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2022-08-07 00:00:03


By: Jefferson from wolfspub


Wednesday December 13


"I will not tell you my name. It's simply too dangerous. I will tell you that I am a research biochemist at a major pharmaceutical company here in the US.

"For the last decade or so since the introduction of the drug popularly known as Viagra, almost all pharmaceutical researchers have been working to "jump on to the train" to make some of the billions of dollars consumers are willing to pay in order to improve their sex lives.

"The company that funded my research took three different paths towards this goal. The first was to reverse engineer Viagra and then to try and improve upon it in some way, shape or form. This led my company to a dead end. There was simply nothing to do to improve it.

"The second was to look at other closely related drugs to try and make something that was as effective, if not more effective. This led to the creation of our own erectile dysfunction medication but Viagra has continued to lead the way simply due to its brand name popularity. Being the first does have its advantages.

"The third and most important, to our story anyway, is the path that I was assigned to follow. This path runs parallel to Viagra. Instead of researching a way to improve upon or to top Viagra, I was told to create a drug that would have similar beneficial effects on the sex lives of women.

"It was a work of passion for me and I succeeded beyond all of my wildest expectations.

"My plan however was fatally flawed which is why I am now writing to you, a young man I have never met, and will probably never meet. I am positive now that the company and probably the US government are after me. They wish to obtain the chemical formulation.

"While I enjoyed the past few weeks since I realized what I had created, I know I can not allow this drug, which I call SluT9, to fall into the hands of the multi-national corporation who funded my work nor into the hands of any government anywhere. It is simply too dangerous. Thus, I am writing to you.

"The drug I have created does have the desired effects I was looking for but it is too strong. It is, simply put, the worlds perfect date rape drug.

"It will not only make any woman extremely horny but it will make them unable to resist the advances of any man who is nearby. It makes them into complete submissives, unable and unwilling to disobey any order about sex.

"The drug will make a nun into a slut in a matter of seconds. I have tested the drug on women of all ages, races, and religions and on women with a variety of sexual and moral issues. To date, the drug has never failed me.

"It goes without saying that I have done some horrible things. I have had sex with dozens, maybe hundreds, of women. I make no excuses. I am human, I was tempted and with this drug I was able to fulfill all of my desires.

"That's over now!

"As I said earlier, the company that funded my work as well as parties within the US government are now after me. I expect they will catch me, probably even before you receive this. I have destroyed all hand-written notations about the formula as well as deleting all information from computers, smashing them, removing the hard drives, and burning them individually to make sure that NOTHING could be recovered. I am sure I have succeeded in this.

"I simply did not, and do not now, have the willpower to destroy the last of this drug. If it were not for the fact that I am sure I will be captured or killed within the next few hours, I would be unable to send it to you. But I cannot allow myself to die knowing that this drug has fallen into the wrong hands. I have already done so many things I regret that I must not fail in this final trial.

"Inside the package that this letter is attached to, you will find one small vial of the compound and a small needle. I was attempting to put the formula into a powder form so it could be made into a pill when one of my research assistants went to my supervisor and exposed me, so all I have is in liquid form.

"To use the drug, simply dip the tip of the needle into the formula and then lightly prick any women with it and she will be yours. If you can sink the needle in far enough to draw blood the formula will work within seconds. If not, if you can only penetrate the skin, the drug will still be absorbed but may take as long as five minutes to work.

"The drug will make any woman it is given to unable to resist any command given to them as long as it will fulfill their sexual desires.

"This is vital, David. The drug will not take away their intelligence or their morals, except in the area of sex. You may fuck a woman anyway you see fit and she will not complain but do not go thinking this is a brainwashing drug that will allow you to tell a woman to rob a bank or jump off a bridge. It appears to be only effective in the area of sex. I have no way to verify this but I believe the drug causes the part of the brain that controls sex to become hyperactive. The strong desire this causes makes her willing to do whatever you say in order to meet those desires.

"One small prick of the drug-tipped needle will put a woman at your disposal for approximately six hours. During that time, she will be unable, and better yet, unwilling to resist any command you give her that she believes will calm the urges her body is having.

