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Nothing better than love

2023-01-09 00:30:17

Twenty Questions

Before her father died, Amber thought her life couldn’t get worse. Until it happened. Josh, her father, was a trucker often away from home. He most often transported motorcycle parts to different states. As for her mother not even God knew where she was during Ambers youth. Josh reluctantly reassured her that she would be home any day. That was the only thing that got her up in the mornings. Until that fateful day. Amber had joined her father for this certain trip. He was assigned to drop off a load of motorcycle parts at a Harley Davidson shop roughly 2 days away. She was packed in less than 5 minutes and eager to leave home. Amber, at the age of 11, hoped to spot her mother on the way to South Dakota. Her father highly doubted it but never let her give up hope.
They where approximately 71 minutes from arriving at the shop. It was nearing midnight and the night was cool and damp. Though shed slept very little during their travels and she was nearing exhaustion, she refused to close her eyes in fear that she might miss a sighting of her mother. The only proof Amber had of her mother, Mays, existence was a small picture of them together enclosed in a circular locket around her neck. Amber must have been five in that picture. She didn’t care. She was determined to spot Amy.
“Are you this is me Papa?” She often questioned. “I don’t remember having short blonde hair.”
“Of coarse Im sure. You change the most physically during your baby years,” he lied.
“Im not a baby!” she demanded.
“I know. But you were.”
As suddenly as the silence was replaced, it was violently taken over by the sounds of screams and metal thrashing around. The truck had hit something. Hard. Amber screamed as her father flew through the shattered windshield. Luckily, Amber was fastened in properly and was only shaken up. Finally, when the totaled truck came to a complete stop, she jumped out of her seat and cried for help. It was 12:23 and they were miles from any civilization. Amber stumbled down the grassy ditch where Josh had landed. He wasnt moving.
“Daddy!” She pleaded. He gurgled a cough and looked up tp her bright eyes filled with tears. Soon blood came running out his mouth and nose. Amber was violently crying and screaming.
“Dont leave me papa!” Thats when it hapend. She heard the words she would never forget. The very words that would change her life.
”Don’t…dont ever give up” he barely gurgled. “you here me?”
That was it. Those were the last words shed ever hear from her father. Barely able to breath, she stood up and looked around her. Her checks where staind with tears. Soon, fate stepped in. Only moments later a small car drove up. Amber just fell to the ground and sat there. Her yellow flowerd skirt becoming drenched from her fathers blood and the dew on the grass. Amber didn’t cry for help. Nor did she run onto the highway to get the cars attention. She was in total shock. Never had she felt so cold in her life. So alone. The car came to a slow halt and a small women and a tout man came running over to her aid. They where franticly questioning her. Amber couldnt make out a word of it. Her surrounding became blurry and the words said to her sounded like people talking with mouths full of food. Slowly she drifted off into a new life.
Now, at 28, Amber worked full time at an Italian restaurant. She waded tables and cleared dishes. Amber was a very attractive women. Long brown strait hair, big auburn eyes, soft and toned skin, a full ass, long legs, and perfect breasts. She often received slaps or squeezes on the butt from men. Soon she was accustomed to that and it never fazed her. Amber enjoyed her life. She lived in apartment in Northern California and had an above-decent income. That was all thanks to the week knees of her boss who she coaxed into giving her a higher wage by sexual means. But that was years ago. Now her boss and she had a great friendly relationship. No more monthly coaxing. He continued paying her extra because he admired and respected her. Jack must have been fifty something now. She never bothered to ask.
Amber was completely content with her life. She had saved a couple thousand to take a vacation to meet some old friends back home in Washington. One of them in particular. Cody Bennim. What a piece of work. Funny, original, very manly. Hed grown up in Texas and knew how to handle things. They had been acquainted for 4 years now. Cody often came down to visit her and go to the beach to catch up. There was obviously a force of attraction between the two. At least from what she had seen.
It was her turn. Shed surprise him and invite herself to stay for a week or so. Amber had her bags ready to go. She would leave early in the morning for her 7 AM flight. It was 2:00AM when she finally drifted off fantasizing about Cody.
BEEP BEEP. Three hours later Amber jumped to her feet, showered, dressed, and grabbed her stuff. 6:07. Perfect. Within an hour she was waiting anxiously for the plain to leave the ground and set off for Washington. While waiting in her seat near the window, she began to day dream about Cody, of course, When she was abruptly interrupted.
“Hi.” Amber bounced out of her dream and looked around.
“Sorry to startle you. The names Chase Mayford. I guess Ill be sitting with you for the trip up.”
Amber gathered her consciences and looked over to him. She stared in awe at the extremely attractive guy standing in front of her with a white-toothed smile on his face.
“Amber. Amber Johns,” she barely grabbed the words from her throat.
For some reason, all thought of Cody left her mind.
“Pleasure,” he returned. His voice was cool and seductive.
Chase was 29 and very fit. Like Amber, he had a bumpy childhood. His mother died when he was 9 and he was raised only by his father. Which was obviously the source of his manor.
“Why you headed to Washington?” he said while throwing a brief case into the over head compartments.
Why had it been so hard to reply? There she was 5 minutes ago thinking about it. And now, she had lost all memory of why the hell she was on that plain.
Franticly searching her brain, she finally recollected the thought.
“Oh, just visiting some friends. You?”
”Same.” He replied
Chase had never seen a women so beautiful. Her long hair covering her shoulders down to the tip of her lime green V-neck knitted sweater. Her eyes glistened in the sunlight pouring in through the small window. Instantly, his mind drifted to what he wished he could to with her. To her. They sat there for several moments. Eyes locked on each others. It was as if they were communicating telepathically. It wasn’t words that where exchanged, but feelings. For some reason, she had never felt so complete. And he had never felt so anxious to do her slut ass right. They both jumped when the ladies at the front started welcoming the passengers through the intercom. Chase chuckled. They had merely exchanged 10 words to each other and she felt like she had known him her whole life. Amber cleared her thought and pretended to listen to the ladies in front. Chase noticed her fumble with the I-pod in her hands. She had taken in out before he took his seat. He smiled when she shoved it away into her hand bag. That meant she was willing to talk to him. Maybe, if he played his cards right, he could convince her to meet after the plan landed. Chase had done this many a time but he could tell this Amber girl would he a tough one. The seatbelt light went off and he fastened hers for her. Feeling him reach over her lap had her breathing unsteadily.
“Th—Thanks” she managed to gasp.
“No problem.”
Soon the plan was off the ground and she caught her eyes wonder to him again.
”Want a picture? I can even sign it for you.”
”Yeah that would be great. Make it out to you admiring fan, Amber”
He laughed again. Sincerely. Amber smiled and let out a little giggle. Then, to his surprise, she took out her cell phone and snapped a picture of him. This might be easier than he thought.
”Chase huh?” she smirked
”Amber huh?” he replied
Automaticly she asked for his number. It was almost a robotic response. Amber often took pictures of her friends and added their numbers to her cell phone.
”Whats your num—“ She realized that she didnt even know the guy and apologized.
he replied with his number without hesitation.
At first she sat there in shock that he actually told her. She smiled, said fine, and started punching in the numbers.
”Are you originally from Cali?” he asked while taking out his cell phone.
“No. Washington. Thats why Im here remember?”
Chase undid the little buckle and let the table fall to his lap. He took out a piece of paper and started righting on it and handed it to her. While she read, he took a picture of her.
”I need your number too you know. Just to be fair.”
”Oh, right" She answered with hers not taking her eyes off the slip.


