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2022-09-21 00:01:28

-- Monday

When I got to school on Monday, it was a pretty normal day, I thought.
I was wearing a red plaid dress and a white blouse.  It was a pleasant
enough day for mid-September; in the low 70s and partly cloudy.  It
was two weeks into my junior year.  My name is Karen.

But when I got inside the front door, I had to push my way into a big
crowd.  I asked someone what was going on, but didn't have time to
listen to their answer.  "Karen Wagner, right?" a guy said.  I nodded,
and he grabbed my arm and swept through the crowd with me.  I didn't
know who he was, but he took me to the principal's office.  The
principal met me at the door.  The crowd was kept back a few feet from
the door, but it was very loud.

I didn't know him, I'd said "Hi" to him in the hallway, but I knew who
he was, of course.  I was surprised to find he knew who I was.
"What's going on?" I asked him.  "Hmm.  Yes."  He coughed, seeming a
little nervous, but then smiled at me.  "You've been selected, Miss

"For what?"  I was mystified.

"We've had a change in policy for the school," he told me.  "We're
going to pick a few students each week.  Here, this will explain
further."  He handed me a pamphlet.

I glanced at it, then blushed; it had a picture of a nude man and
woman on the cover.  But the principal had given it to me... right in
school... it seemed pretty weird.

"You can review that later," he told me.  "It explains a new program
we have, where we will select a few students each week to attend
school in the nude.  You will not be permitted to wear any clothing
this week during school hours, except shoes and socks if you wish.
Could you please undress now?"

I blushed very hard.  "You want me to... to take off my clothes...
right here?"

"It's a mandatory program for you, Miss Wagner.  I can have a couple
of gentlemen assist you if necessary to ensure your cooperation."  He
glanced behind himself.  There were a couple of burly men waiting
there.  "You have 2 minutes as of now."

I didn't have any choice, clearly.  I gulped very hard and very
nervously, but as quickly as I could manage, I started taking off my
clothes.  The crowd mostly cheered, aside from some of my best
friends.  No one stepped forward to help me.

One of the burly guys stepped forward and began picking up my clothes.

"Hey, where are you going with those?" I demanded wildly.

"You won't be needing them," he told me.

"You'll get them back at the end of the day, Miss Wagner," the
principal told me.  "Please come to school appropriately attired for
the rest of this week."

"B-but..."  I was terrified!  "You said I could have my shoes and

He nodded, and the burly man dropped them on the floor.

"Go ahead and put them on if you wish," the principal told me,
smiling, and I sat on a bench and did so.  It didn't help at all, I
had goosebumps all over.

The principal looked at me unsympathetically.  "There's a list of the
other special rules for you in the back of the booklet," he told me.
"Now, you'd better get to class.  Have a nice week!"

I dashed to the bathroom first, just to get away from the crowd, and
sat in there reading the pamphlet.  I read it through several times,
feeling dizzy about it.  The program was actually approved by the
school board and the state!

There was a list of rules, as the principal had mentioned.  One was
that I would be required to stay in public areas of the school, except
for three bathroom breaks per day, of no more than 5 minutes.  I'd
have to use the boy's locker room for gym class.  I wasn't allowed to
cover myself with any type of clothing, books, a backpack, or even my
hands during school; if I did so at any time, my hands could be tied
or handcuffed behind me!

"Come out of the bathroom now, Karen," the female assistant principal
told me.  I hastily flushed the toilet and came outside.  Once again
there were lots of cheers from the crowd of students.  Including some
of the girls.

I had to try to move through the crowd to get to class.  It was hard,
because it seemed like everyone wanted to stare at me.  I finally got
there, but I was 10 minutes late.  A few others followed me into

"Hmm!  I guess I can see the reason for the delay," the teacher said.
It was algebra.  I took my seat, getting only a little relief from
staring eyes.  There were less people in class, but most of them spent
most of the class looking at me.  My chair felt cold on my bare

I read the brochure again during class.  I had to cooperate with
teachers who wanted to have me assist with instruction.  That was
going to come up in biology class, I was sure.  I blushed, but read
on.  I was to consider myself on display for any student who wanted to
examine me, and cooperate in letting them look me over.


I jumped; the teacher was looking at me.  "Yes, Mr. Dennison?"

"Come up here, please."

I walked nervously to the front of the class.

"I was told we can have you help with classroom exercises."  He smiled
at me, not unpleasantly, but as interested in my status as the other

"I guess so," I nodded, blushing.  I heard a few titters.