"When the effects of the drug wear off, the woman WILL remember everything that happened but will not feel as though she has been in any way violated because she will also remember being an active, willing participant. With experience, you can even make the woman believe SHE was the aggressor and you were the victim.

"Two warnings. First, do not to prick yourself or any other man with the drug-tipped needle. While I do not believe the drug is fatal to a man, I do not have any data on what effect the drug will have.

"Second warning: No matter how badly you may want a woman under your power DO NOT convince the woman to drink the formula. The formula is made to be injected, either in to the bloodstream or into the skin and muscle. While I do not believe drinking the formula would be dangerous or harmful, it will not have the desired effect.

"The drug suppresses the female reproductive system for that month. This means, that no matter what time of the month it might be in the woman's menstrual cycle, she can not get pregnant no matter how many times you ejaculate inside her.

"I believe this side effect is caused by a flood of hormones brought about by the hyperactive area of the brain that the drug stimulates. This flood of hormones fools the female body into believing it is already pregnant, causing the woman's body to reject an egg that has already dropped or by not allowing an egg to drop at all for that month depending on where in her cycle she may be. There is no need for any kind of contraceptive.

"In order to test this, I did use the drug on a number of already pregnant women. I believe the drug is safe for pregnant women who are more than four to six weeks into their pregnancy. Before that, I have no knowledge of what effect the drug might have on a new fetus.

"I believe I have given you all the pertinent data I can. Do NOT attempt to reverse engineer the drug to make more, it is too dangerous. Use and enjoy what formula I have sent you and then be done with it, allow this episode to be nothing more than a footnote in your grand children's history book. Used wisely, the small bottle I have sent you should contain enough formula to prick a different woman every single day for the next year or more.

"Do not search for me. I will be mailing this from some random town in Kansas as I pass through. With luck, there will be no way for you, or anyone else, to track me by this package.

"I picked you to send it to because I have read some of your stories on-line and have found your main characters to always be moral and upstanding while still enjoying sex. I am hoping that you are like your characters. I am hoping that you can bring yourself to enjoy the formula and then allow it to run dry and be done. I don't expect to know one way or the other.

"Be careful. Those who are after me will be watching for signs that someone else has the formula. If they find you, you will disappear and they will have the formula. Call it a dying man's last request, David. Do NOT allow them to get the SLuT9.

"Tell NO ONE of this letter or the drug. Re-read the letter and then destroy it. Put the sample somewhere where it will be safe and hidden. Stay low on the radar. Don't get power hungry. That's how I got caught. Be careful.

"Enjoy yourself, David, and good luck."

David Bernard did as the writer requested and re-read the letter immediately. He was unsure of how much to believe. Once he'd re-read the letter, he examined the small box. It was wrapped in plain brown paper and tied up with twine. There were two stamps on the package and a postmark for a town in Kansas, David's name and address were there but there was no return address.

David carefully opened the box, which had originally contained a small snow globe with a snowman waving while holding a wooden sign that read "Merry Xmas."

Inside the box were packing peanuts and a small glass vile with it's stopper taped to the bottle to hold it in place and a small needle attached to what David thought had been a brown leather glove. Most of the glove had been cut away leaving only the cuff that fit around the wrist, a thin swatch of leather that cut across the palm of the hand and one small circle of leather that the middle finger would slide through.

In the middle of the palm, on what used to be the inside of the glove, there was a pocket for a thumbtack that was then pushed through the leather of the glove. David guessed correctly that this was so he could remove the pin, dunk it into the formula and then replace it. The glove was obviously made to be only slightly noticeable but convenient for tagging someone with the formula-covered pin. Slip the glove on and it was just a matter of a casual touch of a woman's arm or neck or back to prick them with the pin. David slipped the glove on. It was a little large for his hand but he was pretty sure it would work.

David slipped the glove back off, carefully removed the push pin and looked it over. It looked like any thumbtack or push pin a person could buy at any office supply store. He laid the pin carefully on his desk and then pulled the duct tape from over the stopper. He carefully opened the bottle. If this stuff does what the letter says, I sure don't want to lose any, David thought.

