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The World's First Futa 02 – Futa's Wild Day 2: Futa's First Nurse

2022-09-23 00:07:31

The World's First Futa – Futa's Wild Day
Chapter Two: Futa's First Nurse
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2018

April 17th, 2047

“Two nurses?” Adelia Tash asked me, the caramel-skinned talk show host leaning closer to me. That did such interesting things to her breasts pressing at her blouse. “That must have been such an exciting time.”

“Oh, it was,” I said. “I just wish the past me had been relaxed enough to really appreciate what was happening.”

A chuckle ran through the studio audience watching the celebration of my life as the world's first futa. When I grew a cock almost thirty years ago, it had changed everything. I didn't know it back then. I was still just struggling to understand why I had it and why every woman I came across went mad with lust to fuck me. My college professor, a busty MILF, had fucked me right during my first class. That had freaked me out bad enough I fled to my dorm room.

“I was just so focused on seeing Dr. Senior,” I continued, remembering huddling in my college dorm afraid of what I would cause if I left it, “that I didn't even think about what would happen when the nurses checked me in. It was so obvious, I should have seen it...”


October 1st, 2017

I stared at the entrance to the large doctor's office. It was run by my health insurance, some sort of co-opt or something. I didn't really understand how it worked. My insurance ran it. It had a bunch of doctor's office grouped in one place together along with a pharmacy, labs, and all that stuff. And even better, it had kiosks on which to check yourself in.

I took a deep breath as an older woman walked out the automatic glass doors. The lobby looked fairly clear. This was my chance to get in there, check in, then find a place to lurk so I didn't get too close to any woman. Proximity definitely had an effect. But there was also duration to consider. I think. If I wasn't right next to them but close by, they would slowly start to notice me. If I got right up into their face, like when I bumped into Katharyn, they would lose all sort of control.

Luckily, Dr. Senior was a man. And Kurt, my ex-boyfriend who's cum appeared to have started my transformation Friday night, wasn't affected, and neither were they guys in my classroom. They only got horny when the sex started and all the girls began masturbating while Professor Rider sucked on my futa-cock.

I darted towards the tinted-black glass doors. They whisked open, and I entered, making a beeline straight for the automatic kiosk. I wore my baggy sweatpants and sweatshirt, my futa-dick pinned to my groin by my tight panties. Girls' underwear was not designed to have a huge cock stuffed in them. Plus, I think my dick was bigger than any guys'.

I checked myself in at the kiosk as quickly as possible, afraid a woman would walk up behind me, loose all self-control, and then just tackle me. She'd fuck me right here in the reception area. People would see and the police would come and I would be arrested.

Unless it was a female police officer...

My dick twitched.

Sexy women in uniforms getting so wet and juicy for me danced through my thoughts.

My pussy clenched.

They would get so wanton. They'd have to strip-search me.

Oh, my, what is this in your panties? a sultry voice purred in the sudden fantasy that beset me. What sort of naughty contraband are you smuggling in there?

I shuddered. What was wrong with me? Why was my brain trying to turn everything into sex?

My dick ached and throbbed as I hurried away from the kiosk, checked in for my 3 PM appointment. It was 2:55. I timed it so I would, hopefully, not have a long wait before the nurse called my name and...


I slowed down my hurried flight down the hallway to the waiting area. I just reached in when my heart thudded a million times a minute. A nurse... What were the odds I'd have a male nurse? Could I request one?

Did a male nurse even work here?

I had never seen one.

The door to the exam rooms opened while I stood frozen by indecision. A Hispanic nurse with curly-brown hair stepped out. She had nut-brown skin and looked to have a curvy body beneath her purple scrubs. Her head swiveled around as she called out, “Becky Woodward.”

I let out a squeak of fright at hearing my name. If she got too close to me...

The Hispanic nurse, her gold nametag proclaimed her Catalina, spotted me. A big grin spread on her lips. Something... passionate kindled in her eyes. Her hips swiveled from side-to-side as she stared at me with all the hunger of a cougar staring at her next meal.

“It's Becky, right?” she asked, her voice sounding so husky. “I remember you from last month. How's that cold?”

“Fine, fine,” I said, my cheeks on fire.

“Well, come on,” she said, her voice possessing this thick, sultry slur that just had my heart pounding in my chest. “Let's get you checked in so Dr. Senior can see you. He'll get you feeling right as rain.”

