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The Photographer IV

2022-05-12 00:00:04

The Photographer IV
Several productive days passed, when Dillon found himself lying in bed, wondering how he should spend his day off. Sadly, Tanya’s husband wouldn’t leave town for two more days. As Dillon wallowed in this particular depression, listening to the city awaken around him, he heard soft knocking at his door. Wrapping his sheet around his waist, he arose from bed and answered the door, to find a sad looking Anastasia and Masha. What was wrong with the poor girls? Dillon grew concerned as he invited them in.
“I had to get Ana out of the house, Dillon,” Masha explained. “I’m sorry, but I just didn’t know what to do with her. She is in so much trouble with Mikhail.” Dillon looked at poor Ana, her small head hung in dejection and shame. She seemed ready to cry. He led the poor fourteen-year-old to his rumpled bed and she sat down. Mikhail was not the right man to be in trouble with, he thought to himself.
“She’s been showing dirty photos to all the guards on Mikhail’s property, Dillon,” Masha explained. She continued to tell Dillon how Ana had gotten in so much trouble. While Mikhail hadn’t been too upset when he learned of Ana’s antic’s, he certainly was not pleased with her.
“I was harvesting, Dillon, please understand,” Ana pleaded. She was certainly a little cum waif. “I needed more sperm for my pudding!” Masha picked up her story where she had left off. Ana systematically drained every guard on the Mikhail’s grounds for the past two days, around the clock, without mercy, exciting each man to pump his sperm into her condoms, so she could perform culinary miracles with it. “I never even touched their cocks!” Ana claimed.
Well, Masha continued, Ana certainly had a enough sperm to prepare her precious pudding after two days of harvesting. Masha had actually watched her prepare the noxious dish in the kitchen. Masha had watched as she covered the pudding and set it in the refrigerator to chill and set. They had played together in Mikhail’s office, waiting for him to arrive, as the pudding cooled in the fridge. Long they waited, until Ana grew impatient, and left to enjoy a bowl of her sperm pudding.
“Imagine Dillon, how shocked we were to find Mikhail in the kitchen,” Masha said. “Eagerly spooning Ana’s sperm pudding into his mouth, moaning and enjoying it.” Ana groaned, and Masha wrapped her thin arm around her best friend, comforting her. “Well, Ana just freaked and pulled the bowl of pudding out of Mikhail’s reach, as he dropped his spoon into the bowl to scrap out the last drops of the pudding. ‘What are you doing Ana? Why have you taken that delicious pudding from me?’ Slowly, Dillon, I watched poor Mikhail’s face as it dawned on him. He watched Ana greedily licking the bowl with reckless abandon. With an energy reserved for only her favorite food! Mikhail looked at me Dillon, with terrified, questioning eyes. Poor Mikhail.” Masha related. Ana agreed, poor, poor Mikhail.
Dillon’s stomach turned over when he tried to imagine how Mikhail must have felt when he suspected he had just eaten a large bowl of Ana’s sperm pudding.
“He quickly grew violently ill, Dillon,” Masha said. “He stood over the kitchen sink, emptying his stomach. Purging himself of Ana’s valuable, hard won sperm reserves. He spent all day and night in bed, and wouldn’t see or speak to anyone. We feel so horrible, Dillon,” Masha claimed looking at Ana. Both girls nodded at each other. So shamed. Especially Ana. And disappointed. “When I saw him this morning, he had a real rage in his eyes, so I grabbed Ana and fled!” Dillon pondered the girl’s predicament. He crossed his apartment and called Mikhail.
“Mikhail, the girls are here with me, they seem upset and won’t talk about it,” Dillon lied.
“Dillon, I need you to do me a large favor.” Mikhail said. “I would like you to keep Ana with your for the remainder of the week. She has disappointed me greatly Dillon.” Dillon assured his friend he would watch over her carefully. “She can be very ...tiring...under the best of circumstances, you must try to understand, Dillon. She can be very...persuasive.” Dillon said he would try to understand. “I need a break from that girl Dillon, perhaps you can help me. Perhaps you can try your hand at pleasing and satisfying her considerable needs.”
“Are you sure, Mikhail?” Dillon asked quietly. Mikhail added he was certain, that he had considered asking Dillon before now, but since yesterday had become certain that the maturing girl was much more than he could handle alone, now.
“God be with you Dillon, and give Masha my love, please.” Mikhail hung up. Dillon considered his predicament. He returned to the girls and repeated what Mikhail had said. Ana immediately cheered up, miraculously recovering from a day long depression. Masha simply shook her head and wished Dillon the best of luck.
“Eat often Dillon, Ana will feed you well.” Masha promised. “I have a full day planned...so if you two will excuse me, I must be off.” The pretty young and virginal teen left Ana and Dillon sitting on the bed, wondering how they would spend the day. Ana already had the first couple hours planned, as she quickly began pulling the sheet from around Dillon. Realizing he was trapped in this young nymph’s web, he decide on only token resistance, and soon found the beautiful blond teen sucking his hardening cock.
“Mm,” She groaned. “You taste so delicious. You can have you way with me Dillon.” she promised. Dillon propped some pillows up on the head board of the bed and leaned back comfortably. Next he asked Ana to remove all her clothes, and she quickly complied, exciting Dillon with her nubile, hungry body. Dillon was glad to see she had kept her young pussy shaved smooth, and he let his eyes roam the tiny teen’s lithe, tanned body. Ana untied a bow in her hair, shook her head and lay back nude in front of Dillon. Dillon began to stroke himself while looking at the tart teen lying nude between his feet. Ana rolled over on her back and scooted along the mattress closer to Dillon, between his legs. She reached both feet forward and set them on Dillon’s lap near his hard cock. She smiled at him seductively as he moved his hand from his lap. Gently Ana began to rub his cock with both her feet. This gave Dillon a wonderful view of her young twat and pink poop hole. Ana seemed to be enjoying herself as much as Dillon was.
“Dillon, have you slept with a lot of women?” Ana asked. Dillon shrugged and told her thirty or forty maybe. Ana wasn’t too impressed with that. “Do most women like it in the ass as much as I do?” Dillon told her no, in fact no one who knew liked it in the ass as much as she did. Right now, Dillon very much liked the look of Ana’s ripe, bald pussy. She watched him looking at it, and soon she was rubbing her clit. Dillon told her he liked watching her rubbing her clit, and getting his cock rubbed between her two small and soft feet. Ana bit her lower lip and moaned. “Anything you like Dillon...” Now, Dillon wasn’t growing board watching the beautiful fourteen-year-old masturbate, but his imagination did kick into gear, working, as he watched Ana grow more excited.
