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My Journey as a Master

2022-08-02 00:00:03

I grew up on a large West Texas ranch the son of a real ranch hand (cowboy). I lost my virginity to my older by two years step cousin when I was fourteen years of age. That was my first experience with bondage. She and her family visited my family on the ranch. She and I ended up in the barn about two hundred yards from the main house where both our families were visiting. I had chores to do and she went with me too help.

I will not give her true name so I will call her cousin for this true tale. Cousin helped me feed the stock and I milked two cows while we talked. Cousin was a petite black haired, dark eyed beauty. I admit on most occasions that they visited us which was pretty often since her step dad (my mother's brother and my uncle) love to fish and we had thirty two dirt tanks (man made ponds) stocked with fish by the ranch owner. Weather permitting they visited at least once a month to spend a day fishing. I had fantasized about having my way with her on more than one occasion.

Out of no where and to my surprise she ask if I had ever had sex with a girl yet. After a few seconds and recovering from my shock of the question from this pretty little cousin I told her only in my head. She giggled and ask me if I would like to try it. Looking at her firm breast in the tight top and looking down to her beautiful camel toes in her very tight short denim shorts feeling the blush in my face I replied that I would love to try it.

She ask if we could go into the barn to the hay stack. I hung the bucket of milk on a nail in the milk stall and followed her into the barn. We walk to the hay stack, she turned, smiled at me and ask if I wanted to undress her or did I want her to do it. I moved to her and started releasing the buttons on her blouse. Her breathing started to get faster as I opened her blouse giving me my first look at a girls tits other than my sisters. I unconsciously placed my hands on her breast and squeezed lightly eliciting a moan from her and myself at the same time.

I felt my cock which at that time of my life was about seven inches when hard and it was very hard by now. I moved my hands slowly down her body to the zipper on the front of the tight short shorts. When I flip the zipper tongue unlocking it the zipper flew open to the bottom at top of her pussy. She had a thin bush of dark hair covering her pussy. When I saw her pussy lips I almost shot my wad in my pants. She gasp and smiled at me looking into my eyes with those beautiful dark eyes and smiled a sexy smile. At the same time she reached for the bulge in my pants. Her eyes widened with a surprised look and Cousin said "I did not expect you to be so big"

I tugged on her shorts pulling them down as she wiggled her hips to assist the removal . She had no panties and as I knelt to pull the shorts down her legs I could smell the aroma of her pussy arousal. My cock was throbbing and it made me worry that I was going to shoot my wad before I even got to sample my first feel of real pussy.

Cousin stepped out of the short shorts and spread her legs telling me to touch it. As I ran my finger between her pussy lips she pushed onto my finger and moaned when I touched her clit. She must of had her first orgasm as I played with her pussy and pushed a finger in her hole. She moaned and pushed her pussy onto my finger and froze and I felt the wet juices coating my hand as she trembled. I saw her knees go weak and she sat back on a bale of hay. I stood dumb founded watching her pretty naked body lying on the hay shaking and listened to her moans as she rubbed her pussy with her own hand.

When she recovered from her orgasm she sat on the edge of the bale of hay and ask if I was ready while reaching for the belt of my pants. I said nothing and let her strip me releasing my hard throbbing cock. She looked at my seven inch cock standing at attention right in front of her face. She looked up at me and said "Your cock is a lot bigger than my boyfriend's or that I every imagined it when I think about you fucking me." This surprised the hell out me and I ask if she really thought about me having sex with her. She smiled and turned red saying that she thought about it a lot more than she should have.

This pleased me very much and my cock bounced and it took all my power to keep from shooting my load in her face. I was happy she did not touch it for fear I could not hold back. Cousin ask me if I would do her a favor. Puzzled I told her I would if I could. She then ask me to tie her up and make her do anything I wanted and use her for my pleasure. I did not say anything but moved to the saddle rack to get a pigging string (a small four foot length rope used to tie a calf down). I was not sure how she wanted to be tied but I had read some erotic short stories involving men tying a woman's hands behind her back. I told her to stand and put her hands behind her which she did without hesitation.

