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2022-05-25 00:00:03

PART – 42

I was having regular sex with my husband till I completed seventh month of my pregnancy. All we were doing was with consultation of my lady gynecologist. Yes! We have reduced frequency of fucking a bit. Previously, till my fifth months of pregnancy, we were having our fucking almost all daily but after that we reduced it to 3 to 4 times a week.

At the end of my fourth month of pregnancy, we stopped having wild sex. We were having a very gentle fucking taking care of the fuck positions, as advised by my lady gynecologist.

My tummy started to grow after four months of pregnancy and any one could judge me by seeing my tummy that I am a pregnant lady. My boobs started to become heavier, I could feel it clearly.

At the end of sixth month, I could feel the movement of my child in my body.

I was very happy and enjoying my pregnancy. My husband was also very excited to become a father. My body was changing the shape to make me a mother. Every father or mother reader can understand my feelings that time.

My mother in law loves me so much and she too was very excited to be proud grandmother that she used to fly From Goa after every forth night to stay with me for four - five days. Everyone in our family was feeling very happy.

When I was in eighth month of pregnancy, as advised by the doctor and as wished by both of our parents, I was in Goa, at my parents’ home for the delivery of my baby.

My parents have registered my name for the delivery at a nearby private and very good maternity hospital. I used to go to the hospital once in a week for the regular checkup.

By the grace of God, blessings of all the family members and with love and wishes of my readers, I did not have any problem and was quite normal.

My mother in law now used to come every day to be with me during the day and my father in law used to come to see me every evening. How lucky I am to have such loving parents and loving parents in law. I am feeling very emotional writing this.

On completing eighth month of my pregnancy, my body looks have changed a lot. My boobs become very heavy and whenever they are pressed by me by accident or by purposely, milk used to come out of my nipples. As advised by my mother and mother in law, I have started to wear loose outer cloths like gown etc. To keep my boobs in good shape and safe, I used to wear a comfortable bra with panty on my pregnant pussy.

I could notice that due to my big tummy, I was not able to see my feet in standing position. I was also not able to see my own pregnant pussy directly. I used to see my pregnant pussy in mirror to see changes on it. I noticed that my pussy lips which were very near to each other, now they used to be slightly in open shape. All set for my child to come in this wonderful world.

Now, a young nurse, named Jacqueline used to visit our home every day to check me. She used to undress me completely for checkup. The nurse was very young and beautiful and soon she became very friendly to me. Even, some time I felt horny while she was checking my naked body. She used to inspect my pregnant pussy very closely every time during checkup. Her soft hand on my pussy made me horny many a times. Being a lady, she understood everything and used to smile looking at me. Everything was alright and fine.

One day, after my complete body checkup, the nurse told me that I need to remove the hairs from my pussy. Here I would like to tell all of you that I keep my pussy always clean, free from hairs. I remove hairs from my pussy once in 10/12 days whenever the start to grow. After sixth month of my pregnancy, my husband was removing hairs from my pussy regularly when I started to face some trouble was not feeling comfortable in removing my pussy hairs on my own due to my growing tummy. My pussy hairs were last removed by my husband just before I come to Goa. So at that time, I was having little growth of hairs on my pussy since they were last removed one month back. I also noticed the growth of hairs on my pussy whenever I my pussy area with my hands or whenever I saw my pussy in mirror.

The nurse told me that since I very near to my delivery, the pussy hairs should be removed. She knew it very well that I cannot do it properly, she suggested me that she can remove my pussy hairs if I wish or I can take help of any of my close lady friend.

Immediately, the name of Angelina crowded over my mind and I told the nurse that I will get my pussy hairs removed with help of my child hood friend, who too will love to do it for me.

I telephoned to Angelina and she was happier than I expected, to hear my need. She told me that she will come to my home next day in afternoon and she will love to do this wonderful treatment on my wonderful pregnant pussy.

Next day, Angelina visited my house. We all ladies, me, Angelina, my mom and mom in law were talking to each other while sipping tea together. After finishing our tea, I took leave form my mom and mom in law and have come to my bedroom along with Angelina.

I locked the door of my bedroom from inside and have also locked the door of common bathroom between me and my parent's bed room.

I have removed all of my clothes because I feel very comfortable myself with Angelina, because we had lesbian sex a lot of times since I was 14 years old. Looking to the situation, Angelina too removed her clothes. I saw her pussy was already clean, free from hairs and was shining. I must say that she is the proud owner of a nice pussy. Two sexy ladies, one of them, me was pregnant and Angelina was ready to play with each other naked in my bedroom.

