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Fantasy Fulfilled at a Cost

2022-07-02 00:00:04

Fantasy fulfilled at a cost

by aliveinpr

Sometimes, when a person’s fantasy is fulfilled, other fantasies are fulfilled too. Can fantasies cancel each other when the wife acts on her husbands fantasy, but then her own hidden fantasy is brought to the surface?

Again Bob suggested to his wife, Donna, that he would like her to have sex with another man. He kept telling her that he thought it was really hot to think of her being fucked by another man. Donna was getting tired of having to tell him that he was the only man to enter her pussy with his cock.

Donna thought she should see his reaction if she told him that she considered his request. After all, many fantasies are just that, a dream in the head in an attempt to spice up sexual activities. Maybe she could call his bluff, something he really didn’t want to happen, just a dream.

Donna and Bob were laying next to each other, calming after a nice session of love making. Bob was still breathing hard and both had been happy with their sex lives since they had been married six years ago.

Donna boosted herself up on one elbow and said, “If I did have sex with another man, I think it would cause a strain on our marriage. I think it is only a dream you have and you would never let me act out your fantasy.”

Bob said, “I wouldn’t love you any less, Our love is solid. I think it would strengthen our marriage and give us more excitement in our sex lives.”

Donna thought she could change his mind and said, “If I fucked another man, it would have to be just me and him. I don’t think I could do that with you watching.” She was sure that would squelch his fantasy as most of the time he would say that he would ‘like to see her being fucked by another man’.

Bob replied, “I understand that you would feel uncomfortable the first time, to have sex in front of me. You could tell me all the details and how you felt after he fucked you.”

'The FIRST time?' Donna thought. No matter what she said to try to change his mind, it just wasn’t working. The FIRST time, the FIRST time, kept going though her mind. She could see that this wasn’t just a one time thing in his mind.

Another week passed and Bob was still promoting his fantasy every time they had sex. Donna noticed that he got so turned on with his fantasy, their love sessions had turned into raw, animistic sex. She did enjoy multiple orgasms and that Bob was able to recover and come two or three times. She didn’t have any argument when they made love three or four times a week now. She thought she would just let him have his fantasy since it did satisfy her sexual needs.

A month passed and Donna was beginning to think more of his fantasy. She worried that it could ruin their marriage, after all she loved Bob and didn’t want to act on a fantasy that could drive a wedge between them. Still, the idea of being fucked by another man was causing her to masturbate more often during the day when Bob was at work. His fantasy was now becoming her fantasy. She had never had any other man’s cock in her pussy since she and Bob married. She kept fantasizing of cock size, different sexual positions and how another men might last longer than Bob.

Donna and Bob had finished a super orgasmic fuck and as usual, Bob licked Donna’s pussy. He liked to clean her of his and her mixed juices. When Bob was satisfied that he cleaned Donna, she asked, “If I fuck another man, will you clean his cum from my pussy too?”

Bob thought a few minutes and then his cock began to harden again. He answered, “Oh, God that turns me on. I never thought about that, but yes and then I would fill you right back up.” Donna was fucked for the fourth time that night and Bob was like a wild man. While he was licking and cleaning her pussy afterwards, she said, “Be sure to clean all of HIS cum from my pussy. Don’t miss a drop.” Bob almost fucker her a fifth time that night, but both were spent by 5 am.

His fantasy had become her fantasy too. Donna planned that she would find a man to fuck her.

Bob came home from work and Donna announced, “I’m going to go drinking and dancing Friday night. If I get up the nerve, maybe I can find a man to fuck me. After I get his cum, I will come home and while you clean my pussy, I will tell you everything he did.”

Donna didn’t have to make dinner, they immediately went to the bedroom. She and Bob spent four hours fucking before falling asleep. Bob was a ravenous wild man knowing that his fantasy was coming true and Donna was going to be fucked by another man.

As a young girl, Donna had medical trouble and when she and Bob got married, they both knew that they would not have children. They thought that if and when the time came, they would adopt. Those plans were almost forgot since they were pretty set in their living conditions. Donna had no worry of getting pregnant if she did fuck another man, so now she was ready to act on ‘their’ fantasy.

