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My submission

2022-09-04 00:00:05

Date 15 August 2010, Place : India
Season : Rainy
Niyol stands for inner energy, passion, fire as told to me by my elders. I am Niyol, a 29 years young, single Indian male who has been brought up in traditional environment until I was 17. Then in a Hostel in my college days, I learnt the competition, the speed, the adulthood of real world. In the quest to know more new things and with the latest fad of Internet, I also learnt the art of chatting, surfing and got introduced to a very sensual different side of the world of kink, fetish and BDSM. A novice, late teenage boy turned to a perv teenage boy turned to a regular visitor of those websites including BDSM.
Somehow, since my childhood I was intrigued by the idea of me as an Indian being enslaved for my economy, my freedom, my business, and my life, myself by a group of Fair skinned western people. Maybe it was something related to the history books about India being enslaved by Great Britain for as long as 150 years in colonialism. But the sudden exposure to the kinkier side of the western world took my intrigue from a thought to an imagination. The imaginations grew bigger with few role-plays and story readings from the now so naughty world of Internet for me. And, it all remained strictly confined to him only as he was belonging to a traditional Indian society, culture and friend circle as well.
Standing at 5’9” tall, weighing nearly 160 lbs ( for about 6 years now ) has been enjoying a successful career and having had a good relationship with few Females around, Niyol continues to cut the days of life with only one missing thing in his real life. That missing something was his real life exposure to BDSM, his actual moans to the tease of a Domme, his intense service orientation being used by a Domme. Niyol kept his submissiveness alive by being online in chat rooms, with those short and sometimes long role-plays and with those rare offline real life orders of very few Mistresses in his life yet. The extent of those obeying was up-to orgasms/nudity at home/soft punishments like self spankings/and very long teasing before release.
In one of the websites, when he was searching for Dommes, he got stuck on one name, Ms Icca. She was different. She was real. She was intellectual. She was understanding and meaningful to him for his complex situation of being a natural submissive but yet not being one in real life. He surely got appealed and started well by impressing Her with his servitude and neat mannerism in his chats. Niyol was flattered by the beauty of this 22 year young, western Girl who loved humour and Her dominant side, who loved to play games of guessing things. I was all ready to be Her’s, in all senses , atleast in his all capabilities! She understood that I could not have adult toys for himself in his place. She understood I am willing to taste the next step.And She gave the first chance to feel Her Dominance apart from those chats and rolepalys.. a real life order in a mail which was not expected by me. The mail read like this :
Alright lil bitch, here's what you're going to do …

First, you are going to spend the weekend in a Hotel. A suite is booked for you in Hotel ABC. You are going to pick up some carrots and tape and clothespins, on the way to hotel. Yes, carrots -smiles- you'll pick out a stubby one, and shape it into an anal plug. I've included a photo of one. Prepare a perfect one.
Make sure it is thick enough to stay unbroken inside you when you start squeezing your muscles. You must have plenty of carrots to practice on, while making the perfect plug.
Bath yourself so you're relaxed and clean. Shave your genital area too. When you're done cleaning, then you will insert the hand-made anal plug in you. You will keep it inside as you, dress yourself and settle in for the evening. Enjoy your meal in the hotel room itself. You will get the next instructions at 7.55 pm in your mail, so be ready for that, My bitch!”
The day ended early for me after that mail . I reached the Hotel and checked in on the booking done in my name. The hotel was expensive and luxury class. The suite had a king size bedroom and a well equipped bathroom. I called up some fulfilling dinner and let it remain in the hot cases on the dining table of the suite. I had to take the bath and before that I made plug from one Carrot and got it wrongly designed. The next one was made better comparatively and was okay for the purpose of use on my male bud by my observant eyes and recall of the picture in the mail.