He set the stopper on the table and looked closely at the dark blue liquid inside. He sniffed it but it didn't seem to have an odor. He then took the pin in one hand, tilted the bottle to bring the liquid near the top and carefully dunked the needle of the pin into the blue formula. He let it drip dry for a moment, replaced the stopper, and slid the pin into the pocket of the glove and pushed it through, exposing the sharp point.

David then carefully slipped the glove back onto his right hand. He realized almost immediately that if he wore the glove he could prick a woman with the needle while shaking hands with her.

David knew he had to try it. He had to find out whether this would work or not. He sat back in the chair and considered who to make his first victim.

"Oh, come on, Dave," he said out loud after a moment. "There are a hundred women a day you see on the street and wanna fuck. Go find one and get on with it." He rose from his chair, carefully removed the glove and laid it down on the table so as not to poke himself accidentally and went to get dressed.

Once dressed in blue jeans and a tee shirt, Dave put on his jacket, wrapped the glove around the pin and slipped it into his jacket pocket. He headed to his car, a clunker he'd bought from a buddy at work for two thousand dollars, and headed for the downtown area. Thinking about it on the drive, Dave decided that this first test of SLuT9 would be made on an anonymous woman. If it worked, then he would move onto those he knew, such as his bitch of an ex-wife.

Since he wanted to be anonymous, Dave rented a small, cheap, but still nice hotel room downtown and drove his car across the street to a Wal-Mart to look for his test subject.

Dave got a cart and casually wandered up and down the food aisles. He picked up a few things, a bottle of ketchup, a couple packages of taco seasoning, a bottle of grape juice, as he scanned each passer-by to see if she would be his first test subject. He saw a number of lovely women but none that felt right. Not finding any in the grocery area, Dave casually abandoned the cart and headed into house wares and then into the electronics area.

It was at the racks of DVD's that he found the girl. She caught his eye immediately. She looked to be a college co-ed with long silky brown hair pulled back into a single pony tail that hung half way down her back, bright brown eyes, a nice tan, small tit's covered by a white belly shirt that left her pierced belly button and the Chinese lettering tattoo just above the butt crack that was exposed by the low riding, tight jeans that covered a cute little ass and long skinny legs. Dave licked his lips at the thought of her.

For ten minutes, Dave walked up and down the DVD aisle, keeping an eye on his target as she picked up box after box, reading about the movie, then setting it back down only to pick up another one. She finally settled on a Michael J. Fox movie that had been released more than a decade before but had just come out on DVD. Dave picked up "Enter the Dragon," his favorite Bruce Lee movie and followed her to the register there in the electronics department. He got into line just behind her.

She paid for her purchase and started to leave as Dave stepped up to the register. "How much is this?" he asked, as he watched his target walk away.

The cashier scanned the DVD and told him the price. "Never mind," Dave said. "I don't wanna pay that much." Dave quickly walked off after his target.

He caught up to her just as she was exiting the store. He followed behind her as he slipped the glove onto his right hand. Then, putting a big smile on his face, he ran up behind the young woman and smacked her on her left butt cheek. "Hey, long time, no see," he said as he turned to face the woman.

"Ow!" the young woman yelled and grabbed her butt cheek.

"Ohmigod! I am so sorry," Dave said, trying to look shocked and apologetic. "I thought you were someone else. I didn't hurt you, did I?"

The girl was still rubbing her butt cheek but said. "No, it's okay." She then moved past him heading for her car again.

"Listen," Dave said, running after the girl as he pulled the glove off and shoved it back into his jacket pocket. "Let me make it up to you."

The girl turned to him. "Listen, if it was an honest..." The girl's eyes closed and she shook her head as if having trouble thinking. When her eyes opened again, Dave couldn't help but notice they were a little glassy.

"All I wanna do is make it up to you," Dave said, hoping and praying that the pin had gotten through the girls jeans, through whatever underwear she had on and hit hard enough to puncture the skin. Hoping that her glassy eyes were a sign that the drug was starting to kick in.

"Damn! Oh!" The girl muttered, shaking her head again.

"Are you okay?" Dave asked, becoming concerned.

