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To the Victor Go the Spoils. Pt: 6

2022-09-01 00:00:04

*IMPORTANT* This is a new account for superkev123, I can no longer access my old one, so I am re-posting all my old ones here, and will also be uploading new ones.

Chapter 6

David parked the truck in the back of the house and they got out.

"I'll put it up tomorrow. I think I'm going to be busy tonight punishing you." He said grabbing Sara around her waist.

She squealed and almost dropped the shopping bags she was carrying.

They returned to his room and Sara placed the bags in a corner.

"What is my punishment, Sir?" She asked attempting to appear meek.

"I think the basement is empty," he said softly as he caressed her bare arms, "and it's calling your name."

Sara shuddered. The basement still harbored painful memories. However, she did not resist when he took her hand and led her downstairs.

He was right, the basement was eerily empty.

"Your safe word is 'red'." He told her before they began.

Sara tried not to smile, but failed.

"Now take off your dress. I don't want to ruin it." He said forcefully but with kindness.

Sara bent down to take her boots off.

"Did I say to take those off, slut?" David asked as he watched her.

"No." She said and quickly stood up straight again.

"No, what?" He continued to stare at her.

"No...Sir?" Sara wasn't completely sure what he wanted her to say.

David smiled at her and she relaxed again, "That's better," he said.

Sara took off her dress. She stood before him in her collar, boots, and panties.

"Now the panties," he said.

Sara slid those down and stepped out of them. She stood still with her arms at her sides.

David breathed in her beauty. He walked around her touching her here and there.

"Every part of you is beautiful," he pressed his body against hers.

Sara felt more naked than she ever had before. The room felt frigid, but David's body seemed unnaturally hot.

"Lie on the table." David said.

Sara paused for a second. The table frightened her. She slowly, unsurely began walking to it. David helped her on it and fastened her wrists and ankles with the straps. The cold metal against her flesh gave her goose bumps.

David briefly kissed her on the mouth. He could feel her straining for him as he pulled away. He took each of her still tender nipples in his mouth carefully. First sucking them, then grazing them with his teeth.

He retrieved a medium sized butt plug. He coated it with lube and slid it easily into her. She would be ready to take his cock soon.

"Time for your punishment." He abruptly said and left her to get the cat o' nine tails.

He returned and softly lashed her with it, letting her adjust to the feel. He began using harder strokes, on her thighs, her breasts, and then her cunt.

Sara whimpered at first, but the sounds soon changed to a tone of enjoyment. She could feel the heat building in her again and she needed to feel him inside of her. She cried out in relief when he stopped whipping her and slid his jeans down around his knees. He slid his cock into her while he stood half clothed.

He pushed her legs up further and she moaned loudly when he hit a good spot. David strained to keep from cumming. He felt her cum quickly after entering her and then again moments later. He couldn't hold out any longer. His cum mixed with hers and some trickled out of her onto him. He reluctantly pulled out after his own twitches ended.

Sara did not feel him leave her. She was in a fog. She became dimly aware of David releasing her wrists and ankles. He helped her stand and retrieve her dress. He walked her back upstairs and laid her on the bed. He took off her boots and collar. After she regained more of her scenes, she took a shower. When she came out, David was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"We're leaving on Friday," he said.

"Where are we going?" Sara asked.

"Away," was the only answer he would give.

Thursday, David rented a trailer and Sara helped him box up the things he wanted to take. David also loaded some of Sara's belongings that he had taken from her home and placed in storage. They left early Friday morning. David still refused to tell Sara their destination. She was curious if he knew himself. They were heading west, at least she knew that much.

Around six that afternoon, David pulled into a motel. He rented a room and Sara left her cat inside while they went out to eat. They returned to the motel and David left to get some ice.

He returned to find Sara undressing. He had placed an ice cube in his mouth on the way back to the room.

"Lie on the bed and don't move no matter what," he told her.

Sara laid on her back and tried to remain still.

David lowered his face between her legs and placed his tongue on her clit. His tongue and the stud he had in it were cold from the ice. Sara gasped in surprise, but managed to not move. The cold soon turned to burning heat and she came hard as he continued.