It gets noisy on these things and I dont want to miss a word you say. So lets just write it down. I know this is grade school stuff but I think its fun.

She read the note, smiled and undid her buckle. He handed her a pen and wrote:


Ok. Are we gonna play 20 questions or some thing? Ill start
1.how old are you? Or young if you prefer .i’m 28

He took the paper and frowned.


29. and I prefer young. My favorite number is 8
2.what is your natural hair color? Mine is black. As it is now.

Brown. dark brown
3. are you single? Im kind of questioning it for myself right now

Chase read the paper and tried to pull of a sad, pittiful look on his face.


Yes. But not at all desperate.
4.Ever married? Never for me

Amber accepted the paper and read. She was slightly disturbed by the question.


Once. I was cheated. Only lasted a year.
5. how long is this flight?

When he read the paper he look at her and smirked. Next, he made up something to keep her on the lure.

Why? Already sick of me? Its like 1 1/2 hours or so. Maybe more
6. Do you feel like you know everything about me? Because I feel like ive known you for years
Amber read and smiled.

Ya know thats exactly what I think. Kind of weird
7.How long are you stayin up there? Im gonna be a week

2 weeks.
8. what part of Washington you stayin in? Ill be in Seattle.

That would work. He had a friend there who would let chase use his apertment and call it his own.

She read the slip of paper and hesitated to reply.


Everson. Thats where I grew up. Ive got a bunch of old time friends who are begging me to come up.

Oh cool. Give me the address and Ill give you a copy of our conversation. Who knows? Maybe youll want to keep it.

At the time, Amber didnt even realize she was giving her address to this guy shed met nearly an hour ago. So assuming nothing of it, replied.


The address is 3345 blackbird. Its an old friends house.

He read the comment and seemed to study it over and over. As if he was trying to memorize it. Something in his eyes startled her. He seemed to sence her stare crumpled up the paper and put it in his rear pocket. He looked to Amber and told her it was a stupid idea and they should just talk.
She smiled werily and looked out the window.
”have any relatives?” he questioned.
Usualy that sort of question didnt bother her. But when he asked it, he seemed interested. too interested.
“no my dad died when I was a kid and I dont know where my mom is.” She did her best to keep it simple as to avoid giving this complete stranger too much information.

