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No-Strings-Sex Teen Street-Gang Mayhem

2022-09-11 00:16:27

Names changed as all-ways to protect the guilty.I was around 18 and 19 years of age during this time in my life. I'm pretty sure the gang has folded.

Late Shopping, meet a guy
So It was the weekend and I took my mini-skirted bare-ass off for a walk downtown to look around the shops.
I had sneaked out the back door, ha ha! And I had dressed myself up to look like a tart or a hooker. It was wild and fun and horny, (but fuck if I was going to bother frigging my wet cunt).

So...Hello Freedom!
A New Arrival - me!

Not even a girlfriend linked on the arm! I was all by myself, a young and hot late-teen.
I was a sexually experienced young woman (I had been to high-school to learn after-all - ha ha !)

So there I was from clothing-shop to music-store having a browse through the records. That's vinal 12 inches back then, so showing my age, in an era before CDs and DVDs had taken over.
And there was no internet either !

As I was leaning over, flipping through the album covers, I had not given thought to my short skirt and no knickers display. Not that I would have cared at such fun!

So this young hot guy moves along to stand next to me and I feel someone touch me in a naughty way! oh wow that's wild I thought. His fingers moved over my ass to my pussy and came into contact with my cunt which he rubbed casually in the store. He was making me hot!

I peeked over at him and he was smiling back at me. I opened my legs for him and he slipped his finger inside my wet pussy like a bad bad girl for a bad bad boy!

He whispered that this was bad boy gang turf.
That impressed me and I gasped.
oh my!
So we conspired together like lovers and he agreed to introduce me to them.

Wow, what an adventure this was turning out to be!

Meet the Gang (such as it is anyway)
We went outside the closing store and 'Hot Rider' told me.. (even the handles have been changed but you get the idea...) ...that I would have to wait around for some time after the stores had shut up shop for the gang to appear. And that I should lick his dick in the alley that led to a delivery yard round the back of the shops.

So I agreed breathlessly to do fellatio on him and we walked off to turn into the alley for our illicit fun.

He stopped and unzipped his jeans and got his cock out in front of me so I crouched down and held his dick, licking upon him. Then I took him into my wet mouth and played with his cock using my tongue.
It was driving me wild and horny and I was dripping wet as I sucked his dick. I slid my fingers between my leg and played with my wet cunt as I sucked on his dick.
I cum still with his dick in my mouth and was rewarded for being a good girl with a mouth-full of his cum.
I swallowed it.

Fucked in the Alley by her guy, like a slut
The gang had arrived and were impressed with the new cock-sucker that Hot-Rider had found. They had been watching me do him. So that was an compromising introduction.

Hot Rider introduced me to the Gang-Leader who was called Hot Rod (the turbo thruster).
Guys and cars I suspected?

Others turned up all the time, all girls to my surprise.

There was 'Pussy in Boots', known as Pussy in the gang but as Boots before the hostile enemy; like the police 'girl guides' and the 'church boys' (wankers, went up the chant).
She wore a jacket over a very short dress.

Then there was 'Glam Gill who takes the pill', also known as Wet Clam? to hide her identity...(though she later told me her real name was not Gill anyway).
So why wet Clam?
"yeh because of my boss. he fucks my wet clam," she confided to me in-front of the gang.
"I'll show you the cum he puts in my pussy."

And she did!
"That's just-in from my Boss" she bitched one time, holding up her mini-skirt and showing us all her bare pussy with cum over it.
evil !

And some strange or even disturbed others like Pipe Cleaner, just some cock-sucking bitch spy for the church boys. "Useless Cunt" the Leader called her when she was not around.
I didn't like her either.

Cat Claw was stand-offish, ignoring us all, smoking a cigarette and looking wretched. Katty, the Leader called her, or Kit Kat as a cover. Pussy used to refer to her as Kitty Kat.
"If she attacks you don't let her pull your hair, just slug her one," Pussy informed me. "She falls down real easy."
oh my! that's thuggish.

But before the introductions had to come the initiation into the gang!
wow yes please! or rather, 'sure thing'.

So Hot Rider introduced me to the leader for initiation.
The leader told me to walk into the alley and say hello to Lucifer.
....The what?!!!

...so anyway...I walk off from the gang and turned into the alley where I had given Hot Rider a blow-job.
The alley was dark and empty, lit only by the neon light of the closed shops. No one was there.
I head foot steps behind me!
Oh no, who was this?

well, not some supernatural myth that was for sure!

The leader's voice sounded behind me.
"Don,t turn round. You have not said hello to Lucifer yet.""
"There is no-one here?....ok then... 'Hello Lucifer'" I chimed into the empty back street wondering if some guy would jump out.

we waited. nothing happened.

"He isn't the most sociable demon" I joked.
"Evil is all around, Gemma the cocksucker, now known as Cim-C".
His words sent a shiver down my spine.

Then he pushed me forwards, and I bent over.
He lifted up my skirt and slapped my cunt with his dick!
Then he shoved his dick up my cunt and held onto my hips and fucked me!
I gasped as I felt his cock up inside of me.

