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2022-05-14 00:00:03

"I am teasing my nipples while I fantasisize about the next man I am going to give a blow job while you watch. And maybe, just maybe, he can blow you.

“You know I love to have a second man around once a month while you watch and masturbate.

“Would you like to fuck me just like this with your huge, thick cock, from being with your hands holding my big ass while you watch me sucking another much younger, pretty man’s erection?

“Does the thought of that turn you on baby. It turns me on,” I whisper as he increases the tempo of his fucking.

“Yes, you know it does.”

“Good, I am fantasizing about blowing a bi-sex man at least ten years younger than us while you fuck me from behind, just like this. He has a beautiful six-pack body with a gorgeous tight ass. And a magnificent erection, even bigger than yours baby.

“Does the thought of that turn you on baby. It turns me on,” I repeat as he increases the tempo of his fucking to a frenzy as he slaps into my ass.

“And maybe, just maybe he can give you a blow job while I watch. You know that is one my big turn ons.

“Or maybe, he can blow you while I am blowing him.

“Or just maybe, he can blow you while you are licking my cunt lips.

“Does the thought of that turn you on baby. It really turns me on,” I repeat and tease.

“Yes baby, yes, I want it, just like you want it,” he moans as his body tenses and we have huge, simultaneous orgasms.

I am Sarah, of French descent, in my early forties, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I am to please and be pleased sexually. I have a very strong sex drive - and I love having sex with an audience, be it male or female, preferably both. And size is important to me, really important. I find it difficult to resist a well hung man. My man’s thick, nine-erection is my benchmark.

A week later my man tells me has organized Alex for my sexual pleasure.

I must admit to being somewhat disappointed when Alex arrived, dressed in a tight fitting, long dress. Despite my disappointment I still aroused at the thought of my man fucking me while Alex watches.

Lots of sexual tension as my man undresses me, I love flaunting my naked body for both sexes, and I undress him. He already has a semi-erection as Alex watches on.

“Alex is here to watch us fuck baby, let’s do it for Alex,” he tells me as he licks and kisses my ass cheeks, before we passionately tongue kiss with Alex watching very closely.

“Do you want to watch us fucking Alex?,” my man teases as he strokes his now fully erect, nine-inch erection as he looks into her eyes.

“Sarah loves a third person watching me fucking her,” my man tells Alex as we lay side-by-side on the bed.

“What a fucking turn on,” Alex is moaning while rubbing her hand over her groin, as my man grasps my ass cheeks with his hands and slowly slides his raging erection into me.

My libido increases as I look closely at Alex’s hand on her tight fitting, long dress I can see the outline of what appears to be a very erect cock.

Then, with a huge smile and legs wide apart Alex slowly lifts the dress and rests it on his huge erection.

“I promised you baby, do you want to blow him while I am fucking you? That is an extra turn on for me baby,” my man whispers as Alex strokes his erection for both of us as he removes the dress leaving him totally naked.

Now that Alex is naked he has really stimulated my libido. He ticks all the boxes on my wish list. He is a very pretty boy, obviously bi-sex, completely hairless body, at least ten years younger than us. A beautiful six-pack body with a gorgeous tight ass. And an absolutely magnificent erection, even bigger than my man’s.

“I love a challenge Alex and I want to blow your magnificent erection while my man is fucking me,” I tell him as he stands hands on hips with his legs apart, flaunting his erection for me and my man. His tanned, taut body looks wonderful in the mirrors on all the walls and I love the look of his gorgeous tight ass as he flexes it for me. Or is it us?

“You have turned us both on Alex, I am going to fuck Sarah while she blows you. You are a lucky man. You are about to find out just how talented she is at blow jobs,” my man tells Alex as he ogles his erection, grabs my ass cheeks and slides his erection into me, kissing me at the same time.

As my man slowly builds up a rhythm, Alex is teasing his erection for me, or is it both of us, with his fingertips. I can’t resist any longer as I reach out with two hands, one on his balls and the other wrapped around his erection.

“That is so good baby, so fucking good,” my man whispers as I wrap my lips around Alex’s erection.

The momentum of my man fucking me is enough to create a fucking motion on Alex’s erection

Sexual heaven for me, two oversize erections in me.

As the three of us showered together in the afterglow I was hoping the two men would make physical contact with each other. Neither of them had any interest in my naked body as I watched each of them soaping their now flaccid cocks while they watched each other.

