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The Invasion of Nicondria

2022-05-11 00:00:03

The year was 3200AD and the bright yellow planet of Nicondria gleamed into the bridge viewport. General Krasis was a large reptilian humanoid, with blue skin, a large snout filled with sharp teeth, a long muscular spiked tail, adn incredibly muscled from head to toe. He wore his black military suit with a number of badges hanging from his large muscular chest. He was the leader of the black swarm. It was a multispecied army and navy from across the galaxy. Krasis's father, Kraton, was the emperor of the swarm. Nicondria was a war stricken planet and had just finished recovering from a previous war with the Geuda Federation. Krasis's fleet consisted of one legion cruiser (his personal ship), 10 capital ships, 30 carrier's, and 120 frigates. As they had only just emerged from lightspeed, Nicondria had not yet begun their defense. Krasis watched as he ran through the normal capturing strategy. Nicondria was Krasis's final target for invasion for a number of year and he planned on constucting a great city here for the swarm to harbor at. hundreds of claw fighters sped out of their carrier ships and headed to meet the enemy. Nicondrian swoop fighters came to greet them. A young human officer looked up and said, "Lord Krasis, we have on scanners 2 capital ships inbound and a few dozen frigates." Krasis grinned and replied, "Annilate them." The Nicondrian fleet flew in a tight formation and fired on the swarm's carrier's. The frigates fired back and wiped out half of the enemy's frigates. Krasis smiled and ordered a cease fire. He asked for a comm link to be opened to the enemy flagship. The video comm link opened as the ships broke off and stood by for attack. A young human male in an admiral's uniform adressed Krasis. "Sir, I am Admiral Torken , leader of the Nicondrian fleet. I realize that we do not stand a chance, but I beg of you to leave our planet alone." Krasis smiled a toothy grin and calmly replied, "Admiral Torken, I am Lord Krasis, leader of the 3rd fleet and son of Kraton. You are to stand down both your naval defenses and your planetary defenses if you plan to live." The young admiral looked toward his planet loningly. He said, "We will stand down if you will promise to negotiaite with me on some terms." Krasis frowned but said, "Very well Admiral, you will come to my ship immedaitely without escort, we will allow you to board my legion cruiser." The admiral grimaced and agreed. Krasis overlooked his boarding vessels take control of the enemy's navy. Meanwhile dropships sailed down to the surface to invade the planet. His own son Krator was in charge of the planetary invasion and Krasis ordered his men to allow the enemy shuttle to dock. We watched on a view monitor as the Admiral and his beautiful female bodyguard stepped off the shuttle. Krasis marched off to his meeting room. As the Admiral stepped into the room Krasis watched his every movement. As did Krasis's ever watching honor guard consisting of 5 very well trained warriors. Krasis noticed that the Admiral's bodyguard had deep purple skin and was well breasted and had a very slender form. She would make a good breeder. Torken sat in an appointed chair as his bodyguard stood behind him. She wore a white robe with a small belt around it that holstered many various wepaons. Krasis smiled and said, "Very well Torken shall we begin?" Torken grimaced and said, "Very well, this is my assistant and bodyguard, Eve. So how do your negotiations work?" Krasis smiled and one of his guards slashed Torken's head off with his claws as fast as lightning. Eve didn't move. She smiled and gave a small approving clap. "Very good almighty Krasis, you truly are powerful. I did not believe the stories until i saw your fleet, I am impressed." Krasis grinned, "So the bodyguard is not a fool but a wise beauty. Perhaps you would join me in a ceremonial breeding tonight, it has been very long." Eve agreed and the reptilian guards escorted her away. Krasis ordered his assistant to arrange it and the mighty general headed to his quarters.
