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Harry Potter and the Ring of Salazar

2022-09-03 00:00:04

Here is my first Story
I'm a Harry Potter Fans but i love aslo extreme sexual fantasy about Potter universe.
This story contain Character of JK Rowling Book
two last thing before you read this
first i'm not English Native Speaker so be easy on me... maybe soe part of my text are all wrong grammaticaly but i think it's still easy to understand
Second, this story Contains Harcore Porn like
Scat for this one chapter and many other sexual deviance so don't read it if you don't like extreme shit
Finally This is the introduction of my story... so it really start a the end of this chapter but it start extreme
Chapter 2 is already finish and should be release a the same time
Give me Feedback if you like, i might write more if some people want more
so here it is!
Harry Potter And The Ring Of Salazar Part 1

The summer was already finish, but for the first time, Harry Potter wasn't happy about it...

3 months has past since his defeat of Voldemort and Harry had great time traveling with his 2 friends and his own girlfriend.

But now they all had to return to Hogwarts for their 7 year at the school.

Harry had great love for the school, But he wasn't really fond of his return to the great learning place.

The years chasing the horcrux was so intense that the thought of been stuck between four walls again was mourning him... And he was also fearing that everyone would now ,more then even, see him as the enlighten one... The one...

But never the less, he was there with his friends in one of the hogwarts express cabin's. His girl friend was sleeping, her head on his shoulder.
Hermione was reading one of her 7 year arcane book for the third time and Ron was playing with is brand new wand that her bought from the money of his first pay check at the Ministry.

Harry was looking by the window as plain were relaying each other.
He had just decide that he would take his last year of school the easy way.
He was going back to get his Diploma but he was already employed as an auror. Which prime minister wouldn't take him after he slayed the most powerful Dark Lord of all time...
Yes, said Harry to himself, this year I will explore Hogward and be it king

Two weak as past since the first day of school and Harry Potter was already bored of class and afterclass work. After one month, he decide to not go in class anymore since they were all needed for being an auror and that even potion had become kind of easy for him... Now that he wasn't Snape martyr anymore...

He asked the teachers to give him their homework and tell him went to come in class for his test and then he would go wander around the school.
His friends and girlfriends were a little angry that he get out of class and trouble because he was the one who survive... And kill...

Harry was passing days relaxing in the prefect tube, training is broom flight since Quidditch was the only thing that still make him want to stay at hogward... And maybe he could get seen by a big league director who would take him in his team... Some big name of the quidditch would be there at the final of the 7 year game.

Harry was quite frustrated that his girlfriend, Ginny, refused to come sleep with him in his bed. They already had sex twice in their summer trip to Bahamas with Ron and Hermione but she had not accept any sexual intercourse since they arrive at school. His girlfriend was a hard temper girl but kind of prude. He also thought she was jealous that he did not have problem skipping class as she had... His two best friends seem to feel the same way as the month pass.

The last day of the September, Harry was walking alone in the hallway of the second floor during class hours.
When, suddenly, he bump on Drago Malfoy who was exiting the girl washroom where was living the annoying moaning ghost Harry had try to stay away since the beginning of the year.

-well, well... Isn't Roaming Potter...
The boy who did not have to study since he a celebrity... So what are you up to Potter... Let me guess... Wandering the school like the zero you are... oops... it was hero wasn't it, said Malfoy with an evil smile

-fuck off Malfoy! At least I'm not the one who's peeing in the girl toilets, replies Harry with anger. What were you doing in here? Moaning on your father incarceration To Azkaban... At this moment, Malfoy jumped on Harry and push him on the wall But Harry draw is wand directly to his face.
Malfoy stop dead in his track and the two of watch themselves intensely.
At this right moment, the transfiguration class room door open and Professor Mc Gonagall peak her head out in the corridor.
She immediately saw the two young boy

- what are you doing? MR POTTER!!! put your wand away, yelled the old teacher.

-Malfoy come back to class now and mister Potter... I am quite bored to heard report of your indiscipline... I will talk to you after my class and meanwhile, you'll stay right where you are and think of what you've done... Oh and 50 point less to griffondor!

Malfoy head to his class looking happy that Harry would be lectured.

Harry didn't care about the point nether about having angered the new head master of the school but he knows well enough Minerva Mc Gonagall to not cross her order... He would have to be here in an hour and half to receive lecturing about is new way on thinking... Now the question was what to do while he's waiting...

He could go see Hagrid but he to was a little distress by Harry lack of motivation at school and Harry did not want to get more speech about this...
While thinking, his eyes roam over the hallway and ,as they pass the girl washroom door, he figure out what to do.