Then without saying a word they are soaping each others cocks as I watch fascinated. Almost immediately they both have full on erections.

As I watch them dry off, for the first time I can compare the relative size of the two men. Alex is both thicker and longer than my man, I muse very aroused and stimulated, as I watch both of them *********** evil looking cock rings from a tray my man offers and slide them along the full length of their erections.

Alex asked to be excused ‘for a moment’ as he took the small bag he bought with him and moved into one of our bedrooms. When he emerged a few minutes later he was wearing a very sexy and revealing female crotch-less, body stocking which covered all his body except his nipples, ass and cock. His outfit was an absolute turn on for me, his very erect cock poking out at right angles. When he turned his gorgeous naked ass was framed by the outfit.

“Oh fuck, that is a bonus turn on,” is all my man can mutter, extremely aroused, just as I am, as we both ogle Alex’s erection poking out of his very sexy outfit.

My man is an extremely aroused state, looking at me for tacit approval for another man to suck his cock and give him a blow job. The thought of watching Alex blow him dressed like that is very exciting for me, especially as Alex is bigger than my man.

“Fine by me baby, your turn on is my turn on, I want you to make me squirt at the same time, you know exactly how to make it happen,” I whisper as I passionately tongue kiss him, then lick and suck his nipples, always a huge turn for him, while Alex is running the fingers of one hand along my man’s raging erection and the other along his own huge erection.

“Do it for me.”

My man is lying on his back on the bed, his erection pointing to the ceiling mirror as he briefly glances at his naked body in the wall mirrors on all sides. Alex is teasing me and my man as he slowly strokes his roaring erection for his pleasure and ours.

I am watching with great anticipation as Alex strokes my mans erection at the same time. Then Alex kneels between my man’s legs and sucks his balls.

My man is groaning with pleasure as he bucks his hips.

Then finally he has my man’s erection between his pursed lips. A huge turn on for me watching.

I position myself on the bed so I can tongue kiss my man and watch Alex sucking his erection. I want to compare his technique to mine.

My man’s fingers are teasing my cunt lips.

Alex has at least half his erection between his lips as my man curls a finger into me and finds my g-spot.

Alex stops sucking and kisses the full length of my man’s erection before he licks and sucks just the tip of it.

My man is groaning with sexual pleasure as he bucks his hips while we passionately tongue kiss like never before.

“Your pleasure is my pleasure baby. I want to squirt for both of you, really squirt, the trick is to time my squirt stream to coincide with the mind-blowing g-spot orgasm I am going to have,” I whisper.

“Put two fingers in me.

“Is he better than me?

“Did you enjoy fucking me while I gave him a blow job earlier today?

“I can see the veins in his huge thick cock are bulging while he is blowing you. His cock ring is so tight on on his cock. So is yours baby.

“I want to squirt for both of you, really squirt, to coincide with the mind-blowing g-spot orgasm I am about to have,” I whisper as he is expertly curling his fingers in me.

My man and I are both watching Alex stroking his erection with one hand as he is teasing my man’s balls with the other.

Both men are breathing very heavily.

I am hoping the two men will masturbate to orgasm so I can squirt in sync with them. I do love watching a hung man masturbate while he is right on the edge and ready to blow.

My legs are wide apart as I am fighting to hold back a huge orgasm while I watch the two men stroking their erections. My voice has a tremor as I moan, “Watch me, watch me, I am about to have a mind-blowing g-spot orgasm. I want to squirt for both of you, really squirt, while I watch both of you masturbate,” I tell them right on the very edge, as I am expertly curling just one of my fingers in me.

Huge sexual tension as three people are watching each other bring themselves to orgasm with just their fingers.

Alex is very agitated as he watches my man sliding just the tip of his erection between my pursed lips as he teases it to orgasm with his fingers.

Then a great roar as my man hits the back of my throat as the two men orgasm at the same time as I have the most incredible orgasm and squirt like never before as the two men watch on.

“This is especially for you Alex, watch me,” I moan as my finger is providing me with exquisite sexual pleasure.

“Awesome Sarah, that is fucking awesome,” Alex whispers as my body trembles and I squirt some more.

After our encounter with Alex, my man and I agreed ‘no sex for three days’. Though on the fourth day we couldn’t keep our hands off each before we fucked every which way as we whispered to each other, ‘Alex was huge, fucking huge, and we both had him’.

“I owe you baby,” I told him in the afterglow. “Would you like to share a lady with me next month? I have just the lady in mind who we would both enjoy.”