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I made One of My wife's Fantasy's Come True

2023-01-08 22:43:19

I made One of My wife's Fantasy's Come True

Part of it is actually true and is one of the things we have done in the past

My wife has had fantasy's about black men that started after we were married. This was do to several things that happened during the first several yrs and have continued for most of our married life. However most were only fantasy's, but on this particular night the things that happened to her would not be fantasy!

Some Years ago even before and after we were married I frequently use to take my girl parking out into the woods and bushes. She would be half naked wearing only a coat, tied and have a blindfold on. Many times I would take her to a secluded place in the Santa Ana river bottom near Riverside. This was in an area of sand brush and small trees, where motorcycles and sand buggies played during the day. The only time there would be much water in the river would be when it rained, and in Southern California where we lived at the time this did not happen often. She loved the excitement anticipation and uncertainty of what might or could happen but nothing ever did, until this particular evening! For her the delicious possibilities were always the biggest turn on, as the actual sex act was always frosting on the cake!

She would have no idea where she had been taken, as I would almost never remove the blindfold until we were on are way home. Many times earlier in the particular day I would go to place where I was going to take her that evening and pick the spot. I would even hide some of my ropes and toys in the bushes. So that everything would be set up and ready as I loved to preplan our kinky little outings! I would get her out of the car and lead her off, out into the woods usually by one of her nipples and at the same time take the rest of her clothes off leaving her totally naked. For her to be taken like this from the car to where ever has always been an incredible turn on. I would then tie her up to a tree or between several trees I even staked her out naked on the ground, by her wrists and ankles using rope and duct tape so that there was no way she could see or get loose. I would even ask her if she thought she could, she would try and then say no, for her to be totally naked, helplessly bound and unable to see, and have no idea where she was would arouse her almost to a dripping orgasm!

At this point I would usually play mind games with her and say as a threat, to really get her genital juices flowing.... Something like, hey baby several big black studs will be along shortly to really hard fuck the crap out of your little white pussy! She would usually say, I am so scared,.. quite sarcastically. Assuming that our little outings in the woods would end like all of those in the past with some hard fucking and enjoyable sex. I would then usually slip off quietly into the bushes and just leave her there, so that I could observe her from a distance. This situation would not last too long, and would normally occur after dark or on a moonlit night, I even did this to her several times in broad daylight!..

But this time it was going to be entirely different, for some time do to her fantasy's I had been searching for, and finally befriended a well endowed Dominant Black Male. He belonged to a group called "The White Slave Owners Club" and was a man that preferred kinky and abusive sex with willing or unwilling white women. I knew right away that he would be the one, his demeanor and the fact that his first love was to take advantage of submissive married white women, and was genuinely interested in seeing that my wife's fantasy came true!.. After I told him the details of her fantasy's and what I had done to her in the past, and what I wanted to do and see done. For him, the idea of this had become quite appealing, and was something he really wanted to be involved in. We had previously met on several occasions to discuss shall we say, his "qualifications", and what would happen that night. He had showed me a video of him with another naked helpless white woman, she was totally naked on her knees wearing only a slave collar and a leash. The woman was about my wife's age, and by coincidence looked a lot like her with dark hair and a nice set of hanging 36"DD tits. The size of his cock, and how she was made to suck it was an amazing thing,.. but to see it brutally penetrate this helpless naked woman's tight pussy as her soft pink well shaven pubes and folds were forcefully spread wide,.. and the incredible expression on her face that went from a tearful pleading look of stark terror, to pain and then to the most blissful look of pleasurable satisfaction, was when I knew that I had picked the perfect Black master!

When he finally realized I was serious about this,.. had accompanied me to the place were I wanted to do it, after discussing all of the details we then set the time and date. His name was Earl, he was and older gentleman about 50 but I did not want him to treat her gentlemanly. He was from the Los Angles area, and was the type of black man that many white women lusted after, as he fit the stereotype of my wife's fantasy perfectly. He was big and black, had an enormous cock and the fact that he knew how to use it, to pleasure and abuse women rather roughly, was of course exactly what my wife had been fantasizing about over the last several years!

Earl had been waiting in the bushes close by just as we had planned, was shirtless and ready, had been milking his cock in anticipation, we switched places as I led her up. Earl then enjoyed himself as he continued to lead her naked, wearing only heels some ways down the hard dirt trail by only the very end of her nipples, and then he rotated her around and around several times. This is something I had done to her many times in the past as to help set the scene and make her more apprehensive and confused as to where she was or what might happen she loved this kind of treatment! He gave her a really good smack on her bare bottom before leading her back. Again she thought it was me as I heard her yelp with a satisfied smile, things were coming together quite nicely and just as I had planned.