“Please use your other hand to pinch your hard little nipples, Ana,” Dillon asked. She complied, genuinely wishing to please him. Her nipples became erect fast, as Dillon watched goose bumps appear all over her tummy, chest and thighs. “Did you bring any toys with you Ana?” She nodded her head and looked at her small duffle bag. “I think I would like you to grab a couple, give them to me and then resume your position just like this.” Ana quickly obeyed, and after dropping a vibrator and dildo on Dillon’s lap, continued to play with herself and play with his cock with her feet.
Soon, Dillon grabbed her feet and pulled her closer to him, so her pussy lay just below his balls, within easy reach. Dillon inserted the vibrator in her. She purred. Sunlight began to pour through his window, illuminating the tan teen more, and giving Dillon another idea.
“I want you to go into my kitchen and grab my vegetable oil, Ana, and bring it to me.” Dillon asked, admiring her as she climbed from his bed and skipped into his kitchen. Dillon quickly threw his sheets and blankets off his bed, leaving only the thin bottom sheet that covered the mattress. He would have his sex slave launder it later. She soon hopped back up on the bed with him, holding a small bottle nearly full of golden oil. He asked her to turn around, and face her back to him, and took the oil from her. Slowly, Dillon poured oil over her shoulders as she knelt between his legs. He rubbed it all over her back as she moaned and squirmed. He rubbed it down her sides and over the top of her ass, coating her. He asked her to stand, and her coated the rest of her small rounded and firm ass. Then he coated the back of her legs, down to her ankles. He asked her to turn around and face him again.
“And kneel.” Dillon commanded, handing her the oil. “I want to watch you slowly oil the rest of your fine-ass body.” Ana obeyed with no regrets, as she poured some oil into her palm and rubbed her little hands together. She started with her breasts, and rubbed oil gently all over her body as Dillon lay back and watched with glee. She went slowly, swaying her hips and moaning for him. He enjoyed her little show. Too soon, she was completely covered in a layer of oil, looking tremendous and tan, thin and girlish, happy and horny.
“Sit on my lap, I will fondle you now,” Dillon said. She climbed between his legs. He lifted her up and set her, facing away from him on his lap, pulling her back into his chest. She spread her legs and lay them down atop of Dillon’s legs. Dillon’s cock rose, impressively hard, between her thin legs, her pussy resting just above his cock. Dillon began to run his hands freely over the submissive teen, feeling her oily body move and respond to his touch.
“Oh Dillon,” Ana moaned. “I love the way your hands feel on me.” Dillon tickled her a while, then massaged her firmly, as Ana slid her body down, until she was stopped by his towering erection, which now rested comfortably against her wet pussy. She wiggled about on him, getting oil on him. This pleased him, to have this young waif at his command, at his freedom. He was glad she was so eagerly allowing him to do as he pleased with her, as he fondled and felt her youthful body with his hands. He rubbed her oily thighs, and pulled her legs up and rubbed her knees and calves. The agile girl managed to bend her legs so he could rub her feet, just over his cock. She was a moaning, purring machine, and truly loved the attention Dillon was paying her horny nubile body.
“Kiss me, baby,” he said. Ana turned her head up to him and he found her lips waiting eagerly for him. He rubbed her for several more minutes, all over, while they kissed hungrily. He found her breasts so firm, her nipples so responsive, her pussy so wet, her tummy so taught, her belly button so ticklish. She begged him to take her ass. “No baby, I will not take your ass now.” Ana whined and whined, until he felt he needed to correct her behavior. With difficulty, he picked her oily body up and lay her across his lap, facing down, and spanked her hard several times. “This morning you will please me,” Dillon explained. “You are my fuck toy. I will fuck you when I wish to.” Ana squealed as he spanked her firm bottom. Dillon began to massage her ass and back, as Ana’s legs fell apart, spread very unladylike, offering him any access he desired. He missed kissing her though. So he picked her up again, and set her down on his lap, facing him this time, and commanded her to rub a bit of oil on his chest. Ana poured a small bit of oil into the palm of her hand, and Dillon pulled her face toward him and kissed her as she massaged his chest.
When he felt she had oiled him adequately, he pulled her against him, feeling her small breast press into his. Her tongue was darting around his mouth, as she moaned in their close intimacy, and began sliding her body around atop of Dillon’s, as he hoped she would. He placed his hands lightly on her ass and felt the horny teen slowly move around on him as she become more and more excited. His hands discovered her whole body was very slippery and warm, very sensitive and desirable. He found a small river of pussy juice flowing down her legs. She was very turned on. Dillon placed his hands on her legs and pushed them close together, so they hugged his hard cock tightly, as it rested against her pussy. She began to undulate her hips, stimulating herself on his hardness.
“Oh Dillon, I’m so fucking horny!” Ana squealed.
“I am too, babe,” Dillon admitted, watching the oily, tanned teen wiggling on him, hugging his cock between her legs. After a few minutes of this, as Ana was growing feverishly agitated, Dillon surrendered. “I want your pussy, babe. Mount me now.” Slipping and sliding, young Ana made her was up Dillon’s hard body until her wet crotch rested above his hard erection, and forced herself down onto him.
“Thank god!” she yelled as his cock slid into her pussy for the very first time. Ana kept pushing her very tight, wet and warm pussy down and down on his cock, not getting far. She was relentless and mindless of any pain or discomfort his girth might have been causing, but soon she had to stop with only half his cock in her. She made an admission to Dillon.
“I’ve never had a cock this big in me,” she admitted. “And I usually take it in the ass. So my pussy isn’t ready for something like this,” she said, moaning and grunting. Dillon thought her pussy felt wonderful around his cock. It squeezed him wonderfully. It was very wet. It was very warm, and very soft. As he held her tightly, closely, she trembled. “Oh fuck!”
As oily as Ana was, Dillon had trouble helping her slide back up his cock. But he practiced perseverance, and soon was helping her slide up and down a good portion of his cock. He held her tight and kissed her for several minutes, and her trembling pussy muscles massaged his cock and grew more accustomed to his size. She seemed to relax during this pause, and kissed him while holding his face with her slick hands. She rubbed her small breasts against his chest. Dillon wasn’t surprised when the intrepid teen began forcing herself down on his cock again. He whispered to her.