Cody knew all too well that Amber was planning to visit. He couldnt wait. Things between them were rarely kept under wraps. He had big feelings for this women and planned to propose to her as soon as she stepped out of that terminal. Cody was searching through the dozen cases of glass protected rings. All of the shiny jewels were beautiful winking up at him as if to plead to be picked. He must have gone through 5 or 6 times. But he was determind to find the right one. The perfect ring. For this perfect girl he wanted so much to spend the rest of his life with. He would call her evernight around 8 to check in and say hi. Amber had told him she was going camping with some friends for the week so it would be no use to call. He knew she was lieing and loved the way she would suprise him like this. His dark green eyes gazed over the shiny diamonds one last time and he finally picked one out. Single diamond stud 14k gold. Perfect. Simple, yet full of boundless beauty. Just like Amber.

”I need to use the restroom. Ill be right back.” Amber was getting really uncomfortable around this Chase guy. He even put his hand on her thigh for an instant. she jumped to her feet and slide her cellphone into her back jean pocket. As her butt went by his face (which was practically un avoidable) she could feel his pulse intensify. She almost ran down the isle to the small-secluded bathroom.
“Oh shit!” she yipped. Amber realized that that guy had her cell number, and address. At that moment there was only one person shed like to see. Cody. Amber pulled out her cell phone and pressed the speed dial button to contact him. The phone rang twice and he answered.
”hey there” he teased.
”hi cody” she replied wearily.
”How are things? Are you ok babe?” The concern in her voice scared him.
”no things arent ok. Theres some guy im sitting next to who is basiclly harassing me!”
There was a long pause. Cody stood silently trying to take in this startling news.
”Im sorry. Its not your fault.”
“I know. What do you mean sitting next to you? Has he hurt you? Are you ok?”
Amber silently cursed to herself. She would just have to tell him
“Cody, Im on a plane. Im coming to visit.”
“I know. Im at the airport waiting for you. But who is this guy?”
“really! Great! I cant wait to see you!”
“yeah its been too long. Please tell me whats going on!”
The concer in his voice calmed her and let her know he truly cared. It had only been 2 weeks since he last came down. At that moment, there was nothing she wanted more than to be in his safe strong arms.
“Would you be mad if I said I loved you?” That was the first time shed ever mentioned loving him.
“Yes, very.” He said sarcasticly. “I wanted to say it first”
A tear formed in the corner of her eye. Not of sorrow, but of passion. There had been a smoldering coal between them for so long. She hoped it would soon birth into flame.
“Well, your plan lands in a half an hour. Find a new seat and just wait it out. Ok babe?”
She sniffed and knew she should do just that. So she did.
“I love you.” he said sincerely
”And I love you back”
“See you in a little”
The call ended and she hugged her phone.
Amber left the bathroom and found an empty seat near the back. She would pick up her luggage when she left the plane. Shit! Her purse! She left it on her seat. Everything was there. Next to that man who seemed to manipulate her nerves. Amber told herself to calm down.
Chase became frustrated at her absence and stood to search for her. When he spotted her sitting there with fear in her eyes, there was movement beneath his belt buckle. Seeing helpless women in fear was what turned him on. As soon as he started walking towards the back, he was forced back into his seat.
“Im sorry dear, your going to need to wait.”
That familiar beep sounded and it was time to buckle up for landing.
“We’ll be on the ground shorty.” The withered, white haired women smiled and walked back to her attendant seat in the rear.
“Damn it” he mumbled and assumed his chair. He would just have to wait for her to pass upon exiting

The plan landed and Amber was anxious to get the hell off this plain. She’d told herself to calm down and that cody would be there for her in only moments.
Chase studied her as the passengers departed the plan. He’s decided to let her live a little longer and find her later this week. As she passed him, trying her hardest to look away, he grabbed her hand. Amber gasped and looked to him with terrified eyes. Once again, his manhood shifted,.
“Your purse” he said sternly.
She flashed a smile, snatched it from him and scurried off the plan.
Ambers eyes franticly searched the terminal for cody. She was beegining to panic and just as she was pulling out her cellphone, someone grobbed her wrist.
She screamed and spun around.
“Hey! Hey, hey. Its ok its me.”
The instant she realized it was cody she threw herself in his arms. He hugged her back and shushed her to slow her breathing.
“what is going on here?” he demanded.
For several moments, she just stood there, eyes shut tight, in his arms and listend to the hurried travelers searching for there gates. Cody, being patient, let her gather her thoughts and take as much time as she needed to talk. That was one of the things that made her love him more. Patients.
“it’s ok… its nothing. Just a scare.”
“must have been pretty bad then. Your shaking.” He lifted her chin and searched her eyes for the source of her fear.
Amber smiled and shut off her thoughts.
“just get me out of here. please”
“of course” Cody swept her off her feet and carried her to the baggage claim the whole time with her laughing and him kissing her randomly all over. That had helped amber more than he could have thought possible. She didn’t care that hundreds of eyes where watching them in envy, pity, or disgust. As long as he was there, nothing mattered but them. But one pair of eyes watched more angrily and closely then any ones.