"We might as well, since everyone is looking at you anyway.  Face the
class, please."

I did so.  God, it was humiliating!

"Does anyone have any suggestions of an algebra problem involving Miss
Wagner?" he asked.

Half the class raised their hands, and Mr. Dennison had me write all
of their suggestions on the white board.

Calculate the volume of my breasts, and percentage of my total body
Determine total mass of breasts among students in the school
Number of hands which could feel my breasts, buttocks and inner thighs
   at once
Coefficient of friction of my vagina
Equations calculating how long it would take me to have sex with every
   boy in my grade, and in the school, based on different assumptions
   to be entered as variables
Calculate distance from my lips to my throat, then based on statistics
   about penis sizes, determine how many boys in the school I could
   "deep throat"

The suggestions were getting more explicit.  Finally Mr. Dennison
stopped taking them, and told each student to work on the problems.  I
had to remain in front of the class, and he measured my body himself
to provide the data for their equations.

Finally the class was over with.  Again I had to venture into the
hallway, where I was the subject of scrutiny as I struggled to pass
through the crowd.

I found out there were 3 girls from each grade who were required to
spend the week naked.  The following week, a new group would be

A couple of the girls were enjoying the attention quite a bit.  One
freshman girl, though, was even more freaked out than most of us, and
had to be taken to the hospital.  The word I head was that she'd have
to complete the week like the rest of us, then serve another whole
week later on.  Wow...

My next class was history.  There wasn't much the teacher could have
me do in that class.  She did sternly warn the other students that
they were to pay attention to the class, and not to me.  She also
kindly moved me to the back of the classroom, so I got something of a
break in her class.

My third class of the day was gym.  We were in the pool, so I had to
leave my shoes and socks in the men's locker room, being jostled and
ogled by the guys, then I had to go out to the pool, completely naked
now.  The teacher had us all doing strokes for the first half of the
class, then as normal we had free time for the 2nd half, which meant
we had 20 minutes to do whatever we wanted before we were to go shower
and get ready for our next class.

During free time, I was chatting briefly with one of my friends,
Cindy.  She was nervous because of all the attention I was getting
from the guys, so she swam away from me.  I started to swim away, too,
but one of the guys caught me by the arm.  His name was Mike.  I
didn't know him very well.

"Hi," I said nervously, but smiled at him anyway.

"How do you like running around naked?" Mike asked me.

I blushed.  "It's pretty embarrassing," I told him.  "It's going to be
a long week!"

He chuckled.  "You've got a nice, pretty bare ass," he said.  "Would
you mind pushing yourself up on the side of the pool so it's above the
water line, so a few of us can admire it?"

I blushed even harder.  "I think you can see me fine without that!"

"I heard you have to do stuff like that, when requested to do so" he

"I thought so, too," another guy said.  "Hey!  Mr. Roquette!  Doesn't
she have to pose for people?"

The gym teacher swam over.  "What did you want her to do?" he asked.

Mike explained briefly.

Mr. Roquette looked at me and sighed.  "It's tough getting used to all
of this, isn't it?" he asked me.

I nodded, embarrassed.

"I'm afraid you have to do it," he told me.  "You have to cooperate in
any way anyone wants so they can look you over."

I gulped, but pushed myself up on the side of the pool enough so my
buttocks were out of the water.

"Hold yourself just like that, please!" Mike told me, chuckling.  He
and several other guys were right behind me.  A few others stood in
front of me, looking at my bare chest.  I blushed, looking up at them,
but remained in that position.

"That's enough, I think," Mr. Roquette told the boys, and also me.  I
was straining to stay as I was.  I slid into the water, relieved; I
was getting pretty tired!

I got to swim around a little, then Mr. Roquette blew the whistle and
we had to get out of the water.  I had to go into the boy's room and
shower with them; most of them took off their swimsuits and showed off
their erections to me and to each other.

"Am I at least allowed to towel off?" I asked Mr. Roquette nervously.

He smiled.  "I think so.  Just don't cover yourself for long with the

I nodded and toweled off quickly, then borrowed a hairdryer and
brushed my hair, with the guys watching me as they got dressed.

I put my shoes and socks back on, and stepped back into the hallway,
feeling more nervous once again.  The boy's locker room was full of
guys, but at least it wasn't the whole school.

"Karen!"  Mike pushed through the crowd to catch up to me.

I shivered a little.  "What do you want me to do now?" I asked him

He grinned, a little embarrassed but shrugging it off easily.  "I
didn't make the rules.  I can walk with you to your next class if you

I started to turn away, but he was about the only person who had
talked to me all day.  "Uh -- all right," I nodded.  After a moment, I
added a polite, "Thanks."

