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My Life Behind Paul's Back Chapter 1

2022-09-13 00:44:17

My Life Behind Paul's Back Chapter 1

I went to the construction site, my boyfriend Paul and I had agreed to meet earlier to talk to me about something. "What did you want to talk to me about Paul?" I asked sitting beside him.

“I know we promised no sex before getting married, but I can't hold out, any longer. Can't we have sex, once, before we get married. Please Barbie, I promise it won't change the way I feel about you. I love you, so much." Paul pleaded.

"We only have, three months, until our wedding your dad has planned." I said, curious about sex. The least I could do was, pretend that I wasn't interested, wanting to be a virgin, bride. I wasn't positive Paul was testing me to find out I'd be a loyal wife.

"Please Barbie, I Love you and want to show my love." Paul pleaded.

I let him plead at least a half hour, before giving in. I was eighteen and Paul twenty one. We'd have to work out where and when we'd meet. Neither of us had much time or money. The last thing Paul wanted was borrowing from his dad. Our money was tied up in our new house in Detroit, where we'd move after our honeymoon. Our wedding and honeymoon was taken care of by Paul's dad. We'd agreed on the Friday before graduation, for our sexual rondeview.

Friday arrive at long last. Dad was waiting to eat supper when I got home from school. Alex and Bill a couple of mom's, muscular, tall, black volunteers in their early twenties had supper ready to be served. Dad and I talked about our day and he'd asked what my plans were, for the evening.

I told him, Paul and I were going to a church social across town. I asked him if he'd seen my brothers. He told me one of the volunteers had put my youngest brothers to bed earlier and some other of my older brothers had gone to basketball practice. Dad finished dinner before me and went to the den. I asked Alex and Bill to sit down before they cleaned the kitchen. They sat down across from me.

“What are your plans or does mom have more chores for you two?” I asked.

“No chores Miss Barbie, me, Bill and the other dozen, day, volunteers, are heading downstairs. I've been anxious all day, and positive, the others are as well, in need of our packed full, Bull Balls relieved, *OOPS! * I mean we need her help, releasing, our pent up, anxieties.” Alex answered.

“What do you mean, packed full, Bull Balls, relieved Alex?” I asked.

“Nothing, it's just something I heard. I don't know what it means, Miss. Barbie.” Alex answered. “Right Bill.”

“That's right Alex. We've got to hurry and clean the kitchen, ready to go downstairs with the other guys. Are you finished eating, Miss. Barbie?” Bill asked.

“Yes.” I answered heading up stairs to change for the evening.

Paul arrived shorty after I came downstairs and we headed to the park, parking his car in the near by parking lot. He tossed the blanket on the ground. I didn't know what to do and didn't think Paul did either. We ended up moving next to each other kissing. He moved his muscular arms around me embracing me, undoing the back of my dress, pulling the zipper down. I pulled my arms through the dress, the top falling to my nude waist. He unhooked my bra pulling it off. My large breasts fell free. Paul looked impressed with my breasts, starting to massage them. Neither of us spoke. He leaned down, licking one nipple, then the other one. I reached up unbuttoning his shirt. Paul took his shirt off and I massaged his muscular, hairless chest. He unzipped my dress pulling it up and over my head, tossing it beside us. We only had my panties and Paul's pants and undershorts, left on.

I unbuttoned and pulled the zipper down, tugged his pants down along with his boxers. I'd no idea what to expect, never seeming a man, wearing less than his, bathing suit. Paul, tugged my panties down at the same time. I looked at his penis and balls the same time he looked down at my hairy pussy. I'd no idea if he had ever been with another woman before.

I had only washed my pussy, nothing more. I thought it was a sin to touch ones private parts, so had never experienced an orgasm. My pussy felt damp, Paul's finger entering my puffy pussy lips. I was eager to push forward to feel his fingers pushing into me.

"Do you like my, big five inch, thick penis?" Paul asked.

"Yes." I expected his penis to be bigger around than a magic marker and longer than five inches, but what did I know. “Are you pushing it in my pussy?" I asked.

"Yes, that's what it's all about.” Paul said raising his voice. “I'm not going to be cumming in you. I don't want you pregnant before we're married."

“Okay." I answered, not knowing what else to say.

Paul laid beside me, beginning to kiss me. He licked my neck, each of my breasts, nipples, continuing to lick, reaching my stomach. I started feeling excited when he was licking my pussy lips and then pushing his tongue inside my pussy lips and nibbling on my hard clit. I felt myself shaking all over. I couldn't control my body as I felt myself squirting in Paul's mouth.