“ What a fucking slut!” he almost yelled looking through the glass wall of a bar. Several families turned and frowned. He just looked away and downed another shot.
He watched them turn the corner and picked up the local newspaper to see what he had missed in his home state

“right, so which ones yours?” cody said searching the many similar bags going by.
“ well, its black and it has wheels. You know the ones you can pull.”
“Oh right, because yours is the only one that looks like that.” He said sarcastically.
“Hey, come on mister, I need your help to find my bag!” She punched him in the stomach and he didn’t even flinch.
“are you serious? Is that all you have in that feisty little body?”
“ Of course not” she said with a smirk and grabbed his groin.
“oohoho stop! That’s cheating missy!” he said desperately with what little breath he had.
“say it!” she demanded. “ say mercy!”
“Mercy!” he squealed.
“ and that I’m a tough cookie!”
“Ok ok you’re a tough… tough cookie“
“And that you love me” she said sincerely
He looked to her eyes and smiled.
“Only if you let go first” he said desperately.
She released her grip and stared up at him waiting.
“ I love you so much. More than anyone could love another person in the world!”
Ambers smile went from ear to ear.
“ just I love you would’ve worked,”
She tugged his head to hers and gave him a hot wet kiss.
He looked down at her and then to the conveyer belt.
“ that it?”
she glanced over and said yes.
Cody pulled the bag off the conveyer and threw her on his sturdy rock hard back.
“hang on” he announced. he extended the handle and started heading for the door.
Amber hung on much more than necessary. Not in fear. She just wanted to be as close to him as possible. She closed her eyes, head against his shoulder. Soon they arrived at his green worn out pick up stained with mud.
He dropped Amber carefully, threw the bag in the bed if his truck, and opened the passenger door for her. She smiled and looked out to the far off airport. Parking was usually bad at this airport.
Cody entered the car and reached over her lap to buckle her up. She gasped and smacked his hand away.
He looked to her in shock and asked what was wrong.
“ I’m sorry, really. You just scared me a little.
“you sure your alright?”
“yeah. Lets just get out of here.”
Cody started up his truck and began the drive to his 35-acre ranch.
After and hour of catching up, amber was asleep. He would look over to her every time she moved to make sure she was ok. His gas tank was nearing empty sp he pulled over at the nearest gas station. After filling his tank and paying, he sat in his seat and looked at her. Mouth wide open snoring. He smiled and laughed a little. She was adorable. Truly a treasure. He pulled a little black velvet box from his glove compartment and flipped it open. The ring it barred was beautiful. He looked over to her suddenly very anxious to propose. But not yet. She needed to calm down for a day or so and get used to life on his ranch. She’d been there dozens of times but each was different. After all she was a California girl. Used to cities and apartments. Cody replaced the box and started up the car to continue there drive.

Chase took the bus to his friends apartment complex and started up the stairs.
He knocked the door for several minutes and waited for him to answer.
“ Alex!, Buddy! You in there?”
soon chase felt fast feet coming towards the door.
“ hey hey hey chasy! Oh, I love you man where you been!?”
“Looking for you man! Can I come in?”
“ oh yeah come on in!” he moved aside and let chase enter the disaster of an apartment.
Alex had always been a messy guy. Showered once a week and didn’t own a trashcan. He was a short Hispanic man with black hair and dark eyes. But his appearance was very deceiving. He owned a Mexican restaurant and had quite a bit of money saved up.
“so what brings you here amigo?”
“ just some business issues. I need a place to stay.”
“Your always welcome here bro.”
“yeah. So I thought I could stay here and clean up the place.”
“ oh si! Please do! I have a girl coming here next week anyways!”
“Alex. There’s a catch. You have to leave just for the week is all. And by the time you get back this place will look brand new!”

2 Hours later, Amber and Cody finally started the short dirt road that lead to his house. Amber awoke from the bumpy road.
“ahh shit”. She groaned “my neck!”
he glanced over and smiled. “don’t worry, 24 hour messages on Cody’s ranch.”
She leaned over and kissed his unshaved check. His stubble and distinctly ‘Cody’ scent teased her senses.
She yawned, looked around and leaned her head on his shoulder.
“I love this place.” She said perfectly content.
“I love this place when you’re here”.
She looked up to him and grinned
“oh? And why is that?” she teased
The car entered the garage and came to a stop.
“oh I don’t know. Maybe because I love you and I cant love anything unless your there. Or unless it’s you. But I’m not so sure… I’m still deciding” he replied with a smirk on his face.
He unbuckled himself and let her do hers. He hopped out of the car and opened her door. Without warning she jumped out into his arms. Legs and arms wrapped around his body. He laughed and nearly fell back.
“I wont let go. Ever”
“well fine”, he said “then neither will I.”
His 3 border collies came running up to them barking and wagging their tails. Max, Roody, and Nukobie.
“ I Love your dogs. Maybe more than you. I’m still deciding though”
He looked in her eyes and kissed her on her forehead, cheek, chin, neck, and shoulder. He kicked open the door kissing her all over and finally there lips locked. She let his patient tongue enter her warm wet mouth and a shudder went through both of there bodies. His tongue explored her wonderful mouth. She always tasted so good. Amber reluctantly forced him away to breath.
“not yet Cody.” She said panting “not yet”
“ok your right. Lets get you settled in first”
he tried to drop her on the couch but she wouldn’t budge. Cody looked into her eyes and saw the growing lust. If she didn’t want to, he would be totally ok with it. But damn he wanted her right now.
“Ah hell!” she exclaimed and plunged in for another hot kiss.
He lay down on top of Amber, still wrapped around him, on his small black leather couch he and tore off his shirt.
Ambers’ was next…

