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The Airplane Seatmate

2023-01-14 00:01:03

It was about 10pm when I boarded the plane from San Diego headed to Chicago. I was headed to a three-day tech conference.

Although a series of life events had allowed me to retire from work in my mid-40s, I liked to keep abreast of some of the new developments in the software tech I had used in my prior job. It had become more of a hobby than work at this point.

This red eye flight would get me in to the Windy City around 4:30am. I figured I could catch a few hours of sleep before the conference registration desk opened.

I was stuck in economy class as the flight was surprisingly fully booked. Economy wasn't bad for a quick flight, but I would have preferred more room on this late night trip so that I could have stretched out and maybe gotten a few winks of sleep. I luckily had secured an aisle seat at least, giving me a chance to occasionally stretch my legs. So far, more and more people streamed in and the window seat next to me remained empty.

I took a moment to message my kids good night. I figured they should be asleep by now but would see the message when they awoke. I then messaged my wife Katie a sweet note addressed to her and our live-in girlfriend Reagan (we live as a throuple).

The flight attendant announced that the doors had closed, and for everyone to take their seats so we could depart. The last few people were shuffling down the aisle and it was looking more likely that I would have some extra elbow room.

But no such luck. The last person in line was a short black girl in her mid-20s with wavy shoulder-length hair. She looked up at the seat numbers and when she got to my row she gestured towards the empty seat and said "That's me..."

She then struggled to lift her roller bag into the overhead bin. Her ample chest was close enough to my face that I could clearly smell her strawberry body wash. Her outstretched arms lifted her shirt, exposing a toned midriff accented with a diamond belly button ring. An overstuffed bag and her short stature didn't mix.

"Here let me help you!" I offered.

"Thank you so much!" she replied, a bit embarrassed that she was the obvious laggard holding up our departure.

I shuffled the bags and got her lavender-colored suitcase crammed in enough that the bin could close.

She stepped in to take her seat and I noted that her ass was as ample as her chest. She was very curvaceous for such a short girl.

We buckled our seatbelts and she seemed to be a bit less flustered. Soon we taxied and lifted off, heading Northeast towards Chicago.

Soon the flight attendants dimmed the cabin lights. A few passengers quickly dozed off. The others silently toyed with their phones taking advantage of the in-flight messaging.

I checked my own phone and found a good night message from my wife. I adjusted the headrest and slowly drifted off to a light sleep.

I am not quite sure how long it was before I was awakened by the chime of a smartphone notification. My seatmate quickly fumbled with her phone to put it in silent mode.

The glow of her phone screen pierced through the darkness. I was groggy but her screen was in my direct line of sight. I unconsciously read her conversation.

"Hey bitch, did you make your flight?"

"Yeah I was the last one on!" she replied.

"A lot of people?"

"Yeah it's full"

"You get a good seat?" her messenger asked.

"Window. Next to some fine ass white dude." she replied.

At this point she was obviously talking about me as I was the only one next to her. I had to keep reading!

"Oh you like that I bet."

"Yeah he helped me with my bag. Whole damsel in distress thing."

"Haha, yeah girl. Go join the mile high club!"

"Ewww you are such a slut! I don't want my first time to be in a tiny dirty airplane bathroom."

"LOL, whatever. Give him a handjob at least!"

"Stop..." she protested.


"He probably doesn't even like black girls"

"I told you, you gotta stop fantasizing about the white boys. Just get yourself a black king"

"Nah, I'm good. I just want a white dude. I'll wait for the right one."

With that she changed the subject to something else mundane and I disappointedly drifted back to sleep shortly afterwards. I slept until I was jostled by a passing beverage cart. I ordered a ginger ale, and noticed my seat mate had fallen asleep at some point.

She stayed asleep right up until we landed. The jet hit the runway with a few bounces which caused her to wake up. She looked around a bit dazed before realizing we had arrived in Chicago.

After we came to a stop at the jetway, I hopped up and got her bag for her. I grabbed my own bag and waited to deboard. I gave her a polite goodbye in the jetway and made my way to the rIdeshare pickup area. I ordered an Uber for my ride to the hotel near the convention center. I checked my Marriot app but found that my electronic key was not yet ready. I would have to make a stop at the front desk.

After waiting a good 15 minutes my Uber arrived and took me to the hotel. The driver was way too chatty for 5:00am.

I grabbed my bag and made my way to the front desk. It was early in the morning and apparently they were suffering from the same staff shortages as everyone else. There was one receptionist working the desk with two people in front of me.

I pulled out my phone to get my reservation information. As I did another individual stepped in line behind me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a lavender suitcase. I looked up and sure enough it was my seatmate from the airplane. Was she attending the same conference as me?

She smiled and shyly said "Hello again!". She then turned away and began typing on her phone.

I strained to see and could barely make out what she typed.

"Girl, you up?"

