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Mom doing anything for kids has a new meaning - 4

2022-09-22 00:26:55

When we arrived home, I immediately threw on some shorts and a tee shirt and took the family dog out for a walk. I told my husband to go to bed and wait for me and I would let him know what I decided for him when I returned. As we had discussed prior Brian was home waiting and when I grabbed the dog’s leash he came along.

As we walked I told him what happened with his father. He was surprised to hear that is father was ok with me having a lover and he wanted to somehow be involved. Brian explained to me he had read something about cuckolding. Where a wife goes around having sex with others and the husband enjoys hearing about it and even watching. He said his father must enjoy being a cuckold. Brian said let’s tell him it’s me and just throw him out of your bed. I liked the idea but knew we could not be sure how he would react to his own son being the alpha in the house. We walked and talked ending up in the community park. There were picnic tables that we sat at in the dark night. Brian looked at me with those fuck me eyes and we began to kiss.

One kiss led to another and another and without realizing where we were Brian had me bent over the picnic table fucking me from behind. I tried to hold the dog’s leash as he seem to be enjoying me getting fucked as much as Brian. He was fucking me like in those first day, before we started making love. He was rough and aggressive, ramming his steal cock deep into my pussy, pressing at the entrance of my cervix. Ii seems one of these days he will just bust through the entrance of my cervix, like he has my pussy. He banged and grunted and slammed me against the picnic table which squeaked and creaked. He usually cared what happened to me, how powerful my orgasm was, but this time he was just fucking me, using me as a slut. There is something exciting about being a used slut I thought. He was asking me again about how his father shot his cum all over the car with almost no stimulation, it seem to make him feel more powerful and he fucked me harder. He would say things like, he could never fuck you like this, or make you scream like I am. Which he was right about and after each scream I grunted true.

Although Brian was not focused on my cumming, I did quickly and wildly. I felt myself squirt all over his cock and balls and then felt my wetness running down my thick thighs. Soon after I heard him howl and felt his cum jetting out into my womb, filling me beyond capacity. He stopped ramming his great steal cock into me and I laid feeling his cock expanding and squirting. For some reason the warmth of his cum and mine running down my thick thighs made me think of his swimmers rushing into my womb, deep into my tubes where life may start. Before I could stop it the family dog was lapping the juice off my thighs. The sensation of his tongue and Brian’s steal cock made me float above myself. It was as if I was floating over the scene watching. It made me realize this was quite a site below me. Here in this community park, although dark it was not pitch black, a mom being fucked by her son while the family dog performed clean up duty.

It was that image that really excited me beyond reason. I was thinking about the true cuckold wanting to perform clean up duty, waiting obediently in bed. What would he think if I walked into the bedroom twenty minutes after leaving with a pussy full of cum. Would he enjoy the mess inside me right now? I am sure he would wonder how it could have just happened. Would he suspect it was Brian? I could say it was there from earlier except it was too wet and everywhere for that to be true. Maybe tonight was the night to try him out watching me get fucked. Let him see how I scream when Brian splits me open with his great steal cock. I was building to another orgasm just from the thought of my husband lapping away at my cummy pussy. Before I could catch myself I was screaming so loud it made the dog bark back at me as if he was telling me to shut up while he excitedly and wildly jumped around.

The barking brought me back to reality and I knew we had to stop or we would be caught for sure. I pulled up my shorts and Brian tucked away mommy’s toy and we headed back home. On the way we talked about the best way to have sex in front of his father. The idea included blindfolds and being daddy be tied to a chair. Could we really do it? I was anxious and even wanted to try it tonight? I guess seeing him at home would help me decide.

It was an easy decision. Bill was sitting in bed naked and hard, precum flowing. His cock was tiny, and he didn’t have much pubic hair, he looked more like a teen boy should than his teen boy did. He looked at me with pleading eyes. And I agreed. You want to watch me tonight? His head shook yes. I told him there are some rules. He said, “Anything.” And his cock twitched and cum press out the slit of his cock. It bubbled over his tiny head in a few thick gobs, I was so surprised he could come twice in one night. And to see him cum without any physical stimulation really told his cuckold story. I have to admit it excited me and I could feel my pussy clamp around the cum Brian squirted inside me earlier. The contractions of my pussy pressed out some more cum and forcing it down inside my shorts.

As he sat there in bed smiling, not at all embarrassed, he just bled jizz, all I could picture is him tied arms out unable to move. And so I went to get some of his ties from the closet and he let me tie his arms to a bed post, and he feet to the foot board. Once he was secure I took a tie and wrapped it around his head, covering his eyes. He sat up against the bed, secured arm and foot, his tiny cock now soft laying in a small puddle of cum on top of his balls. He hadn’t said a word, but he was grinning a grin he could not stop.

I picked up my phone and made a call. Knowing my husband could hear my side of the conversation. “Hello. I spoke to my husband and he wants you to have me, he wants you to fuck me, he even wants to watch. Can you come over now? Oh that is good to hear. I really need you. I am so wet and excited for your hard cock. Yes my husband is here. I want you to fuck me on the bed. I have him tied to it, legs spread, and blindfolded. I will be waiting for you naked, my big ass pointing at the door so you can just walk up and fuck me.”

As I hung up I could see Bill’s cock was excited all over again. The cum that gobbed out earlier sticking to the head. Brian had headed over to his friend Joey’s house after our park fuck and it was him I called. He sounded excited on the phone and said he would be right home. I went and opened the front door so that my husband could hear. I came back and stripped, running my boobs around his open legs. And I asked him, “Are you ready to hear me getting fucked? Are you ready to hear me scream from the cock of a man? Are you ready to hear me moan out in orgasm?” His tiny cock answered for him, standing up as if it had ears, trying to hear everything I was saying. This cuckold fantasy was a real turn on for him. I wish I learned about it earlier in our marriage who knows how many kids we would have now.