I crossed her wrist and tied them snug enough that she could not get free. Remembering some of the sex stories. I became bolder and standing behind her started feeling her body with my hands from her neck over her shoulders down her to her tits. I squeezed them and lightly pinched her nipples. She moaned loudly pushing into my hands and told me to pinch harder. I did and she squealed and her legs started to give way. I gripped her tits harder to hold her up. She screamed and orgasmed from my action on her tits. She reached back grabbing my hard cock with her warm soft hands and I lost it shooting cum in several spurts on her ass cheeks.

Told her I was sorry and she gasp. Between moans and hard breathes she said that is was fine and that she liked it. I was both embarrassed and disappointed expecting my hard on to go soft. To my surprise it did not. I picked up a burlap feed sack and wiped her ass clean of the cum now running down the crack of her ass cheeks. Pitching the feed sack to the side I turned her and laid her back across a bale of hay with her butt and pussy on the edge. Cousin still breathing hard looked up at me and smiled. I ask if she was ready for some hard cock and she spread her legs giving full access to her sexual treasure. I laid on her body pressing my naked chest onto her firm wonderful tits.

Using my hand to guide my still hard cock I rubbed up and down with the head parting her cunt lips. She moaned and wiggled rubbing on my cock the she said "Please fuck me hard" . After a couple misses I found her wet opening and rammed my cock balls deep with one hard thrust. Her body stiffened and she screamed with what I found out later to be pain and pleasure. I rammed in and out of her tight pussy while her orgasm came one after another. It was not long before I could feel I was about to cum again and started to pull out of her. Cousin wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me back in telling me she was on the pill and to please cum in her pussy. I did and felt a hard body wracking orgasm hit her. She was breathing so hard and fast, eyes rolled back in her sockets I thought she was going to pass out. I shot two or three spurts of cum in her and lay on top of her until we both came down and my cock softened and slip from her pussy with cum leaking out of her.

I stood, rolled her over to untie her. She rolled away before I could untie her. She slid off the bale of hay onto her knees asking me if I wanted her to clean my cock as she opened her mouth wide sticking her tongue out. Shocked I just stood there as she moved to me on her knees taking my limp cock in her mouth licked and sucked my cock and balls. My cock started to get hard again. When it was at full attention she turned on her knees and laid her head and tits on the bale of hay with her pussy on full display leaking cum and spread her legs. I knelt down between her legs lining up to go back in that hot wet tight little pussy when we heard my dad coming down the trail from the house to the barn.

I quickly untied her and grabbed my shirt and pants getting dress as she did the same. She was sitting on the bale hay as I dipped a bucket of feed from a barrel for the milk cow as my dad stepped into the barn. He said that he was just checking to see if we were ok since it had taken so long for me to do the chores. I told him we got to talking and lost track of time as I walked out the barn to feed the cow and get the bucket of milk.

LOL.. my dad told me a few days later that he had caught cousin and I in the barn but had turned and walked down the trail before starting back to the barn humming that unknown tune he always hums.

That was my introduction to sex and bondage. It hooked me and I have done it since.

The next year my first year of high school I met a beautiful girl which was a year ahead of me in school we dated and became a couple. We got married my senior year (no it was not a shotgun wedding). We had sex and bondage sex for three years as we dated and she came to love the bondage play as much as me. We found that I had a strong dominant personality and at the same time she enjoyed being submissive. Shortly after we married she gave up all control to me and became my wife/ lover/ slave. We enjoyed this life style for over twenty years and two beautiful daughters. She got on some weight control medication and suffered some mental problems resulting in our divorce.

Five years later I met my second wife. We went out to dinner and a movie before going back to my apartment. We were both pretty horny by the time we got to my apartment. I decided to let her know what I am like. After we made out for a while and I got her naked I surprised her by suddenly spinning her facing away from me and cuffed her hands behind her back. She froze for a second then started to try struggle free. I held her close to me and told her not to be afraid as there is no danger just bondage and control that I liked. After a short time she relaxed and I resumed playing with her body kissing and fondling her. When she began to respond to my manipulations I laid her back on the couch knelt on the floor between her spread legs, kissed and licked her body from her lips to her pussy and ate her pussy to two orgasm before pushing my eight inch cock deep inside her wet hot pussy. I fucked her to three orgasm before dumping a large load of cum inside her.

After we lay quietly coming back to normal from the hot sex I slipped my cock out of her leaned her forward taking the cuffs off. I went to the kitchen to pour some tea for the both of us leaving her sitting on the couch to think about what I had just done to her. When I returned to the living room she had put her dress on and was sitting on the couch with a dazed look.