He moved his mouth from my pussy and licked up my body, kissing my lips, pressing our lips together. I looked down at the same time he looked up with a look of displeasure in his face. He moved up my body, whispering but sounding more like an order. “Spread your legs.

I spread my legs feeling his, hard penis pushing in my hot pussy causing a sharp pain. When he pulled out I looked down, seeing a stream of blood dripping out of my pussy and screamed. “I'm bleeding."

"You're fine, Nothing to worry about. You are now a woman." Paul said as if my pussy, bleeding was an everyday thing. “Keep your legs spread.”

"Okay." Believing he knew what was happening.

Paul pushed his penis whole penis into my pussy. This time it was if something awakened deep inside of me. I felt hot and feverish when he pulled his penis out and rammed it in and out of my wet pussy, again and again. I felt something deep inside ready to burst, but the pain stopped when he pulled his penis out, moving his hand up and down his penis.

“I'm cumming.” Paul yelled as a stream of white stuff emerged from his penis head, over my stomach. What ever happened must have been what he wanted, because he rolled off me.

“Is that it?” I asked looking at him, a big smile on his face, while he had left me wanting more.

"Yes, what did you expect?" He replied, putting his undershorts and pants on, reaching for his shirt.

I lay on the blanket nude, stunned waiting for this day and it was all over for Paul. My pussy felt like it was the verge of bursting. Paul's penis had stimulated something, deep inside me. I dug my fingers in my pussy, rubbing my clit with my other hand, lost in lust. I felt my back lift off the ground and hot liquid shot from my hot pussy. I looked at Paul, my vision blurred.

“Get dressed I got to get home. I promised dad I would be home early. Hurry up Barbie.” Paul said looking at me, a frown on his face.

I couldn't concentrate, my head was spinning. What ever I had experienced with my fingers in my pussy I needed again. I felt tears running down my face looking down my nude body, my pussy soaking wet. What was wrong with me? My pussy still felt like it would burst again, while Paul was content and ready to leave.

“Fine stay, I'm going, I'll call you, tomorrow. I want to go to bed early, I have a busy day tomorrow.” Paul said sounding angry.

I couldn't comprehend why Paul, was leaving me, only, concerned about tomorrow and going to bed early. That's when my stubbornness, kicked in yelling. “Go ahead Paul. Go then. I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe? Maybe not.”

“I'm sorry Barbie. I Love you Barbie, but I have to get home. You can't stay here by yourself get dressed I'll take you home.” Paul said, sounding sincere.

“Okay then.” I answered finding my clothes, getting dressed as quickly as possible. Paul put the blanket in the car, helped and then we were heading to my house. We kissed at the door before, I went inside. The house was quiet, walking in the empty living room, sitting down a sense of feeling lost, my body remained feeling hot especially my pussy. I felt like stripping and fingering my pussy.

I hadn't been home long before dad came in the living room. “How was the church social, Barbie?” He asked sitting in his favorite arm chair. “Your brothers, Daniel, Evan and Leroy have gone upstairs to bed. Have you seen your mother?”

“It was okay but left me confused about a few things.” I answered, not totally lying. I was confused, but it had nothing to do with a church social that I hadn't gone to. “I haven't seen mom since lunch, she's probably in the basement with a group of black hoodlums, helping them with controlling their anger and aggressive behaviors.

“I am proud the way your mother dedicates herself in releasing tension and anger helping the young, black, hoodlums. I've seen black young men, hoodlums, thugs full of anger, tensed up, full of lust walking past the den window, leaving hours later smiling, relieved of anger, tension and lust. I know I'd never achieve miraculous changes, like your mother can.” Dad said pride in his voice.

“You're right about that dad. Bill, Alex and the other dozen volunteers told me they were heading downstairs today. They told me they had been feeling tense, full of lust the past week and glad mom could fit them in today. Oh yes, mom told me Tony was dropping by and bringing a bunch of guys who learned about mom helping release tension and lust. I don't know about Tony but he sure must have a lot of tension and lust built up he is over two, sometimes three times a day. “I know how proud you are about mom's ability to comfort and release the young men of their tension and lust.”

“That I am Barbie, she's always full of energy.” Dad answered with a far away look in his eyes. “She'll be down stairs most of the night with her thugs and hoodlums and heading to the college gym first thing in the morning. She told me she has to calm the out of town basketball players of their tension and lust before they play the black, college basketball team.”