Donna thought she would be nervous, but she had no trouble shopping for ‘fuck me’ clothes on Friday. Donna was a real looker, and if she had any children, she would qualify as a true MILF. She bought a micro-mini skirt and a very sheer blouse. She did buy a very sheer panty and bra set, but when she got home, decided to skip the bra and panty set.

Donna pampered her body with a long leisurely soak in the tub of bath oils. After the bath she did something she never did before. She decided to shave all her pubic hair and almost gave up afraid she would cut herself having shaky hands. She went ahead with the shave because she was determined to come home with a pussy full of cum. She was going to be sure that her husband’s fantasy would be fulfilled. Beside, if she wasn’t going to wear panties, she should have a visible pussy too.

Bob got home from work and saw his wife coming from the master bedroom. He soon had a full erection when his wife twirled in her micro-mini clearly showing off her naked pussy. He had to rub Donna’s freshly shaven pussy and let her know that he liked her new look.

Donna had a very light meal. She figured that the food would help counter the drinks she was going to consume. There was no way she would try to find a man to fuck her without some liquid persuasion. She gave Bob a good bye kiss telling him to be ready to lick another man’s cum from her cunt.

As Donna was leaving to get into the taxi, Bob told her, “With that outfit, you should have no trouble at all. I love you and will be waiting for your cum filled pussy to get home.”

Bob and Donna did not go out to bars very often, so Donna told the taxi driver that she wanted to go to a bar that was known as a ‘pick up bar’ or ‘meat market’. The driver knew exactly where to take her. He kept looking in the mirror and with her short skirt, it wasn’t hard to see her naked pussy. The driver told Donna, “I don’t think you will be able to keep the guys away from you, especially going to a ‘pick up bar’. “ Donna said, “I don’t want to keep them away, I plan to get fucked for my husband.” Her driver said, “If you don’t have any takers, I will try to be close to pick you up and I’ll fuck you myself.” Donna then said, “I may take you up on that, even if I find a quickie in the parking lot.”

Donna got to the bar and was pleased that it was clean and most of the people looked presentable when she got inside. She found a booth empty as she was sure men would feel freer to join her than if she was on a stool at the bar. She made her order and the music began filling the dance floor. After a couple sips from her drink, a young man approached her and asked her to dance. It flattered Donna that she was still attractive as this man was at least 10 years younger.

She learned his name was Dan and he was with several of his frat brothers. Donna liked the way Dan danced and after the third dance, the music was now slowed and gave Dan the opportunity to pull her close. He ground his hard cock against her leg and stomach. She did not resist when his hands began to massage her ass that her skirt did not cover. After another slow dance, Dan joined Donna at her booth and his hand immediately rested on her thigh, very high and close to her bare pussy.

Donna had a second drink when Dan leaned toward her and kissed her. She returned the kiss with a lot of tongue. A very sensual kiss letting Dan know she was enjoying his company. Donna and Dan talked for a time as his hand inched up her thigh, soon Dan had his hand on her pussy and began finger fucking her openly under the table. Dan asked Donna if she would like to join him at his house, a fraternity house not too far from the bar. Donna's pussy was pulsating around his fingers wanting his cock. She wanted to fuck Dan and agreed to visit his house. Dan excused himself telling Donna that he was going to let his brothers know he was leaving. He didn’t want them to worry when they couldn’t find him. Donna watched him talk with several guys in his young age range. They all smiled and waived him good bye.

Dan took Donna’s hand and they left the bar. As they were walking through the parking lot and toward the rear of the bar, Donna pushed Dan against the wall and gave him a long and loving kiss while rubbing the front of his jeans. She felt a very nice hard and long cock. Donna felt this was the time to fulfill her husband's fantasy, she was now determined. Donna unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. She then put her hands on the wall and spread her legs telling Dan, “Fuck me now, I want your cock in me.”