“I want you to take your time, Ana. I don’t want to cause you to hurt yourself.” he said quietly. “Let’s go slow and be patient, we have all day together.” His comments pleased Ana, she tightened her grip on his face and bit him on his lower lip lightly, as he roamed his hands over her sensitive oily body. Though their oily bodies robbed them of traction and grip, the two lovers learned how to move with one another, as she slid along his cock. When Dillon’s hands weren’t roaming the teen’s body, they rested on her fine ass, massaging her. Ana kept her hands on his face, kissing him as if he would disappear if she stopped. She breathed heavily through her nose, as Dillon occasionally reminded her to try and stay relaxed and take her time. She learned. Ana began to move so Dillon’s cock rubbed her pussy in just the right way, in the right spot, with just enough force. Dillon helped her control her excitement and let it build slowly, as she slid up and down his chest, massaging him with her firm breast, and almost cutting him with her hard nipples. Eventually, she broke away from kissing him and lay her head on his chest as they fucked slowly but intimately, pleasing one another. Dillon stroked her hair and face, and praised her fine young body and soul.
“I have never made love like this, Dillon,” Ana admitted. “I have always just fucked.” Dillon’s cocked twitched in happiness as the teen’s excitement grew ever so slowly, as she worked her pussy all the way down his cock now. “You feel so good in me now Dillon.” They had been fucking for nearly thirty minutes before she had slowly taken him all the way in. “I’m glad I took you all the way in without ripping myself in half. Maybe I won’t be so sore later.” Dillon told her he hoped she wouldn’t be sore at all. She turned her head so she was looking up at him again, slowly sliding up and down his cock. Her brown eyes were large, and beautiful. They were full of lust, and mischievous. As she continued to enjoy his large cock in her tight pussy, Dillon asked her a question.
“Would you like to go out to lunch today, and maybe see a movie?” He asked her. Her eyes hadn’t left him, and now he saw her smile, and then bite her lower lip.
“Like a date, Dillon?” she asked with large brown eyes. He nodded, just like a date. “Just you and me?” He nodded, just the two of them. “Oh,” she moaned as her pussy muscles spasmed a little. “I would love to Dillon.”
“After the movie, perhaps we could go visit Elena.” Dillon suggested. “And say hi to her or something...” Elena was one of the first girls to do a photo shoot with Dillon. Ana had joined Elena during the video segment, allowing the young teen whore to torture her. They two girls had seemed to become very friendly. Ana gasped, quickly recalling the pretty and moody girl who had tortured her during the shoot. She wiggled uncontrollably for a moment, and Dillon knew this idea excited her tremendously, as she quickened her pace up and down his cock.
“Or we could shop for a while and find someplace to have a nice dinner...” Dillon suggested as an option to filling the rest of there day, instead of visiting the teen-whore house.
“No!” Ana yelled. “Let’s go visit Elena. We can call over her later and let her know we are coming!” Dillon looked at the clock next to his bed. It wasn’t even ten in the morning yet. He could spend two more hours fucking his little teen honey. Ana was growing very excited now, her body and moans growing more urgent. He suggested she let her excitement build as high as possible.
“Keep going, little Ana, keep going,” Dillon encouraged. “But don’t come yet, let it build and build.” Her eyes reflected her understanding, as she whimpered and found his lips with hers, as her hands found his face again, they glued their mouths and bodies together as their excitement built. Dillon thought her pussy was feeling even better as the long minutes passed, growing more accommodating and wet. With his hand, he discovered her pussy lips had swollen and grown full, and firm. She was able tease his cock now, flexing muscles, grabbing him tightly at times. Sucking him into her at other times. Gradually her excitement grew feverish, and Dillon knew she wouldn’t last much longer. He looked at his clock, and it was ten thirty. His little teen deserved to come. She had worked hard for nearly an hour, sliding up and down his cock. She should be getting tired soon...must be, he thought, watching the very fit teen work, her eyes closing to slits, as she looked at his face. Her body began to tremble under Dillon’s hands, as he encouraged her to peak.
“I think you deserve to have a nice orgasm now baby,” He said quietly, thrusting into her deeply when she sank down on him. She slid up his cock a small way, until his head was rubbing a spot in her that he knew from their hour of screwing was very sensitive. She squirmed and moaned, as his cock rubbed her in just the right spot. He felt her pussy spasming and her body twitching. He watched the muscles in her little tummy and neck grow strained.
“Dillon...” She cried, her body convulsing for a moment. “Dillon...” Ana took in a sharp breath, then let out a long groan. Dillon held on tightly as she began to come wildly, powerfully. She began to babble Russian nonsense, and shriek his name. Her thin legs flailed about, lost to her control. Excited and confused nerves in her body fired repeatedly as she twitched, trembled, shook, and spasmed on him. Her hands found his chest and traveled quickly up his neck to his face, squeezing him. She mashed her lips into his. She yelled, screamed into his mouth in pleasure. Dillon felt very proud of her, as she began to relax, and told her so.
“I’m glad you were so pleasured,” he said. She agreed.
“That’s one of the best I have ever had. Maybe the best, I don’t know, my mind is a little confused right now.” She admitted. “I didn’t know slow, normal sex could be so fun.” Dillon pondered what she thought was normal, and knew her normal lay far beyond his. So he held her tightly as she rested on him, hardly moving, except for occasional pussy twitches that made them both groan. Dillon remained hard in her for long minutes, as he pondered how to please his sex doll next.
Dillon pulled his pillows out from behind him and tossed them into the center of the bed, and lay his little blond teen face down on them, and began to lick her asshole. She went nuts, of course, her legs nearly kicking him in his nuts. Her hands grabbed at the sheet, but were too oily to find a purchase, when he stuck his tongue inside of her. She tasted wonderfully oily. He took her vibrator, and sat relaxed between her legs, as he used it, but not vibrating, to stretch her tight sensitive ass. Within ten minutes, it was sliding easily in and out of her, causing her to squirm in joy. So he switched to the larger, softer dildo, and she grunted when he thrust the tip of it in her. Slowly she grew accustomed to it too, often calling his name, and finding his hard cock with her little feet, as he slid the dildo past her sphincter again and again. Dillon turned on the vibrator now and slowly pushed it in her small asshole with the dildo. When he had the tip of the small vibrator in her, he began to circle the dildo with the vibrator, going around the dildo in her ass, in circles, vibrating and massaging her precious taught sphincter muscle. She went nuts.