I swallowed. I should flee. I knew what would happen. This gorgeous woman would have sex with me. She would lose all control over herself. Even if she was married. Even if she loved her husband, she wouldn't care. She'd just want to fuck me. There would be such consequences.

But... I needed Dr. Senior to fix me. To explain to me what was wrong with me. There had to be some way to stop women from throwing themselves at me. As great as the sex was, it was so wrong of me to enjoy it.


Did these women have any self-control? Did the really want to have sex with me? It seemed like they were just out of control with their lusts. Just slaves to the passion surging through their bodies. I had to be a terrible person to encourage that.

But it felt so good.

“Well come on,” she said, motioning with her clipboard. “Can't keep the doctor waiting.” She licked her lips. “Or me.”

“Okay,” I said, my voice hoarse. My dick throbbed in my panties while my pussy clenched, aching to be touched.

My heart thundered, the blood pounding through my veins. Juices flowed out of me, soaking my panties. My skin felt so alive. I felt the spongy fabric of the sweatpants and sweater rubbing against my flesh. I wanted to rip it all off. I wanted to strip utterly naked and show the world that I was a futa. That I had a huge clit-dick and round breasts and...

“I love your hair,” Catalina said. “Such a lovely shade of blonde.”

“Thanks,” I said, her eyes flicking up and down my body.

“But your clothes... Sweats? You should show off your bod, Becky. I bet it is scrumptious.”
I nodded.

“Okay, shoes off and on the scales.” She licked her lips. “I bet you don't weigh much at all. Just in perfect shape.”

I kicked off my shoes, hoping she'd at least wait until we were in the exam room before fucking me. Another nurse, sitting at the nurse's station, an oval counter with several work stations, glanced at me. She had black hair and pouty lips. Something kindled in her dark eyes. She stood up, her figure slender, her breasts looking small.

A wedding ring glinted on her left hand as she shuddered. “Oh, my, is that Becky?”

“Yes,” Catalina said as I stepped up onto the scale. “Just getting her checked in.”

“Uh-huh,” the married nurse said. I felt her eyes staring at my rump. “I hope she's not feeling terrible. It would be such a shame.”

“I'm fine,” I said, my cheeks burning.

“Yes, you are,” Catalina said. Her hand rested on my ass, giving me a squeeze. “Mmm, 126 pounds. Just delicious.”

“Which room am I in?” I asked, hopping off the scale before she attacked me right now. Her hand stayed on my rump.

“Three,” the married nurse said as she burst out from behind her station, a big smile on her face. “Let's get you check in.”

Then her hand joined Catalina's on my ass. I shuddered as the two nurses ushered me down the hallway, squeezing and kneading, making my new dick ache. This was all my fears realized. I mean, not the part about having two sexy women lusting after me, the newly changed me enjoyed that. But it wasn't natural. These women wouldn't act like this normally. Rhea, the second nurse's name according to her nametag, was married, her wedding ring glinting on her left hand. She wouldn't do this.

Not to a stranger.

“Here we are, cutie,” Rhea said, opening exam room three's door. “We're going to make sure you're so healthy.”

“Oh, yes,” purred Catalina. “Never fear, we're going to help you out. We'll fix whatever is wrong with you.”

“Does that really take two nurses though?” I asked, hoping I could at least extract Rhea out of this mess. “I mean, it's normally a one nurse job.”

“You don't want my help?” Rhea pouted as she hauled me into the exam room, her face so lovely and fair. She fluttered her eyes at me.

My clit-dick throbbed so hard.

“Well...” I shuddered. “I guess... I guess I do.”

She beamed at me, and I couldn't help smiling back. Like with Professor Rider and Katharyn, and with Kurt's step-sister and mom Friday night, my futa-lusts were taking me over. I couldn't stop myself from loosing all control and just enjoying what happened.

My desires pulled me along on these strong currents. There was no helping it. I couldn't fight these desires. Not truly. And why should I? They made me feel so good. So hot and wet and delicious. My dick ached to be touched. And they wanted to touch me.

“Let's get your clothes off,” Catalina said, “so we can check your vitals.”

“And your body,” purred Rhea, the pair acting like they'd done this before. Seduced a patient.

They both grabbed my sweatshirt and pulled it up together, moving with such efficiency. Rhea was rolling my sweatshirt up my torso before I could even react while Catalina attacked the clasp of my bra. My blonde hair was still settling about my shoulders when she had it undone and slit it off my shoulders.