I climbed on the bed between his legs, up on all fours, big ass at the edge of the bed, sticking in the air. I was more excited than I can ever remember being in my life. I heard Brian walk in and close the door. I didn’t turn to look at him, I just waited, offering all of me, pressing back so he would know I was ready for him, my vulva wet and swollen like a dog in heat. Brian didn’t keep me waiting. He stepped right up and pressed his big steal cock full and deep into the pussy that had become his. He was the first tiny baby to come out of my pussy and he was the first to press back up into it as man. Sure I been fucked by others, but he was the first real man who made me melt, who made me scream, who made me beg for more. Brian could see his dad’s hard dick, he must have smiled when he saw how different it was from his. Later he would ask if dad was really his father because they are do different, he said his dad had a little boy cock, not one of a man. But in this moment he just began fucking me, making the bed bounce so his father would know he has become a cuckold for sure.

Then I heard a voice, “Oh my Marsha, how could you ever live with such a tiny dicklet all these years. I bet you are glad to have finally found a real man to fuck you. Are you glad you have a daddy who can make you scream, who can fuck you like a man should fuck his woman?”

I was shocked to hear talking, Brian’s voice would be recognized, but this wasn’t Brian’s voice. I turned and looked and there standing next to Brian was his friend Joey. They both were making the universal sign to keep quiet by pressing a finger to their lips. I don’t know why I wasn’t surprised he was there, this entire situation was something that would have never occurred to me. I am getting fucked by my son Brian, my husband is there turned on by it and here was Brian’s friend watching, well actually I noticed he was jerking off to the scene. I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed, it fact I felt another orgasm build and all began to scream out to my husband, “Oh Bill, his cock is making me cum. He is fucking me and I am cumming, you never did that, oh yes ….” And the yes just turn into a scream.

My husband’s cock twitched and one small gob of cum pressed through the slit and pushed out, sitting on top of it like a small scoop of ice cream. Did he just cum for the third time tonight? I almost wanted to bend my head down and taste it. But I liked how it look, I left it and stared and then realized he was still hard.

Brian’s fucking continued and I felt his big head expand and squirt, then his entire cock expanded and squirted again and again and again. He couldn’t keep silent in that moment, although he did a great job of being quiet until then. He grunted and moaned and began slapping my ass pressing me forward right into the mini ice cream cone cock. I took it into my mouth and sucked it clean making my husband scream in joy. I never swallowed his cum before, it tonight I didn’t mind. Brian seem to finish quickly, usually he keeps going fucking me into another orgasm but now I felt him pull away and out. Immediately I was disappointed. It was a double reminder my life of disappointment, a great steal cock leaves me wanting more and a tiny cock still in my mouth making me wish I discovered cock sooner in life.

Before I could pull off my hands and knees I felt Brian’s cock press into to me again, only it wasn’t his cock. It was smaller, not as tiny as my husband’s but not the great steal cock I have gotten use to over these past several weeks. I began to realize Brian was letting his friend Joey fuck me.

He was rapidly pumping in and out even before he was fully in. He began shouting, oh yes, fuckin A, that pussy is so good. And he fucked me fast and hard. He liked slapping my ass which I have become very fond of too. Soon I was beginning to react. I couldn’t get my balance as he fucked me, he kept pushing down onto my husband’s lap, my lips pressed up on his tiny cock. My husband’s stale cum from earlier pressed into my face. Joey was fucking me pretty good and I started to wonder could every one fuck better than my cuckold husband Bill. Joey didn’t seem to have much experience but what he lacked he was making up for in excitement and speed. I remember seeing a dog fuck one time and I was thinking if I could see Joey fucking me it would look much the same. He was pounding me so hard and fast I couldn’t believe he was able to stay inside me, or was he pulling all the way out but my pussy was open so wide form Brian he would just slide back in with each stroke.

Again I began to scream, only this time I was screaming into my husband’s tiny cock. I was not sure he even understood that two different men have been fucking his wife right on top of his lap. I am sure it would excite him even more to know. Joey began to shout, oh, yes Marsha, take daddy’s seed, grow daddy’s baby deep inside your mommy womb. Then a loud grunt and scream as Joey’s squirt splashed up inside me. His cum was hot, really hot. I could only imagine it was because he fucked so fast he boiled it before shooting it. That image made me grin. Joey ended his onslaught with a hard slap to my ass and I collapsed on the bed down on the bed and in my husband’s lap.

Joey said thanks Mr. Crenshaw for sharing you wife. She is one hot fuck. I can’t wait to see the baby we have been making together.

My husband squeaked out, “your welcome.” Then in a little stronger voice, "anytime."

The boys disappeared out the bedroom door and then out of the house.

I laid collapsed, still laying half on the bed and half over my husband’s lap. My legs were extended off the end of the bed and my pussy was running with boy cum. I felt Bill move, beginning to pull away from the ties around his hands. He pulled the blindfold off and began to pull the remaining ties off his feet. Once free he stepped up behind me, kneeling between my legs in the flow and began lapping at my sloppy wet pussy. I was thinking I need to discipline him for take that liberty without permission. I didn’t want his attention at that moment. But he was such a good puppy dog I had to let him have his fun. I fell asleep with him lapping away at all the cum inside my sloppy pussy.

It would take a while for me to process all that had happened in the last few hours. But, in this moment of falling off to dreamland with my husband performing cleanup as the family dog did earlier, all I could think about was a future my needy pussy was sure to enjoy.