“Easy baby,” Dillon reminded her. “Remember to try and control your excitement.” This had no immediate effect on the slim, tanned teen, as she thrust her hips wildly about. Soon though, she was groaning in pleasure, taking the duo of toys with a little more calm pleasure. For fifteen more minutes, Dillon pleased Ana this way, working the vibrator a little further into her ass, stretching her a little more, for the ultimate violation she would soon receive. Maybe Dillon got a little carried away, or too focused on her brilliant body, but little Ana started screaming, and coming. Powerfully. When she was done, Dillon gently removed his toys from her, and informed her that she should mount him again, when she was ready. As he waited patiently, her massaged her pretty back muscles and kissed her pretty neck.
When she rose, Dillon threw his oily pillows against the head board again and lay back. The pretty teen mounted him and felt behind her for his still hard cock. She told him how good his playing had felt.
“I washed over my Dillon,” She claimed. “So fast and hard. I had just started to recall when you had ass fucked me after my photo shoot and I got so excited, I couldn’t stop from coming.” Dillon understood.
“Mental pictures, memories, fantasies,” Dillon suggested. “Are very important to good sex.” Ana agreed as she lowered her stretched anus onto the head of his cock. She looked into his eyes, as she placed both hands now on his shoulders and she grunted taking a lot of cock into her tiny ass.
“Oh yes,” She moaned. “I remember that you sure know how to fuck an ass, Dillon.”
“You are going to fuck me this morning though, babe, until I come in you, ok?” Dillon asked. Ana nodded, promising Dillon that she could do that.
“I’ll ride you with my tight ass, Dillon, sliding up and down your hard cock until you come in me,” Ana promised. Ana knew how she liked it in the ass, and well. She came hard, and she came often, with shattering orgasms. She spun around and rested her back against Dillon, as she rode up and down his cock, with Dillon’s strong arms helping her. She soon had taken his entire cock into her.
“This fucking feels Great!” she said. “Dillon your cock makes me so happy. Your thick cock feels so good going into my ass. It feels so big coming out of my ass, like a big shit, Dillon.” she said as she began to ride him like an out-of-control nympho. With his wildest imagination, he would not have imagined a girl this small could ride a cock this big, so well and with such joy. He wondered how much he was stirring up the teen’s bowels, and wondered where exactly his cock was disappearing to, while she rode him like an anal fanatic. She place both feet on one side of him, and rode up and down him sideways. She placed them on the other side of him and did the same thing, only enjoyed it more. She turned to face him again, placed her small feet on his hips, her hands on his shoulders, and sank all the way down on his cock, with a grunt and a smile. Dillon liked it best when she rode him this way, as he could clearly see her sweet face, and brown eyes, and the expressions she made with them. He could see and feel her small tits, and her hard nipples could be pinched. He could see clearly her bald wet pussy, and watch his cock disappearing into her ass. She bit her lower lip and looked into his eyes. She raised her eyebrows at him.
“Does that feel good, baby?” She asked Dillon. “Does it feel good to have my tight teen ass sliding up and down your cock like this?” Dillon nodded enthusiastically. “You sure look like you enjoy it,” she said sweetly, picking up her pace and somehow managing to make her ass feel even tighter on his cock. “Am I a good fuck toy Dillon? Hm? Do I please you Dillon, with my tight teen asshole sliding up and down your cock?” She shivered and shook. “Dillon do you like watching your cock go in and out of my ass? Are you going to shoot a big load inside of my Dillon?” She shivered and shook more now, moving her hands to his face and kissing him hard. Dillon was going to come soon and he knew it. “I don’t know where all your come is going to go. My ass is so full of hard cock, Dillon, I just don’t know where it will go when you start pumping it into my tight butthole,’ She cooed. She moaned loudly. “I’m coming so hard Dillon! Fuck me!” Dillon watched her pussy as it began to squirt then shoot fluids onto his stomach “Agh!” Dillon was passed the point of no return when he saw that. He flipped her over fast and forcefully onto the bed, slamming into her ass with beast-like brutality.
“Grumph! Ack!” Ana cried. Dillon held her hips, pulling her up to meet his powerfully downward thrust and pushed her away as he withdrew. Wash, rinse, repeat. He fucked her ass so hard, he watched her belly button for signs his cock would come through there. “Ohh mmphh!” she yelled. Dillon began to pump nearly two hours of excitement into the eighty pound teen’s ass and intestines. He drilled deeply into her and ejaculated, pulled out, hammered into her again, and pumped more sperm well deep inside his fuck toy. “Ah, ah, ah, ah, Ahhh!” she yelled. Dillon kept pumping more and more sperm into the tiny teen. “Ug, ug, ug, ug, Grrr!” She whimpered. Dillon felt pressure surrounding his buried cock, formed from the considerable amount of sperm trapped in the youth’s bowls. He pumped yet more into her, now nearly painfully ejaculating from deep within his scrotum as her fertilized the teen’s intestines.
“Fuck,” Dillon said, as he fell forward onto the come filled teen. Ana gratefully wrapped her thin arms and legs around her loving sperm donor.
“Good lord Dillon,” She gawked. “Was it something I said?” Ana giggled causing his cock to twitch again. Ana liked the feel of that.
“Mm,” she groaned. She reached for his lips and held his face while he kissed her, her tongue thanking his teeth, lips and tongue for pumping so much into her. Thanking him for how excited and explosive he had gotten. Thanking him for such positive-feedback for the two hours she had ridden him.
“Damn.” was all Dillon could say for a while, as his small teen clung her oily hot body to his. When his vision returned to normally, when his legs were his own again, when his arms could lift him from the bed, he decided to only lay atop Ana and kiss her more, his body stuck to hers. He didn’t care what time they got to lunch, what time the movies started, or how late they got to the tee-whore house afterwards. His cock was still hard as stone, and until it deflated, he was going to stay buried in this young teen, he promised. She brushed at his hair, pushing his bangs away from his face, looking into his eyes.