There was a pause, but luckily the check in line was not moving. The person being attended to had an issue with their reservation.

I turned back towards the girl from the airplane, taking a casual step to one side so I had a better angle towards her screen.

"Uhh, yes lucky for you I had to get up to pee. Do you know what time it is?"

"Yes, but he is here at the same hotel I am."

"Who is?"

"The dude from the plane!" she replied.

"Ok, so?"

"Should I flirt with him ... or is that stupid."

"Well do you wanna get laid?"

Just then my phone chimed. I had been freed from check in purgatory and my electronic key had been issued.

I stepped closer to her and whispered "If you need help with your luggage from a 'fine ass white dude' I am apparently in room 3704."

She looked confused for a second, and then mortified with embarrassment. She realized I had read her entire conversation.

I winked at her and headed toward the bank of elevators. The elevator whisked me up to the 37th floor. I made my way to my room and let myself in. I set my suitcase down and looked around. The room was neutral in color, with grayish tan walls and dark gray carpet. But the real attraction was the view of the city. A light gray couch and floor lamp sat in front of the huge floor to ceiling window.

I kicked off my shoes and grabbed a fresh set of boxer briefs and a t-shirt from my suitcase. I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth. It was good to get the imagined grime of air travel off me.

I plopped down on the king bed and realized doing a red eye flight was probably a dumb idea. I wasn't at all tired right now, but I was pretty sure it would hit me like a wall of bricks later.

I flipped on the television and browsed aimlessly through the channels. I would stop every few channels and watch for a few minutes. Not finding it engaging, I would carry on.

A little after 6:30am I heard a soft tap at the door. I got up and made my way to the door and cracked open. Standing there in all of her barely 4'10" height was my airplane seatmate.

I opened the door fully. "Do you need help with your luggage?" I teased in a whispered voice so as to not disturb other rooms in the hall.

"No, but I need to ask why you read my conversation." she said with slight annoyance.

"Well, I didn't mean to. But I read what you said about being seated 'next to a fine ass white dude', realized you were talking about me, and figured I deserved to know what you were saying about me.

She was silent for a moment, before saying "Are you going to invite me in or do we have to stay in the hallway and whisper?"

I smiled and dramatically bowed for her entry.

She shook her head and stepped in. "You are such a dork!"

I closed the door as she made her way across the room. She was in the same shorts and shirt she had been wearing in the plane.

"Damn, you have a nice view! Are you here for the symposium? My company apparently sprung for the cheapest rooms of the hotel. My view ain't nothing like this!" she exclaimed as she leaned with one knee on the sofa.

"Yeah, I am but I paid for my own room." I said moving in a little closer.

She reached out and took my hand pulling me closer so I was pressed against her round ass. I wrapped my arms around her toned stomach.

Her diminutive height meant her head was below my chin. She tilted it back, looking up at me. She bit her bottom lip, just staring at me for a moment.

She then looked down at my hands and gently touched my wedding band. She whispered "I shouldn't but..."

I kissed her forehead, "she is okay with it, don't worry!"

Her face brightened and she ground her round butt back against me. She had obviously felt me stiffening as I held her.

I turned her around and placed my hands on her ass. She jumped up and wrapped her toned legs around me. I felt her tits pressed against me. Her mouth met mine and we fervorously kissed.

Her hand clasped behind my head as she kissed with bottled up energy. She loudly gasped and panted as she broke free. "Wow! I never imagined my first kiss would be that intense."

"Wait, your first kiss?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes, I am a true virgin. I never even dated in high school or college. I was a nerd, too focused on my grades and gymnastics. My friends teased me and asked if I was a lesbian or a nun."

I turned and laid her back on the bed. I tugged on the waistband of her mint green shorts. She lifted her ass off the bed and I pulled them off. Her peach flowered panties came off with them.

There exposed before me was her virgin pussy. It appeared to be freshly shorn of any public hair. Her outer labia were chocolate in color with just a tiny amount of her pink clit peeking out.

She sat up and roughly grabbed my own waistband and tugged down my underwear as I shed my t-shirt.

My cock sprang free, at full length and hardness.

"Holy fuck!" she exclaimed as she grabbed it in her hands.

"My friend said white guys had small dicks! She is so fucking wrong. This thing is thick."

She looked up at me sweetly as she reached under her shirt and unfastened her bra. She pulled it off but left her shirt on.

She lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide. It was obvious she wanted to skip the foreplay.

With her legs in the air and her ankles on my shoulders, I positioned the head of my throbbing penis against her labia and pushed.

I found her pussy impenetrably tight. I pushed harder but my cock was unable to make forward progress.

She looked up at me worriedly, "I am sorry, am I doing something wrong?"

"Love, just relax. I will get it in there regardless, but try not to worry."

I rubbed my shaft against her swollen clit and she gyrated her hips against me.