He grinned again.  "It might be me next week.  Are you getting by all

"Well... it is *awfully* embarrassing."  I blushed.  "I don't have a
lot of choices about it."

"I'm glad you had to do it.  You're very pretty, Karen!"

I glared and started to stomp off.

"Hey!  Come on, would you rather I was sorry I get to see you without
clothes?  Be reasonable.  A lot of girls will have to do it this year.
You're the one I most would have wanted to see like this, that's all."

I stopped, still blushing hard.  "I... sorry.  It's very difficult.
I'll try to be nice."

"You're always nice," he told me.  "Come on, let's be friends."

"All... right."  I smiled a little.

"I'm still going to enjoy looking at you, though," he said cheerfully.

"I can't stop you," I sighed.

My next class was the one I'd been dreading the most; biology.  As I
expected, the teacher took the opportunity to discuss female
physiology, using me as a model.  She was young and pretty herself;
the boys often asked her questions intended to embarrass her.  She was
good natured about it.  Her name was Miss Hooker, which added to the

"You might be interested in knowing that, during the course of the
year, some of the teachers might be, uh, shall we say 'invited', to
teach without clothing occasionally," she told the class.  "What a
school system, huh?"  She smiled, blushing a little herself.

The boys all began joking.

"We'll use such opportunities for tests," she added.  "Study hard; you
wouldn't want to come up short on any of those questions, would you?"
She grinned again.

Her attitude was impressive.  But then, I assumed she'd never actually
been in the position before; the position that I was now in; sitting
on a stool, completely naked, in front of a class and having my body
pointed at for a study aid.

She discussed secondary sex characteristics, pointing to my breasts,
pubic hair, and others, and discussing them thoroughly.  I was glad
I'd shaved under my arms.  At least one thing had gone right for me
that day.

Finally the class was over with.  It was lunch time.  A group of my
friends gathered around me and didn't let anyone disturb me while I
ate.  It was the only real break I had that day.  Of course, they
questioned me in detail about my day, and how it felt to have to stay
naked through school, and what I planned to do about the following
day and the rest of the week.

"Somehow I don't think they'll let me just stay home sick for the rest
of the week," I said, and explained what I'd heard about the freshman

"So you're just going to *do* it?" Helen asked me.  "Come to school
naked all week?"

"I don't have any choice at all," I pointed out angrily.  "None!"

After lunch, I had English class, then government.  They went as the
rest of the day had gone.  My government teacher couldn't keep his
mind on class, and kept making Freudian slips as he tried to watch me
while teaching the subject.

Finally, it was the end of the day.  I went to the office to ask for
my clothing back.

"Ah, Miss Wagner.  I kept hoping someone would send you in here for a
spanking," the principal joked.

I blushed.  "I just want to get my clothing," I said.

"Oh.  Sure, of course.  You will remember to leave it out of the
school for tomorrow, won't you?"

"Somehow I doubt if I'll forget," I said, and started to get dressed.

"You'll have to go outside to do that," he told me sharply.  "Did you
read your booklet at all?"

I blushed again.  "Oops.  Sorry."  I hurried out of his office and
went outside into the parking lot.  I sat down in the grass and took
my shoes off so I could start getting dressed.  Several students
stopped and watched me do so.


When I got home, no one was there, as usual.  I tried to do my
homework, but it was hard to concentrate on it.   What was I going to
tell my parents?  "Hi, Mom, Hi, Dad, I spent the whole day at school
bare naked.  How was your day?"  My dad was pretty conservative... so
was my mom, for that matter.

So by dinner time, I hadn't said anything about it.  When we sat down
at the table, I had decided not to bring it up because I didn't know
what to say.

"You seem quiet tonight, Karen," my mother said.  "Are you feeling

"I'm fine," I told her.  My little brother Jimmy, who was 13,
chattered away about sports, and my dad talked to him, so that got
us through dinner.

When we were done eating, I went to my room claiming I had schoolwork
to do.  A short time later, there was a knock on my door and my mother
came in, followed by my dad.  They closed the door.

"What's wrong?" my dad asked in his firm but friendly way.

"Oh, Daddy!"  I leapt over at him, and he hugged me and held me.
"When I got to school, the *principal* made me strip *naked*, and I
had to go to all my classes without my clothes on!" I blurted out,

He held me for a while, until I settled down, then he had me explain
what had happened.  I was shocked when I glimpsed his face; he didn't
seem upset at all!

