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Magick of Sex Pt. 1 - Meet and Greet

2022-08-01 00:00:03

This is the story of a young man, and his perverse life as slave. This particular man’s name was Jason Teller. He was age 18, and had his share of kinks and perverse moments. He had dark brown hair, blue eyes, was quite thin and pale, yet was… how to say… gifted. Any girl who was lucky enough to have been with him, well, they were lucky. He had a length of 8.7” and a width of 1”.

There he was… Sitting, no, more or less laying on the hood of his friends Le Baron. He felt up for a challenge…but how to challenge himself? He could act completely idiotic, and grab his skateboard, “SKATE ELEMENT, BIATCH!” he shouted, imitating Rick James, for no apparent reason. He was wearing a black turtleneck, with a black tee-shirt that had a picture of his Idol, Robert “Bob” Marley, and his “Lucky Love” pants. This pair of pants was nothing more than a pair of his most comfortable jeans, which, he’d just HAPPEN to be wearing just shortly before scoring some of the best sex he has ever had. There was an old black lady accompanied by a younger Mexican man. The elderly one just shook her head, and the young man? He snickered and shouted over to him, “Hey! You, yea you! Can you do any other voices?” Jason hunched up to look at him, and nodded. “Look, joo cahn either FETCH me my CHOOS, or, I shall beat them from jour dead American body!” he said, pretending he was a homosexual Spaniard. The guy just laughed quietly, and walked off.

Okay… that was fun. BUT… he wanted MORE. Then… it hit him. THAT was what he’d do!

There, in the distance were two young ladies, 17, maybe 18. One had dark blonde hair, green eyes, and a body that, to him, was the Jackpot. Slight, slender figure, paled skin; but not freakishly so; about a large B, to small C cup breast size. She wore a tightly fitting shirt that said “Sex Pistols” and lightly tattered jeans, with a patch on the knee that had a skull. ‘Oh, YES! PUNK CHICKS!‘ he thought, as he examined her fine friend as well.

Midnight Black hair, done in the kind of hair-do you see the scary girl from the Ring, y’know, Raven strands almost to her hips, and covering her eyes, so that you only saw a slight reference of her blue eyes. Her skin was pale too, almost Gothic-like. She had the same frame as her friend, but a little bit bigger breasts than, yet hid them under layer upon layer of Goth Materials. It was an old ragged army jacket liner, a black turtleneck, and written upon the shirt was the word “Death” in whiteout-like paint. She wore baggy, yet at the same time, slim black Cargo pants.

He knew, he just KNEW what he had to do. So, he got up, left a note on the windshield of his buddies car, and walked casually over to them. He waved, “Hey! You two! I have a question!” he shouted. The girls looked and shrugged. What the Hel‘, this couldn’t be TOO bad, RIGHT? As he reached their car, he admired both of them for a second. “What ARE you looking at…?” the Gothic girl asked. “Two girls. Anyhow… I’d like to start off by introducing myself. I’m Jason. Jason Teller. And…” he gulped for air, and took in a breath. “Yes? Some of us have places to be, maybe even people to Fuck.” the Skater-chic looking one said. “Any way… And. I want to be your slave.”

Needless to say, the girls were shocked… Wait… Slave? What was this guy ON and where could they get some? Jason was looking a little scared… “Slave…? You’re joking right?” the Goth said. Jason shook his head back and forth. The girls were taken aback by this guy… they retreated into the car. “They’re leaving…” he said quietly…

Inside the car, the girls decided whether this guy was dangerous or not. “Well… I like the idea of bossing some guy around. But how can we know he’s good to trust, Vivi?” the girl with the dark hair said to the Goth. “Shit if I know. He looks harmless… Maybe even Submissive…? I’m up for it. How about you, Ally?” Vivi asked. Ally nodded.

“Let’s take him up.”