"Just becoming very hard to... concentrate," she said, having to stop to remember the last word. "Oh, damn. I'm getting horny. My panties are... I gotta go." She turned and headed for the car again.

"Listen, I feel bad. Tell me some way to make it up to you, please?" Dave followed behind her, almost begging. She stopped at a blue Honda and leaned against it, rubbing her head.

After a few seconds she turned back to Dave. "Do you live near here?" she asked.

"I'm just visiting. I'm staying in the hotel right across the street." Dave pointed to the hotel.

"You wanna make it up to me for smacking my ass?"

Dave nodded.

"Take me to your room and fuck the shit outta me. What do you say?"

Dave smiled. "Sounds good to me."

He put his arm around her shoulder and led her past the car and towards the hotel. "What's your name?"

"Elizabeth. Elizabeth."

"No, no," Dave said quickly. "No last names."

Elizabeth nodded in understanding.

"I'm Max, by the way." He shook the girls hand.

Dave led the girl through the parking lot, across the busy four-lane road, into the motel parking lot and up to his second story room. He unlocked the door and allowed Elizabeth to enter first.

By the time they got into the motel room, Elizabeth was breathing hard and Dave was pretty sure he could smell her arousal. When she turned to him again, her eyes were still glassy, her mouth open just slightly. Dave thought it was very sexy. He smiled at the girl.

"Anyone waiting on you?"

"My roommate."

"Why don't you call her. Tell her you're going to be a while. Make up whatever excuse you want."

Elizabeth nodded, flopped down on the bed, opened her purse and pulled out a pink cell phone with stickers of glittery stars all over it. She dialed and put it to her ear. "Hi, Sylvia. Listen. I met an old friend. I'm going to hang out with him for a few hours. Will you be real mad?" There was a pause. "You sure?" Another pause. "Okay then. Hope you have fun. See you later tonight." She flipped the phone closed and shoved it back into her purse.

"Why don't you get naked and get settled," Dave said with a smile. "I'm going to go to the bathroom real quick."

Elizabeth nodded, set the purse aside, and stood up. Even before Dave got into the bathroom she had the small white belly shirt and the sports bra underneath stripped off over her head. Dave very much enjoyed the brief glance he got of her lovely little tits.

Dave closed the bathroom door and smiled at his reflection in the mirror. He reached into the jacket pocket where the glove was stored and kissed it. "I love you," he said. He then stuffed the glove back into his pocket and looked into the mirror again. "I am going to get laid every single night!" Dave said to his reflection, emphasizing each of the last three words.

Dave stripped off his jacket, hung it on the hook on the door and drained his bladder. He then returned to the bedroom. Elizabeth was already in the bed, her clothes lying over the back of a chair. Dave wasn't sure but her right hand was under the blanket and from the movement of the blankets he suspected she already had a finger or three on her clit. She looked at him and the motion of her hand got faster. Dave smiled as he stripped the tee shirt off over his head and tossed it onto the second bed. He kicked off his running shoes and pulled his jeans and underwear down in one motion.

He circled the bed to the far side. Elizabeth kept her eyes locked on Dave's cock as he moved. Dave very much enjoyed the young woman's stare. He pulled the blankets back enough to expose one of Elizabeth's small tits and then climbed into the bed beside her. He rolled over on to his side, propped his head up on his elbow and placed the other hand on her belly.

"Got anything particular you've always wanted to try?" he asked.

"I've never had it up the ass."

Dave smiled. "Let's see what we can do about that."

Dave grasped her right arm. "Why don't you leave that to me," he said and pulled away the hand that had been rubbing her clit.

Dave pulled the blankets off of her, exposing her down to her knees. Elizabeth moved her arms to her side and let him look her over. His hand slid up her belly, tickling her lightly, and cupped one of her tits.

"Are they too small? I've always wanted bigger boobs."

Dave looked Elizabeth right in the eyes and said, "You have beautiful boobs, they are just the right size for you."

He ran his hand over the nipple of her right boob drawing a gasp from Elizabeth.

Dave lowered his face and licked around the areola of her left nipple and then sucked the nipple into his mouth, getting yet another gasp from Elizabeth. Dave continued to lick and suck on the one nipple as he rubbed and pinched the other, pulling gasp after gasp from Elizabeth.

