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Heaven Sent Adoption Agency Ch 3

2022-05-22 00:00:04

~~Chapter 3~~

Meanwhile back at the campus the news was buzzing about the party and how Susy was now dating Michael. Even the football team was congratulated him on getting the hottest piece of ass in school. Of course Michael was playing it off like it was nothing and Tammy was so disgusted that she was tempted to go up to Michael and slap him but her home training wouldn’t let her do anything like that. So instead she walked up to him and said, “You are a pig. You think you are so hot and so rich that you can just do anything you want. You think that anybody will just go alone with you and follow you and do anything, and why? Because you have money and you think you are good looking. Well I got news for you. You will never get me to think of you as anything else other than a pig." and walks away. Michael thinks to himself "Oh yeah baby I like that fire you have. Just wait till I have a collar around your neck. I want you begging for anything and everything." and smiles not saying a word to her. He continued to go to class.

Back at the warehouse Susy is going out of her mind with sex. She is thinking that the drug should be out of her system by this time. She is now noticing that her breast hurt more than early in the day and that they are a bit bigger than they were yesterday. They were harder also. She was not sure what was going on. Anyway she had turned off the TV and went to take another bath but this time instead of just rubbing on her already raw clit she started rubbing her nipples and on her breast. She was liking the way it felt to rub on them but what she didn’t know was that she was stimulating her breast more and making the milk gland production even more. Soon as she relaxed some her breast started dripping but because she was in a tub full of water she didn’t noticed. When she got out the bathtub and bent over to dry her legs she noticed her breasts were leaking. "Omg, why do I have milk? I’m not pregnant. It must be the drug they gave me. Maybe that is why I still feel the way I do. I don’t want the guys to know I’m making milk. What will they do with it? I bet those sicko will drink it or play in it. I can’t let them know but how do I hide it without wearing a bra?" She got to thinking what and how to cover it up.
It is now 6:30 pm and Adam couldn’t help thinking all day long about what he was going to do to Susy. He knew Duke was good and horny for some pussy. He also knew he had planted his seed in her early today but he needed to get a second dose in her again. So he made a plan and told the guys not to come by and play with Susy until he gave them a call. The guys were ok with that. After all to them Susy was nothing more than a play toy and Adam sex slave. They all had other girls in mind and they knew Adam’s plan. If it worked out well with Susy in three months then it would be a sweet life for all four of them.

It is now 7pm and Adam meets up with the others and tells them he would call and see them a bit later. So they go their own ways. Adam pulls up at the warehouse and the guard dogs are happy to see him. Their barking lets the other dogs know that he is around and they start barking. He goes inside and feeds all the dogs and calls Duke to him. Duke is a large Great Dane that is black and brown. He is a pure breed and everything about him is large in size. He smells pussy and is ready to fuck. He has been like this for the past four days. So he pats him on the head and tells him come. They get to Susy’s door and he puts his ear to the door. He doesn’t hear anything. In fact it is so quiet that he is not sure she is still in there. All the guard dogs are well train so he looks at Duke and says the command, "sniff". The dog gets up and sniffs the bottom of the door and smells wet excited pussy and starts to bark and wags his tail scratches the door with his paw. By that reaction he knows that Susy is still in there and ready for dick but he has no idea that her milk glands are already making milk and dripping.

Susy hears the dog barking at the door and gets scared. She still has not found anything or anyway to hide the fact that she is dripping milk. She runs to the bed and lays like she is sleeping. Hoping that if they think she was sleep they would leave her alone. However her body had other plans. Her body knew there was dick nearby and her pussy started to drip on the bed. She wanted dick and was happy they were home.

Adam opens the door and saw her laying on the bed so he walked up and Duke was behind him. He was looking for the pussy he smelled but couldn’t find the female dog anywhere. He very quietly gave Duke the command to "sit" on the floor at the foot of the bed and he walks over to the bed and stuck his finger in her pussy. She moaned but didn’t open hers eyes. He smiled knowing she was fake sleeping. He stuck his finger down in front of Duke. Duke smelled it and then licked it happily. He wanted more he tried to stick his nose up on the bed but his training wouldn’t let him get up. Adam smiled at that sight of his excitement. Susy didn’t not hear Duke but could hear and feel Adam. So Adam though if Susy wants to stay sleep that was good for her. He gave Duke the command loudly "lick". Duke jumped up on the bed and pinned Susy on the bed with his large paws and started licking her pussy. His tongue was so long that he got her clit and pussy all in one lick. The taste to Duke was so good that he started to dig his tongue deeper and deeper in her whole to get at her juices. Trust and believe every time his tongue hit her clit he was given his sweet treat.