As the stepped out of the car… “Fine. You are now our Slave… You’re gonna love it.” Vivi said, with a cold yet seductive voice. He was ushered into their car and driven to the girls’ apartment. Inside, there were so many things he loved. Nine Inch Nails Albums, A Bass Guitar; Which was a Fender Siggy Series, Blood Red with Black trim; Movies… Hell even porn. He looked in awe at all the sweet shit they owned. “SLAVE!” Vivi barked. This caused him to jump a bit. “Yes… Uh.. Mistress…?” he stuttered. Vivi grinned. “Fuck, he doesn’t know our names…I’m Violet. People call me Vivi. YOU’RE only allowed to call me…Mistress V.” Jason nodded… Ally spoke up. “I’m Alison. People call me Ally. Since you’re not a person, only a slave… You may call me…Mistress A.” Again, Jason nodded.

A matter of seconds later, Vivi whispered something to Ally. “What should we…That sounds good……but……-ten…” then, as he was about to laze himself to a spaced out state, there came a sharp “SLAVE!” that woke him. “Henceforth… you are Kitten. We shall call you that, when we are pleased with you. However… If we are angry with you… We shall refer to you as Bitch, Whore, Dumbass… Anything bad.” Mistress A said, walking around him, in circles. “Now…” she touched his cheek with a finger and dragged it down to his chest. “Take those damn clothes off, Slave.” She said. Kitten was a bit hesitant… This earned him a slap in the face. “NOW!” Mistress V shouted. “Yes Mistresses!” he shouted, and literally tore his shirt off, next came his pants then his boxers. He’d seen enough BDSM tapes to know that if the whole of the slaves clothing was not removed on the first go, he’d be punished. He wanted that, some how. But not right now, he just wanted to make a good first impression.

There he stood, naked looking on to The Mistresses. “…” they were both silent. “Are the Mistresses happy with my body?” he asked. Vivi looked at the size of the shaft, staring, really. “Wow…” she said, almost breathing the word. He smiled proudly. Someone approved of his physical appearance.

They both snapped out of their respective trances. Ally spoke first. “Take our pants off, Kitten.” she said, and as quickly as she spoke her command, Kitten was at work. He sat them both down on their couch, Ally on the left, and Vivi next to her. He unbuttoned Vivi’s pant-button with his teeth, lowered her pants to her ankles, and finally off. He quickly noticed a tattoo just above her pubic hairline, of a black rose, with bloody thorns, then moved up to her belly button and gave it a little lick. He then moved to his left, and did the same to Ally. He then looked on for more instructions…

Vivi looked as though she were thinking. “Kitten, grab the DVD marked “The Magic of Sex” and switch it to scene 13. It is my favorite movie and my favorite part…“ she then smiled temptingly… “You may like what you see too.”

He nodded. “Yes, Ma’am.” he said. Vivi slapped him hard. “I AM NOT JUST A MA’AM! I am your MISTRESS!” she shouted. He whimpered quietly. “Yes, Mistress V…” he said, and quickly moved away to play the correct Scene on the DVD player.

Vivi looked at Ally and smiled. “Goddess damn! This is SO fun!” she said, cheerfully. Ally nodded quickly, bouncing in her seat slightly. “It is, isn’t it? Thank the Gods that our Kitten came to us.” Ally said, equally as cheery.

As he reached for the Smutfilm, he read the title. It read:

“Join these young girls, as they experience … The Magick of Sex: Brew, Sex and Magick”

Then it hit him. ‘They’re Pagan! I knew there was something different about them… now I know! This is GREAT!’ he thought, as he flipped through the scenes, stopping at Scene 13. Words came on the screen .. “The Great Rite!” There, a girl with long black hair was completely naked, and laying on the woodland earth, a Pentacle around her neck. In the background, could be heard a foreign language chanting something barely audible. It then switched cams, starting at her feet, and stopping to examine her pubic region. There was a tattoo of a black rose. It then showed her pert breasts, barely there, about the size of peaches. further it moved… to her face. A familiar one. … “Mistress?!” he said, surprised as hell.

“Yes, Kitten… that’s me. Keep watching for about a minute more…” she said, and giggled a little.

He turned back, viewing the scenes before him. He was hard as a stone, and in need of release… he reached for his phallus, about to touch himself when…

“NO kitten… you mustn’t do THAT…” Ally said, just to be a bit controlling.

He sighed… “Yes Mistress A…”.