“I'm curious about something dad.” I said.

“What is it dear?” Dad asked.

“I know what tension is but I've heard mom and the guys mention lust a lot. What is lust dad?” I asked, really not knowing what lust meant.

“I actually don't know Barbie. I never heard anyone talking about lust before when I was in College, going through to be a priest. The first time I heard it was when your mother said it. I've never asked her, not wanting her to think I was stupid.” Dad answered. “Lust probably has to do with intense anger I suppose. It doesn't really matter as long as your mom helps the hoodlums and thugs. I only came in to see how your evening went. I should get back working on Sundays sermon.

“Okay dad. I'm going for a walk to clear my head before I turn in.” I'll see you later dad, I'm taking a walk to clear my head.” I said walking down the hall to the front door. I headed for the park, taking the short cut. I reached the park heading to the secluded part of the park, Paul and I had been in earlier.

“No one will be around this time of the night.” I whispered undoing my dress, taking it off, trying to cool off some. My bra felt tight enclosing my large breasts so I unfastened it taking it off. I was only wearing my panties so I took them off as well. I laid back spreading my legs, without thinking I found myself pushing my fingers into my hot pussy.

I was lost, fingering my pussy, when some shouting brought me to reality. “Fuck Tony look what I found.”

I looked up and saw a tall blond young man, nineteen or twenty followed by five other guys. I should have grabbed my discarded dress, covering my nudity, instead, I spreaded my legs and stretched my arms revealing my large breasts and hard nipples. “Hi guys!” I shouted.

I took a good look at the six young men wearing jean shorts, sandals and white T-shirts running toward me. I was impressed by their tanned muscular bodies the closer they got to me. The hot blond, who had yelled was the first to reach me followed by a guy with dark hair, the other three had sandy hair. The blond looked Swedish, the dark haired guy Italian and the rest average Canadians. None of them were top heavy with muscular chests, stomachs or biceps but still they were evenly toned.

“Fuck Todd look at the slut.” One of the Sandy haired men yelled approaching me tugging his T-shirt off revealing his tanned muscular stomach and chest, tossing it on the ground.

“Do you want some of this.” He yelled, grabbing his crotch. “I want some of what you're advertising, bitch.” Unbuttoning his jeans, pulling the zipper down pushing his jeans along with his boxers down his muscular legs, sitting down and pulling them off. I was impressed looking directly at his thick hard seven or seven and a half inch cock not to
mention low hanging balls, making Paul's five thin inch penis tiny in comparison.

“She's waiting for us to fuck her Kevin.” The other sandy haired six foot tall, nude muscular guy yelled, his cock duplicating Kevin's seven or seven and half inches thick cock.

“That's right Sid.” Todd at least six-two staring at me his approximately eight inch rock hard cock pressing against his wash-board stomach and his balls hanging very low between his muscular legs. “What do you think Matt?”

“She's hot alright.” Matt, the third sandy haired, six foot tall guy said smiling his duplicate cock and balls of his friend Kevin, pressed against his muscular stomach. “Looks like you're hot for her, Sven!”

“I agree.” Sven the blond Swedish, tanned six foot hunk said, his approximately eight inch cock pressed against his wash board stomach. “What about you Tony?” He asked.

“Hold on guys.” I turned looking at the six-two muscular Italian. His cock was the most impressive. It had to be at least nine thick inches pressed against his wash board stomach. “Let's decide who fucks, the slut, first.” Tony said.

I was caught speechless, surrounded by the hot muscular, nude young men. I realized my fingers were clawing at my drenched pussy and hard clit.

“I have a pen and paper in my jeans, we should write our names on pieces of paper, put them in Sid's cap, draw them out who's first etc., taking turns fucking her. What do you think guys?” Kevin suggested.

None of the guys talked directly to me, just about me.

“Sounds like a plan Kevin.” Sid picking up his ball cap all the guys writing their names on separate pieces of papers put them in Sid's hat ready to start drawing names out.

Kevin ended up the first to get to fuck me, followed by Matt, Todd, Sid, Sven and last Tony. “That reminds me. What's your name slut, or is bitch?” Matt asked.

“Barbie. Come and get me Kevin.” I answered spreading my legs, licking my lips and wiggling my finger looking at Kevin.

“Do you suck cock slut?” Kevin asked approaching me.