"I know," he told me.  "We -- your mother and I -- asked that you be
signed up for it.  We thought it would be a good experience for you."

I couldn't believe what he was saying!  I looked at my mother, and she
was nodding!

"Settle down and listen to what we have to say," Dad continued.

"You had... you *asked*..."  I was gasping.

"Do you want to hear about it?" he asked me.

"No!" I said wildly.  "No, I want you to get me out of it!"

"That's not going to happen, dear," my mother said soothingly.
"Listen to your father, please."

I didn't really want to, but finally, after several deep breaths, I
sat down again and listened numbly.

They thought I was too shy, they told me.  Not adaptable enough.  And
the world was changing.  When the state law was being considered, they
had investigated it and surprised themselves when they discussed it;
they were both in favor of it.  It wouldn't hurt me at all to loosen
up, break out of my mold, and try something adventurous for a change.

"We're in favor of it, dear.  You'll have to give it a try this week.
We might sign you up for it again later on, too," my mother said,
smiling at me.  "Would you like me to drive you to school tomorrow?"

"No!" I said angrily.  "I'll just enjoy the experience again of
stripping in front of hundreds of people, right outside the school!"

They left after that, and I didn't see them again until they wished me

-- Tuesday

When I got up in the morning, I tried to think of a way to get out of
going to school.  Then I remembered that freshman girl.

I showered, then nervously picked out some clothes that I could remove
without much fuss.  I wore blue sweat pants that unzipped at the
bottom, and a pink short sleeved sweat shirt.

I walked to school, avoiding the other students.  Even going to
school, I felt awfully conspicuous.

I went to the main entrance.  There was an old mailbox there, with a
sign above it, "For use by nude students". Several guys were hanging
around there.  I had arrived early, hoping to avoid the large crowd
from yesterday.  It would be better to undress in front of a small
crowd and then go inside, I thought.

The guys were watching me and grinning.  When I turned around, I heard
comments.  "I think she's going to do it now!"  "She's got a great
body, doesn't she?"  "Best tits in school!" "She looks scared!"
"Yeah, she's shy.  Makes it cute to watch her."

I was very nervous, and took a couple of deep breaths, wiping my hands
on my pants.  If I didn't want to strip in front of a crowd, though, I
had to go ahead pretty soon, though.  I gulped hard and faced against
a wall, and kicked off my shoes.  Then I hurriedly pulled off my shirt
and then pushed my pants down and off, my face *blazing*, and dropped
my clothes into the box.  I was wearing nothing but socks!  I went
back and got my shoes on, then rushed to the door to go inside.

It was locked!  The school door didn't open for students until 15
minutes before classes began.  I couldn't go in for another 10 or 15

I went back over to the box, hoping to get my clothes back, but the
box was locked.

I cringed, looked at the guys.  They were grinning, having a great
time watching me.

"I thought I'd be able to go inside," I said feebly.

"So what's the big deal?" one of the guys asked me.

"Now I have to stand out here, bare naked, until the doors open!" I
cried out angrily.

"So?  You're going to do it all day anyway," he said reasonably.

I stared.

"We're getting a few minutes of a private show.  It's not that big of
a deal, compared to the whole rest of the day.  Is it?"

"I guess not," I admitted slowly.  "I didn't expect it, though!"

He smiled.  "We're not going to hurt you, we're just going to enjoy
watching you.  Okay?"

I shrugged helplessly, and braced myself to wait outside with them for
the school doors to open.

"Mind if I talk to you?" one of the boys asked me.

I shook my head.

"I'm Dennis," he introduced himself.  "You're Karen Wagner, I know."

I nodded, blushing a little.  "Nice to meet you, Dennis."

"It's nice to meet you!"  He smiled, and we chatted about the ordeal
the school was making me go through.

The principal opened the door.  "Ah, some eager students, I see," he

I dashed into the building, with the guys right behind me.  A school
bus was just pulling up to the door to let out a load of students.

"Miss Wagner?" the principal called, and I stopped reluctantly.

"I see you're ready for school today," he observed.

I blushed.  "I don't have any choice about it," I reminded him.

He nodded and smiled.  "That's true.  But I wanted to ask you to be as
cheerful and open as you can today.  It's a treat for all of us to
have such a pretty girl going naked around the school, but it's
absolutely wonderful when you smile, and are friendly and nice.  Will
you try?"

I swallowed.  "I'll... do my best," I told him nervously.

"Great.  Thanks!"