Susy was surprised when she was pinned by a dog. She expected Adam to do something but not allow a dog to do anything. She screamed as the dog pinned her but as soon as his nose hit her pussy she started begging for Adam to get the dog off. Adam was laughing so hard he fell over. He knows that Duke was strong and didn’t need any help with this little girl. The only thing he had to make sure was that Duke didn’t fuck her, just yet, anyway. Once he calm down enough he decided that watching this dog lick her into cumming and screaming and begging for him to stop turned him on so he walked over to her head and dropped his pants and stuck his rock hard dick in her mouth. As soon as he shut her up he said to her, “Now that you have shut up. I need you to listen to me very carefully. First, tomorrow if you are pretending to be sleep I will let Duke here fuck you when I’m done with you. Blink twice if you understand?" Susy blinks twice. "I’m glad you understand. Second, if you are not on your knees when you hear Duke here bark at the door. I will let him lick you again. Blink twice if you understand." Susy blinks twice. "Good. Third, if you do not greet me in this manner when I walk in the door then I will whip you with my belt. The way I want you to greet me is "Greeting Master Adam. My Master's whore is ready for you." Blink twice again if you understand." Susy blinks twice. "Fourth, and finally if you do not greet Duke in this manner I will let him stay and spend the night with you when I and the guys are done with you. Believe me you don’t what this horny dog to stay in this room with you all night long. He is used to getting pussy whenever he wants it and he is nothing but a huge bully when it comes to sex. The manner is "Good boy my Master's bitch is ready to service you in any way Master Adam sees fit." To answer your question that maybe going through you tiny mind at this point in time. The answer is yes you are Duke's bitch just as much as you are your Master's whore. If you understand that you blink twice." Susy didn’t blink twice she only blinked once. "Oh, so you don’t understand or you don’t agree? Which is it? Blink one for not understand or blink twice for not agreeing." Susy blinks twice. "Oh so you don’t agree to be Duke's bitch. Tell you what. I will twist and pull you nipples to the sky till you say or should I say blink twice." Before he could reach for her nipples Susy starts blinking twice. He smiles and says, "Oh now you want to agree but too late. You will have to wait till I ask the question again." and laughs. As he reaches for her left and right breast nipple at the same time he remembers something. "Oh I got something that will make this more fun." He reaches in his pants pocket that on the floor and pulls out two clothes pins. "You like these. I got them out of the laundry room at the campus. This will make it more fun for me but more painful for you I’m sure. Now let us see how they fit. Oh and look you nipples are already hard for me." He reaches over to grab the left breast and relives it hard. He knows what that means. So he tries something with the nipple. He starts to knead the nipple and then squeezes it and sure enough milk squirts out. He gets an evil grin on his face.

Adam says, “Well, well isn’t this a nice surprise. You are making milk for our baby. Like I said you are such a whore. I don’t want our daughter to be a whore like you or for you to teach her how to be a whore and I’m not ready to be a daddy so. Just watch what I have plan when she is born. He reaches over and puts the clothes pin on her left nipple and hear her scream around his dick. He reaches over and does the same to her right nipple and she is crying and screaming. This makes his dick even harder and he starts to throat fuck her. "Hell since your wide open now I might as well use it." He doesn’t just throat fuck her. He throat rapes her and pulls and twist her poor nipples to the sky. All that stimulate her breast but the milk has nowhere to go. So now her breasts are getting larger and they are really starting to hurt but he knows it and doesn’t care. Duke is getting the treat of a life time. He keeps licking her pussy and sometimes he nips her clit which makes her scream a new pain.
Now lets back it up a bit and tell you how Susy feels. Susy has been screaming the whole time to get Duke off of her and Adam is nothing but laughing. She starts to cry as she screams. Never in her life she did she think she would be pinned by a dog. How could a dog lick her to some many orgasms? She hated Adam so much that she wanted to bite his dick off but her body only wanted the cum to come out and down her throat. Now that his dick was in her mouth Adam was talking to her. She heard all the things and blinked that she understood but what he lacked to ask was did she agree. So she could understand but she never agreed. However she did not want any of the consequences so she thought it best to understand and agree, until he got to the Master's bitch part. She could not agree to be a bitch to a dog. She was a human and all she wanted was dick or all her body wanted was dick. She could not believe she was starting to think it as much as her body wanted it. So here mind was falling in track with her body now and she didn’t even know it. She really was at war with herself. Then when she blinked once she heard what he was about to do. No was going through her mind. I don’t want him to know I’m making milk. So she started blinking twice. Then when she heard him say no it was too late she started crying. The entire time she was still cumming, every time the dog hit her clit with that long tongue and then he would dig that long tongue deep in her pussy hole. That would make her body go off and her pussy would leak like the tap coming out the sink. She really was in hell and loving every bit of it.