All Chase needed now was a car. He’d never been to Everson before but knew where it was. Probably 3 or so hours away. He wanted so bad to do her right. She didn’t deserve to live. Nobody who looked so good did. Before his father died he had told chase that the world was corrupt and certain people needed to be removed in order to have any sort of future. So, that’s what he would make of his life.
“I don’t care about what kind of car it is! Just give me a damn car!” he screamed to the lady behind the Enterprise desk.
“Ok sir just calm yourself. How about a Pontiac?”
“yeah fine whatever.”
He paid, found his car and left to the nearest gun store. He purchased a 8 inch knife and a shotgun. Chase planned to make this one fun.

It was 5:56PM and Cody was preparing a steak dinner. He’d put them in a homemade rub the day before and couldn’t wait for Amber to try it. She’d just got out of the shower when the delicious smell surrounded her.
“oh, that smells great! I have told you you’re the best chef around right?”
“you might have mentioned it before” he replied with a smile.
She was wearing a loose pajama shirt and some sweats. She turned the counter and stood next to him with her hands on his shoulder.
Amber looked around to the familiar surroundings. The new marble counters and wooden cabinets. There was a bar that looked out to the family room. 49ers’ gear and posters hung over his wide screen TV. This boy loved his football.
“Lets go for a horse back ride later.” he suggested
“yeah lets. I call Rockie!” that was her favorite of his 19 horses
“Well than I call Bowinkle! … Oh shit come outside. I gota check the steaks”
He’d put them on the bbq on his deck a while ago.
“that is unless youd like to stay inside.” He said pitifully
“nah, its too hot in here. But that’s the only reason im going out there. You have nothing to do with it!”
“well im just going to check on the steaks. You on my lap on my swinging chair never passed my thoughts.” He said with a smirk while mashing some potatoes.
“well fine then, its settled. I’ll stay in here and you go out side” She said smiling.
“fine!” he took his potatoes and left the kitchen to the BBQ. Only seconds behind him, Amber fallowed.
He turned to look at his stalker. “what’s the deal? Get away from me!”
“Mmm I missed you” she said
“im glad. If you were one second later I would’ve had to come in to look for you.”
Cody took her hand and dragged her to the infamous swinging chair that looked out onto his pack ranch. The sunset was at its brilliant peak reaching over the snowtopped mountains witch further perfected the moment. He sat down and reached his legs onto the length of the chair.
“looks like your gonna have to sit on me.” He said pleased with himself.
“oh really? Hmm” suddenly, she jumped back words and landed her butt on his groin. He lunged forward in pain with a big “OOOO!”
Amber, arms crossed looking at him with a grin on her face, waited for him to do something about his painful situation.
“ ok ok ok get off. You really don’t realize how bad that hurts do you?”
“nope, but you know me. I love seeing you in pain”
panting he looked up to her and shoved her off with a grunt.
“Hey!” she yelled trying to keep her balance.
Cody sat up right and pulled her waist onto the chair.
“you just had to ruin the moment!” he said sarcastically.
“yeah I seem to do that a lot” she replied and leaned her head on his lap. She lay there on her back stretched over the chair staring up at him.
“Life is pretty good huh?” she said staring up at his dark green eyes.
“Only when your in it.” He answered. Cody lifted his gaze to the sunset reaching over the numerous snow toped mountains. Then he thought of the ring he was still anxious to give her.
Not yet he told himself. Give it time.
The steaks where sizzling and crying to be removed from the grill. But cody refused to move in fear that he would disturb his lover.
“Amber?” he said softly
“yes?” she replied. This might be it! She thought. There was no doubt that her answer to proposal would be yes. And she was ready for him to ask too.
“I need to check the steaks” He said sorrowfully. He could tell she was expecting more.
“Oh yeah, sorry.” She lifted her head and let him stand. He stood and walked over to his grill. What the hell was he thinking letting a moment like that pass?
“you know what? Ill be right back ok?”
“alright. Be fast.”
“of course”
He hurried through his house to his car where he left the ring. When he went through the garage to the truck, he noticed a red Pontiac sitting driverless at the end of the dirt road. Cody thought nothing of it and opened the car door.