I sat beside her handing her a glass of iced tea. I said nothing for a bit then asked her if she was ok and did she hate me for what I did without asking her first. She finally turned to face me with a serious look on her face and told me that she was better than ok and she was not angry at me at all. She then told me that she had more wonderful orgasms in the last hour or two than she had the whole sixteen years she had been married to her ex-husband even though she had given birth to four kids she had never had an orgasm.

She continued to tell me that as for the handcuffs she had fantasies of being tied up and used for a man's sexual pleasure and that she had initially panicked when she realized I had cuffed her hands behind her rendering her helpless under my control. She also told me that once I had told her there was no danger she actually became aroused more knowing I could do anything I wanted and she could do nothing about it. She said she never new sex could be so wonderfully pleasurable.

We talked for hours that night. Her telling me about her lousy marriage to her high school sweet heart. I telling her about my high school sweetheart and wife for twenty plus years. I then told her the details of my first marriage. How I was in control of both our lives. How she became not only my wife and lover but my slave. How she submitted to me without question or hesitation for over twenty years. I told her about the bondage and discipline that my wife and I both enjoyed very much. I explained to her that my wife was not allowed to work outside of the home but was required to obey me, take care of me, take care of our daughters, keep our home spotless and meals on time.

She sat quietly as I told her about my previous marriage. I could tell she was taking in everything I told her with great interest. When I finished and she seemed to be thinking about everything I had told her I ask her if there was something she wanted to say. She smiled and shyly ask about the discipline part of my previous marriage and if there was a lot of pain involved.

I explained to her that my wife received fair discipline and yes there was some pain depending on what I felt like was deserved for her infractions. I explained that the discipline ranged from sex denial to being tied and flogged but I never left permanent marks or injured her. I also explained that most of the discipline was me tying my wife in an uncomfortable position and leaving her for a determined amount of time unable to touch her shelf, to speak, or see due to gag and blindfold.

She seemed very interested and it was getting very late so I decided how far I could go with her. I stood taking her glass and mine to the kitchen. As I walked away from her I told her to strip and get on my bed with legs spread and arms above her head and wait for me. Unsure of what she would do I went into the kitchen to clean the glasses to put them away. I heard her moving to the bed room. Giving her time to accomplish what I had told her to do and some time to lay on the bed to think about what she was doing of her own free will. I slowly walked into the bed room still naked myself.

She lay quietly on the bed, hands above her head, legs spread, pussy wet with drops of cum oozing out of her and a nervous look on her pretty face. I slowly moved to the side of the bed as she watched me intently. I stood still looking at her beautiful body from head to toe making her squirm nervously. I ask if she was ok with what ever I was about to do. She bit her bottom lip lightly and nodded her head indicating she was ready. I opened a drawer getting rope and tied her hands together to the head board and tied each ankle to the bottom corners of he bead. I was not done yet. I blindfolded her and put a ball gag in her mouth.

I then played with every inch of her body with my tongue, lips and fingers spending time on her nipples and pussy making her moan and squeal into the gag. I ate her pussy to a big orgasm and then fucked her to two more orgasms. After she settled down I released her ankles from the bed and tied them together. I removed the gag, turned her on her side back to me covered both of us as I snuggled close to her cupping her breast and pressing my cock against her ass crack. I held her snug to me, kissed her neck and shoulders telling her to sleep well.

I woke shortly after day light, eased out bed not waking her, went to the bathroom and returned to the bed where she slept with a grin on her lips. I untied her removed the blindfold and woke her. She rolled on her back, stretched and smiled at me. I said good morning Angel and she replied good morning in a sweet contented voice. I told her to shower, dress and come to breakfast. As he moved toward the bathroom smiling I made breakfast for the two of us.

As we enjoyed a breakfast of bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy with a cold glass of milk I ask her how her night was. She looked straight into my eyes put her fork down and leaned toward me and said " My night was so wonderful I do not have the words to describe it. " We both laughed. She told me she had never been tied up and had never had such hard wonderful orgasms in her whole life. She then told me that she discovered that she like to be tied, fucked and submissive.

I ask her if she would be willing to do it again and often. She told me she was mine to do with as I pleased any time I wanted her.

I hope you found my story interesting and feel free to comment. I did proof read and used spell check but I am sure there are some missed mistakes so please be kind with your criticism.