Dan knew Donna’s pussy was hot and wet since he had been finger fucking her in the bar. His cock slipped easily into her and Donna immediately began pumping back at him wanting his cock deep into her. Don pumped hard and fast as Donna kept telling him to fuck her harder and deep. Don was at his peak and told her that he was going to cum. Donna said, “Cum inside me, I want your cum.” Don thrust forward hard and held his cock buried deep and then began spasming his cum deep into her womb. Donna held him by reaching around and pulling his hips close to her.

When they finally pulled apart, Donna said, “Let’s get to your house, I want to be comfortable fucking in a bed.” They began their walk and Donna could feel his cum running down her legs. They were close to a 24 hour convenience store and Donna told Dan to wait as she went into the store. Dan didn’t think she was going to buy rubbers because he had already cum inside her cunt. Donna came out with a small bag and they continued their trek to the frat house. Dan asked, “What’s in the bag?” and Donna said, “Oh, just something special for my husband.”

Once in the frat house, Donna didn’t wait until they got to Dan’s room before shedding her skirt and blouse, both disposed within 5 feet of the front door. They got to Dan’s room and Donna was obsessed trying to get Dan’s clothes off. Once again, Donna got Dan’s cock in her hands and she dropped to the floor on her knees and began to deep throat his cock. She was like a wild woman and in a hurry to get his cum in her throat and down into her stomach. Dan didn’t take long before spewing his cum for the second time. He filled her mouth and throat with more cum. She licked her lips and crawled up on the bed.

Donna lay on the bed next to Dan licking and kissing his cock to bring it back to life. She wanted to be fucked long and hard, better than a quickie against the wall. She needed to have his cock in her pussy again, she wanted to cum with him.

When Donna and Dan were in a hurry to get to the bed, they did not take the time to close the door. Donna was licking a cock that was beginning to show life once again. She saw movement toward the door and then she noticed the young frat brothers from the bar standing in the doorway watching. She also noticed that they were naked and were pulling on their hard cocks. Donna had a premonition that since she was dealing with a frat house, she was going to have more than one cock inside her. She was right as she laid back on the bed with her legs spread wide with her pussy inviting one and all to fuck their cocks into her pussy.

As the guys were approaching the bed, her pussy was pulsing with anticipation. She wanted them to fuck her pussy for as many times as they could. It was Friday night and she didn’t care if her pleasure lasted all weekend. This was fulfilling her husband’s fantasy and now a fantasy she didn’t know she had...to be gang banged.

A gang bang she got. Cocks kept fucking into her and filling her with cum and she was having constant orgasms. It was exciting to her to have these young studs pleasuring her body. Before heading home, Donna opened the bag she got at the store and smiled to herself.

Bob woke from a stupor in the living room. He saw that it was 5 am and Donna was not home yet. Once he got his bearings, he went to the kitchen and sat at the table drinking a beer. He heard a noise at the front door and looked up seeing Donna coming inside. Her hair was a mess, the blouse was open in the front and her micro-mini was shorter as it was now riding high on her stomach. Her pussy and ass were totally exposed and she must have been a real sight for the cab driver.

Donna spotted Bob and said, “OK lover boy, lets get in bed, I want more cock”. Donna didn’t seem to be drunk but she had a broad, wild smile as she looked at him. Bob knew she finally had a stranger fuck her.

Donna just fell on the bed and spread her legs. She looked at Bob and said, “OK, you got your fantasy. Come and eat your cream pie.” She spread her legs wide for him as he tore off his clothes and climbed up on the bed. As his head was nearing her pussy, he looked up at Donna and asked, “What’s this string?” Donna answered, “that’s a tampon, I didn’t want to lose any cum. Pull it out, I’m sure I’ve saved about 12 loads or more cum for you.”

Bob looked stunned and Donna said, “You got your fantasy and I have an appointment tomorrow night with the guys again, after all, this was just the FIRST time. Tomorrow, they’re going to fill my ass too. Are you happy now?”

Donna later put the rest of the contents of the paper bag into her purse to be ready for tomorrow and the future.

Is there a moral to this story? Maybe couples should thoroughly discuss their fantasies. I hope you enjoyed my story.