Only moments after Cody left, someone threw his hand over Ambers mouth. She tried to scream but his grip was tight. He picked her up off her feet, wrapped some tape around her mouth and carried her over his shoulder and around the house. Amber moaned and pounded on the masked figures back. He stood at the front corner of the house and looked around the corner. As soon as the guy she was with left inside the garage, he started running as fast as he could to his awaiting car. Once they arrived, He threw her in the back and hurried to the drivers seat.

“So I was think—“ where was she? Just minutes ago, she was awaiting him on the chair. There was a sound of a screeching tires out in front.
“ Shit!” he exclaimed, and hurried inside. He grabbed his Browning pistol from a kitchen drawer and ran thru the house to the front. Cody, being an ex Marine, had 2 shotguns a sniper rifle and several handguns. The car was roughly 25 yards away. He aimed for the back tire of the plate less car and shot. Cody had always had good aim. Thank god for that right now.
The car swerved and hit a barbed wire fence. Whoever was driving ditched the car and started running for it. Cody sprinted to the abandoned car and look in through the window at ambers terrified eyes. He broke in a window and opened the door. His strong arms pulled her out. he plucked her from the car and set her on the trunk.
Cody gingerly removed the tape from her face and untied the ropes around her arms. Without hesitation, he picked her up and carried her back to his house. Cody would let her catch her breath for as long as she needed before she was willing to talk. Amber was still sobbing when they entered his house. He sat down on a kitchen stool with her still in his arms. Thoughts rushed through his head. What if he’d taken her? He wouldn’t be able to live with himself. At the thought, he tightened his grip around his almost lost girl. Ambers tears faded and they both sat there silently in his now dark kitchen. Cody lifted her chin and locked his gaze to hers. The fear in her eyes was truly haunting.
“I’ll get him. Ill get that bastard if it’s the last thing I do.”
She just buried her head in his shoulder again.
The time was now 9:21 and he carried her to his bed and carefully climbed in bed with Amber still attached to his chest like a leach. He wasn’t at all tired. Adrenaline was still pumping through his veins. Cody would force himself asleep because he did not dare to leave her side at this point. But he’d fallen asleep faster than expected thinking about what he would do to track this guy down.

Chase’s plan failed miserably. He’d have to wait till she was alone. That slut needed to leave that man whore for just minutes. That’s all he needed. Next time he’d have to be more stealthy upon departure. He had just checked into a cheep motel for the night. He wouldn’t attack tomarrow. Before his next attempt he needed to spook her some more.
He needed to kill some more people.

It was 8:40AM now on a damp wedsday morning. Amber was snoring asleep next to him. Snoring never bothered him. He thought it was adorable.
“Hey, im gona jump in the shower ok?” he whisperd as to not wake her from her deep sleep.
“No” she mumbled “wait for me”
“babe, you need more sleep just relax.”
she opened her eyes slightly and stared into Cody’s. he lay next to her staring into her beautiful eyes. His broad muscular chest was bear. Cody had fallen asleep with a shirt, jeans and boots on but after the hot night only jeans remained.
Amber stroked the hair on his muscular chest and smiled.
“I love it when you do that.” She said
“You pet your head when your happy.”
Sure enough he was playing with his thick, black hair. He hadn’t even noticed.
“you caught me” he said with a smile.
Amber scooted closer and planted a kiss on his still unshaven cheek.
“sorry bout the beard. I havnt had time to shave.”
“no don’t be. I love it like this.”
He smiled, took her hand, and kissed each of her finger tips.
“ I don’t want to move”
“then don’t” he suggested.
“ Ok.”
Her eyes shut again and he reached over to play with her hair.
“I absolutely love your hair. It’s so soft and beautiful.”
“Mmm yours too.” She mumbled.
Cody closed the gap between them and turned her around. He spooned her against him and kissed her head. Never had either of them been so unwilling to leave each other.

An hour later Amber woke to the smells of bacon and pancakes.
She slowly sat up and left the bed to go find Cody.
“Feed me” she said grudging into the morning sun filled room.
Cody dropped the spatula he was using and came over to her.
“You alright now?” he questioned
“Better. Sleep helped. You did mostly though.”
He hugged her and set her on a stool. Plates and silver wear were already set up.
“Wheres my burrito! Where my burrito!” she exclaimed while pounding her fork and knife on the counter.
“That’s for dinner” he answered
Cody slaped a pancake on her plate and dropped some bacon beside it.
“You know me all to well Cody” she said, ”bacon and pancakes are my favorite!”
“nah, just a lucky guess.”