"Mmmmm I like that feeling... " she sighed quietly.

I gently parted her chocolate pussy lips with my fingers, revealing her pink interior. I then used my other hand to perfectly line up my cock with her tight tunnel.

I pushed with every ounce of strength I could muster and I felt the tip make progress. Her eyes grew big and I knew she was feeling it too.

I continued pushing, and inched slowly inside. My head was now being squeezed by a steaming hot vagina. As I pushed deeper, I felt the moisture increasing.

"Ohhhhhh fuck, you are fucking huge." she moaned.

I kept pushing until I was feeling embedded in her tightness. I then pulled slowly back before plowing forward again. She lifted her head and watched my white cock plow her dark pussy over and over.

"Mmmmm, I don't care what my friend says. I love this. I love white cock. I fucking love it." she moaned.

I picked up pace with my thrusting as her pussy became more compliant and slick.

She stretched and grabbed her shorts which laying on the bed next to us. As I fucked her she fished her phone from the back pocket.

"Take a video of it... a video of your sexy white cock fucking me." she requested, handing me the phone.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yes, this moment -- my first time having sex -- only happens once in my life and I want to be able to relive the amazing things you are about to do to me." she said with a playful giggle.

I laughed "Okay, if you say so." I withdrew my cock from her pussy and pressed record. I slid back in her, and focused the shot on my cock plowing her tightness.

She smiled and I could tell she was getting a bit turned on by the exhibition. As I thrust harder and deeper her tits bounced under her shirt. Her moans grew louder and her tight pussy became slicker.

I widened my camera angle slowly and soon her whole petite body was in view. She blew a sassy kiss to the camera and then teasingly pulled up her shirt. She revealed a set of perfectly formed DD globes with large dark areola and centered by large stiff nipples. She deftly pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it aside. She then cupped those gorgeous breasts in her hands.

I continued thrusting into her as her phone recorded. She looked absolutely amazing getting fucked by me and felt even more amazing.

Then without warning she completed her finishing move. She clenched her pelvic muscles while simultaneously lifting her left breast and running her tongue over her nipple.

I had all I could do not to drop the phone, but held on tight. I let out a loud primal groan and emptied a multi-shot load deep into her womb. She arched her back and I felt wetness flood over me as she let out a load moan of pure ecstacy. I focused the phone on her face as she came. I then panned to my thick cock as I slowly withdrew from her tight vagina. My cum spilled out between her pussy lips.

She scooped her fingers in between her pussy lips and looked at the mess I made.

I stopped recording and set the camera on the bed. I let her legs relax and leaned down to kiss her.

She gently kissed me back. "You are amazing! Can we skip the conference and just have fun in bed the whole time?" she playfully suggested. Suddenly she started laughing.

I looked at her a bit confused. "Sorry, I just realized we had the most amazing sex and you didn't even know my name. I am Mya -- yeah like the R&B singer. My mom was a fan of her and named me after her. My sister's name is Aaliyah. My mom wasn't the most original in naming us."

I kissed her and introduced myself.

She motioned for me lay down next to her as she picked up her phone. "Let's watch our porno!"

I held her close as we watched. "Damn we are hot together!" she mused.

She smiled as the video ended. "I like that mess you made in me."

I lay there gently caressing her tits. The sunrise was lighting up the room and the formerly neatly made bed was soaked with my cum and her juices.

"Do you mind if I share that video with my friend Latisha? She was the one I was chatting with on the plane when you were apparently reading my messages. She always is putting down my desire for a white guy, talking trash about how a white guy will be in bed. Well now I found mine, I want to show her how amazing you are."

"If you want babe, go ahead." Nothing much more than my cock showed in the video so I wasn't concerned with it ending up in the wild.

Mya opened her messages and attached the video and hit send. It took a moment, but then I heard the familiar swoosh sound of a successful message send. "There... oh wait... What ... Oh God no, no, no." she stammered with confusion. "Oh shit, I sent it to a group message of my friends, not just Latisha. Oh my God!"

She looked distressed. "Fuck, ok you are going to have to just stay with me here now, because I am too embarrassed to talk to my friends or family again."

I hugged her close to comfort her "How many people were in the group chat?" I asked.

"Oh God, I am scared to look." She meekly peered at her phone. "Oh, luckily not TOO many. Latisha, Aaliyah, and Kiera."

Suddenly her phone dinged with a response... and then another... and then another.

The first was unfortunately from her sister Aaliyah, "Seriously? I did not need to be woken up to see my sister having sex!!!"

Latisha, the intended target of the video, tried to seem indifferent. "Mya got her dream man. Bitch, how did you find a white dick that thick."

"She is jealous!" Mya chortled gleefully.

The last message in the initial series of messages was from her friend Kiera. "Damn, when you are done with him, send him my way. I'd let him fuck me right up the ass." Attached was a nude picture of Kiera's large round ass.