“Mmm, look at those tits,” purred Rhea. The married nurse grabbed my round breasts. I shuddered as she squeezed them. “And these nipples. Such a cute shade of pink. Mmm, yes, and such a response. So hard. They look so healthy.”

“Good, good, then we need to check out her pussy.”

“Yes, we have to...” Rhea's eyes widened. “Oh, my what is that?”

“My futa-cock,” I said, my voice throaty with lust even as fear swirled through me. I looked over my shoulder. What would I do if Doctor Senior walked in and caught us? The two nurses would be in so much trouble. He'd think I was a sexual deviant.

What if he didn't want to treat me?

“She does have a cock,” Rhea gasped, shoving her harden into the waistband of my sweatpants and grasping the girth of my clit-dick. “A thick one.”

“I have to see this,” Catalina said. “She was all woman just last month when I saw her.”

“That's why I'm here,” I moaned. “It's why you two are acting like such... such sluts.”

“Is that why my pussy is on fire?” Rhea asked. “Because this cock... Oh, wow, this cock is huge. I've never seen one that big before.”

“How many cocks have you seen?” Catalina asked. “I thought lesbians avoided men.”

“Still,” Rhea purred, as she pulled down the waistband of my sweatpants, uncovering my dick, half of its girth thrusting out of my panties. “It's amazing.”

“¡Qué Sustos!” gasped Catalina as she fell to her knees before me. “That is a cock. Oh, wow, I have never seen one so big before.”

“I told you,” Rhea said. The married nurse—she must have a wife and not a husband, which somehow made my dick throb even harder—licked her lips. “I'm going to suck my first cock, Catalina.”

“Go for it,” Catalina moaned, pulling down my panties while Rhea bunched my sweatpants around my thighs. “Love it, puta.”

“I'm a whore for this dick,” Rhea moaned. “Ooh, Becky, you are just... intoxicating. I feel so drunk.”

It had to be something I exuded. Maybe, like, pheromones and...

Thought vanished from my mind as the lesbian nurse opened her mouth wide and sucked on the tip of my dick. Her tongue swirled around it, caressing it and shooting such delight down to my pussy. My cunt clenched as the pleasure surged through me.

The lesbian's cheeks hollowed. She squeezed her dark eyes shut as she let out such a wanton moan of pleasure. The Hispanic nurse nuzzled into my blonde bush and licked at my pussy as the same moment, sliding her tongue through my snatch.

“Oh, wow, I've never tasted cunt before. That's good.” Catalina licked again. “Real good. I get why you're a carpet muncher, Rhea.”

Rhea popped her mouth off my dick and groaned, “And I think I understand why you like cock. This is amazing.”

Then she latched on again and sucked.

I gasped, my pussy clenching. Such pleasure shot through my body. I whimpered, my eyes rolling back into my head. The pleasure surged through my body. I sucked in such deep breaths, my heart thudding away in my chest. It felt incredible. Such wondrous heat engulfed my dick while that tongue explored my pussy.

Both these nurses were learning something so new from me. They were experiencing something so wild. Something they never would have tried if I hadn't driven them wild with lust. The guilt nibbled at the edges of my pleasure.

Part of me wanted to just relax into the pleasure. To let them enjoy themselves and please me, but...

I glanced at the door.

Dr. Senior would walk in at any moment.

“Just hurry and make me cum,” I moaned, hoping that once they'd gotten me off, their horniness or maybe my horniness would release them from the grip. It happened with the other women I fucked. After they got the cum in them, some of their ardor retracted.

“We'll make you cum nice and hard, Diosa,” purred the Hispanic woman. “Trust us.”
Rhea moaned about the crown of my dick in complete agreement.

“Okay,” I gasped as Rhea bobbed her mouth, moving on instinct. The lesbian had such enthusiasm for my dick.

And Catalina... That tongue... She reached it so deep into my pussy. She stirred me up. Such delight surged through my body. I bucked and shuddered, my hips grinding my hot cunt on her hungry mouth.

The pleasure they generated flowed through me, dual delights that swirled about each other in the depths of my cunt. They were so wonderful. They stimulated me. The excitement of having two strangers suck my cock combined with the fear of being caught. It added this heightened sense of danger that only propelled me to my orgasm faster and faster. I sucked in a deep breath, biting my lip and glancing at the door.

At any moment we could be caught.