Entering the toilet, hoping not to come across the annoying bitch ghost,
He approach the sink with the serpent carved in it... The chamber of secrets lied behind this secret door and almost seven years had past since the last and only time he got down there. Harry concentrate himself to speak The natural learned language of snake but since Voldemort defeat,the power was weakening... After five try, the seal door open to the big slide down the snake pit.

- Accio Lightning bolt, cast Harry knowing full well he would have to get out a the end of is trip down there.The broom finally arrive and Harry let himself slide down the hole. Down in the basilika pit,Harry was surround by darkness...


The light spread across all the stone wall in a green shinning reflection.
Harry make his way to the chamber where he knows the old monster was resting in peace. When he finally arrive in the main room, the snake bone carcass was still there... But Harry wasn't their for this...He put down is broom down on the floor and start to make a tour of all the chamber.
Harry has thought about this a lot of time last year while searching for the horcrux...

- we call it the chamber of secrets...
Secrets with an S, say Harry to himself like he already did in his great moment of reflexion.

- what are your secrets!, Scream harry, only answered by echo.

- I sure you where not the real hidden secret here, he add after looking at the basilik remains.
He take the time to scan the room and his sight stop on the big hole in the wall where should be the giant snake nest...Harry approach the opening and wave is wand from one side to another. The floor was cover with rats bone, the mark of the monster body still draw in the dust where he should have sleep for hundred years. But what really caught Harry eyes was the carving of a great snake in a S posing on the back wall of the basilik nest...

Harry's heart start to beat faster... Could it be another secret passage or a vault... Did Voldemort opened this already or did he let the beast blind him from the other secrets of the chamber... Did Salazar Slythering had put the monster here to protect something... Harry walk in the nest and stop just in front of the wall then with all his Might he spoke the words to unseal the secret door...

A hard low chain sound came from behind the wall and after a minute the wall slowly moved to the right leaving an open room the side of a broom hangar. In the middle of this little room was standing a altar and on it was design a stone hand with one finger pointing to the roof. On that finger, was a silver and green ring representing a snake biting is tail. Harry hesitated to take de ring... It Could have been left by Salazar to his heir but it could be one of Voldemort tricks...

He start by taking the ring in his hand and examine it. In the interior surface was writer with fine letters

Salazar Slythering

To his knowing, never he had heard of this ring before... Maybe Hermione would know better if she still accepte to help him? Harry decide to put the ring on and did it... But nothing happens and Harry didn't know if he had to be happy or sad about it. He check is magic watch to see that he has 10 minutes before McGonagall finish her class so he decide to keep the ring on and go back to surface... No one would mind this little ring with Slythering symbols on it after the change he already made to his school life... And if anyone ask he would say that he wear this Slythering thing in Snape honor.

Harry was back two minutes late and found himself in front of a mad headmaster as soon he exit the girls toilet. He had left his broom in one of the washroom stall so he could claim he just had to take a shit and it take longer then it thought it would...

Not less angry, the teacher made him enter is office and site in front of her desk. Then she proceed to yell at him for all the problem he had cause since beginning of the school years. She then start to use Dumbledore and Sirius's memories to make him feel so shame but that only make him feel more and more angry

-So Mr Potter, what you have to say for your defense? Ask the old teacher.

Harry just burst out of himself.

- you know what... Go shit on your headmaster's desk and then eat it all bitch! You'll love it... And you'll fucking leave me alone and won't piss me of for the rest of the year! Scream Harry in anger.

He was now sure he would expel from Hogward but The Headmaster stayed quiet for a second or two then she got up and lift herself on her desk.
Then she lift her uniform robe up and got her old grandma panties down her ankle... Finally, Harry watch her,mouth open in disbelief, proceed to shit on her desk.

After 3 minutes of shitting, there was a big pile of brown bad smelling feces on the top of her desk... But then Minerva McGonagall turn around and, droping on all four, begin to eat the shit with a smile of pleasure paint on her face.
It took her 15 minute to eat all her excrement and all the while, Harry, didn't stop her because he was connecting the dot to what happened and is new ring... And also because he had a strong erection from watching her do this... Minerva was a great wizard and with just words he had made her a shit eating grandma... Soon, she had finish eating her shit and look at Harry with feces around her mouth

-Now go Potter and I don't want to see you in my office anymore! Is that understand? She order him without even seems to acknowledge what she just did?

Harry Potter got out of the HeadMastet office with a lot of test in mind...