When he was finished, David allowed her to take her turn. Sara took out a piece of ice and held it in her mouth as she slipped his cock out of his jeans. She took it inside of her mouth, making sure to run her cold tongue up the sensitive underside.

He made her stop before he came.

"Knees," he said.

Sara knew what he wanted and got down on her hands and knees offering her exposed ass and pussy.

David finished undressing and slipped into her cunt. He fucked her for a short time before pulling out again.

"I'm going to fuck your ass," David said as he reached across her for the bottle of lube.

Sara did not say anything. She felt calm and tried not to become afraid. The butt plugs had not hurt and she hoped his cock wouldn't either.

David rubbed the lube on his cock and his fingers. He began by pushing one finger inside Sara's ass. It went in easily and he wiggled it around, spreading the lube inside of her. He managed to get in a second finger and repeated the process.

He removed them and positioned the head of his cock against her. It slipped in easily and he slowly went the rest of the way in.

Sara almost asked him to stop when she felt his cock enter her ass. The pain was too much for a few seconds, but as quickly as it came, it went away. She swore she could feel every vein in his cock pulsating.

David began sliding in and out of her. Sara was soon moaning and pushing against him. He reached underneath her and rubbed her clit. She came in seconds.

He could feel her muscles contracting in her cunt. David allowed himself his own release.

"Yes," Sara sighed as she felt his warm cum fill her ass. She could feel each twitch of his cock as he came.

The next morning Sara awoke early. She was startled to see that David was not in bed with her. She looked around the room and did not see him. Then she noticed the letter on the night stand. The keys to the truck were lying on top of it. She carefully picked up the letter and flicked on the light next to the bed.

Dear Sara,

I wish I could have thought of a better way to do this. I've been thinking a lot about us lately. I care about you more than you probably know.

I want you to decide if you want to stay with me. As of this moment, you are free. I unhooked the trailer, so you can take the truck. There is a black duffel bag on the floor next to the bed. It has three thousand dollars in it that you can have and your personal records. I will not look for you. Of course, you also have the option of calling the police.

I will return at 10 am. You should understand that if you are still there, then you will remain mine. The terms of our relationship will be the same as before. I don't think I could bring myself to give you the chance to leave again.

Love, David

Sara stared at the letter for a long time. She reread it several times trying to understand what he was telling her. She finally forced herself to look at the clock, it was only eight thirty. She sighed and wondered if he meant what he said. She again noticed the truck keys sitting on the nightstand and the black duffel bag. She reached down and opened it. It was packed with some of her clothes and money stuffed in an envelope.

She put the bag down and went to the window. As he promised, the trailer had been moved away from the truck. She could not see anyone from the window.

She returned and sat down on the edge of the bed. Perceus jumped on the bed. He stared at her questioningly. Sara reached over and stroked him. Her mind was jumping from one thought to another. At one moment she hated him for making her do this. She told herself that it was Stockholm syndrome, but she still did not move from the bed.

She looked at the clock and it was already nine o'clock. She rubbed her forehead. She thought about what she would do if she left, where she would go. She did not know the answer to either question. She believed that he would not look for her. He prided himself on always keeping his word. If he had not told her that, she might have left, but then she would have always secretly hoped he would find her.

She knew at that moment that she could not leave. The thought of being alone again with her secret desires was unbearable. However, the idea of being his was not thought of without apprehension.

One aspect of his letter was wrong; this would change the rules of their relationship. Surely, he would expect her to fully embrace her role as his slave. After all, she would be there by her own free will, Sara reasoned.

She sighed again and got up to take a shower. Standing under the steamy water, she began planning what she would do.

David had left on his motorcycle just as the sun rose. He rode along the back roads for hours thinking about Sara. He was certain that she was going to leave. He decided it was time to start back and he stopped to get something to eat along the way. He was looking at his watch too often.

By nine thirty he was only two miles away. He sat on his bike in a grocery store parking lot. He watched the traffic to see if he could spot the truck or a swarm of police cars. He saw neither. The time inched by for him. He did not allow himself the luxury of planning what to do if she was still there.

Finally, he left for the motel. It was exactly ten o'clock when he pulled into the parking lot. His heart felt heavy when he saw the truck. The SWAT team is probably waiting in there for me, he thought bitterly.