"Oh my God! Stop already!" Aaliyah replied.

A few minutes later Latisha replied with a full frontal nude photo of her curvaceous body. "Hell why not, I'd try that too Kiera! Your up Aaliyah, show him what you got!"

Mya squirmed a bit as she tossed the phone aside. "Well, that went differently than I planned. I am sorry!"

We kissed more, but I could tell a question was burning in her mind.

"What are you thinking, love?" I prodded.

"Well, first... I like that you called me love. But is it just for this week? Will I see you again when we get back to California. I don't even know where you live. I am in Glendale, I just flew out of San Diego because my sister goes to college there and I crashed at her place the day before."

"It can be for this week if that is all you want. But I would like to keep it going longer." I then explained the kind of arraignment my wife and I had that allowed me to play with a playmate each Tuesday.

"Can I steal you every Tuesday?" she asked playfully.

I tickled her in retaliation for her silly question and she squealed and squirmed. "Don't! You are gonna make me pee!"

"Well I guess that's a reason to not stop!" I said as we laughed.

She dove from the bed, swinging a pillow at me on the way. I playfully chased her around and over the bed as pillows flew.

I eventually caught her and pulled her close.

She looked up at me, and I bet down to kiss her. With one hand on her ass, the other gently squeezed her her tits.

"Mmmmm.." She pulled back and wrapped her hand around my cock. "Tonight I am going to suck this, but we should get ready for the day. I need to shower and get dressed. Do you want to meet me downstairs for breakfast?"

"Yes you little tease! You should also probably just cancel your room and move your stuff here."

"Good idea! But tease? I am not a tease, you just can't have all the sweets at once. I promise you will do absolutely anything you desire this week." She squeezed my cock once more before dropping it to gather her clothes and get dressed.

She headed back to her room and I headed to the shower. I refrained from masturbating even though my mind was filled with plenty of erotic thoughts.

We met at one of the hotel restaurants and enjoyed our breakfast together. We made small talk and kept things calm. Plenty of filthy thoughts kept lurking in the back of my mind though.

We walked to the registration desk at the conference center afterwards. We checked in and grabbed our first swag bag of conference goodies. We were headed to different sessions so she gave me her phone number, and we headed our separate ways.

The conference sessions were engaging with lots of great information. But I often found my mind drifting to that little firecracker I had fucked this morning. I couldn't wait to get her in bed again, but those thoughts just made the day drag by slower.

Mid-day, I found a secluded area to call my wife. I filled her in on the details of my flight and my rendezvous with Mya. She teased me in return about the girl-on-girl fun that she and Reagan had last night.

I returned to the sessions as the day dragged on.

Mya sent me cute selfies throughout the day. I was about to head to the last session of the afternoon, when I got a text from her. "Let's do dinner late. You can have dessert early if you want. I have a nice piece of moist chocolate silk pie waiting for you. Hurry up!"

I abandoned my plans to attend that last session and practically sprinted back to the hotel. I stopped by the front desk to get a key card for Mya since she would be checking out of her room and just using mine.

The elevator seemed slow, but I finally made it to my room. I texted her to let her know. A few minutes later she arrived with her suitcases in tow.

I hurriedly closed the door behind her. She had freshly showered and changed into a tank top and shorts. Her hair was still wet and her strawberry scent was strong. She left her suitcases and made a beeline for the bed. She shimmied out of her shorts on the way and I was delighted to see she her bare ass underneath. She wiggled it teasingly as she hopped onto the bed. Her tank top followed the shorts and landed on the floor.

I quickly stripped down as she squeezed her tits erotically. She slowly spread her legs and I dove between them. I gently licked her labia and she squirmed as my tongue brushed against her clit.

She was already moist, and her pussy was intensely sweet. My tongue worked into her slit and the moans grew more intense.

She grabbed my head and pushed my face against her as my tongue worked in and out.

My cock was raging. I squeezed her ass in my hands as my tongue pushed as deep into her vagina as it could reach.

She squealed and convulsed. The scent of her sex overpowered her body wash and I felt a flood course across my tongue. She moaned with satisfaction. She pushed me back away from her pussy and I was a bit confused. She slipped off the bed and retrieved her phone. "Let's continue making our porno!" she suggested.

She handed me the phone and then took my hand. She led me to the couch and motioned for me to sit down. "Go ahead and record..."

I began recording as she seductively lowered herself in front of me. She gently grasped my throbbing manhood in both hands and looked sexily at me as she brought her mouth to it. She took a large anticipatory breath.

I let out a loud groan as she then took it deep with one motion. I felt the head of my cock being enclosed by her throat. She gagged slightly but didn't let up, but instead gently caressed my ball sack. She began to move her head slowly back and forth so that I essentially was fucking her throat. Her nostrils flared as she took labored breaths.

