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Jackie trys anal ( b )

2023-01-11 01:54:38

Last week turned out a lot better than I would have have expected with my girl friend, she had tricked me into going to a swingers club with her, and by the end of the night had been fucked by 4 guys, all dropping their cum in her pussy, more than once too.

But what really surprised me was her wanting to see me being fucked by another guy, and even with her fisting me as the night wore on.

I had set up a douche in her house, and showed her how to use it, and to try it during the week and get used to the feeling of cleaning her anus.

When I phoned her Thursday, she said it felt weird, but also nice, once she had used it a couple of times, I told her to make sure Friday night she was well clean as Sue was heading out again, and for her to come over.

6.30 pm friday, Sue was ready, her DD cup boobs hanging free as her dress clung to her body, kissing me as she walked out to meet her boyfriend for more fun, both saying to one another to have a good time.

7 pm Jackie arrived, looking shy, I laughed and said, "I hope your ready, I'm going to rip you a new one tonight". as my mouth closed in to kiss her hello.

I took my time, building her sexual excitement up, making sure she was well and trully horny before trying any thing new, I slipped my finger in her anus as I was fucking her, and she began to groan louder, that was a good sign, so I turned her over doggy, and slipped my cock back in her pussy, this time, the small thin didlo slipped slowly into her butt as I fucked her.

Jackie jumped as it went in, but soon pushed back, her orgasm's told me so far so good, as inch by inch I gave her more, her arse now took it all, with the end of the 8 inch dildo against my pubes, my cock sunk deep in her pussy, her orgasm now took hold as she pushed back and forced me to fuck her deeper.

The toys were all laying on the bed, so the next size vibe took the place of the dildo, soon it too was fuly home, and Jackie was going well, my cock wanted to fill her pussy with cum, so I slowed, holding of, and began to concentrate on giving her more anal stimulation.

I pulled my cock out, and grabbed the good 10 inch vibe, with a little bit of spit it began its journey in, she struggled to take the first bit, but once that went in, the rest followed easy, and soon her first anal only orgasm hit her, making her shake wildly and her breathing erratic, she was pushing back hard onto the vibe now too, showing me she was more than comfortable with just anal sex.

I knew she was hooked now, any one who has had a purely anal orgasm like that wants more, so I fucked her butt hard with the vibe, more and more orgasm's shook her, my cock ready to take over eased nearer to her inviting anus.

I pulled the vibe out, my cock now touching her brown eye, Jackie looked back at me and said "please fuck my arse" that was all I needed, my cock was the fist male flesh to enter this virgin hole.

I hadn't even got all the way in, and her orgasm hit home, squeezing my cock hard, nearly making me cum, then I pushed all the way in, my balls now slapping her butt, I set about making sure she enjoyed her first cock cum in her arse.

I fucked her steady at first, then as I reailised she was taking me ok, began to pound her harder, her orgasms now running wild, one after another, that was it, my balls just had to let loose, I gripped her waist, my cock plunged fully home, unloaded its first, of hopefully many, sperm seeds into her bowels.

Jackie pushed back hard, her orgasm took control of her body, knowing she was now taking my cum deep in her arse set her of bigger than any orgasm I have given her, it was so nice to feel her gripping my cock in her arse, as her orgasm subsided, my dream had come true, she was now my anal slut too.

I let her rest, then she took to my arse with the toys and fisting me, the night was a blast, I got her to fuck her own butt with the 12 inch vibe,as she sat slowly down onto it her orgasm again told me she was more than happy. When I saw her riding the 12 inch vibe and having orgasms I knew she was a anal convert now, so once more with cock in hand, I bent her over, my cock this time going right in first push as she jumped back forcing me in deeper still.

I use poppers to heighten my anal pleasure's, so I told Jackie to try it, she trusted me and took a sniff, after awhile she said her head felt light, and her anus felt relaxed, I told her that was what it was meant to do, relax the anal muscles, she took another good sniff and bent forward for me to use her once more.

Now it was time to push her limits once more, I eased the 12 inch vibe into her pussy, my cock wedged firmly in her arse, now she really went wild, shaking violently as a huge orgasm took control of her. as more went in, her body shook and she was bending further forward to take it, then the 12 inch was in, my balls slapping the vibe as I fucked her with both, her arse was so tight now I wanted to cum again, but not yet.