I sat on my coat and spread my legs while folding them a little from my knee so that Angelina could see my pregnant pussy clearly. Angelina took the bottle of hair removing cream which I kept ready for her. She started to apply the hair removing cream all over my pussy on pussy hairs growth with her soft and silky fingers, by sitting naked between my spread and folded legs.

Her touching of soft fingers on my pussy started to make me horny and wet. Angelina is also like me. She knew it very well that how to make full use of the situation and how to take advantage of time. She pushed her soft and naked hanging boobs on my knees various times while applying hair removing cream on my pussy. She finished applying the cream and now we had to wait for some time before cleaning.

I was not able to change my position because of my pregnant position and because of hair removing cream applied on my pussy. As I was sitting near corner of the bed, it was very easy for Angelina to push her heavier than mine boob in to my mouth for sucking. I was holding and massaging one of her boob and was sucking nipple of her other boob. Angelina was well aware about my position and she was massaging my boobs very very softly and was also pinching my nipples softly. Angelina's both the nipples stood erect because of my sucking and massaging and my nipples were also stood erect because of her soft massage. We were doing this for a long time and then she leaned on me and took one of my erect nipples in to her mouth. I felt it very nice, experiencing pleasure of sucking my nipple, after quite some time when last they were sucked by my husband before coming to Goa. Angelina is my very good child hood friend, a sexy, a beautiful and perfect sex partner. Once again, we both of us were making full use of the time and created and opportunity to play the sex game between us.

She was sucking my nipples one by one and I was moving my bare hands on her bare back and also on her round ass. I moved my finger many a times between her ass creeks and once, I have inserted my finger tip also in her sexy ass hole. I could feel her heat too.

After some time, we realized that it is the time for removing the cream from my pussy. We kept our lesbian sex game on hold for some time.

Angelina took some tissue papers and cleaned the cream from my pussy. She ran her fingers all over my pussy and without being able to see my pussy, I could feel form her running fingers on my pussy that my pussy was clean, free from hairs now. I stood up from the bed and we both went to the bathroom. She thrown tissue papers in the commode and flushed them. Then she cleaned my pussy and washed out it using the water. After that she sat on the commode and pissed out. I enjoyed this and we both smiled looking to each other.

We returned to the bedroom locking the bathroom door.

Now it was the show time, some action time.

I was sitting naked on the edge of bed and Angelina was standing in front of me with her beautiful, naked and sexy body. My hand moved upwards from her knee. Feeling her soft, but firm thigh, my fingers moved up and down her leg. I noticed her eyes were closed and her breathing was a bit faster. Very slowly I allowed my hand to move up. Moving slowly, my finger found the edge of her silken patch of pussy, feeling my way over to my ultimate goal.

My finger found the very edge of her wet opening. She opened her legs, very wide, allowing my fingers to touch the outer portion of her pussy. Feeling my way up and back down her pussy lips, I noticed how wet she was, and how her breathing was coming in short bursts.

She leaned towards me and we kissed each other. Her lips on mine, she was the first to lean back toward me and kiss me a bit harder. With my finger slowly moving up and down her pussy lips, her hand found its way to my boobs. My finger found her tiny, throbbing clit, which suddenly grew, under my touch.

The smell of her perfume was sweet and it was driving me crazy. My tongue sought her and she responded. I slowly ran my hands all over her back. She was feeling my hands on her bare skin, that soft velvety touch of her thighs, and on the fleshy pussy mound.

My hands quickly went to her perfectly formed breasts; capped by those, rock hard nipples. I started rubbing around the base of her breasts and made squeezing motions around and up until I reached for her nipples. Her nipples were hard when I reached them. I flicked them with my thumb, pinched them, and rubbed them. I felt them with the base of my hand and with my fingers. I wanted to suck them so badly. Angelina was making a sound from the bottom of her throat. It started out as a moan but soon became a louder.

With my finger still moving up and down her pussy, she leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on my nipple, taking it into her mouth. Feeling its size, she started sucking on it, slowly, causing my breath to quicken. My nipple quickly grew in her mouth.

My mouth found one of her erect nipples and my finger found her slit, and teased it up and down, as my mouth hardened one of her nipple, then the other.

Breathing heavy, she collapsed on my side, on the bed. Kissing her lips, I whispered to her how fantastic that was. While we were relaxing, I noticed her hand moving its way down my grown tummy, to my lap. I took her hand, with mine, and moved it in between my thighs, and left her to do the rest. Her fingers probed my pregnant pussy, gently.

She was taking full care of my pregnant body and my condition with gentleness, softness and ease.
I again started kissing her on the cheek and on the lips and told her I felt the great.

