and kissed each other on the cheek knowing what we did was not all evil as our folks would have a great anniversary in Las Vegas.

My mother was ecstatic for the next three weeks and she had everything planned out to the minute as she always did. Jennifer and I helped her and we had decided to drive them to the airport and pick them up when they returned. That way we would not be surprised by them getting home early.

I told Stephanie how all our plans were coming together and she was as happy or maybe happier than Jenn if that was possible. She would call me in the afternoon almost every day and want me to come over that night and take her someplace where we could fuck our brains out. I was working the thought of her fucking Sam into our regular nightly conversations and she had gone from saying no to saying maybe. Jennifer kept after me to make sure that both girls were to be fucked during our weekend of wild sexual antics.

Finally, the weekend was coming up and we were all excited to get things going. On Wednesday evening, Jenn, Steph and I all drove my parents to the airport and watched as their plane took off on its flight to Las Vegas. As we watched the plane take off into the evening sky, both girls were giggling like young schoolgirls. The excitement was building and on the way home, Stephanie leaned over and started sucking my cock. I had to be extra careful driving along the narrow road. Jenn was feeling left out so she pulled Steph’s jeans down to her knees and was fingering her wet pussy as Steph gulped down my hardon. I told her I was about to cum and she just sucked harder. After several shots of manjuice, she lifted her head and smiled at me showing me her mouthful of cum, then she turned to Jennifer and kissed her and passed most of the cum to her. They continued to swap Cum and tongues for some time and they seemed to really enjoy kissing each other and looking at me watching them. It was a miracle that I didn’t hit anything and finally I had to stop looking at them and pay attention to my driving. If I crashed us all now it would ruin the entire plan!

Stephanie had made arrangements with her family to be gone for the weekend shopping with Jennifer, so that covered us with them. Jimmy was upset that Jennifer wasn’t going to be home so he was on his own for the weekend and he wanted to hang with me but I told him I was going to be hunting in the mountains on the back side of our ranch probably all weekend.

With all our bases covered we returned to the ranch and it was all we could do to just spend the night sleeping and waiting for the fun to begin tomorrow. We had a couple drinks and watched a little TV before turning in for the evening. Everyone was really jacked up and the alcohol seemed to calm us all down a little bit. We all slept together in Jenn’s big bed and even though the girls wanted to fuck, we managed to play around a little and then we dozed off to sleep.

In the morning I was the first to awaken and I just laid there looking to the right was my gorgeous young sister, naked as the day she was born, sound asleep on her back. Both of her wonderful tits were exposed and her nipples were semi hard and looked oh so tempting.

Turning to the left was my beautiful Stephanie, the girl I was thinking should probably be the lady I marry. She was everything a man could want and then some. Her pretty long auburn hair almost concealing her fantastic breasts. The sheet was pulled over enough that you could see her clean shaven pussy as she slept. I knew how good it would taste but I knew I couldn’t get to it without waking her up. So instead, I just laid there getting an erection and thinking how fucking lucky I was to be where I was.

The thoughts I was having must have been telepathic as Stephanie moved her arm across her body and it landed about an inch from my rapidly swelling cock. Her eyes slowly opened up and she looked around before she realized where she was. Then she saw my dick and a smile came across her face. She looked at me looking at her and she opened her hand and wrapped it around my hardening cock. She began to gently stroke it as she watched it grow to its full potential. I moved my legs apart a little to give her more access and when I did, I disturbed Jennifer from her sleep and she opened her eyes to see my girlfriend stroking my dick.

Jennifer smiled at me as she turned on her side so she had a clear, unobstructed view of Steph and I. “Good morning,” she giggled, “Looks like it will be a great day.”

“I like the way it’s starting out,” Steph replied, “Looks like it will be hard to beat.”

“I think you mean it will be hard and get beat!” I laughed as I watched her hand stroke my cock from top to bottom.

Jenn reached over and added her hand above Steph’s and they both jacked my dick off. A little drop of pre-cum oozed out of the tip and Steph quickly got it on her finger and licked it off and smiled at Jenn.

“I guess it tasted good?” Jenn asked her, “I want the next drop.”