“I never tried, but I try anything once.” I answered getting on my knees facing Kevin. “Should I start with your balls first Kevin?” I asked, pressing my lips against his balls.

“Go ahead.” Kevin answered, looking down at me.

I stuck my tongue out licking his ball sack. They tasted salty something I hadn't tasted before. I continued licking and sucking his balls until they were sopping wet. I couldn't resist, taking one of his balls, in my mouth. Kevin moaned above me. “Fuck, yes, you're a fast learner.”

Kevin's complement encouraged to swish his big ball around my mouth spitting it out and doing the same with his other ball. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm those are tasty.” I moaned realizing my fingers were jammed in my hot pussy.

“Work my throbbing cock, now.” Kevin groaned.

I looked into Kevin's hazel eyes before starting at the base of his hard cock licking up the underside of his cock reaching his large, bullet shaped cock head. I opened my mouth wide enveloping Kevin's cock head.

“Wait.” Kevin said smiling. “Wrap your lips around your teeth, I don't want you scrapeing my cock.”

I wrapped my lips around my teeth, opening my mouth the same time. Lowering my head taking Kevin's large cock head in my mouth. Kevin grabbed each side of my head, only his cock head was in my mouth. He pulled my head forward causing me to swallow his cock in my mouth until I felt his cock head pressing at the beginning of my throat. I started coughing and gagging not being able to breath.

Kevin let go of my head and I pulled away from his cock. He grabbed my head just before his cock head fell out my mouth. “Take a deep breath through your nose next time Barbie.” I looked into his brown eyes taking a deep breath through my nose and letting it out. “That's the way Barb.” Once more gripping my head shoving his cock in my mouth until it pressed against the beginning of my throat. I was on the verge of gagging when I felt something pop down in my throat. “You did it Barbie!” Kevin yelled.

“Way to go, cock sucker.” I heard the guys shouting around me.

I felt Kevin pulling his cock out of my mouth until only his cock head remained in my mouth. I remembered to take a deep breath in and out of my nose before Kevin rammed his cock in my mouth entering my throat.

“Look at her neck, guys.” Some one shouted. “It's ballooning out taking the shape of Kevin's cock head and cock. I've never seen that before. Your lucky Kevin, I've never had a girl swallow my cock before.”

“Neither have I.” Kevin moaned pulling his cock out of my throat and slamming it in my mouth and into my throat, over and over his crotch hair growing closer each time. “Barrie's the first.”

Kevin slammed his cock deep down my throat his crotch hair tickling my nose and ball sack slapping my chin. He kept pumping his cock in and out of my throat faster and harder. I was amazed when his big balls pushed up against the base of his cock. “I'm cumming bitch, take my load.” Kevin yelled, his cock buried in my throat.

“Look at the way Barbies neck is vibrating. That must be Kevin's load pumping through his cock.” Todd yelled.

I could feel Kevin's cock vibrating in my throat emptying his load into my throat. “Fuck, yes.” Kevin moaned, dragging his cock out of my mouth until only his cock head remained in my mouth, overflowing it with his load. He tugged his cock out of my mouth spurting at least six more huge loads covering my face with his cum. “That was the best.” Stepping to one side huffing and puffing.

“Shit look at the way she's cramming her fingers in her sopping wet pussy.” Tony yelled the same time I felt my body begin shaking all over my pussy spurting at the same time. “Wow, she's having a hot orgasm.”

“I have to fuck her throat. You made it look hot Kevin, man her neck looked hot, ballooned out like that.” Matt approached me with his cock pressed against his muscular stomach, his ball sack bouncing while walking in front of me and pressing his mushroom shaped cock head between my parted lips. I opened my mouth wide wrapping my lips around my teeth. Matt shoved his cock in my mouth allowing me to take a quick breath. “Swallow my cock slut.” I gather Matt was too horny to allow me to lick and savor his cum filled balls. Rather he just pushed his thick cock in my mouth entering my throat, not stopping until his low hanging balls, slapped my bottom lip.

“Go for it Matt.” Sid yelled. “Fuck her mouth and throat. The bitch is ramming her fingers in her pussy again. Give her what she wants, Matt.”

“What the fuck do you think I'm doing. She's a natural. I could fuck her mouth and throat for hours.” Matt groaned pulling his cock out of my mouth until only his cock head remained in my mouth. He gripped my head, only giving me time to take a quick breath, before slamming his cock in my mouth and down my throat. Matt rammed his entire cock down my throat his cum filled balls smacking my bottom lip. The faster and harder he fucked my mouth and throat, the more his big balls raised inside his sack, until they were pressed, snugly, against the base of his cock.