It hurt like hell once he found out that she was making milk and put those clothes pins on her nipples. Now her milk had nowhere to go and it kept on making more. So her breast kept growing and then he kept pulling and twisting on them omg she was in so much pain. She just knew her nipples would be damage for good. Then she felt the first nip of the dog's teeth on her clit. It sent her orgasms into over drive giving the dog more of her juices and making her body make more milk. She could do thinking but scream around his dick until he started shoving it down her throat. She couldn’t breathe and he wasn’t letting much air in. He really had her life in his hand and he let her know how helpless she really was. However, when she heard him say the statement about the baby. She was like the joke is on him. I’m on birth control and can’t have any. Yeah baby won’t he be hurt to find out I won’t get pregnant. She had power and she knew she had one on him. She had the shot like a week ago and would not need a new shot for 6 months. This meant to her records she was good up to 6 months and they were keeping her for only three. Yeah she knew she could not get pregnant.

While he was throat raping and torturing her tits he was making a deciding on what he should do. He didn’t know if he wanted to string her upside down so his seed wouldn’t come out or if he wanted to string up her breasts. He knew he didn’t need Duke anymore. Then all of a sudden Susy started to whimper and wine. She was turning blue and her body started to shake. He didn’t notice that he had let her have enough air. So he pulled out and started to slap her face till she came around. His dick came out with a pop and she sucked in a large amount of air. Adam stopped but Duke was still licking and nipping. Soon Susy was coming around but her face was burning. She started to cough. She was mouthing something but her voice was gone. He kept asking what I can’t hear you. "What speak up? You are a whore. All you can do is asking for dick." She shook her head no. "Then what the fuck are you trying to say?" She took a deep breath and slowly but very faint with her eyes closed she said, “Master Adam I’m begging you to ask me again? Please Master Adam ask your Master's whore the question again." she keeps coughing as she keeps begging him to ask her the question again. Oh you know Adam was loving it. He had her begging on tape to ask the question again. So he said, “Are you willing to greet Duke in the manner of saying "Good boy my Master's bitch is ready to service you in any way Master Adam see fit." And be Duke's bitch just as much as you are your Master's whore? And the three other rules I have explained to you?" She takes a deep breath and says as loud as she can, “Yes Master Adam I am agree and willing to follow all four rules you have laid out for me to follow." He says, “Good girl and now that you are willing and going along I will tell Duke here to go lay down." He gives Duke the "lay" command and he does just that. He lays down on Susy lap. Adam laughs. "It would seem as if Duke here doesn’t want to leave his bitch. He is in love and has claimed you and no other dog can have you. However since I’m his Master he is willing to share you with me and whomever I see fit. We are making such a good family. Duke "down" off the bed." Duke looks up and jumps down and goes to the corner and licks his hard dick. "See that dick it grows even bigger than that but I’m sure you don’t what to feel that dick inside of you. Or maybe you would we will see. You know how to get Duke to fuck you don’t you?" Susy shakes her head no and her eyes get bigger. She didn’t want to know and didn’t want to find out. However her body said differently. He says, “Don’t do rule number four and you will find out soon enough because once he gets to fuck you the first time trust me he won’t stop. You already have seen he has claimed you as his bitch so all he need is the chance to fuck his bitch and then he knows he can do it whenever he wants to." Now it was Adams time and he wanted to fuck her but he wanted to do it while she was upside down.
It is now 9pm. He told her to stand up over by some pulleys. They didn’t have the cuff yet that they ordered online but Adam couldn’t wait and besides he liked causing pain and seeing her in pain. So he tied her hand to the pulley on the ground. She was bent over and then he tied one leg to the pulley that would pull her leg up and out at a 90 degree angle. The other he tied and it pulled it up in the air. So her arms were straight down on the floor and her legs were in an "L" shape. He lowered her down a bit so she would be at the right height for his dick and he went right in to the bottom. She was taking all her weight and his on her legs. She grunted and screamed. He was loving it all. The weight was so much that she couldn’t feel her foot anymore. He did notice that her foot was turning blue but he need to get this seed in her fast. So he started smacking her ass. mind you the clothes pins were still on her tits and all the bouncing was stimulating her breast even more so now her breast were turning colors too but not because of blood like her foot but because of bruises for the pressure of the milk building up. If she had her voice back she would be screaming louder than she was but because of the throat raping and the air being cut off she was weak and hoarse. When he was done smacking her ass he turned to her clit. He noticed that her clit was a bit raw then it should have been with Duke licking it so he asked her if she had been playing with herself. She could speak so she shook her head yes. He said, "For now on you cannot touch yourself in less you ask me. I don’t like you playing with yourself. If you do it again I will leave Duke and Butch in the room with you to help you play with yourself. Do you understand me?" As he said do you understand me he slapped her clit harder each time. He put his thumb nail in the spot close to her asshole but not in the hole. He wanted to make his point clear and to make her feel more pain. The more pain he caused the closer he came to cumming. As she heard the new rule she freak out in her brain. She just knew she wouldn’t be able to stop playing with herself. She also knew he was not lying about leaving the dogs in the room with her. She also screamed every time he slapped her sore clit and then the pain she felt in her asshole. She didn’t know it wasn’t her asshole but sure did feel like it to her. Her ass, asshole, pussy, tits, clit and feet were on fire and all she wanted was for him to come. He reached over and calls the guys at the house. "Hey guys I’m almost done. By the time you get here I will be done with her and y’all can have her. When you come in I will be downstairs clean up the cages. I already feed them but while y’all having y’all fun I be working and ready to go when y’all are." he pauses "Ok cool. See you in 30." He hangs up the phone. "You didn’t think I would leave them out did you. So my little whore you’re not done with dick yet but to make it easy on you I will change you." He finally came deep in her pussy walls and this time his semen founded the egg that was released a bit early that day. The drug has done his work. It overrode the control just like the guys knew it would and now Ms. Susy is pregnant and no one will know it for another two weeks or so.