Dozens of students were streaming past by then.  So much for my plan
to get into my classroom before being exposed to everyone in the whole

"Remember to let people look at you," he reminded me.  "Show me a nice
pose right now, please."

I gulped, but nervously set my feet apart, then intertwined my hands
together behind my head, thrusting my chest out.

He smiled.  "That's nice!"  He looked me over for a couple of minutes.
"Try this one, too.  Keep your feet apart, but bend your knees and put
your hands on them, bending forward a little."

I did as he directed me.  "Like this?" I asked.

He nodded.  "Turn around now."

I did so.

"Stay still," he said, and I obeyed.  "Hmm, yes, that's good.  It
gives people a chance to look over your fanny."

I stayed still, but felt nervous.  I couldn't see behind me.  Someone
could grab me from behind, and I wouldn't even know who it was!

Finally, the principal chuckled.  "That's enough for now, Karen.
You'd better get to class."

I hurried down the hallway, and got to my algebra class just as the bell
was ringing, and went to my seat.

"Did everyone do their homework?" Mr. Dennison asked.  "I didn't
expect you would, of course, Karen," he told me, but everyone else
had.  "Why don't you come up here, and you can work the problems on
the board, with the help of the class."

He had me write each problem on the board, then answer it by writing
an equation that solved it.  I made repeated mistakes.  The class
chuckled as I calculated my breast size to be 78% of my body, the total
breasts in the school to weigh more than the moon, and 94 hands to be
able to explore my body at a time.  I had to make corrections
according to the instructions from the other students.  I did better
on the other questions, though the subjects were all humiliating to
me.  I blushed all the way through class.

History class, once again, was really a relief, as the teacher was
sympathetic to me.  Once again, she let me sit in the back of the
classroom, and didn't call on me to answer any questions.

I ventured into the hallway, very nervously, and hurried to my next
class, which was gym.  I almost went into the girl's locker room,
but then remembered I was supposed to use the guy's.  I sighed and
went in nervously.

We were doing tumbling that day, so I had to leave my jewelry in a
locker.  Several of the guys were just getting changed into their gym

One guy, Pete, grinned at me.  "Not much changing to do for you, is

"Not much, no," I said, smiling timidly, and hurried out to the gym.

Mr. Roquette was the only one there when I got there.  "Hi, Karen!" he
smiled.  "You've had some background in gymnastics and tumbling,
haven't you?"

I nodded.  I smiled, too.  He was nice.  "I had classes up through
middle school."

"Would you mind helping out with demonstrations today?" he asked.  "I
was going to ask you even before this week," he added, blulshing
slightly.  "But now... I'm really sure we'd have an attentive class if
you would help me."

I nodded, blushing.  "I'll help," I agreed.  "I -- I have to be naked
anyway," I told him self-consciously.

The boys were starting to come out of the locker room, then a little
later, the girls, too.  We did some stretching exercises, then we all
had to run around the gym a couple of times.

Mr. Roquette used me to demonstrate basic tumbling, then asked me to
help out some of the boys who were struggling.  They liked that pretty
well... I don't think it helped them a lot; they seemed to get more
clumsy.  They were looking at me, more than paying attention to their

At the end of the class, Mr. Roquette and I demonstrated some assisted
gymnastics tricks.  It was the most fun I'd had in school since I had
to take off my clothes.

Finally we reached the end of class.  I left my shoes and socks in by
my locker, then went back to shower amidst the boys.  They were all
naked this time, and teasing each other about their hard-ons.  I had
to remain in the shower room until they were all done.  They took
turns requiring me to stand in different poses under the shower.

"Can you smile for us too?" a guy asked me.

"I'll... try."  I did try; I was awfully nervous and uncomfortable in
the showers with all the guys, but I made myself smile at them as I
stood in different poses and lathered myself in soap several times.

When the guys were all done showering, I went into the locker room and
rapidly toweled off.  "Keep smiling!" a couple of the guys suggested,

I did manage to smile as I dried my hair and brushed it, facing them and
with them staring at me.  I put on my necklace, earrings and bracelet,
then my socks and shoes, and smiled at them again.  "See you guys
later!" I told the ones who were left.

"You're getting used to it a little," Mike said.  He'd waited for me
outside the door.

I jumped, he'd surprised me, but then took a breath.  "I guess so, a
little," I nodded.  "I'll still be glad when this week is over with!"

"Not me," he teased, chuckling.  "Sorry; I just like you like that."

I blushed, but then giggled a little.  "You can look, definitely, and
I guess if you can do that, it's better if you like what you see."