“I don't think I'll ever tire of seeing her neck balloon by cock thrusting down her throat.” Todd said, sounding astonished what he was looking at.

I was ready when Matt rammed his cock, down my throat, one more time, yelling. “I'm cumming.” I felt his cock thicken and vibrating in my throat filling my throat with his hot cum. I could feel my body shaking out of control as I felt myself, orgasm, the same time. I hadn't even realized I was still ramming my fingers in my pussy. Matt pulled, his
throbbing cock out of my throat, his cock head remaining inside, filling my mouth with his, thick, salty, delicious load.

“I know your shooting your load Matt, her neck has ballooned out and is vibrating.” Tony said. “Not to mention she is ramming her fingers in her juicy cunt.”

“Get out of the way Matt. It's my turn.” Todd walked in front of me, his cock pressed against his muscular stomach. “Lick my balls bitch.” He ordered.

I stuck my tongue out and licking his hairy ball sack over and over until both ball areas were soaked with saliva, before taking one in my mouth followed by the other, until it was nice and juicy, spitting it out. I began licking the base of his cock working my tongue to his cock head. “Oh baby yes.” Todd moaned gripping my head between his hands worked his cock in my mouth and down my throat. “Someone watch her throat for me when it balloons out. You like it rough don't you bitch!” It wasn't a question but a statement. He was right I did like it rough.

“It's ballooning out Todd and looking great. Keep fucking her throat, man.” Matt yelled sounding excited.

Todd pulled his cock out of my throat, making sure to keep his cock head in my mouth. I managed quick breath, before he rammed it in my mouth and throat. Todd was soon pounding his cock out and in my mouth and throat, faster and harder each time.

“Man it's hot watching Barbies throat balloon out when you pound her throat Todd. She never lets up ramming her fingers in her pussy either.” Tony yelled. “Fuck you must be getting close, buddy, your big balls are pressing against the bottom of your cock.”

“Fuck, yes.” Todd groaned, his cock beginning to thicken and vibrate in my throat beginning to pull it out of my throat until only his cock head remained in my mouth, shooting a huge load filling my mouth. He tugged his cock head out of my mouth spurting loads of cum over my face.

“Fuck we should wipe her face, it's plastered with cum. I bet she can't see, hear or breathe. “Sven, yelled. “Do any of you guys have a rag or something?”

“I do.” I could barely hear Sid yell and couldn't see him my eyes full of cum. Sven was right I was even having trouble breathing. I felt something wiping my face and was able to see, hear and breath much easier.

“Thanks Sven for noticing I couldn't see, hear or breathe and thanks Sid for wiping my face.” I said after clearing my throat.

“That's the way Matt shoot your hot cum.” Todd said. “Man this is hot the way her neck expands and vibrates when your shooting your load down her throat. She's really hot for it. Man she's still working her fingers in her pussy.

“Thanks for cleaning her up for me guys.” Sid said standing in front of me, holding his cock, pressing it against my lips. I opened my mouth wide taking his cock head in my mouth. I gathered he could care less about me licking his balls.

“Believe me, I really need this.” Grabbing my hair and wrapping it around his large fist. “Work that cock slut.”

I was lost in lust digging my fingers in my soaking wet pussy feeling yet another orgasm ready to fill my body. My mouth was full of Sid's large cock head or I would have shouted. “Fuck my mouth and throat stud. I need you to ram that big cock down my throat.”

“She sure works her sopping wet pussy, you haven't started fucking her throat yet.” Kevin yelled. “Go for it Sid. She needs it.”

Sid continued ramming his thick cock faster and faster with his big balls rising faster. The balls were soon pressed high against the base of his cock. Within only minutes of shoving his cock in my mouth he was yelling. “Damn, I'm cumming.”

“That sure were fast Sid, you must have been worked up. Your cock is puffing her neck out and it's really vibrating like mad. You must be unloading a gallon of cum.” Tony said.

Sid pulled his cock out of my throat spewing a big load filling my mouth before spurting load after load plastering my clean face with his load. “Wow that was great!” He let go of my hair, twisted in his fist before stepping to one side. “Your turn Sven.”

I felt my face being wiped so I could breath, see and hear Sid standing in front of me, a cloth covered with cum in his hand. He tossed it on the ground looking at me. “Lick my balls bitch.” He ordered. “I see your still hammering away at your over flowing pussy, by the looks your ready for another orgasm.”