“Well then you had better get your mouth on this big motherfucker or I’m going to get there first.” Steph told her as she continued to stroke my cock.

Jenn never said a word, she just crawled over my leg and took my dick in her mouth. Stephanie jacked me off into my sister’s waiting mouth. They were staring at each other and I was in the middle wondering how much more I could stand before I was cumming in her mouth.

“I’m gonna cum really quick,” I moaned as I watched both girls, “I’m cumming now!”

Steph was rapidly jacking my dick and Jenn was running her tongue over the slit on the head and I was beginning to lose control. The first spurt of cum shot right into Jenn’s mouth but the second one hit her on the top lip and went all over her nose and forehead. Steph kept stroking and the third shot went in her mouth like the first, but the fourth one went up in the air and landed on Steph’s arm. Jenn closed her lips over my throbbing dick and she worked the last couple of shots out of my dick as Steph slowed her hand down and just kept looking at Jennifer. Stephanie let go of my cock and moved her arm up so she could lick the cum from it all the while watching Jenn suck me off. After my cock had stopped oozing cum into her mouth, she crawled over my legs and kissed Stephanie and passed my cum to her as she had done to her the night before. They continued to kiss and Steph cleaned the cum off Jenn’s face for her. After they had cleaned each other up they both climbed up the bed and started kissing me and I could taste my cum on their lips.

“Every day should start like that!” I laughed as I ran each hand over the smooth tit of each of these beautiful women. “Now I’m ready for breakfast,” I said as I tweaked the nipple of each breast.

“What about us,” Jenn complained, “I’m horny as hell!”

“Me too,” Steph spoke up, “My pussy’s on fire! It’s not fair.”

“You will both get all you need after breakfast, ”I replied, “ Probably more than you want before it’s all over, probably more.”

I jumped up and headed for the kitchen to get breakfast started and both women were not far behind. Clothes were not required as we were all alone and when I got the coffee started, I opened the door and there was Sam, wagging his tail and looking for breakfast. I held the door and he came inside and he stopped and looked at the two naked ladies in front of him and his tail was wagging so hard I thought it would fly off. Sam went to Jennifer and tried to get his nose between her legs and she laughed and pushed him away. He looked at her and turned to Stephanie and she closed her legs and tried to keep him from her pussy. Sam turned and looked at me as if to say, “What the fuck?”

I laughed at him and put his dish of food on the floor and he decided that he might as well eat first.

We had a good breakfast and you could have cut the tension with a knife. Even Sam was acting kind of funny as he would walk from girl to girl and sniff them and they would both play hard to get and shoe him away. He finally laid on the rug by the door and licked his dick.

I broke the ice by saying as I pointed to Sam, “If I could do that, I wouldn’t ever leave the house!”

Both girls laughed and Steph said that was why I needed them. I could only nod my head in agreement.

“I can’t fucking stand it any longer,” Jenn screamed and got up and headed for her bedroom, “Come on Sam, Let’s go, I need you buddy. I mean my pussy needs you. Come on.”

She went down the hallway with Sam in hot pursuit. Stephanie grabbed me by the arm and led me down to the bedroom. When we got there Jenn was already on the bed and Sam was between her legs licking her pussy like an ice cream cone. Jenn was squealing and had grabbed a handful of the blanket and was about to experience her first orgasm of the day. My cock was growing and I looked at Steph and her hand was already buried in her crotch. Sam worked nonstop on my sister’s sweet pussy and you could see his tongue almost go completely into her slit and follow it all the way to her little asshole. You could see the juices running out of her and the dog was trying to get all of it that he could. Jenn spread her legs as wide as she could to give Sam all the access to her cunt that he needed to perform the job at hand. After about three or four minutes, she began to shake and convulse like I had seen her do before and I knew she was going to cum. She grabbed at the blanket and was losing control as Sam licked her pussy again and again. She finally let out a scream that almost scared us all and she was shaking so hard and she finally collapsed and I thought she had passed out.

“Jenn, are you OK?” I shouted as I shook her leg, “Are you OK?”

“I think I passed out for a second,” Jenn gasped, “I came so hard I think I passed out! Holy fuck, that’s the best orgasm I have ever experienced. That was unbelievable!”