It was such a stimulating idea.

I trembled, my breath coming faster and faster. My entire body shook. Such nervous energy swelled through me as they loved my dick and pussy. Rhea moaned as she bobbed her mouth so fast, sliding those lips up and down my cock's girth. Catalina whimpered in delight as she feasted on my cunt.

“You taste so good, Becky,” she said. “I love your pussy!”

“Just make me cum!” I moaned, my round breasts jiggling as my hands clenched and relaxed. “I'm almost there and.. Yes!”

My orgasm detonated in the depths of my pussy.

Hot cum spurted into the married lesbian's mouth.

Pussy juices squirted into the straight nurse's face.

They both moaned as they drank down my fluids. Dual delights swirled through my body. I gasped and shuddered, my entire body bucking as the pleasure burned through my senses. I loved it. I embraced such utter rapture.

Waves of darkness shot through me. I groaned and swayed. My eyes fluttered as the pleasure bathed my senses in such complete wonder. I whimpered. This was so amazing. I needed to experience this delight all the time.

I shouldn't be afraid of this and...

Dr. Senior would exam me in moments.

Realizing that shocked me out of my horniness, reminding me that people didn't act like this normally. I had to put a stop to this.

“Okay, okay,” I moaned as my cock spurted the final time into Rhea's mouth. “There, you examined me.”

Rhea's mouth pulled off my dick. Cum trickled out of the corners of her mouth. She flicked her lips about them, panting. Then Catalina's face appeared, my pussy cream smeared about her cheeks, a dazed look in her eyes.

“That was amazing,” Rhea said.

Catalina nodded her head.

“And she's still hard,” the lesbian nurse said. “She shouldn't be hard, right?”

“She should go soft. Guys go soft after cumming and...” Catalina licked her lips. Her eyes widened. “She's still hard.”

“I have to feel that cock in my pussy,” Rhea breathed as she pulled off her purple scrub top, exposing her small breast constrained in a light-blue bra.

I shook my head, backing up from them. I stepped out of my panties and sweatpants as I retreated from them. “No, no, Dr. Senior will be here soon.”

“He's running behind,” Catalina purred, her eyes focused on my girl-dick. Then she pulled off her top, her round breasts held in a leopard print bra. Her tits jiggled as she rose smoothly to her feet. “We have time to exam your cock.”

“No,” I squeaked, my heart thudding. I'd cum, so it took the edge off my horniness and letting me think again. We would get caught. “Don't take off your clothing.”

Both nurses ripped down their scrub bottoms and panties in a single go. Catalina had a soft down of brown hair adorning her pussy, curls soaked by her excitement. Rhea had hers entire shaved, her pink pussy lips thick, thrusting at least an inch from her vulva, an eruption of juicy petals that needed to be played with.

“I'm going to fuck that cock so hard,” Rhea moaned. “My first dick. A girl's dick.”

“No, it's mine to fuck!” hissed Catalina.

The two nurses stared at each other, their faces hard. I thought they were about to start fighting each other, falling to the ground and cat-fighting before me. Then they turned on me and both pounced at me. Catalina's round breasts bounced in her bra as she lunged at me. Then Rhea grabbed my waist.

“Stop!” I cried out as they thew me back onto the exam table, both so horny to fuck me. My heart pounded as both women climbed up onto the table. “Please, please, this is crazy!”

“I need this dick in me!” moaned Rhea.

“You're gay! You don't even like cocks!”

“That's right! I'm gay! And that's why I should fuck a girl's dick before you!”

“Please, please don't fight over me,” I gasped, shuddering as they grappled and shifted.

The exam table creaked and rocked. I groaned, afraid it would collapse. Rhea ended up straddling my stomach, her rump facing me, her thick pussy lips rubbing wet on my belly. Catalina knelt over my upper thighs, her wavy-brown hair sweeping about her face as she struggled against the lesbian nurse. They screeched and yowled, sounding like a pair of alley cats.

Rhea tossed her head back and forth, her black hair sweeping down her ivory back. Her cute rump wiggled as it faced me. My tits jiggled and bounced, stirred up by their squirming. I shuddered, Rhea's hot pussy sliding up and down my belly as Catalina let out a primal growl.

“You bitch!” Rhea gasped, shoved backward. She threatened to fall backward on me, Catalina proving to be stronger than the lesbian.

“Puta, she's mine! I want that cock!”