As night closed over Nicondria, Krasis was escorted to the breeding chamber in his cruiser. If any man aboard chose to reproduce he did so here with one of the slaves. As the slave women had children they were turned into warriors. If the child was male he began training by age 6. If it was a girl they usually became slaves, but in rare cases were trained as priestesses, spies, assasains, or bodyguards. If elite officers took a liking to a certain slave than the slave would be that officer's personal slave. Resistant slaves were shown no mercy and were killed. All slaves were obediant. Captured males also became either labor slaves or even sex slaves in some cases. A ceremonial breeding occured between a high elite officer and a chosen slave in a large empty room where they were the center of sex. After the 1st orgasm by the male all others who were chosen to watch joined in a full orgy. Krasis entered the room and saw the other 5 males and 6 females present. All were naked. His prey, Eve, watched him hungrily. He overlooked her beautiful curves and perfect breasts. Her nipples were ligh blue as was her cunt. The priestess, Loj, aproached him. She gave him a kiss on the lips and then undressed Krasis. His garments and armor fell off and were removed from the room by two slaves who were also removed from the room. His eight pack and his enormous biceps were bulging in readiness. His beastly quadriceps and large pecs showed his true strength. Krasis's tail dragged in steady sweeps across the floor and the priestess held his soft 7inch phallus. "Lord may I begin the ceremony?" Krasis nodded and the light brown furred and very sexy priestess fell to her knees. She stroked his scaly pool ball sized nuts and stroked them with a furry hand. She took his blue cock into her mouth and begin to suck on the head gently. Krasis hardened to his full 13 inches quickly and the priestess stood and went back to her position next to a young male yuman who was also well packaged and quite aroused. Krasis smiled and moved to Eve. He kissed her hard and they traded tongues for a moment. Quickly and easily Krasis hefted Eve into his enormous arms and she warpped her legs around his waist. The priestess came forward again and aimed his large cock for Eve's pussy. Eve thrusted herself against Krasis's huge cock. The priestess went back and Eve was impaled by Krasis's member. He laid on his back and Eve began humping him. her body ached from the enormous member inside of her. She had never been very sexually active, but all she had taken before was a 6 inch penis. She moaned in pain and agony but forced herself to ride harder. If she proved herself worthy to him, she could become a powerful figure in the black swarm. Krasis roared in pleasure and she felt gallons of cum exploding in her like a volcano. Krasis's reptilian bodyguard was of the same species as Krasis but was probably around 11inches and was not quite as muscular, but no less was very muscular. The guard lifted Eve from Krasis and she stood. She saw that the 5 males other Krasis were all muscular and none of them were under 9 inches. The females were all well breasted with beautiful hairless cunts (except for the priestess). There was the reptilian guard male, and a reptilian female but she had yellow scales. There were two human males and 3 human women. There was a cat like male who was lightly furred and there was a male with red skin and horns. There was the furred priestess, and a red skinned, horned female. A blonde tanned human male came a sucked on her pussy while the cat like male entered her asshole. The cat man was tall and gripped her tits while he stood and fucked her asshole. The male sucking on her was on all fours and his ass was entered by the other reptilian male. Krasis groaned as the priestess wrapped her long tongue around his wet soft member. Two human women sucked each of his nipples and a hot young, tan skinned, dark haired human straddled his chest and fucked Krasis's six pack. Krasis's mouth became occupied with the third human girl's pussy as she was fucked in the mouth by the horned man. The horned woman went and licked the other reptilain male's asshole. The smell of sex aroused Krasis's monster cock again and the priestess rode it with her asshole. Krasis's tail came out from under him and he spanked the priestess's ass with it. The cat man, the reptilian, and the human man with Eve pushed her to her knees. The three males aimed their cocks at Eve's face and they began to grip eachother's rods. They pumped up and down and Eve waited for the release. The males groaned. The cat came 1st all over Eve's tits. Then the human spewed over her face, finally the reptilian's load blat out and covered her. It was the most cum Eve had ever seen. At least a liter. The horned woman licked her off.
Meanwhile, Krasis felt the male fucking his 8 pack cum and it dripped over Krasis's chest. The two human women went to work licking it up as the male got up and began to dress. The horned male sent a good bit of jizz down the throat of the woman who was sucking him. He walked off and the woman had an orgasm on Krasis's face. That woman left and the two women cleaning Krasis licked his face off. Krasis roared again as this sent him over the edge and he filled the priestess's pussy with seed. The orgy dissapated as the slaves went to their cells and the priestess returned to the ship's shrine. Krasis took Eve with him to his quarters and he locked a small band around Eve's ankle. Krasis explained, "Eve this is to control you. If you try to leave these quarters that band will send a shock to your brain and you will go unconcious. It can be disabled by me and me alone." Even nodded and collapsed on a small bed for her in the corner. Krasis smiled, redressed, and headed to the bridge.