I eased my cock out, my other toys at hand, I grabbed a large dildo, and pushed that in her arse replacing my cock, Jackie would look back at me, more or less asking with her eye's what else I was going to push inside her body, now with both toys fully home, I gave her every thing I had, fucking her hard and fast with them, my cum in her arse kept the dildo moist.

Then I just had to do it, I replaced the dildo in her butt with the 18 inch one, then moved her around she was now bum high, I slipped the other end in my arse and double ended fucked her, she gave me a wicked smile as her orgasm and mine took over.

I also got her to fist me, her arm about 15 inch's up my butt now, as she worked hard to make me squirm and orgasm on he fist, but I wanted to drop a second load of cum up her butt tonight to make sure, so after we had played for some time, I got her to lay on her back, legs near the edge of the bed, then I pushed my cock back in her arse, the big vibe in her pussy and set about empting my balls again. I saw her take some more poppers and get ready for my cum.

Now she was looking straight into my eyes as my cock fucked her brown hole, the vibe fucking her pussy, she had that come fuck me eyes, as my cock worked it's magic, her orgasm now flowing freely as my balls began to strain, then I had no option, my jerking cock told her another load was on its way up her anus.

We both had one almighty orgasm, I nearly passed out watching her eyes, as she took every thing I could muster from my balls, ream after ream, slipped deep inisde her, then as the last of my seed entered her body I fell forward, as I did I pushed the big vibe deeper than before, causing her to orgasm once more, as the thing nearly dispeared inside her body.

We lay kissing and cuddling, she was soaked in sweat, and cum dripping from her butt, so I went down and licked her butt sucking out my juices, Jackie said never before had any one made her fell so much like a woman than she felt right now, I said you wait till we arrange a few more guys and you get 3 cocks in you at once and we all cum in you, then tell me again, her smile said it all.

The rest of the night we spent licking and playing, my balls empty, Jackie did fuck and fist me again, then Sue came home, and we all played for awhile longer, Jackie asking Sue how her night had gone, she told us it was fairly quite, John had 3 mates with him tonight, so Sue was used by
them, Jackie happy to tell Sue about her anal fun and taking the 12 inch vibe and my cock together.

Sue was licking Jackie's pussy, while my semi hard cock gave her butt a bit of a work out, the guys cum lubing my cock.

I saw Sue finger Jackie's butt, then Sue moved around, her fingers going in further still, and Jackie respondng to her, Jackie took another good sniff of the poppers, then because Sue's got smaller hands, her knuckles went in, she was now fisting Jackie's butt, my cock got harder stil watching this as Sue's butt sucked me in.

Jackie was going wild, these two girls were enjoying anal sex fully, I moved and told Jackie to fist Sue's butt in return, the girl's got stuck into one another, both fisting with new found energy, trying to make the other orgasm more, my cock didn't know what to do, I wanted to fuck some one but was loving the view before me.

Finaly they calmed down, and looked at me, both had that wicked look, I knew I was in trouble now, my cock rock hard stood out proud, as both fought to suck me off, but my kinky mind had other ideas, I told Jackie to lay on top of Sue, as my cock entered Sue's arse, I fucked her for a few minutes then went to Jackie's arse, doing the same to her, both butt's wet and open now took me easy, I was as happy as could be, now and then slipping into a pussy then arse and choosing one or the other on each.

It was only a matter of time, my balls now reloaded, this time Jackie was going to take her third anal cum load for the night, as I let fly, her orgasm told me she felt my hot cum hit home, then both girls swung around taking turns licking my cock dry, I nearly blew another load, but I was empty.

As we lay ready for sleep, we both told Jackie she was now ready for a group fuck, or gangbang, and how many did she want, considering Sue can take 15 guys on her own, between you we would need 20 or more.Jackie had a nervous smile, I said with us both there no one would hurt her or do any thing, she didn't want them to do,and looking at her said, which is now very little, I know a great place to hold a orgy and where we can arrange alot of guys all bi too,

We both told her next Saturday night she was going to be taken care of by as many bi guys as we could arrange, as I wanted to be fucked too, so all three of us, would share the cum.