“Doesn't that make you a whore, too?” snarled Rhea.

“Yes!” Catalina moaned, shoving harder.

Rhea slid up my body until her rump nudged the bottom slopes of my breasts. Shouting out in triumph, the Hispanic nurse impaled her pussy down my dick. I gasped at the sudden hot delight engulfing my girl-dick. My eyes widened at the silky sheath sliding down my shaft, the friction racing down to my pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” I gasped.

“Oh, no,” Rhea moaned.

“Oh, yes!” howled Catalina as she rode my cock, working that cunt up and down my dick fast and hard. Pleasure rippled through my body. My pussy clenched as the euphoria surged through me. I groaned, my eyes widening as the delight swept through me. My futa-cock throbbed in her snatch, savoring the feel of her. “Oh, this is a dick! Yes, yes, yes!”

“Dammit!” Rhea moaned, shifting on my body, dragging her hot pussy up and over my breast. “I need something and... Ooh, your nipples are hard.”

“Well, Catalina's riding my cock,” I moaned, staring at the lesbian nurse's cute rump.

“She is,” groaned Rhea. “And I need something, too. Ooh, this. I love riding my wife's fat nipple.”


I didn't understand what she meant until she lifted up her body, grabbed my right breast, and readjusted herself. My eyes widened as she lowered her cunt down onto my girl-dick. My eyes bulged as I felt the first hot contact of her pussy lips on my aching nipple. Her thick, pink petals engulfed my dick in their silky softness.

I shuddered as she moaned. She rubbed her pussy against my nipple, sliding her cunt forward and back. Her hot snatch massaged my nub. Pleasure shot down to my cunt and my futa-dick buried in Catalina's juicy depths.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, that'll tide me over until it's my turn riding your cock,” the lesbian moaned, her tush clenching as she slid forward.

“Ooh, you'll love it. Your lesbian pussy will finally feel a real cock in there.” Catalina's snatch clenched down on my dick. “Ooh, yes, puta, you're going to howl your head off.”

“Uh-huh,” Rhea moaned. “Ooh, what nice tits you have, Catalina.”

“Ooh, you naughty puta. Mmm, yes, yes, finger my nipples.”

I shivered, picturing ivory fingers stroking dark nubs. My own nipple throbbed in the embrace of Rhea's pussy. My toes curled as my orgasm built so swiftly in me. We were so getting caught like this. I had driven these poor women so mad with pleasure.

I should feel a lot guiltier right now, but I couldn't help enjoying the pleasure coursing through my body. It had me groaning and gasping, my body bucking on the table. I whimpered. My eyes widening as the pleasure rippled through me. It felt so incredible. I didn't want it to stop. I sucked in such deep breaths, my hips squirming.

I thrust up into Catalina's pussy as she slammed down. Her pussy felt so incredible on my dick. That silky sheath squeezed and relaxed on my girth. I groaned. I sucked in such deep breaths. My cock ached and throbbed in her depths.

She moaned and gasped, her cunt sucking at my dick. She wanted my cum. I could feel it. My ovaries grew tighter and tighter as another load of jizz built and built in me. Her hips stirred around the end of my cock, making me shudder.

“Catalina!” I panted.

“Yes, yes, yes,” the Hispanic woman moaned. “Cum in me! Fire that jizz so deep into me.”

“Then into me,” Rhea moaned, her pussy grinding harder on my boob. Her cream ran down my tit's slopes, some pooling between my breasts. “I need it. I want that jizz in me. I've never felt such desire for anything before.”

“Me, either,” groaned Catalina. “I always make guys wrap up before sticking their cocks in me. But this... This dick... I need to feel this dick squirting in me!”

She slammed her cunt down my dick and came. Any thoughts of birth control shot out of my mind as that hot cunt spasmed about my dick. She writhed about my girth. I groaned and gasped, shuddering on the table as the pleasure assaulted my mind. Such wondrous bliss rippled through my body. I groaned, my toes curling, my entire body quaking.

My ovaries tensed. Her convulsing pussy sucked at my cum. She wanted it so badly.

I gave it to her.

“Catalina!” I moaned, bucking on the table.

“Yes, yes, cum in me! Fill me with that girl-spunk!”

“Yes,” Rhea moaned, squirming on my nipple, stimulating it as the rapture shot through my body.
I quaked and quivered. So much pleasure shot through my body. I howled out in utter delight. My body shook and convulsed. The bliss flooded through me. Such sweet delight. My heart pounded so hard in my chest. The pleasure burned through my mind.

