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Ella's troubles

2023-01-15 01:57:17

This is a work of FICTION! I do not condone this in real life! So if you don't like Rape or Incest FICTION don't read it! 

Chapter 1

Ella was walking down the street towards Club Dom. It was a special club, her brother owned it. Even though she was only 18 she was the clubs main attraction on many nights. She loved dancing in the hanging cages. 

She walked around the back to the workers entrance and knocked on the door. Her cousin Wolf looked out through the little slat in the door.

" it's not your scheduled day Ella, what are you doing here?" 

She poked out her lower lip so subtly that he only noticed how sexy she was. 

"Coyote told me to meet him here and you're only making me late Wolf."

Hearing her older brother told her to come brought a devious grin to his lips thank god she could only see his eyes. He knew this day was coming shortly after her birthday only three weeks ago. He could t wait.  

"fine." he muttered as he opened the door for her to come in. 

She walked past him and he only stared after her as she climbed the stairs to her brothers office. Her large ass, made so much more visible by her tiny waist, wiggling oh so invitingly at him every step she took. He just wanted to reach out and grab her by her long red hair and take her right there on the staircase but no, her virginity had been sold to the highest bidder by her brother. They would use her afterwards. He just couldn't wait to see her bright green eyes as she realized this was what had been planned all along. 


Ella didn't bother to knock on the office door, she never did. Her brother knew she was the only one that would ever just barge right in because she was the only female in the club that was ever there willingly. It made what was going to happen today so much more worth it. 

She walked in and sat down on the couch across from the tv in his office without even a glance at her brother, the little stuck up cunt that she was. That's alright he told himself, her virginity has been sold for 3/4 of a million dollars and she wouldn't ever see any of that money. From this day forth she was to be his little fuck toy. 

Coyote got up from his desk and walked over to sit next to his little sister on the couch. He places his hand on her knee and for her to look at him. 

" I brought you in today to do a special photo shoot sweetheart, now that you're eighteen everyone gets to see your beauty." 

She smiled, she always wanted to a photo shoot. " oh yay!" she hugged her brother so tight she squished her luscious 38DDs up against his chest.

He took her hand in his and stood up. " Come on Ella lets go get you ready." 

He led her down into the bottom level of the basement where he had all the BDSM equipment and Dom Master needed to enjoy a whore fully. She had seen the room before and knew all of the models had photo shoots down here so it didn't scare her one bit.  

He led her back to the dressing room where he had her outfit already laid out. 

She looked at it and smiled but a little confused. " why is it white? Why not black?" 

He smirked, " it isn't completely white, if you look closely at it you see the light green designs in the fabric baby girl, and I would hope my little sister is still a virgin, is she not?"

"you know damn well that I am a virgin and I will be untill I get married Coyote. Fine I'll wear the white mini dress." 


Thirty minutes later she walked out of the dressing room with nothing on under or besides the strapless white and jade mini dress that cut off just below her nice luscious ass. It excentuated ever curve on her body from her very large DD tits to her teensy waist to her gorgeous ass. 

He had her lay face down ass up across the whipping table so that her tits hung off the front edge and her legs were barely touching the ground.  He strapped her arms to the front legs of the table without and complaint from her, she was too eager to get this once in a lifetime photo opportunity.

Her long red hair cascaded down around her beautiful face towards the floor as he put 7 inch white stilletoes  on her feet and then strapped her legs down to the back legs of the table. 

He stepped back to enjoy the view of his little sisters white clad ass and them he walked up and slapped her right on it.  

Now that she was secured dressed and couldn't run he'd tell her exactly what she was In for. 

" Well Ella, welcome to your living nightmare, any minute the man that bought the right to take your virginity will be here and you're going to know what every man that comes into the club and admires you in the cage wants from you." 

He slid his hand under the dress and rubbed her baby smooth pussy mound. He then slid his thumb into her pussy slowly just to make sure she still had her cherry, which luckily she did. 

He walked up to face her and smirked, " you're a slave now bitch" 

With that he got up and walked out of the room. 


Ella was stunned speechless as her brother walked out of the room after so rudely telling her he had sold her virginity and was now enslaving her in this dungeon of a room. 

Thirty minutes after he left she was startled into fear as the door behind her opened and closed and she heard the footsteps of the man that had spent enough money in her brothers mind to be allowed to deflower her. 

He set down his bag behind this luscious girls big ass and then walked around to stand in front of her, although he knew it was rape he didn't want to be impersonal to this young little slut to be. 

He squatted down so that she could see his face and smiled at her.  

" hi there sweet heart, this is going to hurt you, I'm going to love every minute of it and you have no say in it. So let's get started shall we?" 

Ella was stunned at how beautiful this man was he must be 6 foot tall and the most beautiful man on earth with his long black hair tied in a pony tail his distinctive native American features and his deep piercing blue eyes.

He walked back around behind her and unceremoniously pulled the hem of the dress up to expose her most private parts. He reached into his bag and pulled out a very large anal plug an spit on the tip of it.

Slowly he worked the tip of the plug into her very tight little back door. Once he had it started he let it sit there for a minute before giving it one good hit and sending it all the way into her ass.

He listened as she screamed bloody murder. 

" Calm down you little bitch! It's only an anal plug."

He left the plug in as he pulled out his 13 inch long dick and let the thick head of it rest on the end of her anal plug for a minute before he squeezed her ass cheeks together. 

" be a good little whore and I won't bury the end of the plug in your ass along with it." 

He then positioned the tip of his enormous member up against her tiny virgin passage. 

"let's have some fun now you little cunt."

With one thrust he pushed his entire member into her little cunt.  stealing her virginity and invading her womb in one thrust. 

She bucked as hard as she could and cried out in pain. He started thrusting as hard as he could to increase it. 

Quickly her cries of pain turned to screams of agony as this man made sure her body would never forget her first time. 

His sex rod opened up her cervix and made her whole body tremble against him. He ran his body through hers like this for an hour and a half before her tightness became too much for lhim and he dumped his seed as deep as he could into her womb. 

She sighed in relief as he pulled his massive dick out of her tiny cunt. She had thought he would never finish.