Now that he had cum and was happy with how much pain he put on her he let her legs down but kept her arms tied to the floor. He smacked her ass one more time and said that a good little whore. He got dressed and gave Duke the command to "come" boy we will get you some pussy. But if you want your bitch you will have to wait to see if she behaves tomorrow." he left her upstairs breathing heavy and hurting in pain. He left the clothes pins on and now she was upside down this her tits in pain. All she wanted to do was lay down at this point. She was tired and hungry. They had not feed her yet. The drug had started to wear off too. She was not craving dick as much as she was all today. In fact she was getting angry now. She started to pull on her ropes and if she could she would be yelling for help. With all the dogs barking downstairs no one could hear her anyway. As she was not hanging upside anymore she was still tied down. He had both arms tied to the floor and tied each leg to a different pulley to the floor. So her legs were in an upside down "V" shape. She was ready to do doggy style if anyone was behind her and she knew that Mark, John and Michael were on their way to fuck her some more. All she could do was cry and try to call for help. She was praying that the three months would go by quickly.

It was about 10pm by the time the other guys had gotten to the warehouse. She had been crying so bad that her voice was now squeaky. She was begging at this point for someone to please take the pin off and let some milk out of her breasts. Her breasts were now almost the sizes of small melons. With all the bruises they were black and blue. She could care less that her arms were tied and that she was hungry or that fact that she was going to get fucked again. She just wanted the pain in tits to stop. "Sob....... sob...... please could someone take these things off me and let my ...........milk leak out sob......" John came over grinning and slowly took the pin off her left breast but before he did. He made sure to message her breast to help with the stimulation. He wanted to see the milk squirt out. As soon as the pin was off she screamed as she could feel the blood rush back to the blackish bluish nipple. She was in such pain at this point that they could have done anything to her and she’s not feeling it. John was having a blast. Then he thought about it for a min. They had puppies in a pin downstairs that would love this milk. So without warning he quickly put the pin back on and laughed at her screaming again. She was begging for him to take it off. "Oh dear god please no more....sob....... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Take it off. I can’t take it anymore." Mark says, “What you doing man take it off give her a bit of relief before we fuck her." John says, “No wait I have an idea. She is bent over like a cow so let us milk her and feed it to the puppies. What do you think? We shouldn’t let all that good milk go to waste." Smiling the guys all smile and Michael says, “Good thinking man. You know what? We could also sell it. I will go buy a deep freezer. I’m sure she will have lots if we keep milking her every day. Oh I will also buy a milk machine so she can get milked even when were not home."