“I feel satisfied Dillon,” She said. “I mean...” She looked at him quizzically for a moment. “Completely satisfied. Like, numb. Calm. Pleased. Usually I am at least a little horny and tense, always!” She sighed. “Tanya is so lucky.” Dillon thought, Tanya?...oh yeah, Tanya, the gorgeous twenty five year old blonde he was often with in his free time. The woman he was thinking of in bed this morning when Masha and Ana had knocked on his door. He thought he may love Tanya, a little, slightly, maybe. “She gets you whenever her husband goes out of town, which is like always. I need a good lover like you.” Dillon told her what he thought of that.
“I like Tanya a lot,” Dillon admitted. “And it’s not just her looks.” he said looking down at Ana, holding her eyes. “You are beautiful too, and will grow more and more attractive to all men. But I like her friendship. She is kind. She listens to me.” He asked Ana if she remembered when he went on the first date, that night following the photo-shoot he had ass fucked Ana. She nodded. “I felt bad about what I had done, taken photos of you and Masha. And having sex and all. I felt bad about starting a porn site. Well, even on our first date, she sensed that, Ana. And she talked to me about it, and listened to me. She relaxed me and helped me understand better.” Ana thought that was sweet of Dillon to say, as told him so.
“What you need to find is a like a sixteen or seventeen year-old boy.” Dillon suggested to the fourteen-year-old.
“But they don’t fuck well,” Ana complained.
“But that’s the fun part.” Dillon explained. “If you find a boy you like, Ana, you tease him for days and weeks.” Ana looked at him with interest. “You tease him with your smiles and words at first. Then you start to tease him with your thoughts, quick little touches of your hands, and tiny revealing glimpses of you body.” He thought she was understanding him well, from the little smile that seemed to be forming on her face, even in her eyes. “Now, it is important that you like this boy before you go further than that, you see. You should be attracted to him and be able to share your thoughts with him.” Dillon explained. “He should first be your friend,” Dillon said, and Ana nodded.
“I’ve never had a boyfriend like that,” Ana reflected.
“Ok, now, if Mikhail hasn’t skinned this boy yet, or buried him up to his chin in the yard and run over him with the lawn mower, you can start to take things farther with him. You need to understand, that if you care for him, it won’t matter if he is a bumbling fool when you first “Do-it” together.” Dillon hoped she understood. Her gaze drifted off a little and she looked a little reflective, though Dillon’s cock was still buried in her, but growing softer. She looked off toward his windows and thought of what he had said, while still stroking his hair, running her fingers through his curls. When she returned her gaze to him, and smiled, he continued.
“Can you imagine all the time...and times...you could enjoy with such a boy, as you teach him to please you? Train him? Do you know how much fun it could be to please such a young man with you body, if you fall in love with him?” She looked forlorn for a moment. “There are about thirty thousand boys in this city alone that would possibly be that young man.”
Ana grew happen with that thought, and her eyes thanked Dillon for helping her understand. Dillon knew this girl needed a goal, needed a purpose. Needed something to do but collect and eat sperm, and he hoped he had given it to her. He kissed her and held her, so she knew he cared for her.

Dillon looked down at Ana as they walked into the restaurant. She looked fresh and innocent, smelled like baby powder, and held his hand.
They had bathed together in a bubble bath earlier at his apartment, started his laundry, and made phone calls to the theater and teen-whore house. Ana had fixed her hair, and made pretty. She slipped a pretty sun dress over her nude body, as Dillon sighed, wondering if he could keep his hands off the erotic teen in public, knowing she was wearing nothing under her thin dress. Probably not, but such is life in the big city. She slipped into her pretty white sandals, and led him out of the apartment.
On the patio of a nice restaurant, they sipped tea and shared a small salad, as Dillon told Ana of his first real love. They shared caviar and smoked salmon as he told her about the heartbreak that follows every such young love. She held his hand, consoling him, until their steaks arrived. Hungrily they filled their bodies with protein. Ana suggested that perhaps Mikhail would not deny her a boy friend.
“I think sometimes I can ask too much of him,” She wondered. Dillon wondered allowed if she did too. “Perhaps he would welcome it if I had one.” She looked reflective for a moment, as Dillon gobbled down some of his delicious steak. “Where would I find a good boyfriend?”
Ana gasped. She looked at Dillon as if he had lost his mind. “I am not going back to school.” Dillon shrugged. He enjoyed more of his steak, and some of his buttery Russian potato. “I haven’t been to school in three years, Dillon.”
“So?” Dillon said with his mouth full. He grew silently sad as he recalled Masha’s story of the young Ana. “You’re brilliant, Ana. You’ll catch up. Don’t you think, that if you asked, Mikhail wouldn’t hire a small army of special trained tutors to help you.” The look Ana gave him was indecipherable. She sliced off a bit of steak, and chewed it slowly, as Dillon watched her out of the corner of his eye. She was eating slowly, and he was almost done. He stopped their young waitress and ordered another steak.
“Just the steak...no potato or beans,” he said nicely to the smiling waitress. He began to slice small pieces of Ana’s steak, leaving them in little chunks on her plate. She looked off, distantly thoughtful for a while, and then quickly stabbed one of the chunks he had prepared, and chewed it slowly, sipping more tea. Dillon thought he had given her enough to think about for one day.

Russian movies are good, Dillon thought, as they left the theater. Certainly better than he had expected. Lots of gangsters, blood and sex. Dillon had overtly groped Ana throughout the movie, yet both seemed to watch and enjoy the film. Ana said that real gangsters don’t act like they did in that movie.
“Oh?” Dillon asked. “How do they act?”
“Like my Mikhail,” she said. Dillon waved town a taxi. And soon they were sitting in a comfortable pub, next door to the teen-whore house. Dillon found Ana a seat in a corner booth, and ordered them wine. He quickly ran next door, and asked the teen-whore house manager, or pimp, perhaps, to please have Elena join them next door. The manager pleasantly told Dillon he would try.
He rejoined Ana at their table in the quiet pub, but only one glass of wine was on the table. Ana looked very upset.
“You may finish your wine,” Ana said. “But then we have to go.” She looked ready to cry. Dillon was confused, when young Elena walked in to the pub. Soon the three sat at the table and Ana began to explain, quietly in a hushed voice.
“The manager said I am not old enough to drink. He said that girls who work next door are not allowed in here.” She slammed her hand down on the table. “I will be right back, Dillon.” Ana grabbed young Elena’s hand, and stormed out of the pub.
Dillon sipped his wine, missing Ana’s company for several long minutes, when he saw the manager walk behind the bar and speak with the bartender. Both men glanced at Dillon. Dillon heard the phone at the bar ring. The bartender answered it.