After a few minutes, Elizabeth grabbed his head, held him to her breast for a long moment as she shivered. Dave suspected she'd just had a small orgasm. She pushed his head away. "Too much," she whined.

Dave smiled. His cock now hard, he decided to get some quick relief so he could really enjoy fucking her later. He knee-walked to the head of the bed. "Suck me and swallow."

Elizabeth looked at his now fully engorged cock. She smiled, nodded, rolled onto her side, and took him in her mouth. Dave groaned. This girl knows how to suck cock, he thought to himself as he slid his hand down over her silky brown hair and grabbed hold of the ponytail. He used the ponytail to hold her head in place as he began to fuck into her mouth. "Oh yeah, baby. That's it."

With her talented lips and tongue working on his cock and the fucking motion, Dave could feel his orgasm building almost immediately. He continued to fuck into Elizabeth's mouth until just before he was going to explode. "Here I come," he shouted. He then pushed his cock as far into her mouth as he could, held her head there by her ponytail and shot his first wad down her throat. Four more shots followed before he ran dry.

"Don't stop. Keep me hard so I can fuck you."

Dave released her head. She looked up at him and he could see the smile in her eyes and at the corners of her mouth.

Her technique changed somewhat at this point. She had been sucking vigorously. Now, it turned gentle and slow. It was like the difference between a rape and making love. I like that, Dave thought as he watched his penis disappear into her mouth again. She's making love to my cock.

Dave let Elizabeth continue to suck his cock for another few minutes before pushing her away and lying back down on the bed. "Get on," He told her, pointing at his cock, which was pointing straight up at the ceiling.

Without protest or hesitation, Elizabeth got onto her knees, straddled him, reached between them and grabbed his saliva covered cock, lined him up and then slid down on to him, impaling herself with a groan of ecstasy. Elizabeth was hot, very wet, and tight. Dave wondered for just a moment if maybe she'd been a virgin because of how tight she was, but when she started riding him, plus her cock sucking talent's, Dave put that thought out of his mind.

"Oh, yeah, baby!" she groaned. "Shove that big cock into me! Oh, yeah! That's it! A little more! Oh yeah!" She screamed and moaned her way through another orgasm.

Dave slid his hands up her thighs, over her skinny little ass, up her belly, and up to her tits. He took a tit in each hand and began squeezing and rubbing the tits while rubbing, pinching, and pulling on her nipples, causing Elizabeth to moan even louder.

Elizabeth pulled the hair band holding her ponytail free and shook her long brown hair out. Dave realized her hair was even longer than he'd first thought. She threw the hair band to the side, threw her head back, closed her eyes and put all of her energy into riding him hard and fast.

By the time Dave felt his second orgasm building, he could hear her butt slapping against his thigh as she dropped down onto him.

"Oh, God! Oh, yeah! Pinch my nipples! Pinch 'em hard, baby." Dave followed instructions and pinched and twisted her nipples. "Oh, God, yes!" she screamed as she had her third orgasm of the session, this one the biggest of the three.

"Here I come again!" Dave yelled over her moaning. He grabbed her hips, pulled her down on top of him and dumped his load deep inside her. When his orgasm ended, he released her as all his muscles seemed to relax at once.

Elizabeth wasn't finished yet and she started moving on him again. She leaned forward, placing her hands on either side of his head and began moving her hips so that his cock slid up and down her entire slit, rubbing her clit with each thrust. "Oh, yeah! That's it. Kiss me when I cum!" She screamed. She then sealed her lips to his and screamed another orgasm before collapsing on top of him, drained.

Dave wrapped his arms around her waist and gently rubbed her back with his fingertips as they both caught their breath.

"Oh, God, that was intense," she said as she lifted her upper body and looked down at him. "Guess you need some time to recover, huh?"

"Afraid so," Dave said with a nod.

Elizabeth rolled off of him and lay down beside him. "I need to go to the bathroom and let some of this cum run out but I just don't have the energy."