Sven was right as I felt my body shaking again driving my fingers in my pussy, the same time sticking my tongue out and licking his low hanging balls. I found every guy's balls tasted different, all of them delicious. I soon had his ball sack soaking wet taking first ball in my mouth before the other. I dropped his ball out my mouth beginning to lick the underside of his thick cock pressed to his wash board stomach. I worked up to his large, mushroom cock pulling his cock away from his stomach and wrapping my mouth. I felt Sven's hands gripping each side of my head as I looked into his bright blue eyes his blond hair pressed against, his sweaty, forehead.

I took a big long breath letting it out waiting for him to ram his beautiful, cock in my mouth and down my throat. It didn't take Sven long to realize what I wanted, rammed his entire cock down my throat.

“Her neck is ballooning again with your cock Sven.” Todd excitedly, yelled. “I can't wait until you shoot your load.”

“Neither can the slut the way her pussy is spurting.” Sid yelled.

I dug my fingers further inside my hot pussy pressing them against my hard clit the same time feeling my body racked by another orgasm. It wasn't long before Sven pounded his cock in and out of my mouth and throat. He thrashed his cock faster and harder his big balls rising fast pressing beneath his thick cock base. He shoved his cock deep inside me once yelling at the top of his voice. “I'm cumming bitch.”

“Your dumping a big load. Wow, her neck's expanding and vibrating.” Todd shouted.

Sid pulled his cock out with only his large cock head remaining in my mouth and filled my mouth with his delicious thick cum. He yanked his cock out of my mouth with load after load spurting joining the cum covering my face. I couldn't even see any more my eyes filled with hot cum. I felt someone wiping my cum covered face so I could see.

“Fuck at long last.” Tony yelled stepping in front of me presenting me with his huge balls. His ball sack weighed down by his, huge balls were, by far, the largest I'd seen. I looked up into Tony's deep, brown eyes and smiling masculine face sticking my tongue out. I was soon smothering his low hanging balls with my tongue bathing them with
my saliva. They were dripping wet when I opened my mouth wide managing barely, taking one of his massive balls in my mouth. I tried swishing it around my mouth but it was too, huge. I let it out taking his other massive ball in my mouth. I kept my eyes focused onto Tony's face while licking his huge nine or nine and a half inch thick cock, I couldn't believe how long and thick it was. It made Paul's cock look like a clit in comparison. The base of his cock had to as big around as a pop can. I finally licked up his, massive, mushroom shaped, purple colored cock head. It was fine with me that his cock was thick and long. I opened my mouth wider than I had my entire life, managing to wrap my lips around my teeth.

Tony's huge cock head filled my entire mouth and I was barely able to take a breath through my nose. I wondered if I'd manage to swallow his huge cock head, but I was definitely willing to try. My pussy itched more than ever and I crammed my fingers inside making sure they pressed against my clit. Tony had taken a good grip gripping each side of my head.

“You can do it slut. I know you can and you know you can.” Tony's huge cock head pushing further in my mouth pressing against the beginning of my throat. I pushed forward the same time Tony pushed his hips helping him push his cock head in my throat. His cock head entered my tight throat almost causing me to gag, however I managed to control my re-flex muscles.

No one spoke and all I could hear was Tony's and my breathing. I didn't look around but I had a good idea every eye was focused on my neck.

I kept my eyes focused on Tony's determined face and eyes. It was like he was communicating with me with his dark, brown eyes. I felt tears springing from my eyes, inch by inch his cock slid down my throat until at long last his black crotch hair brushed my nose. Tony's huge balls smacked my bottom lip as well as my chin they hung so low, weighed down by the largest balls out of all his friends. I was glad Tony was last so I could enjoy his thick nine or nine and a half inch thick cock last but not least. His body was even more muscular than the rest of the guys, even though it looked like they all worked out four or five days a week. My eyes focused into Tony's strong angry and tense face removing my hands from my pussy, wrapping them around his muscular thighs. For some reason, I was reminded of the, muscular black, angry and aggressive hoodlums, mom releasing their tension and lust. It was a fleeting thought while I was concentrating on swallowing Tony's massive cock head.

“Shit look at her throat. Her neck ballooned when we fucked her throat but not close to the it's ballooning with your cock, Tony.” Todd yelled.

“Damn look how his huge cock head ballooning the bottom of her neck. Shit I never knew it would be that huge. I've never seen Tony's cock hard before.” Kevin whispered sounding like he couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. “It's massive.”