I treasured it. I loved it. I didn't want this wondrous sensations to stop. I wanted them to keep spilling through me. To keep filling me with such delight. Her pussy milked my dick, wringing out every drop of cum as my own cunt convulsed, aching to be filled.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned, shuddering on the exam table, my eyes fluttering as the rapture burned through my mind.

“Get off of her!” Rhea panted in frantic need. “I have to enjoy her girl-dick. I need her cum in me! Now!”

“Yes!” Catalina moaned.

I shuddered as the Hispanic nurse dismounted me. She slid her cunt off my dick and almost fell off the table. She caught herself, swaying, her tits jiggling. Rhea sprang forward. She slid down my body, laving my nipple pink and coated in her sticky juices. Her tangy musk filled my nose. Then, in reverse cowgirl position, she slammed her lesbian, married pussy down my dick.

I gasped, my eyes bulging at the delight of a second pussy engulfing my futa-cock so soon after the first. Sensitive bliss buzzed through my body. I trembled and squirmed on the exam table, sucking in such a deep breath as the lesbian swirled her hips around, stirring her dick around my cock.

“Oh, that's so much better than a toy,” Rhea groaned. “Ooh, yes, so much better.”

“Definitely,” agreed Catalina. “Now go for a ride you, dyke. Fuck her cock so hard.”


I moaned as Rhea's cute tush lifted up. I could see her thick, long pussy lips wrapped about my wide cock. When she slid down it, her pussy lips rolled up inside of her. When she lifted up again, they smoothed out along my girth.

It was such a wicked sight. But I only got to enjoy it for a moment.

Catalina straddled my head. “I've never had a girl eat my pussy before,” she panted, lowering her cum-stained bush towards my mouth. “Will you do it for me, Becky?”

“Yes,” I moaned, not caring about anything right now but satiating my lusts. I just wanted to revel with these two. I wanted to enjoy all the pleasure I could.”

She settled her pussy right on my mouth. I groaned at the taste of her sweet pussy mixed with my salty cum. She wiggled her hips on me, her silky bush tickling my cheeks and nose while our combined fluids poured into my hungry mouth, coating my tongue.

My cock throbbed in Rhea's pussy as I feasted on this wonderful delight.

“Ooh, that is such a hot sight,” groaned Catalina. “You really got a cute ass, Rhea.”

“Mmm, glad you finally noticed. I knew there was a budding dyke in you, whore.”

Catalina let out a wicked laugh. “Oh, yes, just waiting for a girl with a dick to make it blossom.”

“A futa,” I moaned into her pussy.

Rhea's cunt tightened on on my dick. She squealed out, “Catalina, yes, yes, finger my asshole. I love a digit in my butt while taking a dildo in my cunt.”

“And a futa-dick?” purred the Hispanic nurse as she squirmed on my face.


Such pleasure surged through me as I feasted on Catalina's sweet cunt. I licked and lapped up the cum flowing out of her while trembling on the exam table. My futa-cock ached and throbbed in Rhea's cunt. She worked it up and down faster and faster, stirring her juicy delight about my dick. It ached and throbbed in her depths.

My hands stroked Catalina's thighs as I licked and lapped through her folds. Her silky bush caressed my face as she squirmed. She moaned, her juices flowing along with my spunk. I jammed my tongue deep into her depths, squirming around in there, rooting out every drop of my girl-jizz I could find.

I loved the taste. Especially in a woman's pussy.

The table groaned as Rhea rode me so hard. Her pussy worked up and down my dick, driving me wild. My hands squeezed on Catalina's thighs as the pleasure surged through me. My tongue fluttered through her depths, her cream spilling into my mouth.

“Oh, my god, I'm going to cum on this dick,” the lesbian nurse moaned.

“Do it, puta,” hissed Catalina. “Wring that futa-cock dry of all that girl-cum. It feels so amazing squirting into you.”

“And I need it in me!” whimpered the lesbian. “I want to feel my first blast of cum firing into my cunt.”

“It was incredible.” Catalina shuddered on me, grinding that hot, furred muff across my lips. “So much yummy jizz spurted into my depths. I felt each one. And she fired so much. Ooh, you'll scream your pretty head off.”

“Good!” Rhea moaned.

“Yes,” I panted, not caring. I just wanted to erupt. I loved cumming. “Milk my cock dry!”