He grinned again.  "You *are* getting used to it!"

He was right!  I found myself smiling a lot more through the rest of
the day.  I blushed just as much, but was getting more able to cope.

My next class was biology.  Once again, Miss Hooker asked me to come
to the front of the class and had me sit on the high stool, facing
the class.  "Take off your shoes and socks, too, please," she told me,
smiling.  "You can spend this class period fully bare, don't you

I blushed but nodded and took off my shoes and socks.  I sat looking
toward the class.

"Move your knees apart!" one of the guys suggested.

I did so, blushing uncomfortably, and several guys grinned.

"Do you feel horny sitting there like that?" the same guy asked me.

"Mostly I feel exposed and embarrassed," I told him after a moment of
thought.  "And a little chilly," I added.  The class laughed at that

"But are you sexually aroused by going around the school naked, and
by sitting in front of a whole class in the nude?" Miss Hooker
insisted cheerfully.

I blushed harder.  "Yes!" I admitted.  "Yesterday... well, I come here
after gym class, where I have to shower with all the guys.  Then
sitting up here and being the model for a discussion of sex ed..."

The class tittered.

"It's perfectly natural," Miss Hooker explained to the class.  "While
the specific factors which affect Karen are societally influenced, her
reactions to them are built in to her, and all women, through
evolution.  A creationist might say they are designed for human women
by God.  The discomfort of shame is a societal influence, but the
arousal she is experiencing as a result of it, and of her own exposure
and helplessness,  is a basic human instinct.  Research during recent
years has filtered down to the local school district level, including
our own, and is now affecting policy.  It affects your lives, as well,
and this demonstration will help all of you to use that research."

Was she saying I didn't have to be ashamed about my arousal?  That was
fine for her to tell the class, but they were judging me -- and I was
judging myself -- based on societal pressures, not research.

"How do the boys in class feel about her right now?" Miss Hooker
asked.  "I'd wager if I were to expose all of your groins, I'd see
some arousal among the boys, too."

Several of the boys were nodding, and a few were blushing.

She grinned.  "It's all part of nature," she told the class.  "If you
learn to appreciate it, you'll be happier in your lives.  If you boys
spend some time being nice to Karen this week, and she finds you
individually attractive, and circumstances permit, it is possible the
result would be a mutually beneficial and enjoyable relationship."

She continued through the class, discussing sex and reproduction
issues in explicit terms, using me to illustrate her comments.

"All right, class is dismissed," she said as the bell rang.

"We'll practice what we learned.  Thanks!" one of the boys said,
grinning, as he walked out the door.

I sat on a chair and put my shoes and socks back on, then headed to
the lunch room.

"Can we join you?" a couple of the boys from biology class asked me.

I didn't know them.  "I... I'd really just like a break for lunch
time," I declined shyly.  "I don't even know you two."

"I'm Jeff, he's Rick," one of them said, smiling easily.

"And you want to be nice to me because Miss Hooker suggested it might
be an easy way to get laid, right?" I said accusingly.

"Well... yes, that's right," Rick nodded, hanging his head a little.
"We won't bother you any more, Karen.  Come on, Jeff."  He started
walking away.  Jeff hesitated a moment, then followed him.

I bit my lip.  "Hey... wait a minute!" I called out, blushing, and
hurried to catch up to them.  At least they were honest.  I felt like
I could use a friend or two right then.  "I'll have lunch with you if
you want!"

We went through the lunch line, then sat at a table.  The guys sat
across from me.

"It must be kind of hard to admit to a whole class that you're horny,"
Jeff said.  "Does it bother you to have to do stuff like that?"

"It's pretty embarrassing," I admitted.  "The whole week is going to
be embarrassing!"

"I heard you have to shower in the guy's locker room after gym," Rick

"That's true."  I took a bite of my ham sandwich.  I wasn't very
hungry, but thought I'd better eat something.

"Do they... touch you?"

I blushed again.  "No, they just watch, and make me pose for them in
the shower."

"Would you like to be touched by the guys watching you take a shower?"
Jeff asked me teasingly.

I looked at him nervously.

"You said it made you horny," he shrugged.  "Miss Hooker said that was
a normal reaction to those circumstances.  Sexual arousal is pretty
much defined as the desire to have sexual contact, wouldn't you say?
So if it makes you horny to have a bunch of guys watching you shower,
you'd probably enjoy being touched."

"Well, no, I..." I started to object.

"Tomorrow when you're showering in front of the guys, think about how
it would feel to have them just reach out and have their hands on your
body" he suggested with a smile.