I stood there bent forward and legs apart as he fucked my silly cunt in the dark and some-how sinister alley.
fuck fuck fuck...., the noise of our sex was the only sound. Plus a few giggles from behind us.
Then he shouts out
"Turbo Trust engaged!!"
WTF? I thought as he shafted my wet pussy.
He began fucking me much faster on his way to orgasm.
He pounded my pussy fast and told me to take it!
So I did.
He roared and cum up my cunt flooding my hot insides and making my legs and tits wobble in orgasm.

oh wow that was fun!

So having been whetted by Lucifer I could now be introduced to the rabble with their outlandish names.
I was entitled to their protection now if I ever needed it.
They showed me a gang sign and call. But that is secret.

waiting for the gang-bangers for a delivery-yard orgy
Pussy took me under her wing.
She told me she knew a good store for shoplifting! She would take me there some time.
oh my, this was bad!
She told me the ....(well let us say Mr N the black)... would come round to the gang-meet to sell cannabis.
And that we worship Lucifer. Sometimes, to invoke protection and scare people. It was magic, it freaked people out.
I could see that.

I asked her why the leader called me Cim-C?
"Cum-In-Mouth, C-I-M, get-it?"
Then she took me into the alley and explained other whore terms to me.
"OWO means Oral-With-Out, that means Oral sex with-out a condom....need to swallow the cum too" she added. "Not with a K for Kim."

"They have gone for a cup of tea and will later be in The Gang-Bang Bar....the others call it by its official name. But we don't among ourselves and friends. You can join them if you want to...I'm...Just waiting...."

"waiting for what?"

"the gang-bangers. They turn up and rape me. But they are late. Want to watch? hide behind the bin and hope they don't find you, Cim."
I grinned and we walked into the delivery yard.
"no CCTV here Cim" she tells me.

I stood against the wall in the dark as the gang-bangers arrived marching along the alley.
They grabbed Pussy and forced her to bend over as she squealed in delight. They pulled her tits out and shoved up her dress to reveal her wet cunt bush and her fat ass.
Then they forced cock into her mouth for her to suck and shoved dick up her wet cunt, to fuck Pussy.
Wow this was hot!

They noticed that I was there and grabbed me and put me next to Pussy who was getting fucked at both ends!
They bent me over and pulled off my skirt revealing my ass and cunt. And they pulled up my top to reveal my tits to the night air and their lust-full eyes!

Then they shoved a cock into my mouth for me to suck and pushed another up my pussy to fuck me.
That made me cum like crazy, and I could see and smell Pussy's cunt being fucked next to me.

Watching them fuck her and dump their cum up her cunt made me orgasm after orgasm.

When They had all cum in us, they left, threatening to knife me if I told the police about it.

We stood up and I picked up my skirt. We put our tits away and made ourselves look normal. Cum was flooding from our cunts and down our legs.

"Wow I cum" I told her. "great sex."
She looked knowingly at me.
"I cum too...watching your wet stinking cunt being fucked and cumed in like a slut made me orgasm like mad" she said. "It stink good" she added kindly.

My new bosom buddy (I guess)
We went off to join the others, wearing the cum as trophies to our bad-girl reputation.
Arm in arm we had become close friends, that was to last after the gang split up and got older (I think)

Cat Claw later turned out to be Hot Rod's girlfriend! Hot Rod had fucked all of the girls! He liked fucking me and Pussy - Cat said she couldn't care less, and Pipe-Cleaner was busted as a spy (she found out we all knew that) and later went mad. It was the acid tabs from spiked drinks by the church girls.

And when the police shaked us down, Hot Rod smiled with pride as the radio listed his CV of crimes....
Shop-lifting...public affray....common assault....public indecency... suspected attempted rape....or something...of some frigid cow...assault on a police officer....
The police all-ways bristled at that last one.

Pussy had lots of crimes; shoplifting, loitering, resisting arrest, assault, prostitution, public indecency...vandalism...possession of a class C controlled substance...
She told me that she grew out of it all - except the prostitution.
And that like me, she was only in it for the protection and the sex. Because we had to fuck who ever Hot Rod said. That was cool !

And that her name was Donna, though that might not be her real name...

Best things about being in a gang ? ...The bouncers let us in or told us to fuck off for being the wrong gang-members not welcome here (or safe). Muggers said we were ok and let us walk past ! They even knew my code-name or gang-name! Even the police seemed to shug, and give up on us! which was neat. No BS.

Worst things about being in a gang. The guy with a gun. that's major league scary. Kidnapped for sex by guys in a car - so they is banging his bitches! Actually that last bit was fun. And some store detectives used to glare at me and search me even though I had not done anything! That made shopping difficult.

The Best Laugh?
Well, Hod Rod found a place in the high street where the CCTV camera was blocked from viewing - a black spot, and that was where he used to have us lie down and be fucked.
Also worked for doggy-style but not standing sex.
Now that was funny!