He dismounted the bike and fished the key out of his pocket. To his dismay, he noticed his hand shaking a bit as he unlocked the door.

The door swung open and David did not see anyone for a moment. The room was dim.

Sara spoke softly, her voice was a little unstable, "Hello, Master."

David saw her kneeling before him. She was completely naked except for her collar. Her legs were spread and her hands were positioned exactly as she had seen Jenny do.

"Hello, little slave," he smiled down at her.

Sara's face flushed. The air in the room seemed too still and she felt faint.

David scooped her up in his arms and clasped her.

"I love you," he said.

"You really won't let me go?" Sara asked, her blue eyes staring into his gray ones.

"No." David replied to the lovely girl that was now truly his.

"I love you...I wanted to love you when I first saw you at school." Sara whispered.

"I know." David said before kissing her.

Six months later--North Carolina.

Sara sat at her desk in the back office, looking over their first quarterly balance sheet. She could hear David still working in the other room and her thoughts drifted for a moment to her own tattoos. Over the last few months, he had done three pieces on her. The first was the most significant, the word "slave" across the inside of her left wrist. Sara asked for that one herself. The second and third were David's designs; a large dragon that wrapped around her right thigh and a background for her cat tattoo. She loved them all, but especially the dragon. It looked like the one on David's arm.
She heard the customer leave and began closing the spreadsheet. As she did this, she thought about her plan for escape. It would happen tonight.

"Finished number crunching?" David asked as he appeared in the doorway. He admired how shrewdly she was able to manage the shop.

"Yes...before I forget, Jenny called to make sure we're still planning on visiting them." Sara did not bother telling him about the financial information, he would have kept running the shop if they were losing money.

"They're never going to forgive us are they?" David asked. They had traveled around the country trying to decide on a place to live for over a month. Somehow, they ended up married during a visit to Las Vegas.

"I don't think so...I'm sure there's a way we could make it up to them though." Sara smirked.

"Pervert," David grinned.

"Takes one to know one," Sara retorted while getting up.

David pushed her back against the desk, "Did I tell you how pretty you look today?"

"I think you mentioned it...Master," Sara said breathlessly. She had worn one of his favorite outfits. She learned that he had a bit of a schoolgirl fetish; she was wearing a very short plaid skirt with a white button up shirt.

David ran his hand up her thigh, finding her thong. Sara arched her back and he slid it down. She had lost count how many times they had fucked on the desk. He lifted her up onto the edge of the desk and she unbuttoned his jeans, pulling his cock out. David quickly slid into her.

Sara moaned when she felt him enter her. She lifted herself with her arms to meet him better as he fucked her.

David clutched her ass tightly as he came inside of her pussy. He kissed her as he withdrew.

Sara pulled up her panties and David buttoned his jeans again. They turned off the lights in the office, cleaned up and went home for the evening.


"Come out right now, little one." David thundered through the dark house.

Sara tried not to make a sound from her hiding place next to the kitchen door. She had snuck away from him when he was bushing his teeth. She was trying to tell where he was. She was only wearing a short silk baby doll gown that barely covered her ass. She had no panties on and she could feel how slick her cunt was already getting.

David sighed, he hated this game, but it was Sara's favorite and she was usually able to coerce him into it about once a month. Two months before, he added the rule that she was not to leave the house, but he still feared she would really run away. The only good thing about it was how excited it made her and him when he caught her.

He walked towards the kitchen and he thought he heard something. He stopped and listened. He did not hear anything else, but he had already covered the rest of the house. He waited in the dark for her to make a sound.

Sara decided it was time to move to a new hiding place. She thought he might still be in the living room. Then the lights on the kitchen suddenly came on and there he was. She made a feeble attempt to slip by him, but he caught her easily and threw her over his shoulder.

"Let me go, you bastard." She giggled and kicked her legs.

"Shut up, whore." David said as he slapped her hard on the ass with his free hand.

Sara cried out in pain and stopped her kicking when David began climbing the stairs with her still over his shoulder. She knew that she was probably really in trouble for calling him a bastard.

He put Sara down so she could stand in front of the St. Andrew's cross that was fastened to the wall of their bedroom. He helped her slip out of her gown.

"Are you done fighting me?" David asked as he prepared to fasten her left wrist to the cross.

