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My cousin Jo and I, Part 5

2022-08-08 00:00:03

My cousin Jo and I, Part 5

We are driving home from theater. “ He’s a great host aunt Nita. We
get along so good. I love you all so much for letting me stay this sumer.”
“You know your welcome here anytime. We love having you.” Mom says

We get home it’s about supper time. While Jo and mom fix supper. I
decide to mow the yard. Before dad says I’m neglecting my chores. I
come in drenched in sweat. Anyone need the bathroom I’m going to
shower. They both say no.

I start to just get soaped up and jack off thinking of what happened at
the movie. I am so engorssed. I don’t hear the bathroom door open. I’m
startled by the shower door being opened.

I jump like I’m shot. There is Jo smiling. “What the fuck!” “ your mom
went for milk. I just had to get a better look at that huge cock of yours.
From the looks of things you were busy . Don’t let me stop you. I’d love to
watch. Fuck it’s huge.” I’m actually losing my erection. “Come on hurry.
Your mom will be back soon.” “Dam Jo I can’t with you watching.” “Too
bad I really wanted to watch. I have never seen a guy jerk off.” “Well it’s
not happeing now either.” She just smiles “Well I could do it for you.”
reaching for my dick.

“Fuck no if mom catches us.” She sighs, “Maybe another time.” “Maybe,
now get out of here. she leaves giggling. I finish up showering. No way
can I get it back up after that.”

I emerge from the bathroom passing through the kitchen. “Feel better?”
ask Jo “Oh hell yea.” We eat supper. Then I go to the front room. Flop
down on the couch in front of the fan. It must be 100 in the shade. The
fan 3’ away doesn’t help much.

Jo comes in saying “Get up and share the fan.” “I got here first, so it’s
mine.” “We will see about that.” Then grabs my feet pulling me off the
couch. Then she jumps on it, laughing at me. I grab her arm dragging her
off. She grabs my leg and I go down. She quickly climbs on top of me.
Sitting on my waist rubbing her crotch on my dick through my shorts. She
pins my arms over my head. This puts her tits right in my face.

Mom comes in “What are you two doing?””Just play wrestling.” Jo says
“ Fighting over who gets the couch and fan.” I say “Looks like shes
winning.” Mom says Just then I raise my hips and roll us over on to her
back. “I don’t think so,” I say laughing. “That was dirty pool. I was paying
attention to your mom and wasn’t ready.” Jo says. “Hey all fair.” I say.

Mom just shakes her head and heads back to the kitchen. Jo struggles
some then says, “OK you win.” Then she pulls me over getting back on
top. ‘Hey you said I won.” “You said alls fair.” I know how ticklish she is,
so I start tickling her sides. She starts squealing for me to stop. “Stop or
I’m going to pee my pants.” I continue even harder. Next thing I feel is a
warm wet sensation at my belly and crotch, I’m soaked with her pee. “I
tried to warn you what would happen.” We get up quickly luckly the
carpet is dry.

We both make for the stairs to our rooms. I hit the bathroom first,
washing off. I open the door with a towel around me. Jo is out side
waiting. In just her red bra and soaked at the crotch panties. “I suppose
that’s the last towel too.” I know it’s not but just grin at her. As I pass
she grabs the towel off me. I just walk away wiggling my ass at her. She
quickly rolls it up and snaps my ass cheek. “Ouch!” “That will teach you
to take a girl dignity.

I get dressed, then stop at the bathroom door Pounding “Wake up in
there it’s not for sleeping. Clean you butt and get out.” The door opens Jo
steps out a towel around her. “My butt is cleaner than your even when its
dirty.” “Haha very funny.” Then I grab the bottom of the towel and pull it

It’s my job to inspect that ass to make sure it all clean. Doing a
pirouette, “See clean as a whistle.” “I don’t know I need to inspect every
crack.” She spreads her legs. “Open for inspection sir.” I run my hand
over her tits then down her belly. I slide my hand between her legs.
Watching her face as I do. Running my fingers through her pubic hair.
Slowly over her pussy. I feel the lips part slightly. I slide one finger
between them, feeling the slickness of her vagina. Her eyes are closed
mouth slightly open. She gives a little gasp as my finger slips in. I pull
my finger out her eyes open. I bring my finger up to my nose then into my

“Mummm sweet nectar.” I turn her around,” Lean over.” She does as
told. “Now spread those cheeks for inspection.” She reaches back and
spreads those fine cheeks apart. I look at her puckered brown ring. Then
run my finger across it. Jo does a small gasp and moan. I slip my finger
into her pussy for some nectar. Rub it over her anus. With a bit more I slip
the tip of my finger in. “Oh!” She says, but no sign of telling me to quit.

I pull my finger out. She stands up and turns towards me. I put the
finger under my nose and sniff. Lick the tip, then put it in her mouth. She
sucks the end of my finger. I pull it out and her to me kissing her. sliding
my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues mingle as she sucks on mine. My
hand slide over her body. Left hand on her right breast. The other around
her and down her back to her ass. She finds my dick through my shorts
and squeezes it.

We break the kiss. I'm hard as a rock. She is worked up too. I also know
mom will be looking for us soon. I pull away. “What's wrong why did you
stop?” “I know mom will be wondering what up and come looking for us
soon.” “Oh OK.” disappointed as am I to say the least.

I go to the front room. Mom is watching soap operas. “Where have you
been?” “Upstairs showering.” Giving me a strange look. I tell her what
happened to Jo. She looks at me and laughs a little. “That’s terrible.” “Yea,
we both needed one after that. Jo comes in a few minutes later. “There’s
miss pissy pants now.” “I can’t help it.” I breakup laughing. Mom says
“Richard be nice.” Giggling under her breath. “Very funny. don’t worry
your going to pay for that one mister. Just you wait.” “Oooh I’m scared.”
Laughing again.

We manage to make it through the rest of the day . Tonight might be a
diffrent story.

Part 6 to follow