I was sleeping on the bed on my back in such a position that I was not having any problem in her making love on my body. She loves sucking on my nipples... my nipples ware similar to her, and I knew, my nipples are very sensitive. My body jerked and my back arched as she made love to my breasts. She started to slide down and began kissing down my body. I now had my hands on her head... pushing Angelina down gently towards my just cleaned, pregnant pussy. When her lips reached my pussy, she pushed me little on my knees, bending them slightly and pushed them up towards my chest, without giving any pressure on my grown and pregnant belly. I was now spread wide open for her and was on very much comfortable for her sucking on my pussy.

She told me that I am having a lovely pussy for love, even when I am pregnant. I had looked my pregnant pussy the mirror before many times, seeing it closely to know whether my pregnancy made any changes, but it was a great feeling for me when Angelina appreciated my pussy. Though I was not able to see my pussy, I could feel that it was soaked with aroused passion, practically dripping down to my ass. I knew it very well that my pussy lips and clit were all swollen. She looked up at my face and saw my exciting expression. I knew it wouldn't take much to make me cum. Angelina gave the entire length of my pussy slit a long hard lick and stopping only at my swollen clit. Angelina told me that I tests so sweet, as every time. She started to make love on my clit by sucking, kissing, and licking. Placing my hips right above her face, she used her tongue to good advantage, licking my folds, from top to bottom. Sensing how much this got my blood boiling, again, she continued, licking every crease she could reach taking full care of my pregnant body. My body was in spasm and my hands were pushing her face gently against my pregnant pussy. As soon as she felt my orgasm building to a climax, she put her tongue deep inside my pussy and started to tongue fucking me. The walls of my pussy squeezed her tongue and she could feel my pussy throbbing with orgasm. Then I came and her mouth was flooded with my sweet, juice. She licked and sucked all the nectar from my sweet and pregnant cunt.

It took a few minutes for me to recover as well as for her to recover. Angelina looked at me and I told her that what I wanted now. Only more than happy to oblige, she slid back up and we started kissing again. I loved the way her body felt against mine. I sat up and turned around, I then took a comfortable position, and was ready to eat her pussy.

Angelina is wonderful; her pussy was still in great shape and was as beautiful as was before birth of her child. I put my face into her mound, licking each inner thigh, my tongue found its way into her pussy opening, and I started licking her pussy lips, up and down, and started kissing it tenderly, causing her to twitch, and moan, as my tongue pressed as far inside her wonderful pussy as much as possible.

After her sensuous orgasms, I was lightly and gently fingering her very swollen pussy. Her looks felt so good not in a "I am going to explode" way but in a way that just felt so good. It is really hard to describe. Her pussy clenched on my fingers, and then she came again, and again, while I kept fingering her. Finally she could take no more and grabbed my hand to stop me.

After such a romantic play, we cleaned up ourselves and have dressed up. Now my pussy was clean shaven again.

Doctor has told us after counting the days that my delivery may be any time after November 8th, 2011. My excitement was increasing with every day passed after that. Now, looking to the situation, my mother used to sleep with me in the night in my bedroom in the night so that I can be attended any time in case of need. My mother told me that I should inform her about any discharge of water suddenly from my pussy. She told me that that will be a sign along with labor pain for the delivery.

On the 10th of November, I felt little uneasy. Everyone at home understood that the time has come now. Everyone was alert. In the night, on dinner, my father told that there is a great possibility that he may get his grand child on the unique date of 11 - 11 - 11. I also preyed in my heart that I should become mother on that unique date.

And the wish comes true. On 11th November in the morning, at about 6.00 A.M., I felt wetness on my panty. There was some discharge from my pussy. I told the same immediately to my mother. My mother rushed to my father to tell him get ready for taking me to the maternity hospital. My father got dressed up in hurry and brought the car just opposite to the gate of our house. Meantime, he telephoned to the maternity hospital and also telephoned to my father in law.

By 6.30 in the morning on 11 - 11 - 11, I started to feel pain in my lower part of my stomach. My mother, my father and my uncle, all were ready by that time. My mother asked me that now we should move for hospital. I stood up from the bed with little difficulty feeling pain. My mother helped me to walk towards the car in which my father was waiting for us on driving seat. I was holding my mother's shoulders and my mother was supporting me holding me from my back. My mother moved first in the car on the back seat and I was holding my uncle for support. Then, I moved in the car on the back seat to sit with my mother. The maternity hospital was not far away from our home. It was just on the next road, three / four minutes’ drive from our home. My uncle sat on front seat and my father moved the car towards maternity hospital. I was sitting comfortable in the car but my pain on lower part of my stomach was increasing gradually.

We reached the hospital within no time where a stature was ready on the gate with three nurses, one of them was Jacqueline. I got out of the car holding my grown stomach in my hands and the nurses gave me support to lay on stature.