Dave rolled off the bed. He grabbed a towel and a washrag, wet the washrag with warm water, and took them out to her. He handed her the washrag, unfolded the towel and slid it beneath her when she raised her ass up off the bed.

She used the warm rag to first wipe the sweat from her face and then shoved it between her legs to soak up the cum that had dripped out. "The maid is going to love us."

Dave returned to the bed and collapsed back down beside her. "Fuck the maid. That's what she's here for."

Elizabeth nodded. "Right on!"

"So," Elizabeth asked, turning to face him, "How long you gonna need to recover?" She glanced down at his now flaccid cock.

"Depends," Dave said with a shrug. "You go down there and sweet talk him a little, tell him how much you enjoyed yourself and how you're anxious to feel him in your virgin ass, he might just pop back up."

"You think?"

Dave shrugged.

"You think he really needs to be talked to. I think a couple French kisses might be much more effective."

Elizabeth didn't wait for a response. Holding the washrag in place between her thighs, she laid down with her head on Dave's belly. Dave groaned when her warm fingers first touched his sensitive cock.

"Heya, big boy," Elizabeth whispered, as if talking to his penis. "I got more uses for you. You got work to do. If you want the job, you're just gonna have to get hard and get big. Think you can do that for me?" She licked the head of his cock before sucking it back into her mouth.

Dave's eyes rolled into his head from the exquisite feeling. Within minutes, Elizabeth had Dave's cock hard again. Even Dave was a little surprised.

"That's better," Elizabeth said, popping his cock out of her mouth with a loud "plop!"

She looked up at Dave and smiled. "I'm pretty good at that, huh?"

"You're wonderful at it. Best blowjob I've ever had."

"Thanks." She actually seemed truly complimented.

'Slut!' Dave thought but kept a smile on his face.

"How do you wanna do it? You want me face down on the mattress? Leaning over the bed? Doggy style? What?"

Dave shrugged as her hand continued to rub his cock, making sure to keep it hard. "Anxious, are you?"

"Oh, yeah!"

"How 'bout we try it doggy style. Not sure I have the energy to get to my feet again."

Elizabeth smiled and scrambled into the proper position, tossing the now cum soaked washrag onto the nightstand. Dave forced himself to sit up. "How old are you?" he asked as he got behind her.

"Twenty. You?"

"Thirty-eight. You realize I'm old enough to be your father?"

She looked back at him, studied his face for a moment and smiled. "You don't look it."

"Thank you," Dave said, returning the smile. She faced forward again and shook her little butt at him. Dave smacked it hard and then lined his cock up with her tight cunt once more and pushed in.

"Hey! I thought we were using the back door this time."

"Gotta get some lube. Don't have any with me. Got any in your purse?"

She shook her head as he started fucking her again. Between her already copious natural lubrication and his cum, his cock was quickly covered in slime. Dave pulled out and slipped a finger into her vagina and then pressed it into her asshole. "Oh, damn!" Elizabeth groaned and her arms gave out beneath her. She ended up face down in the pillow, screaming through another small orgasm as he pushed his finger into her virgin ass to the second knuckle.

After a few thrusts into and out of her ass, Dave pulled and stuck two fingers into her sloppy vagina. He then pushed both fingers into her ass, making Elizabeth scream into the pillow again. Once sure her ass was stretched out at least a little, he stuck his cock back into her sloppy pussy and got it lubed up again. He then lined the cock head up with her ass hole and held it there. "You ready for this?" he asked.

She raised her head just a bit and said, "Do it!"

Dave smiled and shook his head in disbelief before slowly, carefully pushing his cock head through her sphincter and into her ass.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, God damn, yes! More! Harder!" Elizabeth screamed and begged.

Dave pushed his cock halfway into her ass with ease. He then pulled out until only the head was left inside her and thrust in again. She continued to beg him to go harder and faster. The second time, Dave managed to get his cock two-thirds of the way into her before pulling out again, slipping his cock back into her vagina, getting it lubed once more and pushing it back into her ass, sinking balls deep into her tight little hole.

"Oh, fuck me! Oh, God yes! Holy fucking shit! Fuck my ass!" Elizabeth screamed her way through yet another orgasm as he began fucking her ass for real, slowly at first and then gaining speed as he got more and more confident.