I blushed, but took another bite of my sandwich so I wouldn't have to

"What are the most difficult things you've had to do?" Rick asked me.

"Oh.  I guess... taking off my clothes yesterday at first.  Both days
in biology were pretty hard."

"What about the best parts?  I hope it hasn't all been miserable!"

"Well..."  I tried to think about a positive side.  "I guess...
swimming in the pool was all right.  I had a kind of nice conversation
with a boy yesterday, after gym class."  I smiled a little.  "It was
very nice getting dressed at the end of the day yesterday, too."

He chuckled.  The guys were both done with their lunches, and I didn't
want any more of mine.  Rick took our trays to the trash bin, then we
all walked toward the cafeteria door.

"Karen... stay still for a minute, okay?" Rick told me.  He moved
close to me and pulled me against him, and gave me a hug.  I was
surprised, but it felt so nice... I hugged him back and buried my face
in his shoulder.  He didn't pull away until I let go.

"T-thanks!" I told him.  "I *needed* that."

"Want another?" Jeff asked, and I nodded; he hugged me, too.

"Thanks..." I said, smiling at them.  "Thanks to both of you!"

"So do we both get laid?" Jeff asked, then immediately added, "Just

I giggled a little.  I still had to face the crowded hallway, but I
felt better than I had for the two tough days.

The two escorted me to English class, then left me so they could go to
their own classes.  Mrs. Thompson, who must have been nearing
retirement age, looked at me a little disapprovingly as I took my
seat.  The others in the class looked at me, too.  I sat quietly
through English class, and was happy not to get called on for her

Finally, it was time to head to government class.  Once again, Mr.
Hansen, the young government teacher, didn't do a very good job of
concentrating on teaching; he was trying to look at me and also
teach at the same time.  It didn't work; the class tittered again
and again as he kept making mistakes that turned into crude comments.
He was sweating from embarrassment, and it was also difficult for me.

But finally the class was done.  I hurried out of class and out to the
front door where the box was where I'd been required to leave my

"Miss Wagner?"  The principal called out, and I stopped at his office.

"How did today go?" he asked me.

"Oh... fine, mostly, I guess," I said hurriedly.  I wanted to go get

"Are you having a good time doing it?" he asked curiously.  "We *do*
want you to enjoy the experience, you know."

"Well... no!" I told him, blushing and also astonished.  "It's
awfully humiliating to be singled out to go through school with no
clothes, Mr. Harrison!"

He looked at me thoughtfully.  "Hmm.  Well, Miss Wagner, I guess I'd
say to you that no one promised any of us that life would be easy all
of the time.  The task of all of us, through our lives, is to learn to
deal with problems and adversity, to succeed in addition to dealing
with them, and to live good lives.  I think this program will help
you to do that.  I call on you to find a way to make the situation
into a positive, rather than concentrating on only the obvious

I thought for a moment, struggling with whether to just ask to be
excused.  "Positives?" I asked him finally.  "What positives would
those be?"

He looked surprised.  "Well, for you personally, the main one is the
opportunity to grow, I would think.  Would you say you haven't learned
anything in the last couple of days?  Anything at all?  You don't have
to answer now.  Think about that one."

I shrugged slightly.

"Then there are the other students.  I think they're learning a lot
from observing you.  Most of the boys seem to be enjoying it a lot.
It is worthwhile in itself to provide enjoyment for others, Miss

"I never expected the school system to require me to do it in this
way," I told him uncomfortably.

He shrugged.  "You can come to enjoy it if you want to," he stated
matter of factly.  "And if you don't want to, no one can help you at
all.  I suggest you think about that as well."

"Can I go now?" I asked, kind of defiantly.

He nodded, and I hurried out the front door, and was relieved to
finally get dressed.

I thought about it a lot after I got home, though.  My parents... the
school principal... all thought this was a good thing.  It seemed like
they had usually had my best interests in mind in the past!

It is hard for a teenager to admit that someone else knows more than
she does.  I knew that, intellectually, but it seemed like it was time
to try to really apply it.


When my parents got home, they came up to my room.  "Got time to
talk?" my dad asked.

"Yeah, come on in," I said, and they both did.

We talked about it for a long time.  It was an uncomfortable
discussion for me, but I tried to listen and understand what they were
telling me.

They didn't think I should be so shy.  They thought I should be proud
of myself and my body.  They thought it should be fun and exciting for
me to spend a week in school in the nude, and wished I was enjoying it

"How about you, Mom?" I asked her pointedly.  "How would you feel about
doing the same thing at work?"