I jammed my tongue deep into Catalina's cunt again. She shivered, her clit rubbing along my chin as she squirmed. My own clit-dick throbbed. I moved my lips down, sucking on that special nub, giving her a shock of pleasure that had her moaning out in delight.

Then Rhea's pussy slammed down my girl-dick. She took me to the hilt, wrapping her silky flesh about my dick. She groaned out in rapture. Her pussy convulsed about my dick. I gasped into Catalina's cunt at the heaven massaging my cock.

“Cum in me, Becky!” the orgasming nurse screamed out. “Oh, I need it.”

I whimpered as she slid her spasming pussy up my cock, her depths sucking at my dick. My hands clutched at Catalina's silky thighs. My toes curled as the pleasure swelled in my pussy. My ovaries grew tighter again, eager to spill more spunk into a woman's depths.

“Give me that jizz!” The lesbian nurse slammed down my girl-dick. “Please, please, Becky!”

“Cum in the puta's cunt!” Catalina moaned as I sucked on her clit.

I couldn't resist Rhea's spasming pussy. My body heaved as the rapture exploded in my depths. Another wondrous wave of ecstasy swept through me. Burst of euphoric bliss fired from my dick and into the depths of the lesbian's cunt.

“Oh, Catalina, yes, it's so hot!” she moaned. “I can feel it spurting into me.”

“Good!” I moaned about Catalina's clit. Then I sucked hard on it.

The Hispanic woman joined us in rapture. As the bliss bathed my mind, her juices bathed my face. They squirted out of her, flooding out of her cunt like my cream flooded out of mine. I bucked so hard, thrusting my erupting dick deep into Rhea's pussy.

She milked me dry. “Ooh, yes, yes, so much cum. I needed it so badly. Thank you, Becky.”

“Yes,” I gasped, my body buzzing in delight.

The three of us just panted and moaned for a minute or two, coming down from our orgasmic highs, my dick still hard in the depths of Rhea's married pussy. The lesbian shuddered then rose up and dismounted me.

My cock plopped out of her cunt and smacked my belly with a wet thud.

“Ooh, the doctor will be here soon,” Rhea said. “We should get her cleaned up.”

“Yeah,” Catalina panted. “Though I would love to keep examining you, Becky.”

I bet, my stomach roiling and rippling. I glanced at the door, licking my pussy-stained lips. We didn't have much time to—

A knock rapped the door and a moment later it opened.

“Doctor!” I gaped in shock as he entered, taking a step and freezing.

Embarrassment burned through my cheeks as Dr. Senior stared in shock at the sight of my naked body, pussy juices dripping off my chin. He worked his mouth as the nurses bolted away from me like they suddenly remembered they shouldn't be fucking their patients. Cum and pussy juices dripping down their thighs, they snagged up scrubs and pulled them on in record time before darting out of the room.

“She's all yours, Doctor,” bold Catalina said.

“Yep, she's fully functional and healthy,” Rhea added, flashing me a grin. Then she and Catalina left, closing the door behind them.
Dr. Senior just swallowed as he stared at my girl-dick began going limp, dripping with Rhea's pussy cream. He shook his head from side-to-side, his normally handsome, youthful face drained of all color. His mouth dropped open then. He made a strangled sound as he stared at my body's changes.

“So,” I said, swallowing. “This is why I needed to see you.”

“That... that's not... You didn't have a gender reassignment surgery,” he sputtered. “You would have to be on hormones for months and months. And.. And they don't get that big. They...” He swallowed, trembling. He wore a tight shirt beneath his doctor's coat, molding to those muscles I used to think were so sexy. Despite his name, he was a young man, just into his thirties.

I used to find him so hot. Now... Now he was just a guy. My doctor. So it was okay that he stared at my cock and pussy. This was a medical exam even if he made me feel so self-conscious of my new additions.

“Doctor,” I said. “It just sprouted Friday night. After... After I had sex for the first time, when my boyfriend... uh... ejaculated in me, his cu... semen felt like it was burning me. I had to get it out of me. I douched myself in the shower and then... then it sprouted. My clitoris just became...”

“A cock.”

“A futa-cock,” I said, nodding my head.

“Fu... ta...? Is that a medical term?”

“Japanese fetish,” I said. “About girls who... who grow dicks.” I squirmed. “I don't know how this happened. You've heard about this, right?”