“It's turning Barb on, look at her cunt spurting and she's not even fingering herself. She is only gripping Tony's muscular thighs. Wow this is hot!” Sid shouted

I felt Tony slowly pulling his cock through my throat until just his cock head remained in my mouth. “Fuck I'm going to enjoy this.” Tony didn't move his cock filling my mouth a few seconds slowly pushing it in my mouth and down my throat. “This is a first for me. The couple of girls and women that attempted to suck my cock, I didn't even get my cock head in their mouths before pushing me away and here Barbie just swallows my entire cock.”

“She sure is hot, Tony, a real keeper.” Todd shouted.

“Good, I'm glad.” Tony's cock was deep down my throat with his massive balls not only pressed against my bottom lip but also my chin. I wondered what my neck looked like with his huge cock buried down my throat. I wished someone had a camera to take a picture so I could see for myself.

“That's the way pull your, horse meat, out of her throat Tony.” Matt whispered.

I felt Tony's huge cock slowly pulling out of my throat until only his cock head was filling my mouth.

No sooner than Tony's massive cock head filled my mouth, allowing me to finally take a quick breath, Tony pushed his cock, faster and harder down my throat until his balls rested on my bottom lip and chin. He waited a couple of moments before pulling his cock faster out until only his cock head remained in my mouth. I could feel my small hands gripping his muscular thighs, as if somehow it would help me orgasm. I knew any
second I was ready for yet another orgasm.

“Too bad we didn't have a movie camera filming Barb's neck ballooning taking on the shape of your cock head. I bet we'd make a mint.” Sven said. “Shit that's one mighty big, mushroom shaped cock head, Tony.”

“Fuck her throat's hot and tight.” Tony groaned beginning to ram his cock down my throat and pulling it out again.

“Pound your fucking cock down her throat Tony, man this couldn't get any hotter.” Todd shouted. “You've got the slut on fire by fucking her Tony. You and Barbie probably haven't noticed but we're all jacking off watching the great show you're providing us with.”

“Fuck I'm close.” Sid yelled.

“Me too, Sid.” Matt yelled.

I could hear Todd, Sven and Kevin moaning at the same time. “Fuck, close.”

“Shit, I'm getting close. I hate to shoot my load, so soon.” Tony moaned feeling his cock pull out of my throat with only his cock head remaining in my mouth. I could feel his huge balls rising quickly until they were pressing tightly below the base of his thick cock. They felt like they weighed a ton. His balls must be packed full of cum. “I'm glad I saved my load up for the past week. I can see why now.”

“He's ready to dump his load. I can tell the way his balls are pressed against the base of his cock.” Sven said. “Man I only shot my load a little while ago but my balls are ready to pump out another load any second.”

“I'm ready.” Tony shouted feeling him gripping my head between his large hands and ramming his cock down my throat until his huge inflated balls smacked my bottom lip. I could feel his cock in my throat inflating and vibrating. It felt like his cock was twice the size before fucking my throat, especially his giant cock head. His cock even felt longer.

“He's shooting a big load, look at his cock inflating in her neck pumping his load down her throat. Shit, her neck has really ballooned and vibrating shooting his big load.” Sven yelled.

“Fuck it looks like his cock had doubled in size not to mention at least three or four inches longer.” Todd cheered. “Shoot that load Tony.”

“He must be dumping a months worth. Look at her stomach pushing out filling with his massive load.” Kevin yelled.

I felt Tony finally pull his cock out of my throat with his cock head spewing another, thick load, filling my mouth to over flowing. I felt cum, gushing out my nose and each side of my mouth. He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth. Ii was trying my best to gulp down his salty delicious load, trying my best to keep his load in my mouth but I couldn't. I felt his cock pop out of my mouth causing a river of cum to spurt out of my mouth. He must have shot his entire load down my throat filling my stomach and mouth with his, rich, thick, cum. I looked up while still attempting to swallow his massive load. He looked down at me stepping to one side with cum still drooling from his massive cock head on to the grass. “That was the best orgasm I've had in my entire life and I've dumped a lot of loads. Never in a hot throat before or for that matter in a hot pussy. The most I managed to stuff in a hot pussy was half my cock head and I had to stroke myself to enable me to shoot my load. Fuck Barbie, fucking your throat was a dream cum true. By the way, what time is it must be getting to?” Tony asked huffing and puffing.