He looked on as an oh-so-sexy ass came into view, standing above the camera, so that Vivi could be seen in between the new girl’s legs… she walked toward Vivi… On her back, was a Tattoo of a Pink Pentacle, outlined in black. In her hand, was a wooden broomstick with black bristles. She moved to Vivi’s legs, and opened them, exposing her ripe, barely used, maybe even NEVER used slit. Vivi’s puss was bald, and she had a tiny little clit poking out of the top of her slit. The new one began to stimulate Vivi’s clit with her hands, flicking her clitty and rubbing her cunt harshly. This caused Vivi to moan and groan with pleasure. “Mmm… aah… Oh my…” she whispered… the girl bent over her crotch, her hair covering her face, and pulled her clit, then bit it lightly. “Ohh! Do that again!” she cooed. And, she did.

By this time, Kitten was squirming around like crazy… “Ummm.. Ahh… Nnngg…” he whimpered.

“Kitten. Do you like not being able to relieve yourself? Hmm?” Vivi asked, eyeing his throbbing eight inches of Manpole. Kitten nodded, shivering from excitement… it was one of the quirks he’d picked up. He would shiver if ever he was sexually stimulated, but couldn’t touch himself.

This time, the camera showed the new girl’s face. “OH MY GODS!” Kitten exclaimed. He looked at the two vixens on the screen, and back to the two Mistresses, who were now completely nude. Vivi’s slit was shaven bald, and the tattoo was there… and Ally had her back turned, looking at him with her head turned back to her right shoulder. HER tattoo was there as well.

“You got it, buster… We’re porn stars, Jason.” Ally said sweetly, for the first time using his real name. “Although… I don’t get as much work as Allison…” Violet said, coldly. ‘although… that means more time with that HUGE cock!’ she thought to herself.

Ally bent over, supporting herself on the couch arm… “Eat me.” she said, quite simply. Kitten crawled over to Ally, and began lapping at her already quite wet slit. He tasted her juices. It resembled a syrupy candy he once ate, but strangly, it had a bit of the flavor of Marijuana. You know, how you can smell Marijuana through a persons bodily fluids? That’s what it was like. “Ooooh… Gods!” she crooned.

“Slave..? What about me…?” Vivi said, innocently. Kitten pulled out of Mistress A’s snatch. “Slave hasn’t forgotten you, Mistress V…” he said, and jammed a finger up her slit. This caused Vivi to squeal loudly in surprise. He enjoyed hearing the sound of a woman in the act of intercourse.. There was no sexier sound on earth to him.

As he licked Ally and fingerfucked Vivi, he heard them cooing and crying in pleasure, in stereo, as there was a video of them on the DVD. “Put that broom in my cunt! Please!” Vivi pleaded.

“What was that? I didn’t hear you…”
“Fuck me with your broom!”
“Fuck you with my broom… what?”
“Please! Please, please please fuck me with that broom! Slam it in and out!”

And then the sounds of wet slapping sounds filled the speakers as well as cries and moans of pleasure.

“Ohhhmmm…. Ohhhmmm…” Ally seemed to be chanting, rather erotically, a mantra…

“Lust-and-Fuck…Suck-and-Love!! Lick-and-stick-your-tongue-in-me…and-send-me-to-summerland-a-bove!!”

Vivi was probably too out of reality from Kitten’s ministrations… “Oooohhhh… UUuuuuUUUhhHmMMMmmmMm…Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!” she howled, as she came, covering Kitten’s hand in her girl-fluids.

Soon after, Ally climaxed as well, just as loud, as well.

He came as he heard those two girls screaming in ecstasy… “Ohh…Arrgghhaaa!!”. his fluids collected in a rather large pool on a plate that was on the ground.

Vivi, being the cum-lover she was, bent down and licked it all into her mouth, and swallowed, with a “Gullpp.”

Ally smiled, and covered herself in a nearby blanket, and went into the two girl’s room.

“Where do I sleep?” Kitten asked.

“With…us… of.. course.” Vivi said, really out of breath. So, with that, the two walked into The mistresses room, and joined Ally in the bed.

A/N: Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed. There will obviously be continuations. It might get a little more diverse in sexual practices… so be warned. Anyway, a review would be much appreciated.