“This is... is impossible,” he said then drew in a deep breath. “Your clitoris could not grow that fast in moments. And... and...” He took another breath. Then he marched to the sink. He turned on the water, dunking his hands beneath them and scrubbed them thoroughly. “I have never heard of any disease or condition that could cause that to happen. I mean, seminal plasma hypersensitivity is a real thing. It's very rare for a woman to have an allergic reaction to the proteins found in semen. But... growing a penises from your clitoris... A fully functional penis... No. That can't happen.”

“I also, um, make women really, really horny. As you might have noticed... your nurses... They kinda of lost all control. When I went to college this morning, well... My professor, she... In front of the class... And all the girls they...” The words were spilling out of me, piling one on the other. I took a deep breath, halting the flood, trying to calm myself down. “I have to do something about this, Doctor. I can't go around making women horny.”

“I can understand that,” he said, scrubbing his hands now, soap bubbles frothing over them. “I really don't know what I can do other than take some samples and inspect them. Pheromones that affect humans is a hotly debated science, but none exist that can do... what you just described.”

“Well, it has to be something. Is it the new pill? How much hormones must it have it you only have to take it once a month instead of every day?” I frowned at him. “That has to mess up a woman's system.”

“It's possible,” he conceded. “But it went through five years of clinical trials before it was released last year, and no one else has this reaction. Millions of women are using it.” He dried his hands then grabbed latex gloves. “Correlation isn't causation, Becky. It could be something else entirely.”

“That caused me to grow a big cock?” I demanded, a note of hysteria creeping into my voice. “You're supposed to help me, Doctor. Fix me!”

Did I want to be fixed? Well, maybe the horniness part. And the hormones. But the cock... I did enjoy the pleasure it gave me.

A part of me didn't even want to get rid of that. This horny, eager voice begged me to just enjoy myself. But the guilt... The guilt nibbled at me. I made women horny. Yes, they sounded like they enjoyed it, but did they have any choice in the matter?

“All I can do is exam and record my findings,” he said. “With your permission, I'd like to take photographs and post it to several medical forums. You would be anonymous, but someone might get an idea about you.”

I nodded my head.

He sat down on his stool and came closer. “Okay, I'm going to do a pelvic exam on you. For both parts. It might feel a little uncomfortable.”

I nodded.

I endured his touching. There was nothing sexy about his latex gloves sliding into my pussy while he probed around my pudenda doing his bimanual exam. He spread me open with speculum, staring into my depths. Then he kneaded my cock, prodding it, feeling the glans at the top, his forehead furrowed. A dollop of cum squeezed out the tip, trapped in my urethra, and he gathered it onto a slide. He went over to a microscope and examined the sample.

“You have fully motile sperm,” he said. “A lot of them. I'm not an expert, but you look like to have way over the average amount that a normal man has.”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“Motile sperm means they are, well, swimmers,” he said. “They're capable of traveling through a woman's vaginal canal and into her uterus to reach the egg. The higher your sperm count, the more you have the greater the odds of one reaching the egg and impregnating a woman.”

“I can knock a girl up?” I asked.

“Have you been using protection?”

I shook my head. “Some of them were on the pill. But...”

“Well, you should buy condoms.” He glanced at me. “If they make them in your size.”

I blushed.

He snapped the pictures of me then said, “You can get dress. I'll see what I can find, but... I think you might be a unique case. Perhaps the first to ever appear in the world.”

“Great,” I muttered, feeling so desolate. He was supposed to be my savior. He was supposed to fix me.

I got dressed, not sure what to do now. Did I have to become a hermit? Did I have to avoid all women? Why did this have to happen to me? I wanted to curse my cock. To hate it. But... But it gave me such pleasure.

I enjoyed it as much as I felt wracked by my guilt. I felt rudderless when I left his office. Catalina and Rhea both blew me kisses as I passed them, their eyes so smoky with desire. I shivered, my stomach squirmed.

Did I knock them up?


April 17th, 2047

“I felt like I had no future, Adelia,” I said. “That my life was over.”

“But it wasn't,” Adelia said. “Look at you. Women travel across the world just for the chance of having sex with you. I've heard you deflower a virgin a day.”

“It keeps me youthful,” I said with bright smile. I loved that virgin, eighteen-year-old girls were saving themselves for me. “But I was about to learn a valuable lesson when I reached my dorm. That's where it all changed for me.”

To be continued...