She blushed.  "Oh.  Well, that's different," she started out.  Then
she shook her head.  "Not that different, I guess," she admitted.

"Your mother will get her chance soon enough," Dad said, smiling.  She
looked alarmed, but I could see she would ask him about it later on.
I was also sure she'd do what he wanted.

We went downstairs for dinner, dropping the conversation.  But I kept
thinking about it, and so was quiet while we ate.

I asked a few further questions while Jimmy was doing the dishes.

"Do you think I should be running around naked outside of school?" I
asked my dad.

He settled back in his chair.  "Hmm.  At home, of course, you can do
what you want.  You haven't run around naked since you were a little
girl, but you could if you wanted to."

I nodded and desperately thought about how to phrase my question.

"Did he answer what you wanted to know, dear?" my mother asked.

I took a breath and shook my head.

"Go ahead," she told me, smiling.

"What about... other places?" I managed, blushing.  "School is very...
public.  Am I expected to give up my clothes in other public places?"

"Is that such a terrible thought?" she asked me.  I sat stiffly and
listened but didn't say anything.  "If it's safe enough... if it seems
like fun... it'll surely make many young men happy to see you that
way... so why not?  Once in a while, anyway.  Or whenever."

"Also not so young men," my father added.  My mother smiled.

"How about... other things?  Sex?" I asked.  "Do you want me to be
more promiscuous?"  I blushed harder.

"Do you want to?" my father asked.

I shrugged nervously.

"Things have changed a lot in the last few years," he told me.  "I
suggest you try lots of different things.  Try everything you can.
You're young."

My brother walked in about then.  "Hey, what are you guys talking

We evaded his question and changed the topic.  After a while I went
out for a walk, going down residential streets, then walking through
the downtown.

According to my parents, I could just... take off my clothes and walk
in the nude, right down the sidewalk on Main Street.  I shied away
from the idea, but walked along thinking about what I'd discussed
with them.

I stopped in front of a store and gazed in the window looking at the
bikinis, but really thinking about the unusual activities for the
week.  After a few minutes, I turned and continued walking.

I wasn't watching where I was going, and ran right into someone.  We
both fell on the sidewalk.  I apologized profusely as I was getting

It was Mike, with whom I shared gym class.  "Oh.  Hi, Mike!" I said.

"I thought it was you.  I just came across the street to say hello,"
he said, smiling pleasantly.  "It, uh... it's different seeing you in

I blushed, then giggled.  "I guess so!"

"Mind if I join you?" he asked, and when I shook my head, he walked
along with me.  He was nice enough not to bring up nudity for a while.
In fact, he bought me an ice cream sundae, then suggested an out of
the way spot to go so I could enjoy it without worrying about other
school mates harrassing me.

I unloaded on him.  "I can't believe this week in school!" I said.
"My parents think it's great, the principal told me I should think
of it as a positive... it's so humiliating for me, the one who
actually has to do it, that I almost can't stand it!"

He listened, and I complained about the situation at length.  But
about the 4th time I said it wasn't fair, he shrugged.  "I don't think
it's quite that bad," he told me seriously.

"You... don't?"  I felt kind of hostile toward him right then.

"Take it easy!" he cautioned me, then went on.  "No, I don't.  You've
very pretty.  It's not just me; everyone thinks so.  What if you
weren't?  *Then* it would be pretty bad.  What if you were that
freshman girl who was so terrified she had to go to a psychiatrist?
She's going to have to do it all over again another week, too.  How
about that?  But she'll be all right, too.  She'll get over her
problem, and some day she'll be glad she did it.  You're fine right
now, Karen.  Not that I think it's easy, for you or any of the girls;
it's clearly not.  But *you're* fine."

I blushed again.

"Done with your ice cream?"  I nodded, and he disposed of my cup.

We walked along a side street.  He didn't say anything, just walked
along, looking around at cars going by, houses we were walking past,
and trees.

"Mike?" I ventured tentatively.  "I hope you're not mad at me."

He smiled, shaking his head.  "I was hoping you weren't mad at me," he
admitted.  "I'm not the one who has to go to school with no clothes,
after all."

"My parents think I should... try it in other places as well," I told
Mike, blushing.

"Going bare?"

I nodded.

"Maybe it would help you be more comfortable when you have to take
your clothes off for school," he offered, looking at me cautiously.

"I guess... it's legal for me to do it anywhere."  I blushed, looking
at the street nervously.

"Yeah, they repealed the indecent exposure laws for girls and women,"
Mike agreed con