"Yes, Master." Sara answered.

David continued securing her to the cross. He stopped to admire her for a moment. He had not thought it possible, but she had become even more beautiful since he married her.

He took out a pair of weights and added them to her nipple rings. Sara moaned.

David went to their closet and returned with a flogger.

"You will count each lash. If you lose count, we start over again." David said coldly.

"Yes, Master." Sara whispered. The weights he had added to her nipples seemed heavier than usual and waves of pain were shearing though her breasts.

David began her whipping. She lost count twice. He stopped when she reached ten.

"Will you try to run away again?" David asked, even though he knew what the truth was.

"No, Master." Sara struggled to say through ragged breaths. Normally, the brat in her would have demanded that she say yes and suffer more, but she needed to cum quickly.

David could read her body so easily, he knew from the way she was breathing and how red she was that she was close to cumming. He removed the nipple weights and began unfastening her from the cross. He had to support her when he released her legs. He half carried her to the bed.

Sara steadied herself on the edge of the bed. She sat and waited for further instruction.

"Suck me." David ordered. He pulled his shorts down and his cock stood up proudly between his legs.

Sara took it in her mouth and did as he asked until he told her to stop. She was able to take the entire length of him without gagging.

"Lie down." He told her.

Sara did as he asked and anticipated what he would do. Soon enough, she felt his hot breath on her wet cunt. He did not tease her, but immediately manipulated her clit with his tongue until she was writhing in passion.

"Master!" She cried as she came.

David smiled as he emerged from between her legs and placed his face above hers. He kissed her so she could taste her cum.

Sara moaned into his mouth and reached down to stroke his cock.

David pulled away from her and smoothly said, "I think you should practice fucking again."

Sara groaned inwardly. It seemed like David was constantly trying to teach her some new trick. He was relentless until she mastered it. Right now, he was teaching her how to fuck him. Sara hated it. She grew too tired quickly and was never able to find the right rhythm to make him cum.

David reached over her and into the nightstand drawer. He pulled out a bottle of lube and placed it in Sara's hand.

David laid on the bed while she rubbed it on his cock and then her ass. They had not done anal sex in this position before and Sara was not sure how it would work.

"I think it will be easier if you try it facing away from me first." David told her when she started to straddle him.

Sara flipped around so she was facing his feet. She brought her ass down in a sitting motion. David helped her by guiding his cock in her ass. She was relieved when it slid in easily.

She paused when she felt her ass resting against his belly. Cautiously, she raised herself up and back down. She gradually picked up speed. With one hand she pinched her nipple and the other she used to gently caress David's balls.

David moaned when her soft hand touched him. He opened his legs a little to give her better access. She continued rubbing his balls and he could feel them growing slick from her wetness. Watching her round ass bob up and down as his cock slid in and out of it was equally arousing.

Sara was determined to make him cum. She continued to pump against him despite the growing ache in her thighs. Her own orgasm was coming closer and she usually lost her motivation after she came. She noticed him starting to strain against her. She knew he was close to cumming and forced herself to move quicker.

To her relief, she felt a sudden gush of warmth in her ass. She slowed down to milk him as he finished cumming. She rose off of him until his cock popped out.

"You did good." David praised her.

"Thank You, Master, but..." Sara looked away shyly.

"Yes?" David asked. He suspected he knew what the problem was.

"Is it okay if I touch myself? I'm so close..." Sara rarely asked to masturbate.

"Yes, but I'm going to watch you." David said.

Sara lay down on the bed next to David. He rolled on his side.

She wasn't sure now if this was a good idea. She closed her eyes and ran her hands over her body down to her clit. She began circling her clit and the orgasm that had seemed to be fading quickly surfaced again. She moved her hand faster. She opened her eyes when she felt David touching her breasts. He was licking one nipple while he squeezed her other breast with his hand. She continued masturbating herself. Her pussy began to contract spasmodically as she came. The intensity of her orgasm made her head swim. David stayed with her as she recovered.

"Let's go clean up and go to bed." David said as he nuzzled her face.

Sara smiled at his warm touch.

"I love you, Master," she said.

"I love you too, slave." David stroked her collar with his finger.


And that is the end.

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