Dave had been holding her hips. Once he'd gotten his rhythm set, he reached around her with both hands, cupped both of her tits in his hands and pulled her up and back so she was on her knees, with his cock still up her ass. He changed his technique and continued to fuck her as he pinched and twisted and abused her nipples which she seemed to enjoy.

Elizabeth screamed and begged for more the entire time. Dave wasn't sure how many orgasms she had or if it was maybe just one long orgasm but he had the feeling that she would be taking many, many young men in the back door from then on.

Having already cum twice, once in Elizabeth's mouth and again in her vagina, Dave was able to hold off his orgasm for almost twenty minutes as he broke in Elizabeth's ass. He kept them in the same position, her in front of him, both of them on their knees as he fucked her and he continued to twist and pinch on her nipples. She never stopped screaming until a few minutes after he dumped his load in her bowels and slowly laid her down.

Dave lay on top of her for a few minutes as he caught his breath and his cock went soft inside her and slipped out. By the time Dave felt able to stand once more, she was snoring softly.

Dave got the same washrag they'd used earlier and stuffed it into her ass crack to soak up whatever cum might drip out. He then kissed her gently on the cheek, covered her as best he could, and went to the bathroom. He took a long, hot shower. When he came out, Elizabeth was still asleep.

Dave glanced at the clock. It was not quite 5:00 PM. He realized he had pricked her ass less than two hours before. He smiled, confident he still had lots of time, he climbed back into the bed, snuggled up behind her, grasping one of her tits with his hand, tucked a pillow in under his head and closed his eyes to rest for a while.

Dave woke ninety minutes later. His cock was hard again and Elizabeth's mouth was wrapped around it. Dave wondered how long she had been at it before he woke up because he could feel his orgasm already beginning to build up again.

Dave reached down, grabbed Elizabeth's hair and pulled her mouth away from his cock. She closed her eyes and moaned as if enjoying the pain of having her hair pulled. "You're awake, finally."

"Yeah, I'm awake. And I don't want to waste another load in your mouth. Lay down here and spread 'em."

"I was hoping you'd wake up and say just that."

With a big smile, Elizabeth laid down beside him, making sure her ass ended up on the now stained towel.

He rolled on top of her, she reached down, grabbed his cock, rubbed it up and down her slit and then put it where she wanted it most. Dave thrust in with one quick push and sank into her completely. Elizabeth's eyes rolled into her head, her arms and legs wrapped around him and she groaned in pleasure. "Oh, yeah, baby. Fuck me good."

Dave covered her mouth with his own and fucked his tongue in and out of her mouth in synch with his cock fucking into her once again hot, wet cunt. Within minutes, Dave could feel his orgasm building again and moved one hand to her small breasts where he began to pinch, pull and twist her nipple, again making her moan into his mouth. He pulled his mouth from hers and watched as she threw her head back and had yet another screaming orgasm as he pumped yet another load of cum into her vagina.

Having rested, Dave had enough energy to pull out of her and roll off from on top of her.

As they lay there, panting, she turned her head to him and stared at him for a long moment. "What did you do to me?"

He looked over at her. "What do you mean?"

She smiled. "I know you did something to me. Slipped me a Mickey or something. Don't get me wrong, I happily admit to being a slut but meeting a guy in the Wal-Mart parking lot and then ending up in motel room and letting him fuck my ass. Even I'm not that big of a slut."

"You are for me. Why don't you clean me off?"

He could see she was trying to resist and still curious about what he'd done to her but she rose up and moved down to his hips again and sucked him into her mouth. As she was sucking, Dave noticed, for the first time, that her hair was wet. "You take a shower while I was sleeping?"

She nodded, never taking her mouth away from his cock.

"Well, I think you need another one." She nodded again. "Wanna take one together this time?" She nodded. "Okay, we'll do that as soon as you finish cleaning me up. And no more conspiracy theories about why you're here."

Elizabeth cleaned his cock as best she could. Once they were both satisfied they got out of the bed and went into the bathroom.