“Yes sir,” the bartender said quickly, covering the phone with his hand. “It’s for you. And it’s Mikhail Leniovich.” The name had an immediate impact on the manager, who looked for a minute, to Dillon anyway, as if he may feint. Or run. Or do anything besides answer the phone. Dillon chuckled. Dillon saw Ana walk in with Elena, escorted by the house manager. They stood at the bar glaring at the manager, who took the phone in his hand, and held it to his ear.
“Yes Mr. Leniovich?”... “Yes Sir.” ... “No Sir.” ... “Certainly Sir,” the manager said into the phone, before handing it back to the bartender. His eyes found the glaring Ana, and the large and mean looking house manager. He apologized. Again and again. As if his life depended on it, he apologized one more time, and led the girls to Dillon’s booth. He delivered them a bottle of champaign. He kindly brought them menus, thanking them for being his guests in his pub.
“If there is anything...” he said.
“We’ll call you over,” Ana responded icily. When the poor manager left the table, Ana smiled, and chuckled at Dillon.
“That is how a real gangster acts, Dillon...Like Mikhail did. He uses a calm voice and explains what he wants, and get’s what he asks for.” Ana stated. “Or else.” Dillon nodded, as Elena scooted closer to Ana. Dillon eyed the two pretty teens across the table from him. They began to talk quietly to one another, often glancing at Dillon. It seemed they had made up their minds about something. Dillon focused on Elena, remembering how young the girl looked during the photo-shoot. She had been incredibly sexy. She never smiled and rarely spoke, Dillon recalled, but was very expressive. She had coal-black hair, long and shiny. She had cold blue eyes, large and depressed. Elena spoke to him kindly. Or as kindly as this dark, dreary girl did.
“Thank you for coming to visit me Dillon,” She said. “It means a lot to me that you came to see me. Me.” She said. “And I am especially glad you brought Ana.” She didn’t really look glad to Dillon. But who knew with this odd girl. She changed the subject. “Ana, Reina is being such a bitch to me. All afternoon, since she heard you and Dillon where coming to see me. She nearly made me cry. I may kill her in her sleep, tonight.” Elena said cooly, sending a chill up Dillon’s spine that managed to travel down both his arms, to his hands, which were suddenly wrapped tightly around his wine glass. He recalled stories of the legendary Reina, the beauty young prostitute, as he picked up his wine and gulped it down, refilling it with cold campaign, and topping off the two girl’s glasses too. Reina had refused to do photo shoots for Dillon. “But I haven’t decided yet, I don’t know if I will or not.”
“Do it, who cares?” Ana commented. “Only about a half-dozen, pencil-dicked rich men will miss her. No one else I know can stand that stuck-up snob.”
“I slept with her, you know,” Elena said. Ana gasped. No! “Yes I did. About a year ago. We got drunk, and fell into my bed.” Elena explained, finishing her champaign in one long swallow. Ana, watching Elena closely, imitated her hooker-friend and drained her glass too. Dillon filled them both, looking for the manager. He wanted to get some food into these girls before he liquored them up. He was hoping Elena would share more details.
“We were both new to the house,” She explained. Ana nodded, she remembered. “And one of her men had left two bottles of wine for her, and we shared them. We got drunk and I practically attacked her.” Elena recalled. The manager approached the table, and listened closely as Dillon ordered food and more drink. Elena continued her story.
“At first I thought she wouldn’t be interested, but the more clothes that fell from us, the more interested she got.” Elena said. She looked very reflective, while recalling her memory. “She is so gorgeous, Ana.” Ana agreed. Dillon had to meet this girl. “We rolled into my bed, drunk as could be, but I clearly remember our night together. She is an icy bitch, and feels nothing. She pleased me, and I pleased her, quickly. But she was so distant, the whole night, I tried to reach her, to talk to her.” Elena said, shaking her head. “She turned cruel to me, that night. She abused me awfully.” Elena said, looking from Dillon to Ana and then back to Dillon. “I will not burden you with the details. However, she is evil. Many of us girls have had rough childhoods, I know, and you know, Ana...but something awful must have happened to her. Or something awful WILL happen to her. It is one or the other. She behaves that way because of something, I bet. Or maybe that behavior will finally receives it’s due, I am not sure though.”
Dillon couldn’t begin to understand what it must be like to live in that house next door, with nearly forty other teen girls, all whores to Kiev. He was glad Ana and Masha were spared that by Mikhail. Bless that gangster’s heart! And Cheers! Dillon lifted his champaign and toasted Mikhail. Soon their food was delivered. Elena tore into it like it was a fat tuna and she where a Great White Shark. Ana watched her with some regret, withholding some of her own food, in case Elena was still hungry when she finished hers. Dillon watched the girls closely. After they had all eaten, he suggested they pool or darts.
“Pool!” Ana said. But at the same time, Elena said, “Darts.”
“I mean darts,” Ana said, looking at Elena. Elena said, at the same instant, “Pool!”
Dillon laughed loudly at the two girls, who looked at him embarrassed. What? Their eyes and looks asked. Haven’t you ever seen two girls who had a crush on one another? Dillon was looking forward to his evening. He was having a nice day off. He hadn’t thought about work all day, yet like almost everyday since he had started shooting his camera in Kiev, there was going to be a lot of sex. Weird sex, good sex, odd sex, new sex, certainly young sex. Tonight was lesbian love sex. He thought he began to understand Elena’s dark and dreary moodiness. Perhaps she was a whore who was very attracted to women...that could lead to her moods. Perhaps she wanted to be loved. That could explain the sweltering looks she gave Ana. Perhaps she wanted to be desired. That could be why she had asked, almost insisted Dillon visit her. She had strong tendencies toward women, had a crush on Ana, and certainly, Dillon should show her he desired her tonight.
Ana had clearly shown her feelings to Dillon concerning this young teen. Ana and Elena had shared, perhaps, moments during their lesbian-domination photo-shoot, Dillon was certain. He had captured it on film and others had seen it too. Mentally, Dillon rubbed his hands together, and patted himself on the back.
They played pool, and had a ball. They all sucked. Dillon fondled Ana often, she seemed to enjoy it, often pressing close to him. Dillon got strange looks from Elena, but couldn’t decipher them. He went to the restroom, and when he returned, it appeared Ana was explaining something to the young teen. Ana looked at Dillon.