Finally it became too much and she withdrew my cock from her mouth. She gasped with relief and began to stroke it agressively. I continued recording although I wasn't sure what was in focus or in frame anymore. My mind was too distracted by what Mya was doing to me.

She paused a moment, and spit on my cock. It was now slippery with her saliva. She stroked a few more times. Then looking directly into the camera with a beautiful smile she took my cock and placed it between her round DDs. She squeezed them around it and began to bounce up and down, letting me fuck those amazing chocolate mounds.

"Mmmm, mmmm, yeah, do you like this?" she mewed. "Yeah, you gonna cum for me?"

She kept bouncing those tits on me as she kept erotic eye contact with myself and the camera.

I couldn't hold back anymore. I unleashed an absolute torrent of cum. It blasted all over her tits before she grabbed my cock and shot it directly on her outstretched tongue and into her wide open mouth. She eagerly swallowed it for the camera as she jerked my cock. Another large glob squirted from the tip, adding to the mess on her tits.

She then stood up, and began rubbing my cum into her skin. She smeared it all over her tits then her stomach before plunging her fingers into her pussy.

She blew the camera a kiss and I stopped recording.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me off the couch. "Join me in the shower!"

We made our way to the bathroom and she reached into turn on the shower. She turned to me as it warmed up. "You taste amazing."

"Well, I rather enjoyed my dessert as well!" I said with a smile.

"Dessert seems to indicate we were done for the night. I am pretty sure that was just the appetizer." she teased.

We stepped into the shower and washed each other off. Her touches made me want to just fuck her again but I kept myself in control.

We dried off, and began getting ready for actual dinner.

We decided on a more upscale steak and seafood restaurant, made a quick Open Table reservation, and reserved an Uber.

She then began to get ready, squirming into a white dress that accentuated her curves. I went with a casual pair of nicer jeans and a button up. I was used to the more casual attire of the West Coast so hoped the place we were headed didn't have too formal of a dress code.

I straightened up the room as she did her hair. I then messaged a few texts with my wife and sent my love to the kids.

Mya stepped out of the bathroom, and double checked herself in the mirror. She looked stunning.

I put on my shoes while Mya grabbed her cell phone. She tapped away on the screen and giggled. "Sent!"

I looked a bit perplexed but she smiled and said "The video, I just added it as a reply to the message thread from this morning. Is that bad?"

"You are crazy! But I am not complaining."

She finished putting on her heels. They still left her short in height but highlighted her toned thighs and round ass.

Her phone began to ding with messages but she tossed it on the bed without looking at it. "We can look at them later. Right now let's go to dinner as boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Well then," I said, opening the hotel room door. "After you, my love."

"You are such a dork, and I love it" she replied.

We took the elevator down, grabbed our Uber, and we're whisked away to the restaurant. When we arrived at the restaurant, I hopped out of the car and opened the door for her like a gentleman should.

After perusing the menu, Mya ***********ed the seafood linguini and I went with the swordfish steak. We enjoyed some white wine and chatted and laughed over more small talk.

Our entrees arrived, and we're deliciously prepared. But, I couldn't help thinking about how delicious the first course between Mya's legs had been.

She apparently was on the same wavelength. As she finished cleaning her plate and patted her mouth with the crisp white linen napkin, she winked at me and quietly whispered "This was very good but hardly the best thing I have swallowed tonight."

We skipped dessert for now and while we waited for the check, I ordered an Uber to return to the hotel.

The ride back seemed to take forever. Mya daringly teased me by resting her hand in my crotch and gently rubbing her palm in circles. Luckily she stopped doing this with enough time for the reaction to subside before we arrived back at the hotel.

We made our way to the elevator and as soon as the doors closed I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her to me, kissing her. My other hand squeezed her ass cheek.

We stumbled hornily from the elevator when it reached our floor and raced to our room. Once inside, I kicked off my shoes and rapidly disrobed, leaving my clothes in a pile on the floor.

Mya removed her shoes and teasingly walked slowly to the bed.

"Now for the little secret, you totally missed tonight" she said as she lay back on the bed. She seductively raised one leg and then spread it wide. I realized that she hadn't been wearing any panties.

"Fuck, you naughty little thing." I groaned.

"Join your naughty girl in bed!" she begged as she motioned to the space next to her. As she did, she brushed her hand against her phone. "Oh yeah, the video. Come let's see their replies together!"

I slid my naked self into the bed next to her as she opened the messages app and quickly scrolled back to the first new message.

Her sister Aaliyah had written "Seriously, Mya why am I on this thread? I never realized you were such a slut. Please remove me from this group! I hope you are on birth control since I see you aren't using protection!"

Mya smiled and typed "Not a slut, he is my one and only. Didn't plan on this so not on birth control. Maybe you will be an aunt! LOL"

She turned to me, "for real though. I'm not on the pill or anything. But don't worry, I won't ever ask you for child support."