“It's close to midnight, time we headed home before our parents wonder where we are.” Kevin whispered. “Damn I wish we could have a second go.”

“Sorry guys but we got to get a move on.” Sid said, agreeing with Tony pulling his T-shirt on then reaching for his undershorts.

Kevin had already put his undershorts and jeans on, pulling the zipper up. Matt had his T-shirt and boxers on, sitting on the ground pushing his feet into his jeans. Todd had his undershorts and jeans on pulling his T-shirt over his head. Sid was totally dressed sitting tying his runners. Sven fully dressed was tying his runners and Tony had his boxers pulled up ready to tuck his soft cock, about, the same length, as Paul's hard cock and a lot bigger around, in his boxers. I rolled over and over on the grass, attempting to clean the cum off of me. I ran my fingers through my hair, globs of cum splattered on the grass. I looked down at my distended stomach. I wondered if I could fit my dress around my distended, cum filled stomach?

I hated watching the hot six studs getting dressed and ready to leave. “When will I see you guys again?” I asked looking from hot stud to stud, finished dressing standing side by side with Tony towering over his friends.

“Next week is the last week of school. How about meeting us in your school locker room, after your prom?” Tony answered smiling. “What school do you go to?”

“Sylvester Marten's High School. It's my last year. I'll be graduating next Friday. What school do you guys attend?” I asked. “If you don't mind how old are you guys? I had my eighteenth birthday last week.”

“Kevin, Sid, Todd and I go to Reg' Holden Secondary School. I failed a year, that's why I'm nineteen in grade twelve. Sid, Todd and Kevin are eighteen in grade twelve.” Matt answered. “Tony's nineteen and works at his dads, gas station, working on cars. Sven's eighteen attending community college the other side of town.

“You better get dressed and head for home Barbie. We'll walk you home. We wouldn't want anything happening to our great fuck girl, now would we.” Kevin laughed.

I moved to a clean grassy area, laid down rolling around attempting to clean my body. “What am I going to do guys. I don't think my dress will fit me because of my extended, cum filled stomach?” I asked looking down at my extended stomach before picking up my bra and panties.

“Is it possible for you to sneak in your house without being seen by your parents, sisters or brothers, if you have any?” Todd asked.

I thought for a moment before answering. “Yes there is. I can go through the back door, mom usually doesn't let me use the back door but since she'll be busy in the basement, she'll never know and there's a shower beside the kitchen for the volunteers that help around the house.” I managed to answer trying to clear my voice, my throat clogged and coated with cum. I guessed my bottom lips and chin would be covered in scrapes and I might even have some bruising by morning. My knees ached after being on them for hours. I didn't bother telling them the volunteers were black guys and why mom was in the basement. I didn't think it was any of their business. “I only have brothers and they've probably already in bed or in the basement with mom.”

“Hurry up and get dressed and we'll walk you home.” Sid said. “We will walk around you, if your dress doesn't fit, anyone seeing us, won't be able to see you, Barbie.

“I doubt any one will even be out this late.” Todd said.

I put my dress over my head slipping my feet into my loafers before picking up my discarded panties and bra. I couldn't button or zip my dress up. My dress wide open in the back and the front pulled tightly around my extended stomach. “I'm ready guys.” I said holding my bra and panties.

“Lead the way Barbie.” Tony said letting me take the lead and following close behind and beside me. It didn't take long to arrive home. “Thanks for the great blow jobs, Barbie.” Kevin said winking.

“Yeah! Thanks Barbie.” Matt said also winking.

“You are one hot slut, Barbie.” Todd winked.

“Yes thanks Barbie.” Sid winked.

“That goes for me as well.” Sven nodded his head smiling.

“What can I say, Barbie. You're the best cock sucker I have ever known. Don't forget to meet us in your school locker room after your prom. Make up some excuse to your parents you'll be out all night. Maybe telling them you'll be spending the night with one of your school friends.” Tony suggested.

“We'll watch you go to the back yard before we take off Barbie.” Kevin said as I was heading to the back gate and waved to the six studs before going in the back door. I showered in the in the wash room beside the kitchen, wrapping the bath towel around me and heading upstairs going to bed. I went over everything that happened, day dreaming what the future may hold.

End of Chapter 1.
With more exciting adventures in future chapters.

Mom is still thinking about allowing me to write about her experiences and for me to post them on this site. If anyone is interested in reading my mother's adventures, please let me know. If enough request me to write about her adventures I will write them as Mom dictates to me..