Nurses took me to the private room reserved for me and helped me to sleep on the bed. One of the nurses left us by saying that she was going to inform the doctor about my arrival, and for checkup. Jacqueline came near to me, put her palm on my fore head and asked me to calm. Soon, the lady doctor was there on my bed side and she asked my parents and my uncle to leave the room for a while so that she can check me up. Jacqueline came forward and removed my panty. The lady doctor took my panty in her gloved hands and nodded. Then the lady doctor told me to part my legs a bit and had a close inspection and checkup of my pregnant pussy which was ready to produce my child. She told me that that the time has come and told me that I may have to bear the pain for some time.

My pain was increasing steeply and tears have started to come out of my eyes. The lady doctor told me that there will are 95% chances that I may deliver the child by normal delivery but she wanted to keep everything ready in case of need. She left the room but all the three nurses’ remained in the room.

My parents and uncle returned in the room immediately after the doctor left. My father and uncle sat down on the sofa and my mom sat on chair with her hand with love and blessings were moving on my head. I could see her happiness mixed with little fear in her shining eyes.

Soon, I saw my parents in law entered in the room. My father in law came near to me, put his hand with a lot of blessings on my head and joined my father and uncle at sofa. Like my mother, my mother in law also sat on other side of the bed. She was also looking me with a lot of love and proud.

It was 8.30 in the morning now. My pain was increasing and now it was unbearable for me. I was literally crying in the pain and the lady doctor again entered in the room. She again checked me up and asked the nurses to put me on the stature for the delivery room cum operation theatre. The time has come for my child to be in this beautiful world.

I was taken in the room like operation theatre where all the arrangements were there for a normal delivery as well as a cesarean delivery.

The nurses have removed my gown with my bra. My panty was already removed before at the time of check up by the doctor. I was given some medicine and a injection too on my arm. Some liquid, cream like thing was rubbed on all over my naked body. Now I know that it was the medicine to keep the body germs free.

I was crying in pain. I was made to sleep on a table, keeping my legs spread and folded a bit upwards on the stand of the table. My pussy, which was ready to give birth to my first child, was fully exposed. The lady doctor was standing near my exposed pussy and was examining it. The nurse came to me and asked me to push downward and she herself put her hands on my big belly and was trying to push my child towards downside. I try hard to push........ I felt a lot of pain while pushing and I could feel that time that inner walls of my pussy were expanding and my child started to move come out of my womb. My pussy lips were also stretched up to the tearing limit. I was pushing and pushing......... my pain was increasing and it was reaching to the unbearable limit. My eyes were full of tears due to the severe pain, but I did not stop pushing. I could notice that the doctor inserted her fingers in to my pussy to know the position of the child. She told me to push more as the child is very near to my pussy opening.

For the final time, I grabbed my lips in to my mouth and pushed hard. For a moment, I felt like I am dying because the pain was unbearable. I could feel that my pussy was expanded and my child was coming out. I yelled in pain and everyone in the room was moved towards my pussy, the birth place of my first child and I could notice that the lady doctor, with help of the nurses, pulled my child out of my body and I felt a lot of pain. I thought that my pussy must be parted off wildly in giving birth to my child.

Soon, I heard crying voice of my child and it was the moment that I forget my pain on hearing crying of my child.

"Congratulations! You got a baby boy" The nurse told me.

I cannot explain my feelings, I cannot write it exactly, but you can understand my feelings, feelings of a mother of her first child.

They took my child to clean him on the corner of the room and he was still crying.
Doctor and nurses was busy with my pussy, in cleaning it and in giving necessary treatment after delivery.

The nurse brought my child near me and let him down on the table near me. I looked at him. Oh! My god! So sweet…., so cute…, my first child…. I will never forget the first sight of my child. He was still crying. The nurse told me to breast feed the child. She helped me in giving my nipple in to my child's mouth. He immediately started sucking milk from my breast.

What a lovely, unforgettable feelings was it. It was the most important and the happiest moment of my life.

One of the nurses rushed to the door to inform my family members waiting outside about birth of baby boy to me.

It took some time for the doctor and nurse to treat my pussy after delivery. They cleaned it, applied some creams, medicines and put a bunch of cotton before they put a clean, medicated panty on me.

I saw my child was sleeping after drinking some milk from my breast.

I was being taken out of the delivery room after cleaning my body, after putting the hospital gown on my body. I was still feeling some pain and I was feeling tired but I was smiling.

I was taken to my room and I was surrounded by every one of my family. I received a lot of blessings from all of them, from my parents, from my uncle and from my parents in law. Every one put his/her hand on my head as well as on my son's head in blessing. My father in law told me that my husband is already reached Goa airport and he is on his way to hospital to see his new born son.
I was very happy to know that.