The shower was small for two people but they managed. Washing Elizabeth's hair was a new experience. He had never washed hair that long before. Washing Elizabeth's tight little body was just plain fun and when she washed him, she managed to get another rise out of him leading to her getting fucked up the ass, for the second time that day, bent over in the shower with the water, which was starting to turn cold, beating down on her back and ass.

After his fifth orgasm in less than five hours, Dave knew he was done for the day. His cock was done for. Dead to the world. He wondered if it would ever get hard again and, if it did, would he have any cum left to shoot out of it. Sperm wasn't an issue in any case. Dave hadn't fired a loaded shot into a woman since his ex-wife forced him to get a vasectomy after the birth of their second child fifteen years earlier.

After washing Elizabeth one more time, concentrating on her ass, they got out of the shower. As they got dressed, Dave asked the question. "By the way, you know any girls, legal age, who, shall we say, don't have much experience, sexually speaking?"

Elizabeth was sitting on the bed putting her boots on. She stopped and glanced over at him. "Are you asking me to pimp for you?"

Dave shrugged and smiled.

"Yeah, I know a couple virgins. Two that I can think of."

"Think you could play matchmaker for me?"

"You gonna fuck 'em?"

Dave nodded. "If I can."

"God, that's hot!" Elizabeth said as her hand slid over the crotch of her tight-fitting jeans. "Can I watch?"

Dave laughed. "Make you a deal. You set me up with them. If I score, I'll videotape it and send you a copy. Deal?"

He went over to her and held out his hand.

She thought about it for a moment and then shook his hand.

"Deal. Hand me my purse."

Dave went over to the chair where her purse was still sitting and handed it to her. She pulled out the pink cell phone again and dialed a number. "Hey, let me talk to Mandy. Tell her it's Liz." While she waited for Mandy to come to the phone, Elizabeth turned back to Dave. "You'll love this girl. She's Catholic, swears she's going to get married a virgin. She's eighteen but she looks about fifteen or sixteen. Brown hair, blue eyes, cute as can be."

"Sounds promising," Dave said as he sat on the bed beside her and put on his shoes.

Elizabeth turned back to the phone. "Hey girl, what are you doing?" There was a long pause. Dave could hear Mandy speaking on the other end. "Listen, the reason I called is I'm sitting here with an old friend. Guy named Max. He and I tried dating for a while but we're completely different. No chemistry, you know. Anyway, we happened to meet up at Wal-Mart and we got to talking and he's new in town. Anyway, I was thinking you and him would really hit it off. You can show him around town, go out to dinner, maybe a movie, what do you say?" Another pause. This one shorter.

"Mandy, you're Catholic. That means you get married a virgin. It doesn't mean you can't have any fun. You haven't gone on a date all year.

"I'm telling you, Max is a great guy and really, really cute. You'll love him. Trust me. And don't worry about your teeny tinies. He likes girls with small tits. He liked me after all." Another pause. "So you'll do it?" A brief pause. "Cool. When?"

Elizabeth turned to Dave and nodded. "Friday night?" Dave nodded. "That's good for him. I'll give him your address and he'll pick you up about six?" She raised her eyebrows to make sure the time was okay for Dave. He gave another nod. "Friday at six. Trust me Mandy. You'll love him. I'll call you tomorrow and tell you all about him. I don't wanna do it with him sitting here. He'll get embarrassed and blush." Dave could hear Mandy giggle on the other end. "I'll talk to you later, girl. Bye." She clicked the phone closed. "You gotta date."

Dave hugged her. "Thanks, Elizabeth. I really do appreciate this."

"No problem. You want any more co-eds, you just let me know. But sometime you're gonna tell me how you did this."

Dave just smiled and nodded. Ten minutes later, he walked her back to her car, gave a quick kiss and watched as she drove away. He didn't move from his spot beside where she had parked until she was out of sight. He then quickly went to his car, got in and pulled out of the lot, going the opposite way. He had Mandy and Elizabeth's phone number and Mandy's address on a sheet of hotel stationary.

"Who'd believe it," he said when he stopped at a red light. He pulled the glove from his pocket and looked down at it, smiling. "This shit actually works."

He laughed, stuffed the glove back into his pocket, and headed home.