Then he tied her up tight just like I had done in the past with rope and duct tape in between two fairly close together small trees. My wife has always been quite docile, obediently sticking her hands up when he pulled on them and then spreading her legs as he pulled first on one ankle and then the other so he could rope and duct tape them apart. She just assumed it was me, he told me later his black cock became absolutely rock hard at the thought, as he tied her up! She had no Idea that she was innocently and almost eagerly helping this black stranger make her totally helpless as I watched! When I knew she was spread and securely bound I whispered in her ear the words that have always perked her perverse desire saying that several big black studs would be along shortly! However this time I simply walked back to my car started it up and drove off,.. making her think I was just going to leave her! This left her terrified, really freaked her out and with real trembling concern? Something I had never done before? I parked some distance away and quietly walked back to watch.

Earl as we planned waited for less than a minute before roughly twisting both of her nipples and then pulling them as hard as he possibly could, this shocked and surprised her with fear, she really squealed as his fingers pulled free and her boobs sprang back! Not knowing who?... had done it. He then lifted her blindfold looking her in the eyes taking hold of both of her breasts and pulling her up tight against his bare hairy chest hugging her, and forcefully kissed her right on the mouth sticking his tongue in deep!.. She was absolutely terrified, and the orgasm she had been trying to hold helplessly erupted! After which he pulled the blindfold back down, went around behind her and started paddling her bare bottom really hard with his bare hand, my wife told me later that her heart was almost pounding out of her chest as she was helplessly hanging by only her wrists.

She gasped when the paddling stopped meekly pleading for him not to hurt her! Now, knowing for sure that it was not me!.. and that this black stranger could do what ever he wanted! Although scared to death this helpless feeling was also an incredible turn on! He played with her sticking his enormous black cock down, in between her bound and wide open spread legs and lifting her. Then letting the hard head bang up and down against her wet hanging cunt lips several times giving her some idea as to its size! He then grabbed hold of her thighs below her waist pulling her back and up to where her toes were completely off the ground, and stuck this incredible piece of black meat forcefully into her wet pussy from behind!.. With her off the ground he grabbed her in a bear hug and harshly squeezed her soft bare breasts at the same time. Earl was biting on ear as he said her name Dianna, you are going to get the fucking of your life and I know exactly where you live and when you are home alone! She was even more terrified wondering how he knew her name and where she lived!... Then the biting went to the nape of her neck, as he held her and continued hard humping her from behind with her toes barely touching the ground even with her heels!

OMG this was really hurting her, as each hard thrust was up in a place where no other white dick had ever been!...But was exactly what her sinful and perverse racial fantasy had been all about, as this was what she really wanted! He finally squirted his cum up into her! But did not stop as he continued to hammer and enjoy her naked soft helplessness with her deeply impaled on his hard black cock! This brought her second helpless and uncontrolled orgasm that leving her limp and hanging from the ropes duct tape and impaled on his Big Black Dick! Earl had finally pulled out and before he slipped off into the woods had lifted her blindfold again and kissed her with the lust and passion from an incredible sexual experience that had just occurred, and at her helpless naked expense! He wanted to make "sure" she knew that this enjoyable sexual encounter was from a black man! He then made his way to his car, by the time I got to my wife, as we had previously planned I could hear his car start and drive off.

It took me over 5 minutes to get her untied and remove most of the duct tape leaving only some that kept her hands tight behind her back she never said a word, But I could still feel her heart pounding as she tried to catch her breath. Cum was dripping from her well used pussy!... as I led her back to our car. She was quiet and had not said one word as we drove home still naked wet and wearing her blindfold I had pulled over to the side of the road and forced her head down onto my hard cock! She easily and aggressively gorged herself on my manliness and in only minutes I could not help or hold off as I blew my pent up load from watching all that had happened, holding her head all of the way down onto my cock. She really gave me an incredible blow job making perverse sucking noises as as she tried to lovingly suck every bit of my cum from the end of my cock! This was her way of thanking me, and letting me know that what had happened was something she really enjoyed. She never asked who it was that knew her name where she lived and when she would be home alone that had made this most wonderful fantasy of hers come true!

A week later I had no trouble what so ever taking her parking to the very same place.....