“It’s still my shot!” Ana said. “I haven’t shot yet so hold your horses, mister American.” Dillon held out his hands, what? Me? Elena looked at him sadly, and approached him slowly. Looking at him with her clear blue eyes. She stopped very close to him and stared at him. Dillon looked down at her and smiled. She took a small step closer to him. Dillon placed a hand around her back. She snuggled into him cozily, then. And she looked up at him. And Smiled! Sure, it was only a little smile. So Dillon let his hand fall to her waist, and he rubbed her soft back, caressing her with her fingers, and she responded, her eyes joining her sweet lips in a smile. Dillon was learning, he was beginning to understand. He payed Elena a lot of physical attention while they remained in the pub, playing pool and throwing darts, getting tipsy. She grew warm toward Dillon, almost as warm as she was with Ana. The two girls still played loving games with each other, to Dillon’s delight, but he tried to pay a lot more attention to Elena, with Ana understanding. Ana beamed him a wide smile often, has he hugged and groped the young teen hooker, making her smile and holding her body close to him. It was ten at night before they wandered out of the pub, each carrying some take-out food or a couple bottles of champaign, which the girls seemed to love.

The whore house was packed. Men wandered here and there, around the enormous dormitory, chasing potential dates. Dillon pulled Ana aside, and spoke to her.
“Can you two go ahead, for a while, with out me?” Dillon asked. She nodded, but looked at him with curiosity.
“We’ll wait for you,” she said. He shook his head at her.
“I’ll join you soon, but do NOT wait for me. I would like to...watch you two...if..” Dillon stammered. Ana understood. She thanked him too, for letting her spend a few minutes alone with Elena.
“We’ll be hot and heavy when you get to her room,” Ana promised, finding Elena and walking upstairs.

Dillon wandered from the entryway, trying to find the bar he had heard of. Dillon ran across several girls he had photographed, and they each greeted him warmly, and wished that he and Ana would be having fun soon with Elena.
“She talks about Ana all the time,” more than one young teen hooker said, smiling knowingly. “And for you to come visit her a huge honor for her, Dillon, you sweet American stud, you!”
Dillon had half a dozen girls follow him into the lounge, which featured a large bar. He ordered a bottle of champaign and
“...Lot’s of glasses,” he said over the cheering youngsters. To the chagrin of many male customers, Dillon was swamped by many teen hookers, all vying for his undivided attention. When the house manager poked his head in the lounge, and saw all his girls busy with one man, he approached, looking angry. When he saw this one man was Dillon, one of Mikhail’s favorite friends, he left the lounge smiling, leaving Dillon swamped in teenage flesh. He freely poured more and more champaign, letting the drinks flow. He tipped the bartender generously, and ordered caviar. As the girls hung from him, feeding him and filling his glass, Dillon was certain he was in heaven. The caviar was soon gone though.
“So, this is the Great Dillon,” Dillon heard a female voice say from the entrance to the lounge, though Dillon was surrounded by girls, he couldn’t see who said it. But his girls knew that voice, and became quiet, and stood away from Dillon, who found himself grow suddenly sad and lonely. But that didn’t last long. A beautiful teenager walked into the lounge. Dillon’s eye were glued to her. He ignored everything around him as she approached him. This must be Reina, he thought.
Her hair was long, and more black than Elena’s. Her deep brown eyes were large and almond shaped. Her facial features, Dillon guessed may be partially Asian, perhaps one grandparent. Her skin was dark, perhaps a Turkish, or Philippine grandparent, too. Her walk was stately and graceful, she seemed to glide, suggesting perhaps royalty. She wore a silk shirt that matched her eyes. She had beautiful gold necklace and earrings that complimented her skin. She had a large diamond in her belly button. It was not and earing, it was set in her belly button somehow Dillon didn’t recognize.
As she walked toward Dillon, he watched her hips sway, in her very low cut, expensive suede pants. He felt his cock stir. Girls were speaking to him, or at least around him, and he ignored them, as Raina held his gaze as she stopped him front of him.
“They say you are tall,” Raina said, looking down at Dillon who was sitting in a low, comfortable chair. Oops! Dillon immediately stood, and held his hand out to the remarkable teen.
“Dillon August at your service,” he said in his sweetest and best Russian.
“Reina Valeriya, and I am delighted to finally meet you,” she said in perfect English. Dillon was unable to hide his surprise. His mind didn’t wonder immediately if she was some sort of CIA spy, long kidnaped American child, a linguistic prodigy, or just a dream, he just knew he stood in front of her looking rather dumbstruck, no make that really stupid. Her hand was cold, and she took it back after several long moments.
“May I join you in a glass of champaign?” she asked, continuing in English. Dillon nearly dropped his glass, searching for an empty one for her. Fortunately, the bartender, also being male, had fixed his gaze on her as she entered the lounge. Without taking her eyes from Dillon, she reached behind her, hand open, and received a champaign glass from the bartender. Dillon regained his senses and filled her glass. She held her glass up to Dillon, who touched the rim with his. Clink!
“Congratulations on your fine new business, Mr. August.”
“Thank you.”
“Enjoying Kiev?”
“I listened to your Russian, Mr. August, you are speaking it very well.”
“I still struggle.”
“I think it is sweet of you to stop by and visit us. Where is that beautiful little Ana?”
“She has joined Elena in her room.” Reina’s eyes flashed at him. What was she thinking, Dillon wondered.
“And you are here, Mr August? In the lounge?”
“I thought I would give them a moment alone, Ms.Valeriya.”
“Please, will you call me Reina?”
“Yes, And I insist you call me Dillon.”
“I have heard so much about you, Dillon. Your reputation proceeds you,” Reina said, allowing her eyes to roam over his tall body. “I understand that you have...a way with models.”
“I have been fortunate to have many naturally gifted models.” Reina smiled at him. Dillon found her eyes mesmerizing, her face angelic, her neck and throat delicate and feminine. He took his eyes from her. The lounge had nearly emptied, his girl’s had left him. He had ignored them. He felt ashamed. Reina reached for his hand and led him to a sofa. She sat down, and Dillon admired her cleavage, as he sat next to her. Slowly, with a struggle, Dillon regained his charming composure in the presence of this exotic beauty. As she talked to him, he quickly racked his mind for any comments his friends and acquaintances had made of her, recalling, none of them had been nice. Reina, according to all, was a caustic bitch. Though currently, she seemed very warm to Dillon, as their conversation stayed friendly.