After breakfast, Amber threw on some jeans and a shirt. They had planned to take that horse back riding trip they were going to take last night. Today was particularly cold. Cody saddled up the two horses and helped her on top of hers.
After 10 minutes of galloping to the beach, the two horses slowed and strode along eachother.
“So do you know who that guy was?” he asked curios of her response.
Amber paused and looked down searching her brain.
“Its cool if you don’t want to talk about it.” He offered
“No.. I know who it was. The guy on the plain I was talking about.”
“Same guy?”
“Im pretty sure. Couldve just been someone who liked me I guess.”
“I could undertand that.”
She smiled and punched him in the sholder with some impressive force.
“owe! Ive taught you well I see”
Cody jumped off his horse and tied it up on a tree. After helping Amber off hers and tieing it up, they started walking down the beach toward some cliffs they’s often visited. She put her arm around his waist and he did the same to her.
When they arrived at the cliffs, they started the short climb to they’re favorite spot.
Amber sat first. then Cody climbed next to her. The rocks seemed to be fitted for two people in love. They looked off onto the cold blue bay. Cody saw Amber hugging herself and he put his sweatshirt over her head. She pulled it on and leaned against him.
They sat there for roughly an hour bathed in the love they both shared.
“Shall we?” he asked
“we shall.”
They scaled3 the rocks back down to there horses and headed back to Cody’s place. The horses where back in their stalls and Amber and Cody were headed to town for lunch.
“where do you wana go?” he asked
“surprise me”
Town was about 20 minutes away and where they were going had always been a favorite. Oasis. It was an Afghan restaurant with very good but expensive food.
Amber was really the only other person, aside from himself, that he spent money on.
The car rolled up to the parking lot and cody helped her out. Amber rarly dressed up even though she was a city girl. Jeans and a jacket suited her just right. And Cody preferred it that way.
“I’ll have the Eggplant Borani please.” requested Amber
“and I’ll get the chicken cabob.”
After they ate, Cody drove them to the local police station.
Cody demanded that they report the incident.
“Sorry sir, all we can do is put a patrol car near the area. Unless you have more information about his apperance. We cant specify if it’s the chase guy unless we have more evidence. Sorry dears”
“No, that’s fine. Thanks so much.” Cody said
The car had no DNA information in it and was plate less so it couldn’t be matched to anyone.
The two walked out of the station and jumped in the car.
“at least its something” cody sighed while rubbing the back of his neck.
“Yeah-- But I think I should go home Cody.”
He turned the engine off and looked to her. He’d known she would bring in up eventually but he still didn’t want to hear it.
“Listen. I really don’t think that’s very smart. You said the guy was sitting next to your purse for the rest of the way up right.”
Amber nodded and looked to him with fear in her eyes.
“The freak probably has your apartment address, phone number, workplace. Everything about you!”
“Is that supposed to make me feel any fucking better?!” She screamed and looked through the windshield.
He sighed and shook his head.
“No. Of course not. My point is that you would me much safer with me. I can take any guy who rapes women for a living. Okay?”
“Yeah. Yeah your right.”
Cody saw her face and the look in her eyes. He never wanted to see that hopelessness he saw in her again. Any guy who harrased Amber and then tried to take her from him was messing with the wrong Cody Bennim. He wanted so bad to get this guy.
He crawled over the center console and moved her to his lap facing him. She looked away and tried to blink back the beginnings of tears.
“Look at me, Amber” he lifted her chin to meet his eyes. “ I will get him. No one touches my girl.” He reassured while wiping the tears from her eyes with his thumbs.
She attempted to smile but burst into tears.
“hey hey hey! Its alright. I wont let him touch you! … I sweat to it.” She buried her head in his chest and hugged his with all her strengh. She was too embarrassed to tell him she wasnt crying so much in fear as she was in passion. No one had ever cared so much about her. No one.
Later that night, Amber and Cody snuggled on the couch together and turned on the TV. The first thing that popped up was the local news broadcast.
“A young women by the name of Amber Lions was rapped and killed earlier this afternoon in Bellingham. Only hours before, An Amber Follsen was also rapped and killed in the same fashion. The Culprit is still on the loose in Washington. Keep your doors locked and children safe. Any new information about this murderer will be broadcasted when presented.” Said the news anchor.
Amber looked to Cody with that same gut wrenching fear in her eyes and sat up.
She turned her eyes back to the TV and watched the crime seen pictures flash bye.
At both of the victims houses, The same words were writin on the walls with there very blood. ‘Your next Amber’
She looked away and blinked back her tears. “Oh God.” She gasped and got up to go to the kitchen. Cody turned off the TV and fallowed her.
They both knew all too well that is was Chases doing.

Things were going according to plan now for chase. He was very skilled in what he called “the art of the rape”. No evidence had ever been recovered from any of his 42 rapes. He planned on getting to 50 and then ending his life. Chase was only 35 but figured there wasn’t much else to do with his life. Money came from the purses and hands of the cold bodies of his victims. Money wasn’t the goal in this case. Ambers murder would be only for satisfaction. Chase was very pleased with the Amber theme he had going. This one had truly been the grand finally of his murder streaks.

“why me!” Amber yelped. “Why hadn’t I gone on the next damn flight!”
“Don’t blame yourself Amber. None of this is your fault.” He said while petting her hair. Cody had usually been good at reassuring her and making her change her opinion on life, but this was a different story. Amber slowed her crying and looked out the kitchen window.
“I should go. I should find a new place to stay. Get away from where he thinks I am.”
Cody looked into her eyes and sighed. “I’m going with you.”
She looked to him and nodded. “ I know.”