Susy couldn’t believe her ears. What she was hearing was that they were going to milk her like a cow and then sell it or feed puppies. Oh well she though I have it and I’m not going to be having a baby so let them have their fun. But my god I need them to do something about these pins soon. She is still crying and screaming but it would seem as though no one was listening to her.

John runs and gets the bucket and puts one under her left breast and slowly takes the pin off again but then he stops and snaps it back on quickly, prolonging her pain just a bit longer. "Hey Mark want her ass or her pussy while I do this? Mark says, “No man but Michael I think you should try her ass. It is tight and very inviting if you know what I mean." Smiling and giving him a wink. Michael says, “I think I will give it a try this time but think I need one of those clothes pins and mark since you not doing anything. I think you should help John milk the other tit. Make it very painful for her because I’m going to use this condom in her ass. I got it last night the guy at the porn store told me that it should be very painful for the ass but feels very good to her pussy. Or at least that is what he heard from his customers." Susy’s eyes got wide with fear. Why would they want to hurt her more than she was? With the drug wearing out of her system she would think more clearly now but she was in so much pain she didn’t care at this point to cuss them out.

John, Mark and Michael were in position. At the same time they took the pins off her breast Michael put his 10 inch painful condom covered dick up her asshole in one quick push. You would have thought every window in the warehouse would have shattered. Her scream was ear piercing and the guys loved it. So John and Mark were racing to see who could get the most out of their tit. The pulled, twisted, yanked and squeezed her breasts and nipples. The milk was gushing out. When Mark notices her breast started to drip he look over at John's and saw it pouring out. He knew he lost in less he thought of a way to make her breast make more. So he decided to put the clothes pin back on her nipple and message her breast but he didn’t just message her breast he started slapping, punching it and squeezing it. Susy was screaming and crying. Omg how much more pain could she take. With Michael fucking her in the ass with that painful condom and Mark punching her breast she could hardly caught her breath. As she screamed she started to cuss. "You motherfuckers. Y’all will pay as soon as I get out of here. Y’all will all go to jail." At hearing this, the guys looked at each other and Michael said, “Look here whore. You won’t be able to tell any fucking body. You made a verbal contract that is on tape. So if you don’t shut the fuck up and well try to enjoy this as much as we are then you can just have the pain." As he said that he took the clothes pin from Johns hand and snapped it around her clit. She screamed again. With that scream Michael sped up. He was loving her screams. It was music to his ears and to his dick. Each time she screamed her ass would tighten up on his dick. He loved it.

While Michael was fucking her ass and John was milking her tit and Mark punching her other tit. Susy was in hell. She knew they had her on videotape. She remembered what it looked like. It looked like she wanted it, asked for it and damn near begged for it. Who in the world would believe she was drugged, raped and tortured?

They milked Susy till they couldn’t milk her anymore. They had twisted, squeezed and pulled her breasts till they were back to double d's. At this point they looked like they would sag for the rest of her life and instead of the pretty flesh tone of her skin. They were now blue and black. As she looked down she was crying for a whole new reason. Her poor breast would never look the same again. She took great pride in her double D's. That is how she got to be head cheerleader. All she did was let the dean have a little fun with tit fucking her and she pretty much could get anything she wanted out of him but now they weren’t perky anymore. She didn’t think that anybody would want to touch, play or even suck on them. They sagged like 70ty year old woman breasts.