When silence interrupted their conversation, Dillon suggested maybe he should join Ana.
“I hope you enjoy yourself, Dillon,” Reina said, standing and shaking his hand, thanking him for the champaign. Dillon thought she was just priceless. “May I show you to Elena’s room, Dillon?” He nodded, and took her hand. Soon she left him, with a little wave, at Elena’s door.
Dillon listened a moment at the door, and then tried to quietly enter the room. He squeezed through the door, quickly, trying to turn invisible, and quietly closed the door. A dozen candles lit the surprisingly large room. It looked comfortable to Dillon, as he stood still, near the door, getting his bearing. His eyes found the bed, and saw two beautiful teens entwined on it. He stared, suspecting he hadn’t interrupted them at all. He heard Ana’s familiar moan of pleasure. He saw a bottle of champaign, on the floor in front of a comfortable, short couch. Ana had left it there for him, Dillon was sure. He had purpose and direction now. He quietly sat and filled his glass. He listened to Elena’s music, not recalling the composer, but recognizing the Russian classic.
Dillon removed his pants and unbuttoned his shirt. He watched the girls, noticing Ana laying back on the bed being oddly pleased by Elena. Dillon admitted he had a preconceived notion of what he expected to see here in this room tonight, and this was not it. Toys didn’t litter the bed, neither girl wore a strap-on dildo, nor was restrained by ropes, chains or cuffs. What he watched instead, what his eyes took in, was much different. It was something he wouldn’t have expected. Elena wasn’t not fingering and licking young Ana’s pussy and nipples. She wasn’t drilling her ass with a dildo, oh no, nothing of the sort. Elena was not making love to Ana in anyway that resembled what Dillon had done to young Ana this morning, yet Ana looked easily as pleased as she had been under Dillon’s care. Possibly more pleased.
Dillon, who was aware that the Path to Wisdom began with Admitting Ignorance, studied the young dark Elena as she pleased the young blonde waif. Elena was exciting Ana with feathery-light touches, soft lips, flicking tongue and small pressures from her snuggling torso, as she lay next to quivering Ana. Elena emitted pleasant cooing noises, knowing moans, as she brought Ana to orgasm after orgasm. Dillon was fascinated to see more clearly how Elena was doing that.
Elena’s soft hands stopped on a spot near Ana’s little belly button. Several inches to the left, in fact, Dillon noted. Her hands hovered there sensing something about Ana’s body, needs, desires. And then, after lightly touching Ana there, Elena softly licked that spot and sucked on it very gently. Ana writhed in ecstacy. Elena found another spot like that under Ana’s arm, very near her arm-pit, that was orgasmically sensitive. Yet another lay near Ana’s collar bone, behind her knee, and inner thigh. With a small push of her pubic bone on Ana’s pubes, Elena was able to force squeals of joy from Ana. Dillon’s young blonde waif quivered in joy on the bed under Elena, her loving friend, in a way that turned Dillon on greatly, interested him beyond, and had him soon realizing this was something he would not be able to duplicate on another woman. He possessed neither the knowledge nor the gentleness required to please a woman in the way Elena was.
This was not the pussy-to-pussy grinding that Dillon had expected. Ana did not demand to have her ass filled with toy after toy, only lay beneath her friend receiving loving caresses with no small wonder on her face. Elena had come no where near to touching Ana’s young pussy the half-hour that Dillon watched. When she did though, Dillon saw a powerful response. Elena touched Ana only with finger tip briefly, perhaps a passing finder nail near the clit, and Ana’s small body shook the bed to it’s frame.
“Oh god, Elena.” Ana cried softly. “Oh, oh, oh...” Ana gasped for breath, her body covered in millions of tiny goose bumps. “Please, let me rest.” Dillon was impressed. Without breaking a sweat, young Elena had reduced Ana to pleading for a break. Mikhail and Dillon’s shared efforts had produced only a temporary lull on the young blond waif’s sexual demands. While Elena was able to have Ana drained and reduced expending very few calories of energy.
“Kiss me, Elena, please.” Dillon watched to two girls make-out while stroking his hard cock. He watched the girl’s tongues dance, hands roam, bodies press. He gleefully listened to the soft noises, smelled their musky scents. Dillon bravely accepted his ignorance of the women’s body. “I love the way you made me feel, Elena,” Ana admitted. “My whole body is alive.” Soon, Elena shifted her attention to Dillon. As she lay atop Ana, her dark eyes found him on the couch, with a pouty look, she whispered into young Ana’s ear. She stood from the bed, and walked toward Dillon, nude, thin, pale and beautifully dark and dreary. Hew hips swung, hands swinging at her sides, as she approached him on the small sofa. Her remorseful gaze never strayed from him, as she crawled atop of him and whispered in his ear.
“I am so horny, Dillon,” She said softly in his ear. “Ana is so sexy, she has made me very hot.” She kissed his ear lightly with her lips. “You have a beautiful cock Dillon.” she said flicking a tongue into his ear, reaching for his hardness with her hand. Stroking his hair, she continued to whisper in his ear. “You feel very hard. You feel rock hard. Did you enjoy watching us Dillon? Do you look forward to me riding your cock, Dillon, with my tight teen pussy?” Dillon felt wetness on the head of his cock, a very warm, soft wetness, as Elena guided his cock to her entrance. “I hope you enjoy my wet pussy as much I as I will enjoy your thick cock.” Dillon felt her young pussy lips spread over the large head of his cock. “Oh you are big, Dillon, thank god, Dillon, Oh yes!” She sank on his cock, moaning pleasures in his ear.
“Can you run your hands over my body, Dillon?” Elena whispered in his ear. “Feel me Dillon,” she said, as her warmth descended his hardness. Elena whispered very dirty words into Dillon’s ear. She moaned pleasurably as she took him inside of her thin young body, with a truly professional ease, her tight pussy massaging his hard cock. Each of her legs was draped over an arm of the small sofa, as her pussy slid down his cock. Her small nipples danced before his eyes as she breathed softly on his ear.
Quickly, Dillon found her riding up and down the entire length of his cock, and very turned on as Elena shared her dark, dreary thoughts with Dillon, whispering them into his ear. Her thoughts were darkly erotic, her mind bleakly grim, he learned from her whispers, as she