I kissed her. "Don't worry, I had a vasectomy, so no unintentional pregnancies."

"Awwww too bad, because I think we would make cute babies!" she pouted. "But, I won't tell my sister that -- let her freak out a bit first."

I leaned over to kiss her, but she pushed me back. "Not yet Mr. Horny!, let's read the other messages.

The next was from Latisha. "DAMN, you little ho, you two making me all horny and wet at work. That is a ton of jizz!"

Kiera had replied "That is! You gonna let him fuck your ass next? I am telling ya, I would let him pound mine. Show him this..."

There was a video of Kiera, slowly pulling down her pink thong showing us a view of her big jiggling ass. She spread her ass cheeks apart revealing her hole.

Mya looked uncomfortable watching that video but let it play to the end.

Latisha had replied to Kiera's message with. "Mya! We should all suck him at once and let him blast that all over us."

This had lead to Aaliyah protesting more. "Seriously, y'all are nasty. Please stop including me in this."

Mya turned to me. "Sorry, my friends are a bit trashy. They are way crazier than me, but I grew up with them... we are have been friends forever."

"Crazier than you?!" I teased.

She climbed on top of my naked body, pinning me down. "Dork! No I am serious. I just sent the video to prove that I truly have the sexiest boyfriend. It makes me so wet for them to watch us on video. But, Latisha seems to think I would share you with her, but no way. You don't want anything to do with her. Like I said, she is my friend but she is a nasty slut that has fucked so many guys."

"Don't worry. I don't like sluts. I prefer less experienced girls that aren't gonna compare me to 72 other people they have fucked!"

"Well, I think Kiera is pretty inexperienced -- maybe a even a virgin -- but she seems to just be fixated on some fantasy of you fucking her ass."

I pulled her down to kiss her. "Then why don't we make another video?"

"Of what?" she asked excitedly.

"Of me, fucking YOUR sexy ass." I suggested.



She bit her lip as she contemplated my suggestion. "You really want to put it up in there?"

I rolled her on her back and stood up. I took her hand and she submissively followed. I led her back to the couch. I helped her out of that sexy white dress and then pulled her to me so I could kiss her.

"I can't believe you are doing this to me." she whispered mid-kiss.

I directed for her to kneal on the couch, facing out the window. She obeyed as I retrieved her phone from the bed but I didn't start recording yet. Instead, I lowered myself to my knees behind her. I had amazing view of both her bald chocolate pussy and those two globes of her ass.

"What are you..." she started before I quickly slipped my tongue into her tight pussy from behind.

She was already extremely juicy inside.

"Oh damn! Mmmmm..." she moaned out loudly.

My tongue fucked her pussy and she continued to express her pleasure.

My jaw was beginning to hurt so I knew I need to pursue my next step. I grasped both of her ass cheeks and spread them as my tongue slid from her soaking wet vagina, across her perineum, and along the full length of her ass.

"Nooooo..." she protested with uncomfortable embarrassment.

But it was too late. My tongue plunged into her tight ass. I felt her tensing her as she battled the physical pleasure she was feeling with her discomfort at the thought of what I was doing.

When I felt I had made her slippery enough with my saliva I stood up. She looked over her shoulder at me. "I am so embarrassed, why did you do that??"

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Now relax..." I said, holding up the phone.

She looked at me for a moment, shook her head "Fuck, you are so damn lucky I love you!"

I started recording. I focused in on my throbbing manhood and then panned to her ass. Mya knowingly spread her ass cheeks to give the camera a good view of her tight hole.

I then pressed my cock against her little star and pushed.

Mya involuntarily yelped as she felt the head widening her. As it slipped slowly inside, it encountered the wetness I had deposited with my tongue.

Her ass squeezed tightly around me as I videoed my cock disappearing deep inside.

"Ohhhhh my fucking God. This hurts so bad. I don't know if I can... damn you are too thick for this."

But I didn't stop. I instead picked up speed and force.

"Ohhhh fuck, ow... baby .... Oh God stop, stop... you are too fucking big baby! Please!!!!" she begged.

I kept thrusting. I wasn't going to stop until I had came. She kept begging, but I noted her one hand was no longer supporting her on the couch. Instead it was now rapidly rubbing her pussy.

I wished I could have moved the video shot to focus on that and capture the sloppy wet sounds emitting from it, but it was an awkwardly impossible angle to get. So, I stayed focused on her ass that shook with every thrust. Her body was now glistening wet with sweat. My cock was covered by a thin film. I didn't care. Her ass felt amazing clenching my cock.

Mya looked back at me. She could tell I was close. The pleading subsided and the tightness in my balls increased. I looked from her pretty face back to that fantasticly cute ass I was fucking. I couldn't take it. I unleashed with a violent explosion of cum deep in her ass.