Meanwhile they decided to put some rubber band on her tits. Mark and John got those real thick rubber bands and put them at the base of her breasts and make sure they were tight. Then mark said, "We don’t want the milk leaking out so let’s put these on the nipples till we milk her next time, whenever that is." As he said that he looked up at her and smiled. He had planned on making her wait all night and all day while they were in school. He wanted to see how large they would get. He handed John some small black hair rubber bands. John asked, "How many should we put?" Mark looked at poor Susy and said, "Put two on for now and lets see if she leaks. She had quite a bit and we don’t want to lose any money or the puppies’ food." As they started Michael was pushing deeper in her asshole and shot his load in the condom. He pulled out and said, "No need in letting this go to waste. I’m going to make you dinner now. We can’t have you going hungry now." He walks off to the small kitchen they hand in the back and he started to cook her oatmeal. If she was a good girl (which she was not for cussing at them) she would have had steak and potatoes for dinner and he would have not put his cum into the oatmeal and the drug into her OJ. Unlike last time he used one and a half containers. He used two full containers and this time he asked the guys was it ok. Adam said yes but the other two were a bit scared. Adam had an idea knowing that she was not going to follow or remember any of the new rules. He wanted her craving dick so bad that she would take it from anybody and anything. He had even special ordered some very special dildos for this very thing. These were monster dildos. They would cause some rips and tears he was sure but he wanted her to do it herself.

Michael said, “I know you should be starving right about now so here is you dinner. Mmmmmmmm looks good doesn’t it? I would taste it but it has stuff in it that you need to keep up your strength."

Susy knows something is up but she was starving. She started to eat the oatmeal when she noticed the white stuff on top. She started to ask what it was and then she looked up and Adam said, “Don’t ask just eat it and I mean eat it all.” Susy looks at it and then took her first bite. It was bitter. So she took a big drink of OJ. They guys all laugh and asked if she would like some more OJ? She shook her head yes. What she didn’t know was that they were giving her another dose of the drug. So now she had three full containers of the drug. She finally finished all the oatmeal and drank all her OJ and then asked, “Master Adam, your Master’s whore would love another glass of OJ please.” Adam looks back and says, “No more OJ but you can have a glass of water.” Michael goes to the kitchen and adds another dose of drug in the large glass of water. Now Susy has a total of four doses. John and Mark were hoping Adam knew what he was doing. How would they explain this kind of over dose? Adam pats Susy on the head and says, “Good little whore. Now we won’t see you till tomorrow evening so have fun. Oh and don’t forget your new rules.” As he says the last word he is laughing and smiling and the others are shaking their head.

Susy is left alone again. She was so sore that she could hardly move. Every time she moved her breasts would swing or bounce and it was hell. They felt like they were on fire and she would touch them and they were hot. Just a piece of flesh, a piece of meat, there was nothing pretty about them. So she went and took a hot bath. As she sat in the hot water she started to drift off to sleep. She was dreaming about how great her life could be if Michael would only do the right thing and be a sweet loving guy. But no he had to be a shit hole. A pain in the ass and let his friends do this to her. She wanted to get a way but how? When? Then all of a sudden her dream changed. Now it was about Michael having a 10inch dick and sticking it up her pussy. She snapped out of it and jumped up spilling water all over the floor. She didn’t know what happen. They didn’t give her anymore of the drug so how could she be dreaming of this? How could her pussy be getting wet? She didn’t know it but she had been sleep for 2 hours. The water was cold and the bubbles were gone. The bathroom was not even warm anymore. Wow she never slept that long in the bathtub before. Then she noticed she wanted dick again. She got to thinking that she could use the bed post. No how about the pen or the pencil, or the rolling pin. She needed something or she would go out of her mind. She ran to the bed and stuck her head under the pillow and screamed. She wanted the thoughts to stop and the craving to stop. So she tried to sleep but couldn’t. Her fingers started to go to her breast. Then she got to thinking did he say I could? God know I don’t want any dogs to stay the night. How would she get through the night?

Adam was rolling over and over in his bed smiling. He knew that with that much drug in her system that she would fuck anything. He also knew that she would not be able to keep her hands off herself. Oh he wanted those dildos to come in the morning or before he went back to the warehouse. He was so excited, like a kid waiting on Christmas. Damn he though I forgot to give her, her homework. Should I go over there real quick or just give it to her tomorrow? He thought and then laughed. It would be funny watching her do her homework with Duke and Butch in the room with her. As he thought the last word he rolled over and went to sleep laughing into his pillow.

Nothing really happened in school all day. People started to wonder where Susy was. After all she was head cheerleader and she was MIA. Even the football team was asking if Michael had fucked her so bad that she couldn’t walk. Michael would laugh and say “If you only knew. She is a great fuck guys. Maybe I will get her to fuck and suck you guys off sometime soon. What y’all think about that?” The guys were like, “Yeah right, stop bullshitting man.” And laugh.