I took a nice bath and shaved my genitals. The feeling of hardness brought so many thoughts in my mind like i was getting ready for my.. first hot night with a unknown Lady.. like i was going out for the first ordeal of some kind of my life.. and like.. the last thought.. was very appealing.. like i was getting ready for the last time before my capital punishment. I felt this feeling to be best suited for the evening as i felt it had intensity to be honest, devoted and intense in the next few hours of my life!! I smiled and looked at the plug. Without any hesitation about the one inch diameter of the plug at the neck section i parted my thighs and inserted it with .. mental readiness of insertion. Pain was anticipated but wrongly on the lower side.. i nearly shouted Oucchh as i fumbled a little and took my other hand to support me in the awkward standing stature.. i closed my thighs together and took my first step.. the fear was rightly in my mind.. i had to walk.. the odd way.. with a little parted knees.. .
I felt humilated and .. pained as never before really.. as i stood in front of the mirror to comb. Fully dressed in a pajama, V shaped VIP brand underwear and the boy standing before the mirror. It was me but not only me.. it was You watching from the right end of the door of the bathroom in my imaginations and it was .. me with a plugged male bud for the first time.. it was me with.. the virginity of my behind.. stolen in Your presence by the homemade first plug of my life.. i could not meet my eyes again in the mirror.
I then took my dinner.. but in between i had the trouble... i felt the most enormous pain as i was sitting on the chair.. and i could feel Your giggle around in my imaginations.
With the large filled feeling, and my laptop in front on the centre table, I sat on the chair next to the bed. And the mail popped up exactly at 7.55 pm.. it read:
At 8:00 pm, you're to put tape over your mouth properly as in the photo. With it on, I want you to tell me what you want. Tell me what you know I want to hear. Tell me you're My bitch. I want to hear it loud. Because I know, what you want. I just want to see you and hear you with the tape on. I'm going to sit on the chair across the room and watch and listen. So make sure you say it loud.
I took the large wide tape I got from market and obeyed my Lady as in the picture. Surely, I felt fully slutty as I started shouting: “I am Your lil Bitch my Lady! I am Your bitch my Lady!!” The words were dumped. And I continued. “I want to worship Your feet Your body.. all parts.., anything everything thats Yours my Lady.. i wish to worship You my Lady!! “I am Your bitch my Lady!!”
All poor sounds and words deeply dumped by the tape, making a loud hoarse noise like some fantasy movie's animal sounds!! The feeling and the listening of hoarse sounds made me horniest of all as I felt the slutty feeling in me. I felt like the bitch, to the fullest!!
I continued shouting... “I want to touch myself my Lady!!” The my Lady part was the loudest of all, the most intense, the most involving one to my submissive heart. I suddenly felt a shudder as a thought coming to me. I tried breathing deep as I lowered my face and said, “I want to just please You my Lady anyways always… to please You to make You smile my Lady! I want to make You smile my Lady!! I want to want nothing for me, my Lady. “
Loud, intense, fast, honest, excited, anxious, everything was mixed in from my voices, till in my emotions. Everything said by me but not heard by any, like my submission was, real yet virtual! I could have imagined You sitting pretty there on the chair from where I was fully visible!!
And all of a sudden, without my knowledge the door knob started to twitch, with some keys in it from outside... I was all bare emotionally, except for the clothing on my body, with that odd bulging anal plug base protruding out from the tight fabric of my cotton underwear and tight track suite. With that tape on my mouth, I quickly moved to the bed, picked up a blanket and sat on a nearby chair without delay.. Not being sure, I took my fingers to the tape on my mouth. Angry on the intrusion, frustrated at my situation and worried about my reputation, I started trying to take off the tape which was not as easy I wanted it to be at that moment. And to my surprise, the door opened in the next click and THE BEAUTY IN PICTURE.. MsIn was actually there before me. Yes, She was real life before my blanket covered, anally plugged, mouth half taped poor aroused body. I wanted to smile and I could not. I wanted to say “Wowww” and I could not. It pained and I realized what situation I am placed in. I grew BIG in a moment, like never before! I was speechless, grateful, excited, aroused, being used, amazed, shocked, pleasantly surprised, nervous, eager ….all together!!
Then She uncovered me from that blanket. She was standing there seeing my naked emotions and clothed body made as per Her orders, writhing in pain on the behind, arousal on the front. She grinned gently pressing the tape back in place and said,” Good boy!”.
She sat exactly where She said She will be sitting , across the room . Her sexy features and attitude still seemed like a dream to my eyes. Her 5’4” body settled down gracefully in the chair and Her 4 inch high heels clicked as Her legs crossed. She ordered me to bring the chair over near Her at 8:30. “Remove your pants and start stroking your thighs, leaving the underwear on.”
I then took the chair and sat before Her. I took off my pajama (track pants) and started stroking myself, soft and hard, feather like touches across the thighs and the stomach. She suddenly gave harsh nail scratches between the knees and the groin, close to the underwear but not touching it. I had a raging erection. I had a needy arousal and I had a beautiful Lady sitting just across… inspecting me!
She said, “Remove your t-shirt, boy”
She took the clothespin from the side table and checked by clicking the pins on Her finger tip. She grinned testing the tightest clip and then leaned forth to attach one clothepin each on my erect hard nipples. She twisted the clothespin tightening them, enjoying the painon my face, She pressed it a bit again making me scream “OOOUUchhh”
She said,” you may stroke again slowly. Make yourself hard, but do not release. Keep it erect.” With these words, She looked at me with that devilish attitude. I was trembling, wet at the tip of my maleness with loads of pre-cum. And She took off Her sandal from the left foot and let it be placed between my spreaded thighs, there at the centre.. pushing Her big toe over the bulging base of the anal plug into me.
She kept smiling, as I moaned .”Ummmnnhhh..” I tried saying..”thank You my Lady!” But I could not! She didnnot let me cu, even after seeing the pleading poor urge in my eyes. And with the other foot actually got Her 4 inch heel on the left clothpin, nibbling it rough. I started getting confused under the tormenting pain the pin was causing and the extreme pleasure which was built in me ready to explode.
She teased and laughed on me for what felt like years to me. I was kept “on hold” so many times by Her sexy tones and hot voice ordering me to “ STOP” and then to “Stroke again”….
And in another surprise, She asked.. “will you do anything for me , My bitch? Will you be my serving boy? Will you serve me forver, slave?”
I nodded quickly, repeatedly growling “Yes , my Lady, Yes!”
She smiled and said,” Release yourself.”
And I exploded like never before, sweating all over my chest and face. I was tired, exhausted, consumed, near exploited 0f my energies under the intense emotional control She had on me!
Niyol – the fire, the energies within – exhausted, controlled, and dominated. The fuel of passion ignited -to be taken to next level of his submission!