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My Special Friend_(0)

2022-09-24 00:18:20

I used to take pleasure in my many obsessions.
Fine tuning each one till it reached perfection.
Creative outlets for every idea.
Did all the work myself never had to beg, borrow or steal.

I planned and I grew and climbed each ladder.
Reached the top of every endeavor.
Boredom would still creep up on me slowly.
Every decade or so I changed my career wholly.

Time went on as I achieved every desire.
Maintaining it all I never became mired.
When there was nothing left to reach for.
I looked into myself to open a new door.

Writing became a great outlet you see.
I found a community of people with the same interests as me.
Though a horny, perverted bunch we are.
Still I managed to find one special shinning star.

Many a story and poem I wrote about him.
The one who made excitement rise on my skin.
Who moved first my mind and then my heart.
He felt like a kindred spirit from the start.

Though his life has pulled him in another direction.
I will never forget how we realized perfection.
A balance of feminine and masculine emotions.
We have all the same fantasies, hungers and notions.

My life is established and his is just beginning.
I have only good wishes for him though our time is thinning.
I will think of him often and miss him dearly.
Always be his special friend I’ve stated that clearly.

No matter what we have done together I have no regrets.
We are victims of bad timing that we can not reset.
Things would have been so different in another world.
As Mistress and slave all our fantasies unfurled.

I will never say goodbye to my beloved precious pet.
No one could ever replace him he has absolutely no threat.
I’m beginning to think I must have known him before.
And our time will eventually come full circle and I’ll have him once more.

Though his absence makes my lust grow even stronger.
I will stifle my passions and pursue him no longer.
Patiently I will wait though it is not in my nature.
Till he is in need of another one of my adventures.

He will always have a safe home with me.
Full of acceptance, passion and anything he needs.
I take joy and pride in caring for him.
Making him peaceful and seeing there is no sin.

This haven I will keep alive for my pet.
To access if ever he should begin to fret.
I’ll look forward to any time we can spend.
Sharing and giving our souls we do mend.

Through all our changes I know in my heart we will forever be special friends just like from the start.