Mya's eyes grew huge, her jaw dropped. "Holy fuck baby! Oh my...aghhhhhgaaahhhh, fuck!" Her body shook with an orgasm that seemed to last an eternity. She writhed and squirmed and moaned. I recorded the whole amazing reaction.

She clenched the couch tightly to catch her breath. I slowly pulled my thick cock out of her. My cum stayed trapped deep inside.

She stood up unsteadily. "I am glad you didn't listen to me. Thank you for raping my ass. That was amazing."

She looked down at my cock with dismay. "Oh damn, that is why I was embarrassed. That's a nasty mess." Realizing the phone was still recording, she looked directly into it as she dropped to her knees.

She took my cock that was smeared with a film of her ass and my cum in her hands. She brought it to her mouth and began sucking it clean! She continued, all the while making direct eye contact.

I stopped recording and pulled her to her feet. We silently made our way to the bathroom to brush our teeth and take another shower. We quietly washed each other's bodies. She just was smiling and shaking her head.

We dried off but didn't bother getting dressed. She finally spoke. "I love you! You are fucking crazy, but I am so in love with you."

I pulled close and picked her tiny form up and carried her to the bed. We just spent the next several minutes kissing and fondling each other.

"Oh the video!" she suddenly exclaimed grabbing her phone.

"Do you mind if we don't send this to Latisha? She is getting too horny about you and I don't want you to get mixed up with such a slut." she asked.

"Whatever you want baby, I don't care. It is just my cock pictured, it is you who shows everything. So just send to who you want."

A mischievous glint appeared in her eyes as she opened the messages app and attached the video. She sent it to Kiera and Aaliyah.

"Still trying to drive your sister absolutely bonkers with frustration?" I asked.

She laughed. "I love her with all my heart, but it is fun to mess with her."

As we lay there together, we realized that our most recent escapade must have been quite a workout and we both could use some sugar. I threw on some jeans and a t-shirt and went down to the hotel lobby the find some ice cream. I charged it to the room and made my way back upstairs to our room.

"They were pretty limited in their ***********ion. I got plain old vanilla and chocolate chocolate chip. Not sure which you would prefer?" I questioned.

She giggled. "That should be pretty obvious, I love me some creamy vanilla and you seem to be enjoying your chocolate this week."

I tossed the vanilla ice cream container at her as she ducked.

"What, tell me it's not true!" she teased.

I slipped back out of my clothes and joined her on the bed, handing her one of them plastic spoons.

"I am rather enjoying my little chocolate treat, it is true." I admitted.

"See, I told ya. Do you mind me asking, is your wife white?"

"No Korean, first generation American."

"Ohhhh. What about your -- what did you call her, live-in girlfriend?"

"Yeah, essentially our wife. But yeah she is half white and half Filipino."

"Hmmm someone likes the Asian girls." she teased.

Our playful banter was interrupted by her phone alert.

She laughed, "It is Aaliyah"

The message read, "Mya! Blink twice if you are okay. Why the fuck do you insist on sending me these videos? I can't believe you gave him head after it was up in your butt! That is nasty."

Mya and I looked at each other. We both came to a realization, but before we could say a thing, Keira sent a message.

"Girl, I just watched this. The only way you knew she sucked him was if you watched her get fucked by him."

"Oh shit! She caught that too!" Mya exclaimed.

Kiera sent another message, "By the way Mya, I seriously want to get fucked by your man. Please share! Tell him I will pay for his plane ticket if he comes to Cali to fuck my virgin pussy! I need it bad!"

Struggling to get the safety seal off her ice cream, Mya shook her head laughingly. "So, I was right she IS a virgin. How the fuck is she such a freak then. You want to? She might be a lot to handle."

Taking another scoop of my own ice cream. "I'd be down if you are."

"Oh wait, you mean like a threesome? Babe, I am not really into girls." She paused, but before I could say anything interjected "I mean, scratch that, if your wife ever invited me into the bed I wouldn't say no, and maybe... nevermind ...". Her voice trailed off as she obviously was internalizing a thought.

"Yeah, sorry my wife only has a few girls she will play with. So pretty sure that is out. And nah, I am not interested in fucking your friend without you joining."

"Ugghhh guilt trip me!" she said as she clumsily dropped a scoopful of vanilla ice cream on her chest. "You know you corrupt me so easily!"

I immediately took advantage and leaned over to eat it off her.

Laughing, she pushed me back attempting to wipe away the last traces of melted ice cream.

"Stop dork!" she laughed playfully.

She started typing a reply, "My boyfriend..."

She stopped and shyly asked, "Is it okay that I called you that?"


She smiled happily and continued typing "...said he will fuck you if you are down for a threesome."

Aaliyah immediately replied with an exploding head emoji. "Seriously, you want a threesome with your sister??"