I looked at my sister laying on her back on the bed trying to catch her breath Her whole body was covered in sweat and her face was flushed red and she was still shaking from the licking she had received.

Meanwhile Sam was still licking up the juices that were on her thighs and when he would get close to her pussy, she would try to close her legs as she had had enough for the time being. Finally, Sam gave up and went and laid down beside the bed and started licking his dick.

I looked at Stephanie and her face was beet red and she was still rubbing her clit and you could see the juice on her fingers as she was moaning and just continued to stare at Jennifer.

“You have to try that Steph,” she moaned, “You must try that, it’s fucking fantastic!”

“I see that,” Steph replied, “I want some of that right now, do you think Sam can give me a licking like that or does he need to rest first? I mean I’m ready now if he is.”

“Let me take him outside and give him a drink of water and I bet you if you’re where Jenn is lying when we get back, you will be in for the time of your life.” I promised her, “Get ready because it will only take us a couple minutes and you know Sam likes pussy almost as much as I do.”

I walked out the bedroom door and called Sam and he followed me out to the kitchen and I let him outside and got his water dish filled up. In a couple minutes I opened the door and he bounded inside and went straight for the water. He slopped a big drink and he looked at me and I could swear he smiled at me. I petted his head and he sat and looked at me so I rubbed his back and said, “Come on boy, it’s back to work time.”

Off we went to the bedroom and when we got there, we were greeted by Stephanie on her hands and knees, lapping the juices out of Jennifer’s pussy. Jenn was moaning and they didn’t see us, but Sam saw what he wanted and he jumped on the bed and went straight for Steph’s exposed pussy. Before she knew what happened, he was licking her slit from top to bottom. Stephanie jumped when she felt the rough dog tongue touch her clit. She tried to move but Jenn grabbed her head and pulled her face tight to her juicy pussy, she wasn’t about to let her go until she was satisfied.

Sam was licking Steph’s pussy and he would go from her pussy all the way up her crack until he finished at her pretty little asshole. He was trying to get his tongue all the way in between her lips and he worked hard to give her the licking she deserved.

I was jacking my cock while I was standing there watching when Jenn looked at me and motioned me with her finger to come closer. I guessed what she wanted and crawled up on the bed and fed her my rigid dick, making sure that I could watch her and Steph and Sam all at the same time. What a show!

This went on for several minutes and I know Steph came at least three times and Jenn wasn’t far behind. I was getting close to depositing a rather large load in my sister’s mouth when all of a sudden, Sam decided he wanted to fuck what he had been licking. He jumped up on Steph’s back and started to hump her. This surprised the hell out of her and she almost panicked, but there was really nowhere for her to go. Sam was humping trying to find her pussy and before any of us could move, he found the spot. His dick slipped into Steph and she screamed and tried to move but Sam had a good hold on her hips and he was humping so fast that before I could get him off, he was buried in her wet cunt.

Steph looked at me with a scared look on her face and as I tried to get off the bed to try to stop Sam, she started to moan and said, “Don’t stop him, don’t stop him it feels great. Let him fuck me, I want him to fuck me. Oh God it feels fantastic, it really feels fucking great!”

By now I was standing behind Sam and I could watch his dick hammering her pussy for all he was worth. No way I could fuck that hard or that fast. As I watched, I could see his knot coming closer to Steph’s cunt and I tried to warn her, but before I could say anything, his big knot popped all the way into her pussy causing her to scream again.

“Holy fuck,” Stephanie yelled, “That big fucking knot is in me and I’m filled to the brim with cock!”

As soon as she said that, Sam slowed down and finally stopped moving. His big dog cock was locked into my girlfriend’s cunt and now he was filling her full of dog cum. All Steph could do was to stay still and Sam was across her back and panting as he continued to pump her full of sperm. She was moaning and Sam would stick his tongue out and lick her cheek as he did his deed.

Jenn climbed off the bed and came around and stood next to me and looked at the knot stretching the pussy of our friend and just a little cum would leak out around it and dribble down Steph’s thigh onto the bed. Jenn stuck her finger out and got some of the cum off her thigh and she looked at me as she licked it off her finger.