It was 5:20 and both of them had all of there clothes packed up and ready to go.
“Do you want to leave in the mourning?” cody asked.
“No, now.”
He grabbed there bags and threw them in the back of his pickup.
“Then lets go.” Cody was willing to do anything she wanted at this point. He’s known her too long and knew her too well to argue with her when she was this desperate and scared.
They both hopped into the car and a started to the highway. “So where should we go?” Cody asked.
“Any where other than California or Washington. I was thinking south Dakota.”
“What’s there?” he said curiously.
After the truck had crashed those years ago, 2 natives from South Dakota took her in and raised her. They were her parents. Amber had never told Cody and he had never really asked because he could tell she wasn’t comfortable talking about her past.
After an hour of driving, the trucked rolled into a dinner.
“Lets grab something to eat” Cody suggested while his stomach burped.
Amber smiled as he grabbed his stomach.
“sorry” he said
“don’t be”
They entered the dinner and sat themselves at a booth.
The time was now 12:32 and they hadn’t had dinner. Thank god for 24/7 service.
“ So you never really told me about your past.”
“ You never really asked” she said as she wrapped her hands around the warm coffee mug.
“ I noticed you don’t really like to talk about it. But please Amber, you can tell me anything. You know that right?.”
Amber hesitated for a moment trying to find an easy way to sum up her youth.
“Well, when I was a kid my dad delivered bike parts to different motorcycle shops.
And when I was nine I accompanied my dad on one of his trips. It was going great for the first day or so. We talked a lot about my mom and what I was like as a kid.”
She stopped for a moment gathering her memories. “ I think we hit a dear or something. The truck tumbled over and my dad flew through the windshield.” Amber sighed and blinked back her tears. But not before Cody could see them.
He scooted to her side of the booth and hugged her tight.
“that’s enough for now. Continue when you are willing to.”
She nodded under his arms and sniffled.
Soon their burgers came and Cody wolfed his down in seconds. Amber claimed she lost her appetite and they got a to go bag.
After checking into a nearby hotel Cody called his ranch to make sure his brother was there and everything was okay. Andy had looked over his ranch before and knew the ropes pretty well so Cody could always trust him.
Amber crawled into bed and tugged on the phone cord to hurry him up. He looked back and smiled as he stared at her beautiful body and those hypnotizing eyes that seems to pull him towards her. He ended the call and strode over to her.
“You doing alright babe?” he asked.
“yeah, just tired and cold.”
Cody removed his shirt and jeans and crawled into the cheap hotel bed decorated with orange and green flowers. He wished he could have found a more comfortable hotel but money was something he had to watch. Cody knew this was only one of the many hotels they would visit on there way to Ambers old house.
She looked to him with empty eyes and kissed his chin.
“How you doing?” he asked
“ I’m alright. Could be better though.”
“How can I help?”
“Just hold me.” She said with still watery eyes.
The next morning they checked out of the hotel and headed for starbucks.
“starbucks always makes me feel better”. She said smiling at cody.
“ Im glad” he leaned over and quikly plopped a kiss on her forehead.
They continued driving on the freeway until she spotted one. They pulled into the parking lot and headed for the doors.
“my lady” he bowed as he held the door wide for her.
Cody began to think while she was in line. He actually liked the idea of traveling the country with this women he loved. He wanted to propose to her right then and there but decided to wait until they started having a good time out in the US. They left the starbucks and continued on there way to his parents, Tammy and Joe, house.
After an hour or so in the truck Amber had fallen asleep. His truck rolled along over the long stretches of road for at least 3 hours before he needed to stop for gas again.
Amber moaned when the truck came to a stop at one of the gas pumps.
“do you need to go to the bathroom or something, babe?” he whispered while stoking her cheek.
“Hmm, no but I could use a Hershey bar,” she mumbled with a smile on her face.
“Sure thing,” and he headed to the mini mart.
While Amber sat there curled up in the seat, she thought about how lucky she was to have Cody. He was everything to her.
She smiled to herself and finally opened her eyes. There was on overcast and it was fairly cold outside. Cody was on his way back to the truck when she noticed a small box in the crevice of the slightly opened center console. She gasped and covered her mouth in excitement. Cody opened the door and stared at her, puzzled.
“You look like you saw a ghost hon,” he said with a wry smile on his face.
Cody circled the truck, removed the nozzle and hoped In the truck.
Amber was now sitting up and gazing at him with the most admiring eyes. It made him feel like a god to have her look at him like that.
“What is it?” he asked.
“Oh nothing.” She said quickly. Amber decided to wait for him to do his thing rather than ask about it.
“Okay then.” He put the car into gear and eased back onto the highway.
“Can I put a CD in?” Amber asked
“But of course, My darling.” He replied
Amber rummaged around his CD collections and pulled out her favorite Tim Mcgraw CD. Growing up for 5 yrs in Texas taught her to respect country music.

And thats all i have for now. Let me know if its worth finishing