Kiera replied "LOL, I think that offer was for me."

Mya bit her lip and she looked at me, laying naked next to her. "Actually, the offer is to both of you."

My jaw dropped. "Holy fuck, Mya. A second ago you weren't into the idea, and now you are extending it to your sister?"

"Are you mad?" she asked worriedly. "I thought banging a set of sisters was every man's fantasy? I just want to keep you happy."

"Love, we have been together a day and I am already very happy!"

She set her ice cream container on the nightstand and grabbed mine and did the same. She then crawled on top of me. "Tell me you wouldn't want to essentially have two of me at the same time. My sister looks just like me, she is an even 5ft tall and her butt is smaller, but otherwise we could be twins. I know it is kinky but tell me you wouldn't bang us both."

Before I could answer, Mya's phone started ringing.

"It is Aaliyah!" she said excitedly.

She answered on speakerphone.

"Mya? What the fuck? Are you serious with all this? Did you just propose a threesome with this dude you just met?" Aaliyah asked incredulously.

"Yes, he lives near San Diego, so he is close to you! I can come to your place and we can both have our fun with him!"

"I am your sister! Doesn't that weird you out?" Aaliyah questioned.

"Honestly, no it turns me on!" Mya said, gyrating her hips on me.

"It's fucked up. What if we got caught?"

"So what, we are all legal consenting adults. You obviously are turned on by us enough to watch our video all the way through. Like Keira said, it is the only way you knew I sucked him off when he was done with my ass. So... now imagine you were part of it! You don't have to touch me at all. Just let me watch you get fucked by him!" Mya was in full sales pitch mode here.

"Are you on speaker right now? Is he listening to this?" Aaliyah questioned.


"I will just say... you better not break either of our hearts!"

"Does that mean you will do it?" Mya asked excitedly.

"You better not tell anyone. Not Kiera, not Latisha, not anyone!" Aaliyah warned. "Now, let me go before I realize what a stupid idea this is and change my mind! I love you Mya, but this is the craziest thing ever!"

She bid goodbye and hung up. Mya looked triumphant. "This is going to be so much fun!!"

She leaned down to kiss me as she ground her wet pussy against me. She kissed my lips, then my cheek, then along my neck before pulling my ear lobe into her mouth and gently sucking on it. Her gentle breath gave me erotic chills. "Don't worry, you will get to watch me touch her. I just told her that so she would agree to do it."

I nodded in agreement as I held her hips.

She smiled, "So, do you still want a threesome with Kiera. It isn't mutually exclusive. If you want to fuck her too I am fine with it."

"Really? Well, if she is a virgin I definitely think we should rock her world."

"Mmmmm, fuck baby! You have corrupted me so much. I was just a sweet little virgin sitting on a plane yesterday. Now look at me!" Mya teased, giving me giving her best innocent puppy eyes.

She picked up her phone again. She texted Kiera, "can you Facetime?"

As an answer, the phone began to ring. Mya rolled onto her back and answered the video call.

"Hey Mya!" Kiera responded. "You disappeared after you teased that threesome."

"Hey girl, sorry I left you hanging. I was just teasing my sister about a threesome." Mya fibbed. "But, yeah we would totally be down for a threesome with YOU if you want!"

"Really? Are you serious? Or you teasing me too?" Kiera asked.

"Are you a virgin?" Mya questioned.

"Yes, I've only fucked my fingers." Kiera said sheepishly.

"Perfect." Mya said smiling as she reached over and stroked my throbbing cock. "Do you wanna watch us fuck? Right now."

Kiera nodded her head vigorously.

Mya turned the camera on me. "This is my man. What do you think."

"Ohhhh, damn... cute!" Kiera gushed.

"... and this... this, is the big cock that is going to fuck your virgin holes." she said focusing the camera momentarily on my cock.

"Oh fuck! Mmmm, I am wet already." Kiera admitted.

"Good! Take off your clothes. I want to watch you masturbate while you watch us fuck!" Mya commanded.

Kiera nervously complied. She was a bigger girl. She was about 5'10" with plenty of thickness. She showed off that ass that we had seen on video already. It was large and soft. It jiggled with her movements. When she slowly turned around, she revealed her pussy. Even via the Facetime stream, it was clear it was wet. The patch of black curly pubic hairs above her pussy was matted with wettness. But the main attraction were her large ebony breasts. They made Mya's DDs look small.

"Oh wait a second!" Mya turned on the hotel room's TV and after a few button presses, the Facetime call was mirrored on the screen. Kiera's big tits looked absolutely massive on the 55" display.

Mya then perched the phone so it had a good angle of her and I on the bed.

Kiera watched excitedly as Mya crawled between my legs and began to give me amazing oral pleasure.

Our play session lasted late into the night. It was a preview of our just how crazy our in-person threesome would be.