“It tastes different than yours,” she told me, “Different but not bad. I think I could get used to the flavor.”

Stephanie moaned and she said, “My pussy is filled completely with dog cum. I have never felt anything like this in my life.”

Jenn got another finger full of cum and reached around and offered it to Steph. She opened her mouth and licked it off Jenn’s finger and all she could do was moan again.

My cock was throbbing and I tapped Jenn on the shoulder and when she looked at me, I pointed to my cock. She got my message and she grabbed it and started to suck on it as she kept an eye on Stephanie. I knew that I wouldn’t last long as the show we had witnessed was going to put me over the edge soon.

“I’m cumming, ” I cried as my dick began to spit baby juice into my sister’s mouth, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” The first two spurts were into Jenn’s mouth and she pulled her head back and the next two hit her in the forehead and between the eyes. Cum was running down her face and the last couple little shots fell, one on her chin and the other on her left tit. She smiled at me and showed me her mouthful of jizz and then she swallowed it all in one gulp. Then she went back to my pecker and cleaned it completely clean before letting it go and turning back to look at her friend.

Sam was getting impatient and was trying to pull out of Stephanie’s cunt, but it wasn’t going too well. He was still locked tight in her and she was crying for me to stop him. I grabbed him by the hind quarters and held him in place, this made him calm down and again he was still.

Stephanie wanted to know how long this would last as she was getting pretty tired with Sam’s weight being on her back. ”I don’t know how long I can take him on me,” she complained, “It’s starting to hurt my back.”

I let go of Sam and he looked at me and he turned towards me and slid off of Stephanie’s back and they wound up ass to ass with his cock still buried inside her.

“Oh man, that’s a lot better,” Steph sighed, “Much better and that big dick is still in me.”

I could see Jenn looking at Steph’s pussy with the big knot stuck in her and cum leaking out from around it. I could tell that there were a million thoughts going through her mind, wondering if she could do this too.

About that time Sam’s knot popped out of her pussy and about a half-gallon of cum poured out of her hole. It ran out and down her legs and all over the bed. Sam turned around and gave her pussy a couple good licks as if to brag a little about the job he had done. Then he turned and licked his big cock. It was hanging out in midair and it was still throbbing and spurts of cum were still coming out of it.

“No sense in letting this go to waste,” Jenn giggled as she bent down and started sucking on Sam’s stiff dick, “Man that tastes good.”

Stephanie in the meantime had collapsed on her stomach on the bed and was just kind of lying there like she was in another world, not saying anything.

“Are you OK Steph?” I questioned her as I looked her over. She was covered in sweat and Sam’s juices were still leaking from her red pussy lips and she was breathing pretty heavily.

“I’m Fucked!” she moaned, “I’m fucked. That’s the most I’ve ever been fucked in a short period of time. I’m wasted!”

Jennifer almost choked on Sam’s dick as she could only laugh at Steph’s response. She took the dog dick from between her lips and said, “I don’t think it’s fair that you got to fuck him first, after al it was my idea. But now I have a better understanding of how it will be and I can’t wait for my turn. My pussy is leaking juice just thinking about it.”

“Well let me tell you, I wasn’t planning on getting fucked this morning! When he decided it was time to fuck, I didn’t have any choice.” Stephanie explained, “Believe me it all happened so fast that I didn’t have a chance to get away. It hurt like hell for a couple seconds and then it turned to pleasure. I’m glad I did it. In fact, I plan on doing it again, but maybe not today, that knot made me a little sore.”

The girls headed for the shower and I took Sam out to the back yard. He just kind of looked at me and went over and laid down on the porch to take a nap. I kind of chuckled and headed for the shower. As I passed Jenn’s bedroom, I couldn’t help but notice both women laying on the fresh bed linens they had changed, and they were both asleep already. I would be joining them shortly as I figured maybe it would be my turn to do a little bit of serious fucking!

I knew that Jenn would want to be the next one Sam fucked and she wouldn’t let Stephanie or me forget it. So far, this plan was working out and it was only the afternoon of the first day. I figured we would all be used completely up before the weekend ended.